The Chinese are the most vile (((humans))) on earth after the Israeli Zionist jew.. 
They fucking skin doggo alive!!

China is preparing for war with us

The average Chinese restaurant owner in your city IS A SLEEPER AGENT ….

These cells are waiting for the war to activate ..
Our gov knows
Our intel knows
Now you need to know

It's fine continue eating for now but when the war starts you would be stupid to order Chicken taiTwinFux or Kung Pap Shillings

Now I n33d the China anons to step forward and be honest …. You consider us dogs… GaiLous!!! GuiLaus!!!

Well listen to me you Snake-kin yellow devils!!!!


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Im 99% sure i can take the old man that makes my pot stickers. I am 100% sure he couldn't take the whole town of 30k by himself or his extended family

This time for real, i'm sure of it!

I’ll trade you 30 pajeets for one chink who can make a pupu platter.

Hory shit gwailou, delet this post right now!

Old news.

https:// www.theepochtimes.com/chinese-student-spies-overwhelm-us_968736.html

http:// www.smh.com.au/national/chinese-spies-at-sydney-university-2014042036ywk.html

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cOs-8q-xBc

Shut up Ghost man!!!

Actual chink here, AMA.

We shall burn their million man army in a fiery sacrifice to Wotan. Nothing will stop our weapons once launched. It will be a swarm of death.

Kek is ready to kill them all.

Why does your country suck so much dick?


What is the secret to good Kung Pao Chicken?

Bad quality bait, Moishe.

It's the most piss easy dish to cook. What's the problem?


Do Chinks understand there's a difference between Kikes and Whites? And if so, who's side do you think the average Chink takes?

Have a nice book on the subject written by an american diplomat, he explains that chinks, like niggers devour their best people via the clan handouts system, and the reason they don't buy expensive furnishit is their remote relations will demand endless shares of gibmedats.
a quote:
The abundance and cheapness of human labor, or at least the theoretical presence of it, is noticed as soon as you reach your hotel. If it is a good one, a coolie will be assigned to squat by your door and rise to open it when you come and go, day or night. Another will layout your things if you leave your bag open. Innumerable others will make their appearance out of nowhere. There seems no limit to the supply. They don't like to sit or stand when they work. Shining your shoes or doing anything else, they like to squat on their haunches. They are more agreeable than serving people in Europe - that is, those employed and wanting to keep their positions. This brings up a principle ever emphasized through all experience in China - that a Chinese is readily manageable by any allegiance to authority. He has a theory of responsibility, and pressure upon that point will stir him to proper action. You do not tip the hotel coolies direct to individuals. You tip the No. 1 Boy for the lot. He settles with each according to some arrangement of their own. They work for him and are responsible to him. He is responsible to the hotel, or whatever other organization the connection may involve. The coolies are his own gang, generally relatives, and the system is a sort of clan system. The No. 1 is the head man, the king. He keeps most or a large part of the takings, and a wellemployed No. 1 is usually well-to-do for a low-class Chinese. He exacts a percentage cut from curio dealers or other persons who sell to you in his domain. He demands that his under-coolies turn in to him any tips direct from an inexperienced stranger. If they don't, and are caught, they face dreaded penalties from him. He will search them when he likes for hidden money.

In the dining room the same system prevails. You tip the dining room No. 1. The employment system in the hotel is a picture of the way much of the labor in China is managed. Nobody relies altogether on his personal earnings for a livelihood. Nor can anyone keep his personal earnings for himself. Each strategically brings pressure to collect toll-squeeze as it is called in China - from somebody else. And somebody else is ever waiting to collect from him. Even the beggars are organized into guilds, with elaborate systems of squeeze and counter-squeeze upon one another, and the whole organization, in turn, must pay squeeze to other organizations. Everybody pays to get a job and pays to keep it. And everybody is ferociously determined to make his collected squeeze as big as possible and his paid-out squeeze as little as possible.

Such a system has brought about a degree of skill in deception absolutely unimaginable to a Westerner. Survival depends upon out-deceiving competitors. With the credentials of economic success a matter of deception, those who are at the top may be expected to be better at the game than those lower down. Experience with "high class" Chinese, especially officials, bears out this proposition with sad frequency.

forgot link: thekbh.org/waysdark.htm

I was actually befriended by a Communist Chinese national while he was a student here. He constantly wanted to milk me for info on the aerospace industry and other fields he believed I had.

how does it feel to have no one around you give a single shit about your life? That you have no one to trust, and that you are but an empty cog in a machine grinding you to death? That your race could have been like the japanese, full of capacity, but in stead you became ants. How is it to be living in a zero-trust society? And why haven't you killed yourself yet, you unholy abomination that lives surrounded in crumbling buildings with half constructed front while you die from cancerously poisonous rivers. You chinese should know that you are nothing, and you have no individual value whatsoever. All you've got is fucking numbers, and a master urge to rip off from the superior race while lying about your past and pretending like you invented a lot of shit, while in fact, china has done jack shit to improve itself.


You basically just described how I perceive China from every Kung-Fu movie I have ever seen.

I didn’t realize that their movies were that close to current reality. China is to me a very strange place.

I have only been to the airport, not worried about dox, I think everyone already knows who I am.

I could not spend any real time there, as the culture is so vastly different from the Germanic upbringing I had. Asia is a place I don’t think I will ever fully understand. Even Japan is strange to me, and I like Japan.

I can see Jewish tricks every day. I feel their effect on my community, and I see my enlightenment as a call to action, as there are good people around me that simply don't know what happens under their noses.
These Chinese, few as they are in my area, seem much less organized; though they may bring the mob mentality instilled from their homeland, they also become a minority. On top of that, they simply do not intimidate me.
Is there something about them I don't know?
I had to browse Holla Forums a long time before I understood the Zionist threat. If you'd like to enlighten me on how communism is coming to America in a stir fry, this is the perfect time to do so.

Sounds like Goodfellas: The Gigantic National Scheme

Yeah, they don't like the new Star Wars and they even banned hip hop culture. They are obviously our enemy, much like the homophobic Russians…

the CIAniggers are shilling super aggressivly anti-chineses topics and posts since 7 hours everywhere on the chans. When it started on cuckchan about 25 anti chingchong topics popped up within 2 min, super glowing if you ask me.

Kek. Breddy black and white shilling there friend. My want to crack the books again. Just because someone is the enemy of my enemy, this doesn't mean his is my ally and wouldn't drive a sword into me as well given the chance.

I know. let them take over already.

They would love to. They will be forced into glassing the place instead I'm afraid.

Then they already feel home in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

China hates us burgers… is that glowy enough for You?

Are The chinks so innocent????

Just wait till we do nothing and your eating plastic Faux rice all day on your censored government interweb with zero chans???

You do realize China is the ENEMY of your freedoms you currently are using…

No, that's about right. The Chinese don't have enough agency or organization to aggressively assert themselves, even though when it comes down to it they do have a scheming nature. It's far more a weight of numbers thing with them. Once there are enough around, you'll feel it.

I think you mean deret

Thats why in chinese business dealings you always get told yes and it almost always means not quite.

What's the best flavour for aborted fetuses? Sweet and sour or BBQ?

The soyest soysauce.

Nope, when I was young I honest couldn't tell the difference between white/hispanic/white-indian/mid-easterner, It's only when I started browsing Holla Forums that I learn to detect hook nose.

That's really depend on how educated the individuals are, many of them only see westerner on tv or tourist spot, you can't expect much from them, every time when someone mentions Jews it's almost always 100% about finance. I've tried redpill my pals about Jews and Mudshit, curiously everyone swallowed the redpill rather smoothly except my Christian friend, he always give me the strange look every time I tell him about the Jews.

If you really want the chinese to be on your side, just redpill them about Jews and opium wars, the patriotic one are still mighty butthurt about that.

Well that's what family and close friends are for.
I like some part of Japanese culture, but damn, I will not chose to live in such strict and stressful place even if you pay me more than 5 cents.
Who's going to feed my wife's son?
Now you just sounds like my Indonesian colleague, don't feel threaten by us, we just want to sell you cheap shit (or better shit if you can afford it)

sage because duplicate threads.

Lel, just your typical sarcasm.
I know, but OP is pretty blatant. There are reasons to distrust Russians, Chinese, Persians and pretty much anybody. However, the reasons given and the methods used scream operation. Enemy should not be a label we give easily to groups and nations. Jews have been given this label because we could not justify not giving it, and the reasons to do so were piling up.
The remnants of Chinese history and culture keep me from labeling them as such. Foreign spies, infiltrators etc. should, however, be kicked out. This goes for any nation, allies and enemies alike.

You don't sound authentically Chinese friend. Tell me about you're women.

The Chinese want to flay you alive, then burn you're anime collection wrapped in the skin-sack.

They skin and boil doggo alive!!!! Soomeone post the webms!!!
Not even African tribesmen in fuckvillejonongo do not harm life like the insectoid Chinese!!!

They enslaved Japan briefly

Sorry to use such strong language but enemy they are the Chinese government IS THE ENEMYOF MANKIND

Am I? I guess the hivemind meme is not true then :^)

They surely are. It's possible the (now fully) degenerate West will inculcate them to a degree that civil unrest leading to the collapse of Marxism in the country will dismantle it to some degree, but they are still fundamentally incompatible with human dignity and longevity imo.

I suppose not. Are you infected with Liberalism already? Tell me about you're women.

Looks like JIDF cannot into azn GF !!

Listen to me you chink leaf from Vancouver!!!
Burn Israel down with hong kong!!!!
And then move to BC Canada and glass it next !!!!

Here's a fun Fact .
Hillary was caught laundering money thru 
An Arkansas Chinese restaurant, then the main man that flipped on her had a 
Horrible weight lifting "ACCIDENT" just days before testifying. Crushed throat.
No spotter. Pffft. 
That was part of the SAP to China pay off.
Chick Etty China how's that Bagina Hilldog

It was truly horrible. But, in all fairness, just a typical run-of-the-mill accident before a federal witness testimony as I understand it user.

that southpark episode where cartman tells buters china is gonna take down america

Interesting so like mosques then.

>(((america))) is better than chingchongs
youre both fucking cancer to europe

Kek. Did you check you're are refugee privilege prior to logging into fullchinz friend? Can I see you're are Brexit ID plz?

Back to >>>/4cuck/ with your shit threads.


jews, americans (biggest jew enablers in history. Without america happily protecting israel, pushing the narratives jews want and destroying the countries jews want, jews would have ten times less power), chinks (Asian jews) and russians (expansionist commies) are all trash and enemies of Europe but thankfully all of them are going down.

>ignores the fact that the modern wave of degeneracy, globalism and neoliberalism is exported by (((america)))

The christfaggot memeplex has been an abrahamic virus feeding off the minds of my people for almost two millennia!
Christfaggotry trojan contains inclusion and "all are brothers under the lord" cultural bombs.

Time to get those profiles Jamal and Juan. Beating the Chinese isn't going to be like beating your wife.

I would personally support the Chinese if this happened just based off Burma. The Chinese actually kill mudslimes, Trump can't even get a 7 country travel ban passed

A thread died for this. Fuck off kike, you're both dead.

It will be like kicking a cat. I seen the ho, she a big bitch.

Not worried. Sergeant Major Aunt Jemima with no combat badge but didn't fuck her way to the top will defend us.

Anyone have that collage of Chinese military defeats, showing the absurd casualty disparities?

Chinks are planning to bomb us economically, in a 1v1 they know we'd squash them like ants

I assure you not a single one of them are going to be infantry, nor are they ever going to progress out of the bootinent stage.

america is dead and another power is replacing you, just like how you replaced britain. deal with it faggot.
the future is now

No one is falling for your kikery.

>kikes are against (((america)))

The US hasn't won a war in like 70 years


You mean the Panda Express staffed entirely by Mexican teenagers? Wow, I never knew.

It’s spelled gwailo you dumb ghost person
Some parts of the city don’t speak a lick of English only Mandarin.

To be fair, neither has China.

1. Reported.
2. False.
3. China hasn’t won a war in 400 years.


Orang Tiko detected. Please kick us off Indonesia to Singapore and see just how much worse Indonesia gets.


>2) just give (((democracy))) some time

its hard as fuck to find a chink that knows how to make general tso's outside of the ny area. But more importantly, it is impossible to find a chink that knows how to make a damned chow sabow idk how the fuck its spelled, its a breakfast sweetroll like a roll with glazed krispy kreme glaze on it with bbq spare rib meat in it

The infantry makes up like 10% of the military. A solid 20% of that 10% is infantry units that can barely be counted on to guard an outpost. Think of how many sets of good genetics we would lose going against china. War against china right now would put whites on the endangered species list whether we win or lose. Why do you think the kikes are pushing for it so hard.

Those are Brits though.


Oh look it's another Japanese dog talking about the 'dangers of the Chinese' while he goes out on a mass rape spree.

>its a different flavor of anglo doing the same thing for the same (((people)))

honestly china seems preferable to the US right now


good luck burgerstaat

America pay debt or we will crush your petro-dollar and make you have a race-war so you can save on inporting petro.

theyll just take another loan and hope their green toilet paper is still "hip" in 2020

To live? Don't be fucking retarded. You're getting completely carried away by a few of these comments. It's still a low trust shithole, make no mistake.

A. No they don't. B. They can't.

Chinks say L Japs say R

Why do you sacrifice to Moloch? Don't be fucking retarded.

Not if the US implements labor backed currency. That will make chinks and kikes run with with their tails between their legs.

No one says you have to live in the US, but even so it's still preferable.

Pray tell, what in the name of fuck are you niggers tongue clicking about?

Chinks can't into R and Japs can't out of R

Hong Kong and Singapore are like this.
Get out fag.

It is okay to learn from neighbours, but not okay if you betray your race.

The Gov is shit, but the liberals in Taiwan are just as shit.

If you hand me the Zyklon, I will cleanse SF for you, how about that?

She needs the gas… fast.

We don't care about PR, that is why.

That will be great

Who want to eat some monkey brains? or is that one infected with AIDS?


im in europe. and so far weve had alot more recent positive experience with chinese investments than retarded burger autism

its preferable if you live anywhere outside your two shitholes.

right, investments from abroad now = living in a place? wtf

No, China is prepping the bull.

My brother worked in china for a few years and had mentioned this before. After hearing this i realized from my experience working with genuine Chinese students studying in america, i can say that it's true. Shifty little bastards.

Chinese also don't have the same idea of what a "contract" or "deal" means. They seem to think that at any point they can alter a deal you've made with them.

this tbh. the fatser the collapse happens the sooner well have a chance to do something in the chaos.
the future is now

no pun intended

This is what nofap-cultists actually believe.
Thanks for the book m8, but damn, you need a waifu.

gtfo anti-white faggot

Eat shit

I suspect that this is one reason why the manufacturers are returning to the US. The other reason is automation. The plebs all scream about factory automation, but they only have a rudimentary grasp of it. Automation is most prevalent in the supply chain, where it provides the most value. The asians do not use the erp systems, they still use paper. This hemorrhages money, creates shortfalls, expands lead time, and enables fraud. You save more money automating a supply chain, then you do a factory line.

The truth is, the chinks are only good at labor and fraud. They suck at business, they suck at automation, and in a future where quality and mass production are becoming a bigger thing, having them make stuff will not be effective.

I predict that in the next 10 years, business will write off the lesser peoples in the world as not being worth the effort, and we will see a new industrial revolution in what is left of the west.

Well forgot to sage and report the first time


If that wasn't patently obvious when they started building all of those giant ghost metropolis's mout oriented defensive outposts then theres just no helping you.



The Explosives and Weapons Forum PDF.zip

S.I.N.Files- Weapons.zip

Strategic Intelligence Network

Civil War Tools

Anarchy Defense

I understand. You would probably kill yourselves if you accepted the shameful reality. Don't worry, there's enough of you necking yourselves already, you inbred dog.

I'm not even a burger but that's just sad


Thats some very interesting shilling. Really want us to be angry with the chinks, eh shlomo?

Here is something for your yellow fever.

What the fuck are you talking about? OP is a Japanese nigger trying to shilling against the people of China.

its not mine, its from halfpol

Daily reminder that Pajeets hate Hans because chinese men that are above poverty (in chinese and indian terms) go out to India to pilfer brides.

And these guys think that's odd. Holy shit, the west is fucked up. You're supposed to pick a woman you want to marry!

I would not be surprised if chinks are planning to take over Australia when America is unable to protect us during internal strife or something. I suspect lots of Chinese military supplies and weapons are coming into this country and lots of soldiers are coming here as 'workers'. The chinks own lots of our farmland where they can easily store supplies and weapons and train together.

I also believe muslims are smuggling weapons in and storing them at mosques for the same reason

Oyy vaaaaau, its the chinks goyim. Not me, the chinks.

I wonder (((who's))) selling the cjinks the land and kvetching about importing mudslimes

Why live?

to mine alt-coins.

Americans don't realise how fucked us Aussies are. Fully 1/3rd of our population is foreigners, the majority of whom live in the claustrophobic capital cities, and but a couple of pollies have only just started discussing the immigration numbers. Might as well have lost the world wars for all the good it's done us.

An Aussie buddy of mine says he is literally the only white guy in some of his engineering classes. The rest is Chinks and Pajeets. How anyone can think this will end well is beyond me.

This is a Holla Forums slide thread

War against china is just a kike D&C meme. It's the old get the goys to fight each other while we sell arms to both sides trick.

If china wins, the left can finally btfo

am i supposed to be alarmed?


Same post in 20 different threads. You still have to go back, Chang.

Can we deduct from this that the main reason why the Aryan race is the masterrace in spite of bugpeople having a slightly higher median IQ is because of our sense of honor and meritocratic values.

I hope those 50 cents can buy you lunch Chang, because the party doesn’t feed piss poor shills like you.

I am kinda amused by your illusion that you have it better than nips in this aspect. The employment conditions are vastly better for nips and compared to chink sweatshop slaves the only source of extra stress that drives them to anhero in groves is their internalized sense of duty and honor towards their employer/company that swindling chinks completely lack. You'd be more than fine if you took a nips' jerb, you'd might had even be able to use your innate chinky kikery to jew over your jap boss and coworkers that were born in a high-trust environment.

This SHOULD BE common knowledge but yes Chinese aren't the most intelligent strongest or anything they are inferior in all aspects when compared to the Japanese.

So why are they so powerful? Because they are extremely tribal and have very strong bonds to those within their own ethnogroup.

That is why they all congregate when going overseas to consolidate power among themselves and help one another. Westerners don't do this they have no sense of tribe or race.

Can you imagine if whites had the same kind of cohesion in their own race?

All those pajeet and gook niggers in overdrive mode

So this is why the Chinese I see have this soulless, blank look in their eyes…

If they could fight pajeet the world would benefit from the depop

Thanks, mate. I've been trying to find that book online for quite awhile.

300k troops moved to NK border

UNSC sais the differ

burger confirmed

so what?