Twatter Deletes Hannity's Twitter Account

Yeah if this shit wasn't a mistake and isn't corrected immediately, this means war.

This was his account before it was taken down:

Notice the cryptic tweet. Don't know if it means anything.

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Its real.

Its like they really can't help themselves.

Oh this is SO surprising. Twitter closes anything down as they know that old media fossils lack the desire to raise hell.

Bro, fuck the old media, new media is going to raise hell over this.
Hannity is well loved, as demonstrated by his follower count. This is going to get them burned down - and I suspect its a test-run of banning Trump's account.

Get him onto gab or fucking minds or some shit

His last two tweets:

Fuck that, Trump should just nationalize twitter, or at least declare it a public utility.

It's sketchy as fuck especially since he's been going on tirades about the deep state recently. If Twitter doesn't put the account back up soon, people will burn the place down.

What did he mean by "Form Submission 1649"?

He's a fucking neo-cohen.

Careful there, user. This is nu-Holla Forums.

Fuck off shill. Hannity is the only person on normie media going after the deep state.

go back to Holla Forums and shitpost some more, goon

Reported. You need to go back to tumblr.

Gab is just as controlled, you know

And? I don't love the fuck, but 3.3 million followers on twatter suggests SOMEONE does. What relevance do you think that has on thsi scenario?

Twatter has just banned a major Faux Jews conservative, highly influential with the Faux Jews cuckservative viewership, with no explanation, shortly after he tweeted a cryptic message about a "Form 1649".
If you don't think that's liable to create some hell, you're a fool.

He admitted to being a paid shill who pushed lies to drag the US into multiple zionist wars that destroyed the country? Or did he just post "tick tock" a million times and ask you to buy some book?


None of this is relevant at the moment, and stinks of someone trying to misdirect.

This thread is not about Hannity as a person, its about the event wherein Twatter banned him - an influential cuckservative voice - after a cryptic tweet.

He'll be back in 24hrs. Screencap this.

Oh I think there's misdirection going on, all right. I'm right with you there.

What's the implication there?

It's all manufactured conflict.

He's the only one going to bat for Trump each night against the permanent liberal government slime that are trying to drag him under and is responsible for shit like #releasethememo going viral. I don't really care about your fucking autism. Think strategically for once or fuck off.

Please kill yourself. Control of contemporary communication channels isn't manufactured conflict.

How about fuck these neocohens to hell and back?

He's a goon crossposting from cuckchan /int/, he already repeated some of the memes they've been using in Holla Forums in this thread. Filter him.

They are both zionists so that stands to reason.

I wonder if Sean Hannity [and you] feels the same way about Iran's right to nationalize their oil industry?

Gotta feeling you're going to end up with (300) in this thread. Just fuck off already and throw yourself in an oven.

What did he meme by this?


Honestly the whole Fox worship here was troubling to say the least. I'm still not sure if we've actually been invaded by T__D or if anons here are just more retarded than I thought.

Call me when Trump is banned.

So Obama isn't a zionist now? I mean, that's the implication you're making here.

In what context?

This is misdirection.
The fact that hannity is a neocohen cuckservative does not change the value of attacking twitter where able.
See also:

If you think Sean Hannity is shit or not-shit is irrelevant - Twatter is shit, unquestionably, and has opened itself up to potential attack.

This. Regardless of one's personal opinions of Hannity, when a major media figure's twatter goes down after going hard on the deep state for the past couple of days, that's news. Trying to make out it's not important, or start an argument about Hannity's personal politics is derailment. Period.

Congratulations, you earned a shekel.


The one outlined in Tragedy and Hope.
Then what do you care if he's banned from it?

It's a legitimate question. I think we both know the answer to it, too.

Oh, so you're an idiot. Okay.
The same reason I would care if someone was banned from television, even though I don't personally own one.

No its not, and yes we do.

Because it's a power grab by the left you fucking butt hurt shill.

Everyone filter ID: b4295f, he already fucked up by repeating a goon meme in this thread.

Did he admit he's a lying fraud who helped get millions of people killed and displaced while bankrupting the US and destroying Western civilization by pushing zionist lies on television every night for years? No? Not going hard enough then, is he?


What the fuck is going on? They can't seriously have deleted a mainstream journalists twitter.

The old gore post stand by from the red texting days on stump speech threads. Same playbook from the zionist shills every time.

10/43 posts in this thread are yours. You're way too invested mate. Filtered.

It's a sign of how desperate they are. It's a sign of weakness.

Some pajeet baleeted Trump's a couple of months ago dubsman.

You'll talk about something other than Trump pushing amnesty for a couple days.

Your life has 0 value.

Note, this is the context of the elites panicking about #releasethememo, which Hannity hand a very important part in spreading to normalfags.

Why don't they just release the memo then?

It's happening next week. It's classified, they can't do it immediately.

Forgot to check those digits.

also now you're discounting the memo, you're really bad at shilling

Hm not a bad theory. But what the fuck is Form 1649?

Why can't they do it immediately? Hannity immediately told us it was Osama bin Laden and we needed to go war back in 2001.

Absolutely none of that is of import, as its not a matter of defending Hannity, so much as it is defending against - and making use of - what his banning represents in the greater context.
You're acting very disingenuously, even for a self-confessed idiot.

Why would Zionists be trying to get you not to pay attention to one of their assets being removed from a position of value?
Your own narrative doesn't make any sense, and you are still acting very disingenuously.

Then why does it matter? Go find another thread.
None of this matters, and these people are trash anyway, right?
So you should be able to find another thread to keep you interested.

Because the Establishment actors don't want to change the status quo, and revelations of the contents of said memo reaching the masses may threaten that, might be one interpretation; though none of it is of import anyway, right?
Why he was banned doesn't matter, right?
Twitter isn't a major platform which has demonstrated repeated willingness to silence voices of dissent, right?
Hannity is just a cuckservative zionist shill so why should we care anyway, especially if we're not on social media, right?

Trump's State of the Union speech is next week. Patience is a virtue.

Seems rather pointless for them to do that, as all it'll end up doing is draw a lot of attention to Sean Hannity by other means. If this is some sort of suppression tactic, it's clear no-one at Twitter understands the Streisand effect.

Wrote something about the FISA memo, ignoring all the shariablue cucks saying "both sides are dumb", this is fucking desperate.

Why do you care so much about suggesting that this zionist cuckservative is a cuckserative zionist mouthpiece - with millions of white cuckservative followers - and thus his banning from one of the largest communication networks in existence, with no explanation, is of no import whatsoever and is just to distract us from other things, the nature of which you cannot seem to divulge?
I'm just wondering, is all.

See, I hate Hannity and Faux Jews, but as soon as I saw this, I realized that its going to kick the hornets nest. And that whenever someone kicks the white cuckservative hornet's nest, that usually an opportunity for some redpilling.
And that's why I'm interested, even though I don't even use the social media platform in question - because millions of normalfags DO, and millions of them follow(ed) Hannity… Which means this could be a prime opportunity to fuck with our enemies.
Do you disagree?

No, it actually is. Hannity could do a lot of good by admitting he's a fraud who gets paid by the Pentagon to shill for jewish wars.
He isn't being removed. He'll be back in a couple days tops, complete with some boomer street cred.
Yes, that's very apparent.

He would never do that and you know it.

You think so? I think this is a test-run to see if they can mitigate the damage done at this level, to inform them on the possible outcomes of doing the same to Trump in the near future. Granted, that's just a working theory.

Quite so.

That was proven 100% false. It can be released instantly by any congressman who actually cares simply by him stating it on the floor of his house. It can be released instantly by Trump, who has the power to declassify anything at any time for any reason. THE ZOG WILL NOT ARREST THE ZOG.

Julian Assange Redux? I don't think twitter has the balls to actually ban people with that high of followers without raising more problems than its worth.

You're talking to a lefitst btw. He outed himself early in the thread.


Checked for what are probably trips of truth.

I know. Its funny watching it behave like it thinks anyone doesn't see it clear as day, as though its very syntax doesn't out it's intent.

They couldn't do that without getting punished by the House and possibly getting thrown off the intelligence committee. Trump isn't doing that so he doens't have to dirty his hands will all this Mueller bullshit still going on.

Yes, I do know that. Because he's a shill for jewish wars and wants to keep that gig going.
Possibly. A guy like Hannity would make a nice safe test case for something like that, wouldn't he? Snag all those "neo-nazis" later on down the road.

Yeah fyi guys. They're raiding full chan right now. Not sure why - they're shitting up every thread.

great story, fucko

Link the posts.

There are decades of legal precedent against that. A congressman cannot be punished (in any way) for his statements on the floor. The most recent big instance of that was in the early ‘90s; I forget the details. I fully understand and agree with your point about Trump, of course. I’m just stating that as there are legal pathways to do it immediately, the buildup is theater.

Its easy to believe that sort of thing, but let's be real - this is at the level of being worth any bureaucratic 'punishment' in order to bring it before the American people.
But none of them will do it.

That's really the rub of why this 'representative democracy' shit doesn't work at all - those faggots, red and blue alike, are self-interested before any other interest, and so they can never, even under the best conditions, actually serve as quality representatives of others.

Yep. Also because he'd get necked with a quickness. None of which is relevant in this case.

Indeed. Hannity has a large following and a lot of brand recognition with a specific crowd, who either support him or revile him - if you check twatter right now, its full of libshits and muds smugly snarking about how Hannity has been removed.

I don't like Hannity. But I fucking hate snarky libshits more. And I hate massive corporate interests that promote anti-White globalist propaganda more than either of the two.
Seems like a good chance to fuck with some cuckservative normalfags and get them off social media, get them angry. Which is good for me and my interests.

Hard to tell the difference from the normal shithole that place has become, I would expect.
Even so, it's starting to look a lot like a happening.

Why are you vitriolically arguing with a leftist?
That's just stupid.

Shariablue got its ass banned from reddit recently, and they have shillpower to spare. The last day or so has been brutal shillage.

There isn't any functional difference.

I haven't noticed it until today - I mean sure I noticed the odd 1-3 shills per thread. But we're talking 5-10 shills in some of these threads tonight - start poking through the catalog, you'll see what I mean. It feels like there's more than that going on - but then again, I could just be paranoid - I mean fuck, why else would I be on Holla Forums?

Here are his posts in this thread which are directly related to the topic:

1. Show your proof that he is defending the deep state.
2. Show your proof that he is defending twitter, when he has said nothing about twitter at all.

reminder to filter ID: b4295f who is a goon shill

Sure there is. One is a mouthpiece of zionist jewry, the other is a mass of millions of degenerate faggots and muds and kikes.
You're being disingenuous again.

Being a goon doesn't make you a shill, it just makes you a faggot.

Yeah, it has definitely escalated.

First, cuckchan is ending legacy captcha support. Other boards here have seen an influx of absolutely retarded posters because of that, so we can assume some “pol” users have come here. Second, Shareblue just got site-wide banned from Reddit. I find that very strange. Third, you’re absolutely right; there’s either something we’ve found or are creating ourselves which has tripped a new shill sensor. They’ve really kicked it up in the last few weeks.

also filter ID: 3562c3 who is playing back-up for his shill buddy

Remember to kill yourself for being unable to engage in discussion or substantiate your claims.

Reported. Go back to reddit. Your autistic screaming doesn’t work here.

is this a fucking joke?

Nah, that’s you.




You both come off looking like huge faggots.

No, its a fact.
A shill is shilling something, that's the very concept of a shill.
A faggot is just a faggot, he's not doing what he does because he's being paid or because he actually wants to motivate a given view on behalf of something he's shilling for, he's just doing it because he's a fucking faggot.

And right now, you both look like fucking faggots from where I'm sitting.

Mind showing us where that happened, shlomo?

>>>/reddit/ Get out.


it happened when you suggested goons aren't shills, retard, like they haven't been trying to undermine this place for the past several years and everyone forgot

Why are you in here instead of doing your fucking job you god damned scrub of a moderator?
I never even made any fucking claims, god damn you are a piece of shit and its staggering that you're still in a position of power on this site. Fucking hell.

You enormous faggot, I was the one 'defending' goons - by saying they're just faggots instead of being shills, because the very concept of shilling doesn't match with what they're doing, and thus what they're doing is mere faggotry as opposed to shilling - not that other faggot, the lazy moderator cunt shitposting at you in this thread that's being genuinely shilled to fucking death and has been sinces its inception.

God damn.


Yeah what's up with the end of legacy? I need to install a new phone posting app because of that shit. It feels like the chans are going wild right now.


goons have been shilling the shit out of Holla Forums since GamerGate to undermine the place, get the fuck out of here with your revisionist history, they have agendas, it's what they do, you can't say otherwise or you don't know what you're talking about, just look what they did to plebbit


GEOTUS has already read the memo and is plotting three moves ahead of Deep State in preparation once the memo goes public. Remember the Blue (Wolf) Moon is Jan. 31.

The point I was making, you enormous faggot, is that that's not shilling. That's just faggotry.
That's the point.
They weren't 'shilling', a term that entered the parlance after ACTUAL SHILLS began frequenting this board during the campaign, SHILLING on behalf of their respective candidates.

We've always had faggots, like goons and leftyfags, but they aren't shills - they're just faggots.

Read what I said above and realize that you're being a fucking faggot.

IDK people are too salty at the moment and Gondola is best meme. Ignore me if you will.

Sean Hannity is back

Thats a fake account.

Nah I'll just shit post with you.

Thank you for doing your job. I genuinely appreciate it.

if you think shill wasn't a term before the election here, you really are a newfag, if someone comes in here lying about being a nazi to spread D&C campaigns or push a leftist agenda, they're a shill, you autistic faggot, no take your lumps and stop derailing the thread

stop lying thats him.

Shit is just happening at such a rate that imageboards are a tumultuous sea of unrepentant faggotry. This, the blue-balls memo and an increase in the level of seemingly terrible threads across many many boards, it's as if the kek particle collider vomited on the timeline.

I can dig it. Blocking Hannity himself on twitter means the kikes are scared. We just need to stay the course.

The user you're talking to is being autistic about the definition of shill. He's actually correct; the word 'shill' is misused around here often. But don't shit the thread up further about it. It's meta.

Shill was a term, it wasn't in the parlance, you faggot.
Lying about Nazis, spreading D&C, pushing leftism, none of that involves shilling - faggots do it all the time, and they aren't shilling for anything. They're just being faggots.
I didn't derail the thread - you were autistically screeching at the moderator who was LARPing as an user, and I told you to stop, and while the mod appears to have taken my advice and gone and done his fucking job (again, appreciate it m8), you instead directed your screeching at me, over some semantic argument as to whether goons are shills or faggots.

Yeah, you're a faggot, I'm done engaging you.

No, it isn't.

And for once, Torposter is not a faggot.
Good on you for getting the point.


Anyone figure out what 1649 meant?

Let Fox settle it with Twitter, "it means war" indeed.

First directing the memo hashtag tweeters to a mental helpline now banning one of the most prominent conservative reporters.
It might be some very bitter employees that do this shit just before they quit.
I doubt that twitter would do this shit to account with 3m+ followers. They generate too much revenue.

Leftists: "Trump insulting CNN is a threat to freedom of the press!"
Also Leftists: *bans journalists from their platform*

Guess who never said that, yid. Reported.

How far below 70 is your IQ?

they're both, you god damned autistic retard



It's been like multiple hours now. You think if it was a mistake, they would have fixed it by now. If it's not correct, it's going to be war all right.



wow it's like people are purposely shilling this thread to derail it or something

I'll ask again, anyone figure out what Hannity meant when he said 1649? Are we even going to discuss it at all in this thread?




You're getting tired user, you've posted too many animus. You're also lazy, why not a whole rack of 'em this time?

fuck off, torfaggot





Can you both fuck off if neither of you want to talk about Hannity's twitter going down?

I'm, OP. The thread is being raided.


Then ignore them and actually talk about the topic at hand. Can we start brain storming what the fuck Hannity meant when he said Form 1649?

I want to know too. This thread has been a total dumpster fire, user. There's been practically zero useful discussion.

This is obviously not it.

Yes we all know you grew tired of kitty cats and graduated to anime.

Sorry I do want to talk about it. What was his last tweet, was he dropping some juicy TICK TOCKS for his boomers or did he actually make with some news? Or is this all to stop him from reporting on something that's going to drop shortly?

Trump likes to do things after sundown on Friday to fuck with the kikes on the Shabbat, they can't work on Saturday until sundown so I'd not be surprised if some major shit was going down now.

Heil'd. Just enjoy it, the kikes are scared.

No, they aren't, by definition.

Exactly. It started very quickly too.

Negative. It appears to potentially have some connection to a statute regarding the importation of alcohol or something, but thats about it as far as I could find.

Yeah, you did get banned, didn't you?
I'm glad you got banned.
You're a very disingenuous person.

Form 1649 is the Affadavit of Good Moral Character.

I have never been banned, I just TORpost now that I learned the CIA runs this place.

His very last tweet was something along the lines of: Publish Form 1649. I can't find the actual tweet because I'm lazy as fuck and had a picture of it up in a half chan browser on my phone that crashed.

This is probably it.


Qanon Responded. Looks like grim stuff, and we are getting slid hard.

Send all shills to
All this D&C it doesn't matter if Hannity's a puppet or not he's a major transition voice for boomers and normies

Btw had to save that picture of President Trump and Presidents Choice. Fucking kek.

I wonder why…


Another theory being tossed around is that his account was hacked by the Turk group that has been attacking conservative media accts on twitter for the past 2 weeks.

But WHO FILED THAT 1649? It's often filed by people who want to adopt, for instance. Pizzagate tie-ins with some Haitian niglets possibly?

Oh please kek let it be Pizzagate.

Roaches lack such sophistication.



Better check again, user.

Not the usual roaches in Middle-East, but those roaches in the US or Europe.

What would the Calvinists have to do with anything?

That's not true.
Your last post pre-ban was here:

And you started posting on Tor here:

Note that you were arguing with the moderator who I previously told to go do who job, whereupon the board log lit up with moderator activity… Pure coincidence, surely… And you continued:

And now I'm starting to think you might actually BE the moderator, having simply hopped on Tor - but it seems much more likely that you were banned and are now upset about it.
You really are very disingenuous, and that's why I'm happy you got banned.

Trash is trash, the rest is just semantics.

apparently they've been targeting them as way to get into Trump's dm. They got Sheriff Clarke, Brit Hume, Sara Carter, and a couple of non Fox reporters

It’s an affidavit of good moral character.
Maybe he’s trying to adopt a niglet to prove his chops.

His twitter is still down. Any idea where Hannity would post if his twitter got taken down? I don't actually follow any Neo-Cohens.


I'm not banned.

His website has complete radio silence on this - I've been looking through the forums on their, and I'm struggling to even find a discussion on it. Although it says there are almost 80 people online - shills manning their battle stations?

Shut up and stay on topic cuck bag. Hannity got banned, that's the topic.

If you want to sperge out about TOR make your own thread or go to /polmeta/ to do it. Filtered.

If they're actually resorting to such low level faggotry then that means that their connections to things like the NSA data center are gone. We're winning.


where is Q? I thought he only posted here

It's like 3AM Hannity time. Even if he got banned from Twitter while he was sleeping it doesn't matter until he wakes up, in a way.

I'm sure he'll notice.

Cromwell was responsible for allowing kikes back into England. Enemy of the highest order.

Fair enough - I'm just surprised no one's said anything about it. This isn't the 11 minute Trump ban - there's guaranteed someone at Twitter already aware of this.


WTF is going on.

Or the timelines are not necessarily distinct anymore. Timelines collide and converge, twist around each other, and maybe even cancel each other. New timelines in the space time continuum may also be born because of the current/chaos in which these timelines slumber. The bounds of time are simply falling apart. Kek is awakened.

If Twitter is aware of it, and they certainly are, his staying banned is certainly their doing. I don't expect them to fix this before he gets up, shits, showers, shaves, and calls the Fox lawyers.

that is all i can find on 1649

His website isn't working for me, it's only showing old articles - there's a loading bar permanently at the top saying: "Loading new stories." Maybe that's just the website design?

Haha, wut? Are they going to invoke Streisand?


Q has other boards that are more productive because pol is infested with sliders.

It's either this

Or the False Imprisonment
Need sauce on false imprisonment

can i get an anagram or something

It's not about banned, it's about being deleted. If an account is banned then it should say "Account suspended". But in Hannity's case, it's written "page doesn't exist" which means that his account was deleted.
And about deleted account, I don't know if these can be recovered.

Well the way I see it, banned or deleted is immaterial, they Jewed him either way.

aww, don't ruin the boomerbait


Shit, mybad.

januart 27 1649

Have we not learned by now everything is recoverable
Texts, images, emails …


FORM 1649, not the YEAR 1649, user.

Checked. You can delete your own account though.

Interesting - do you think this has something to do with false imprisonment then? Because the execution of Charles was actually illegal - they had no legal precedent to go on, it was a kangaroo court.

It gives a little more insight about it. A ban is usually by some automatic AI or a twitter staff. But a deletion is about an access to the account or yet again, twitter staff. Ban would show a slight nervousness or annoyance. But deletion is indication of "Shutting it all down".

they formed a new government.

That just confirms that twitter kikes are panicking, no?

Well I guess we'll find out soon what this means.

Try to keep up sweetie, when Hannity tweets "publish for 1649" he's not speaking in code about the year 1649, in which a government was FORMed.

There are options:
>(((technical glitch)))


I meant King Charles the First. Oliver Cromwell was literally just a Warlord who managed to defeat the Royal Army and take over the country at gun point.

Those seem like the same option to me.
Twitter staff, pretend hack, (((technical glitch))), forced to delete (a conservative journo friendly to Trump) by whom, exactly?

not an acronym, too obvious. i found the way to it through further Research

found er qr

it is all theater
and politics is nothing but punishments and rewards so fuck off with your naive statement about congressman being immune from consequences
are you daft?



(heil'd and checked)
I have filtered more faggots and shill thses last 2 days than in the 3 weeks before.
Something is up, the amount of kvetching about any given topic is incredible, though I am not sure what is causing it.

I purchased and could use some help in putting together an informative website. Any help would be appreciated.

Hannity is back online

I think you are being to trusting Satan, this looks like Hannity getting shoa'd.

Did he say anything of interest about what happened?

I don't presume to know what Hannity's really up to or truly believes. Don't care either. Point is, he's very well liked out there. So this will make a stink, regardless of what people here think. And it's another justification for taking down Twitter or even forcing Trump to consider some kind of move to make it a public utility (or create a rival site as a public utility) etc.

Right, exactly.

Liberals in general don't understand the Streisand effect; I think they never will.

Also, Hannity may be back already, and pissed. Sorry if this link's already been posted; it's late and I have to go take care of some stuff.

Account not verified but seems genuine so far:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

check out the link I just posted. He's saying they banned/censored him and fuck them, in so many words. not why though.

Well, not it's confirmed that deleted accounts are recoverable.

Sage the parakeet

Fucking typo

You either fucked up the link or it was already shoa'd before I could open it up.

It's only used by politicians, corporations, and celebrities.

Hannity has a copy of the GSA form that the FBI used to pay for the dossier from Fusion GPS. This is a key link between:

Where do you get this from? Always with the canned lines. You can say whatever the fuck you want there and the only person who got deleted so far was w e e v.

Wouldn't that mean giving the pieces of shit who run it indefinite job security?

But it must be said that Hannity is a useful tool to our cause and babystepping the normies to our side, so fuck off back to your wooden door gas chamber Moishe.

Was this ever in question? No.







We're banned, you dumb nigger. How about going after the censors? People like you will never do anything no matter what happens, and you will try to keep everyone else that way. This is a war.

What a sane person would take away from this is how over the top and extreme the kikes in power are that they would ban kosher conservatives because they're (((problematic))). Don't let me stop you from being a huge faggot though.

It's almost like we need to figure out how to fuck up Twatter more since we're being shilled incredibly hard. Also, gas the kikes.

I hate Twitter

this happens when the account gets deactivated too and the same if the screen_name gets changed

Media Matters have been trying to take down Hannity since their inception. In fact, they were practically created to smear him. So, it really makes me think when he gets deleted from Twitter then a ton of people here are smearing him even though he's a clear ally whether you agree with him all the time or not. Really- makes me think.

“Certificate of Label Approval under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act” (Form 1649)"

The deep state is trying to distribute pharmaceuticals without standard labels.

And they are using the law to do it!

Thanks for admitting you were wrong.

Kill yourself, you fucking retard.

What’s your angle?

Hahaha good!

oh fuck

A week or two ago, he was playing the James O'Keefe twitter recordings, and going on about shadowbanning. Wonder if that had something to do with it/put him on the radar.

pfizer was the one who rebought their own stock to the tube of almost 11 billion and fired their entire alzheimers r/d department.
all after trumps tax cuts. so, theres that.

His account is definitely restored. Probably just a (((glitch))) like some that pajeet shitter did to Trump.

It's up. Likely just another coincidental happenstance.

There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?! Oh my God.

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You're going to need a bit more to make the claim it's drug distribution outside of the channels they already have set up for themselves.


pfizer was the one who rebought their own stock to the tube of almost 11 billion and fired their entire alzheimers r/d department.
all after trumps tax cuts. so, theres that.

Either they are saying fuck the old people because they're all doomed or fuck the old people because we can keep them alive and incompetent so we can administer their will as their guardians.
They know how to shut down the proteins causing the problems but why should they?


The Treasons Act 1649 or Act declaring what offences shall be adjudged Treason was passed on 17 July 1649 by the Rump Parliament during the Commonwealth of England. It superseded the Act declaring what offences shall be adjudged Treason passed about two months earlier on 14 May 1649.


who is the fat bearded fuck on the right

1649. Protection Of Government Property – Goods In Transit
When the United States as the seller is shipping property to a buyer or when the United States has property shipped to it for purchase, the status of the property in transit is determined by the contract and the application of the Uniform Commercial Code. Cf. Heath v. United States, 209 F.2d 318 (9th Cir. 1954); Clark v. United States, 258 F. 437 (3d Cir. 1919). It should be noted, however, that section 641 also protects property "made or being made under contract for the United States." See this Manual at 1662. Therefore, theft of property made under contract for the United States is punishable under this section without regard to title or custody.
Still digging.

Oooh, 19 U.S.C. § 1649 - U.S. Code - Unannotated Title 19. Customs Duties § 1649. Change in designation of customs attachés

S.1649 - RBI Act
Restoring Board Immunity
To help States combat abuse of occupational licensing laws by economic incumbents, to promote competition, to encourage innovation, to protect consumers, and to facilitate the restoration of antitrust immunity to State occupational boards, and for other purposes.

Restoration of antitrust immunity.
Even if this isn't the thing he's talking about, this should be a thing he's talking about.

that is a table of contents, not a form number.

Hannity's twitter is back with all/most of his subscribers. That last tweet is still there too. Waiting on explanation tweet for Form 1649.


"January 27 – King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland is found guilty of high treason in a public session. He is beheaded three days later, outside the Banqueting Hall in the Palace of Whitehall, London."

That's today, by the way. wew

Crazy how all the numbers tend to converge.


Now much less. They are going to say the missing followers where russian bots that Hannity used to spread fake news.
This will be found out by an internal twitter investigation.


What are you heiling? Lurk for two years faggot.

Moar CIA crap:

We would normally reserve a heil for 88's or better. Even CIAniggers know this.

Reminder that this is a redditor spamming “CIA” in every single thread every time anyone proves him wrong. Report every post you see.

CIA agent. Busted:

Butthurt CIA agent (lel):

Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

Is this where the turk attempting D&C gets assmad then spamms into the hundreds then bans when he gets BTFO?

Probably the cocksucker trying to push that cringewave crap from half.

So Hannity is clearly saying that Obama has committed treason. That's why, this weekend, the CIA has been overwhelming the server.

What happened in 1649?

""January 27 – King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland is found guilty of high treason in a public session. He is beheaded three days later, outside the Banqueting Hall in the Palace of Whitehall, London.""

Take note of the faggots that immediately attempted to derail this thread with irrelevant bullshit. Study them until you barely need to brush over their post to spot them and filter without even thinking about it.

Yep. I think you should look at what I posted, because it's a possible meaning of 1649:

Your manual on chan culture is several years out of date. You should check with your supervisor.

< no you are
< i have the latest manual on the chans
You sure do, you sure do. But you should, you're CIA.

Again, back to the topic, 1649 may refer to the beheading of King Charles the I. It was on this day that Charles I of England etc. was convicted of treason.

Many have been very clear about this: #ReleaseTheMemo pertains to the CIA, and the NSA, and the FBI, and their perfidy, how they were used by Obama to do the most unseemly things.

Reddit fags are dick riding GOP neocon war monger media stooge because he's trying to appeal to them directly and they eat it up. Place really is being over taken by GLP boomers.

It's important to be more welcoming. It would be nice to have some new people here that are real white nationalists. It is completely impermissible to attack people for merely being from Reddit. This site is quite hard to find.

and filtered


And defund the CIA, which has as its top goal, being controlled by the kikes, to kill all white people.

1649 tweet is now gone.

Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

It’s important that fag-loving civic nationalist redditors like you commit suicide as quickly as possible.

Exactly, don't listen to these fags trying to derail.

It's interesting he hasn't addressed this. One could theorize he was hacked, but the 1649 tweet ended in #Hannity, which doesn't sound like something a hacker would have tweeted. It's positively cryptic.

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An example of the CIA attempt to implant in the WN movement thoughts of suicide:

Also note the completely inexplicable hostility. Inexplicable outbursts are a hallmark of the Deep State, and their minions, which are shockingly numerous. The CIA is in control of the kikes. The "secret" task which the CIA is required to perform, given to them by the kikes, is to kill all whites. This you can observe in all they do, such as when they killed all those white country & western fans in Las Vegas.


The failing NYT's just posted a story about people buying followers and bots. They mention pundints. Hannity's missing 300K followers will be those bots according to them.

Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

So he's back. Annoying that he hasn't offered any explanation; the 1649 tweet has been removed again, too. Hasn't even addressed it. What's up with this faggot?

It is a mystery.

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes is safe territory as is that Animo with the wizard that takes about the goi.

Trump seems more interested in "naturalizing" (millions of worthless spics) rather than nationalizing.



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