4chan! Most activity on it is either Holla Forums or Holla Forums, random or politics. Back in the 2016 election, mainstream left wing websites and news organizations kept trying to tie Trump to Holla Forums and 4chan in general (which makes sense because they all posted anti 4chan hitpieces and media clips in the past). Well, 2016 wasn't just a year of rhetoric, but also a year of action. Whether it was Antifa raiding 4chan or hired protestors like democrats have done in the past - 4chan and many other right leaning websites were suddenly full of left leaning individuals trying to cause trouble. Bottom line guise, I predict in 2020 the same will occur. Basically.


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lurk 2 years before posting

Okay, and?

nice blog post reddit

Holy shit these commie faggots are always cringeworthy, why do they even think uploading pics of themselves is a good idea

Nice bump, dipshit.

sage for shit tier

seems (((they))) bring up halfchan since they have their shills firmly in place there as that place is a fucking SHITHOLE these days yet never that I seen do they call out fullchan because they know by mentioning it will draw more normies that will get redpilled and go 1488 over time as even glow in the dark niggers can't help getting redpilled here ahahaa!!

Lurk Moar

they need attention to survive. literally.

No shit

They're both Jewish

Sage and reporting for self promotion of your youtube

holy fucking shit that video was bad
i am a fool for thinking it ever could have not been
9/11 got me to reply
reported the thread for litterally shilling for shit shitskin video


Sometimes I think I might be the only white man here.

I noticed the active users are about the same numbers as the ones on 8ch pol. The only difference is they get 10x more lurkers

It’s them sending a message to me.

I think we should just holocaust the left block or give them their Soviet dreams, which means they all get sent to the gulags.

Their choice. The Empire has no use for people whom refuse to reproduce with their own kind. That means you leftist Jews. You’re killing off your own people, so let’s solve that suicidal desire of yours by holocausting you instead. Save the Jews whom aren’t wasting their lives.

You think its any better here? This board is pozed as fuck. Why do you think any talk of pic related is ruthlessly suppressed? Cryptokike cianiggers bought all these sites after they almost got fucked over pizzagate.

Been better than this board for the last 9 months.

Lol if you think there are accually 2500 anons on here anymore, this board is dead as fuck. I noticed pph got removed a few weeks ago, it was down to like 45.

They have been selling user data to antifa and the gangs for months now.

Sam Hyde is a billionaire now for a reason.

Those faggots need a bullet behind their ears.

The controled opposition is just as bad. Funny you can tell how genuine someone is by the amount of effort put into assassinating them.

They had an entire city come after me, so there’s something in that.

WTF? I love halfchan now.

If this kike said this here last year what do you think would have happened?

I can’t reasonable say I want all Jews to die. I simply want them to go live in their ethnostate with their racial cousins.

You're speaking like a man that hasn't lived on a world plagued by jew parasites and jew bandits for the last 5000 years. You know what every leader has said when they had them on the ropes? "Well, we can't just kill them all - every single one of them isn't responsible for this." They're not wrong, but over the centuries this weakness has cost countless lives and countries. It can't continue.

I admire Lauren but mostly for her shilling acumen, not for her content.

I think it was in 2014 that shills on half/g/ started spamming "go back to Holla Forums."

That said, anyone could have told you that this was happening. If it hadn't been for the exodus, we might not have memed an irl shitposter into the Whitehouse.

the only thing holding me back from using 8ch is the FUCKING ARCHIVE
is it DryBones and his lackadaisical ways or what

To be honest, that mod wasn't an faggot. I would have banned you too. If I was an mod here I would possibly ban you for that ban pic too just out of principle. Not because your shit is wrong necessarily, but because you need to reign in your aspie faggotry before posting. That is cringe worthy shit, if you stop and take the time to figure out how to speak human rather than idiot, then maybe the argument would work better. There are better way to subvert and bring about the issues, even over there.

Perhaps you should read the art of war, hell go pick up art of the deal too. Then start thinking about how to apply such thoughts and moves to both your thinking and communication skills. You have passion, time to forge it into something that actually works for you and stop being an fucking retard.

Another reason the mods should delete your post and ban your ass asap. Fucking newfags.