Negress Surrogacy?

What is everyone's thoughts on this? It seems black women want to get pregnant 1 way or another in pursuit of gibs. What if instead of using their eggs (they should be sterilized) we convince them all to use their wombs to gestate white women's eggs fertilized with white men's sperm? Is there any risk of DNA corruption this way?

Obviously they should not be allowed to raise the baby, they should be immediately separated. What are downsides? Maybe white mothers would be less attached if they didn't carry or breastfeed? Doesn't seem like a huge risk, aunts don't do either and can still care for nieces/nephews. Just means fairer ground to bond with dads, the culture of bonding too much with moms has led us to ruin.

If they're busy gestating white children, they can't get pregnant from Tyrone and Tyrone will still fuck her (he likes the thick women) taking time away from potentially impregnating non-pregnant women of any race.

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Chemicals and protein transferred through umbilical cord can produce mutations when parents are not biological and natural. It could also cause great chemical (and with it emotional) balance in mothers.

I meant imbalance

Market price is less than 50K btw

Fucking disgusting. Objectively terrible idea that warrants exactly 0 discussion.

Might as well just fuck your cousin and raise the mutant inbred spawn. It'd probably be healthier that way.

Are Tite Kubo? Because that was a huge asspull

the only thing niggers should do is die as soon as we get around to killing them all

How is this even a thread?

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How far below 70 is your IQ, op?

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You can tell what time of day it is by the catalog being full of this shit.

This is much more prevalent amongst White women. A black guy I worked experienced this, when he left to do his degree a White girl at the same uni was literally begging him to make her pregnant. She wanted the PC status of having a biracial baby while also studying for a degree, i.e "can do it all" feminist badge.
He told her it was immoral and refused.
These women are out there. Black women want a biracial baby for the genes, White women want a biracial baby to prove how they're good adherents to the established power.
It's just a sign of the prevailing power structure. If the powers that be were Natsoc then those same women who are now staunch dreadlocked feminists would be scrambling to have White babies and be good wives. By portraying far-leftism as the dominant belief and leftists as the ones with all the power (not far from the truth) the kike exploits the normal and healthy female tendency to do whatever the nearest authority figure tells her.
Our problem, all authority figures in Western society are cultural marxists.

The idea is not wrong.
However, any child born in the Western World falls under the jurisdiction of local family courts, which are very, very ginocentric.
You have no guarantee, even if you have a signed contract by the surrogate mother, that she will not address the Court asking the custody of the child and you end paying child support.
The best route that I know, is going overseas.
There is agencies dedicated to this kind of business in many countries, for example Cambodia and India. They will make all the legal paperwork, take care of monitoring the mother, and the hospital preparations.
You will come to the West with a child made of your sperm and the best aryan egg you can buy.
And the best part is… no degenerate woman will be able to klackmail you, neither corrupt or kidnap your children.

if one is in a situation where you need to consider using a surrogate (a negro one at that) i would question if reproducing is even a good idea to begin with. probably smarter to just adopt tbh.

That's not normal and healthy, that's just being a pushover.s


op is sliding his fetish?

stupid idea, kys

Keep brainstorming, this idea is a loser.

Vid related is what you get entering into an agreement over $50 gold chains. Just scale up massively for an agreement over a baby. Also include a female jewish lawyer and the entire media backing up whatever "hands up don't shoot" story they can come up with.

They will fuck up the children because black women are the worst parents and role models

they are the root of problems for nogs and they will only make life fucking suck for the poor white babies, Shaneqqua will decide to go out with Shafawnda and Shanaynay instead of tending to her child, the child will suffer and after years of abuse will (and this is best case scenario) be removed from the negress accompanied by ooking and cries of dindu directed at self.


No fucking thanks.

Are you that same spic from Chile that wants white babies through in vitro fertilization? Sage

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Niggers will have babies anyway, so I think the whiter those are the better. White children should also become something desirable in general even if it fucks those children up the first few generations.

user, our women are degenerate to the core.
The whole point of the surrogate mother is that the man will keep 100% of the parental rights.
Men would be able to raise their children without risk of being corrupted by a evil female or the State.
And think about it, a nanny is far cheaper, and you have full control, than dealing we a crazy, lazy and parasitic biological mother.

I'm guessing OP is a white woman with a career who has always lived in a gated community.

this is how spics were created. spaniards muh dicking savages creating a slightly more intelligent subhuman capable of more destruction while stile being incapable of greatness. if we keep negresses around its only for sexual slavery and to do menial chores.

You do realize where you are, right?

Its the role of men to reign in women. The degeneration of our women is the fault of white men, by in large by not acting like they have a pair of testicles between their legs. Propaganda from Jewish media doesn't help either. But your final solution to the WQ is stupid.

Why not just make chimaera pig surrogates, if inter-species surrogacy is on the table?


Fuck off degenerate. Seek help.

It is only a transitional solution to adapt to the present time.
The right, definitive and only solution IMHO is White Sharia, or "Coverture" if you are triggered by the term.
Coverture -→

Fuck off kike.

Yeah user, women are men.
You don't want a woman who doesn't have STRONG MIGHTY ROARING INDEPENDENCE.
seriously how are you so new?

The plan falls apart at step one.

Do seriously expect me to believe that you do not know the difference between reality and a reality tv show?

OP is fag

shit I don't have my macros with me but its kinda like that. Women are a little different with some being more pushovers than others, but all women will at the core of their being, trust a strong figure before all else. Women who actually try to be strong and independant on their own are usually the most miserable even if they are of the smarter variety. Having someone who takes care of them and does all the really important decisions while keeping them safe and in line with their beliefs, tradition and customs is just human nature.


Actually, I think it's just the female instinct to breed with whoever is perceived as "the winners" because then her offspring will be more likely to survive and reproduce. Everybody knows the white race is dying while the population explodes in Africa, this tells women that niggers are the winning team. Thank god they're so hideous, dumb, stinky, and dangerous- otherwise we'd have a much more serious problem than we already do.



if i pull that off, will she die?

It is called "scold bridle".
It is a very useful tool to teach them their place. Specially used with the rebellious ones.

Not at all.
It is evident you have no idea about the "White Sharia" meme.
The name is repulsive and shocking, but its meaning is just plain "Coverture".
I believe Coverture is what the mayority of the anons want.
This is key component in the restoration of our Civilization.

Kill yourself, spic. Your civilization is subhuman filth and degeneracy


By the way, spic my ass.

do you expect the kid to be raised right by a welfare queen?

Surrogacy means to rent a womb, not to employ a substitute mother.

it's not natural, so pass


its an old idea thats been bouncing around on pol forever
no its not good
black mother will ruin it
surrogates have rights as if they were the real mothers, surrogacy has weak law around it
wheres your white womens?
why not start a polygamy cult ?


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Very true.
But surrogacy overseas has not this problem.

horror show.

What next? Virgin sacrifices? Whites have evolved beyond such measures, far before they were so susceptible to jewry.

Why the fuck would I let that thing gestate my child when even I would be a better choice? Take your nigger-loving shit somewhere else!

Darling, the issue here is that women had devolved so low that they are not longer our partners, but our competitors and the willing kike's soldiers.
To restore our civilization requires that women as proper females, do their part, witch is highly unlikely.
And because you and your kin are tainted with kiked feminism and hatred against your men (remember that we are "rapist" "oppressors" and we display "toxic masculinity" among many, many horrible things), emergency measures will need to be put in place.
But do not worry, we are not barbarians as the Muslims you and your sisters idealize, if you behave, you will not be mistreated.

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The person in this video seems like such a nice person and you just come off as a stupid racist.

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Well, you know, we are indeed racists.
You must go back to Reddit.

how about no

You don't have to be a man to think twice about your actions, but go ahead, keep shielding tards from consequences, surely we'll have our own ethnostate as a result.

That negress is gonna drink a fifth of cognac, smoke 2 packs a day, and smoke a few crack rocks while preggers with their own baby, how much partying you think they gonna do when they preggers with your baby?

But yeah if you want a crack baby then go ahead.

Entirely relevant as the welfare queen wouldn't be doing the raising.

The mitochondrial DNA would come from the Ovum of the white donor. You're just renting the Nigger's womb.

Now, this is the legitimate objection. I simply wouldn't trust a sheboon to gestate my child. If you find yourself in need of surrogacy services, far better to go overseas.

Better still, find a suitable woman and breed the old fashioned way. There are plenty of white women in Eastern Europe that haven't been mind-fucked and want to be traditional housewives and mothers. Many find it difficult because of financial reasons.

Breeding cousins is actually lower risk than non-cousin breeding. It was very common in white societies in past as it secured family bonds and chattels/$.
do your research, user

We did this thread on white DNA in brown people a week ago. Saged.

Can you imagine growing up and finding out you gestated in a nigger womb for 9 months? Talk about trauma. We need a good nigger killing spree. Hasn't been one this year… yet :)