Did Sen. Joe McCarthy do anything wrong? how right was he? or was he just a paranoid egotist? Post McCarthy related material

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He had a list and didn't just put the names out there.
McCarthy fucked up by not just naming the jew at a time when everyone still hated kikes


1. Lurk more.
2. Everyone McCarthy fingered was a communist or was paid by communists. Every single last one.

Jews threatened to assassinate him because he was naming too many jews, idiot.

Technically he was in the right, he was just a counterproductive moron who fucked up everything. Libs are doing the exact same thing now though, so hopefully history repeats itself.

Guess what happens when you cuck? You get nothing and die and they attack your memory.
Moral of the story: Fuck the kikes, never cuck.

hadnt thought of the connection to whats going on today, thats actually exactly whats going on

He may of pointed out commies, but his method was turned against non commies by commies akin to early projection, kinda like sjws and rapey soyboys who accuse others of the shit they have done.

He trusted a kike.


Make a list of everyone in history who has been demonized.
McCarthy is so demonized he had a word invented for him

Sen McCarthy was fundementally right in his approach. However, the jewish Media Bosses had a stronghold at the time, and succeeded in their slander campaign against him. Now, any witch-hunt is now reference as "McCarthyism". Stalin DID have soviet plants that intended to infultraite the various aspects of American Society, and they succeeded. You know them as the Jewish Mennace

Look at America's govt and ask yourself.

He trusted Jews

It didn't make me laugh until you pointed it out user. Now I'm laughing my ass off.

mccarthy was 20 years late, by the time he started they had already sunk their roots deep in media and government

You're right, McCarthy was right in principle, but didn't have the actual, real intelligence to back up his claims, which ultimately made him look like a fool. Since the Venona Cables came out in the early 2000's, we now know the extent of Soviet infiltration of the government (and boy, was it extensive).

I've been reading a biography of Nixon, and reading about self-righteous, virtue signaling liberals slandering Nixon and Tailgunner Joe just makes my blood boil. The amount of butthurt caused by the Alger Hiss case is staggering.

Though going full bore after a dentist and insulting the entire US army was probably a mistake.


Someday American heroes who fought commies and kikes like McCarthy and Nixon will be redeemed and the public will realize what a great service they performed.

He wasn't a counterproductive moron he tried to do it in a country where 90% of the media was corrupted by communists and communist sympathizers. The media turned the public against him, in an age where everyone relied on the lugenpresse for information he didn't stand a chance.

Do they still teach McCarthy in school? I recall (about just over a decade now) that they taught he was correct, but he 'went too far' and became a demagogue who was fear mongering to advance his political career. I could see now with how education has been ruined so fast now, that they would slip into calling everything he did was evil, and there was never a communist threat to begin with.

A good book, Blacklisted by History, by I forget goes through what he did and also points out that it was not in vain, he got some of the nests of commies cleaned out. You can always tell who the good goys are by who the Jews smear.

Redpills for Normie
conspiracy theories which turned out true

This guy is actually probably a normie liberal. Most of his videos are not so redpilled. But this one regarding conspiracy theories which turned out true, even if it doesn’t go far enough, is pretty good for pill for normalfagz.

Oh, and it has a section on McCarthy.
So, related.

The only thing McCarthy did wrong was not organizing RWDS. He lost because he was an honorable man. Ask the ashes of a million ghosts if Honor maters.
Victory requires no explanation. Defeat allows none.

Right, but he couldn't adapt and counter against the jewish controlled press.

McCarthy trusted jews to steal nuclear secrets.

Is the biography any good? Nixon is fascinating

Did McCarthy realize the massive scope of communist infestation he was going up against. I wonder whit, if anything, he could've done differently.

McCarthy was too little too late.

What he talked about was just tip of the (((iceberg))).

So far, I've found it fascinating. It's really interesting and doesn't have any of the sort of smears I was expecting. He was goddamn brilliant and hated all the back slapping, fake political bullshit. He was an introvert who wanted to get shit done.

Plus, fun anecdotes like McCarthy literally kicking a liberal in the balls at a DC party.

His intentions and convictions were right, he mishandled the trails and questionings though

If anything, McCarthy was not hard enough and underestimated the scale of (((communist))) infiltration. But the odds stacked against him were too high at the time, with kikes whipping the media into a frenzy: "Oy vey, witch hunts are just one step away from anudda shoah!" Read what GLR wrote about him; a day did not go by without an article bashing McCarthy being published by some hooknosed rat. Even the U.S. government partially bought into the lies about him and did not stir until the Rosenbergs were captured. But by then it was too late.
Overall, McCarthy was a good, honorable man with a noble goal who got sabotaged by kikes. Rumors are, even his pet kike Roy Cohn was in on it.

Gee, it's not like we don't hear the same thing about Trump or any marginally right European politician nowadays. "Hurr durr they are using raycism to score politicial points!"

I remember specifically in one of my highschool classes, we were given an exercise in which the teacher gave us pieces of papers saying "call anyone with brown eyes a communist" and other idiotic crap. We then had to read the Crucible and watch the movie.

I was in school throughout the 2000s, and whenever McCarthy was brought up, which was a rare occasion, they always said he was paranoid and wrong.

Keep in mind, this was in southern Gommiefornia.

This should be a required watch for all GOP voters.

the crucible was written by a card carrying communist.


< fellow goys, red pill me on X

I never quite understood why asking someone if they were a communist was some terrible inquisition.


Funny how a thread on this subject comes up after pretty much all the alt right YouTubers and skeptics started talking about it just a few days ago. Interesting coincidence.

He went against the most powerful media-jews in the world and lost. That's how much power the kikes had in Hollywood at the time.

Yes, he should have insulted the entirety of the Armed Forces instead.

McCarthyism was justified in the 60s, beyond that it is fear mongering by early neo-cons.

It's hilarious how obviously true all of his claims were and they'd all be proven correct by subsequent admissions of ex-Soviet spies post USSR collapse. You guys need to remember that calling a politician out for being a Communist is going to be painted the same way as calling out the JQ. This will even be the case today.

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Reported for admitting to being a communist.

reporting for being a weasel kike who can't properly discuss history.

Reported for admitting to being a communist.

Reread my post you stupid kike. McCarthyism AFTER the coldwar was unjustified and further sped up the military industrial complex thats enslaved us to fighting israels wars.

Yeah, not like those people are trotskyites or anything. Lurk more, faggot.

Yeah, because all those commies stepped down from their positions and there isn’t any communist influence in our society and hasn’t been since 1991.
Reported for being a communist.
No, fighting against something does not make it stronger.

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Its never really too late unless you are looking for the peaceful way out. If he had recognized the real threat and simply killed them he would have perhaps 'won'. But it requires the willingness to sacrifice everything. Once found out he would have to accept he would have been villainized by all(even his own) for being an mass murdering monster, but his works would have had profound reverberations across history. Instead hes some boogieman footnote. He desired fame and accolades in return for his service so that he could chase dreams of being president. And that destroyed him and his message. Many fools are like this in power, and why you should never look to those whom have something invested in the system for salvation or leadership, their own hubris fails them.

There is wisdom in this saying anons.

That's in the textbooks, they teach that practically everywhere as far as I know. It's disgusting, it infuriates me. I'm in Uni now and whenever I hear him brought up I make sure to point out that he was right and bring up the Rosenbergs (communist agents who stole nuclear secrets for the soviets while being american citizens. Jewish of course, but I don't mention that in front of normies) even if it makes me look like a fucking loon
Anything to crack the brainwashing

The whole anti-communist movement was a tool of jewish trotskyites: Buckley, the JBS, McCarthy's handlers, even BASED Pinochet was lauded in Commentary, the jewish trotskyite rag that gave birth to Neoconservatism.