Let us kill the stereo type of niggers having big dicks

I would like to start a campaign agianst the Kike liars.
The campaign slogan is Niggers got small dicks.
Let kill the lie the niggers got big dicks.
Easy done. I have already started…

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But why? If anything it shows they are a primal homosapien subspecies.

Fuck off Milo

Niggers got little dicks.

Look at all the niggers get mad at me making fun off their monkey dicks.
The lie will end little dicks.

Heiled. I remember in high school there was one or two nigs on the water polo team and they got bullied incessantly. One day one of the rowdier players ripped one of the nig's speedo off and he had a fucking walnut, must be why Podesta and Barrack love that walnut sauce. We need hidden camera footage of an NFL or NBA locker room to go viral showcasing small dicked negroes and hung ass h'white men. Also while we're at it we need to reclaim the music scene from the kikes and their golem niggers because that is the main cause of racemixing. Women for some reason can decipher between enjoying a culture's exports and having sex with a member of said culture just like the ricecooking meme that's spreading among weaboo women and those who enjoy Kpop.

Nigger shitted.com exists, unless you make it that epic, don't waste your time.

Yeah, you can do that on your own you degenerate faggot.

The problem with this is, isn't it more important to focus on societal/familial aspects of sex/relationships? Whites win by far in those regards and when it comes down to it, that's what really matters.

Big dick, little dick, still
OP is a faggot

If you go on social media sites niggers ask white women if they want BBD. (big black dick)
Niggers been getting laid for the Kike lie to long.
Why, because most believe cnn and trends.
Want to win the war or be a bunch of whinny bitches.

Niggers, they got small dicks..
Shit, I am the mother fucking King!

Oh shit this is a emergency! Op needs to start asking around for black dick and fix this!


Why are (((they))) trying to slide this thread?

Faggots, is this post turning you on?
I bet you like little nigger dicks.


Is sodomite porn not cutting it for you, now, CF?

Black men have little dicks.

Nigger you ain't getting laid anymore from the jew lies..


All niggers got small dicks..

As disgusting as these threads can be it is an unfortunate and sickening urban legend and type of programmed (((good think))) that is a shockingly ingrained and prevelant thought amongst good goy




I saw some map once, wished I saved it, of the penis measurement studies that have been done on West Africa. They all hovered around 5.5", some slightly below, some slightly above. That's not any different from penis studies anywhere else, except Asia, which is smaller. It's a kike forced meme, niggers don't actually have larger penises. They do have higher testosterone and sex drive, and testosterone does correlate with penis size, but my theory on it is that penis size is a progressive trait. Since humans have the largest penis-to-body ratio out of all primates, and niggers are more primitive (closer to other primates), they don't have the same selection towards larger penis than we do. So when you factor in that they're closer to monkeys (thus smaller penis) with the higher testosterone, it balances out and their penises are the same or marginally smaller.

People tend to believe it because they think large penis is a primitive trait, when it's really the opposite. Also, because negresses have large steatopygic buttocks, they figure that it would make sense that niggers need more length to get past the cheeks and penetrate.



I dare you to try and flood cuckchan Holla Forums with this.



Unfortunately I have been in lets say open showerroom situations where there is a high population of niggers and it is a myth yet the pornokikes have an agenda for goy white women lust after horse cocks then showcase and over represent the average size of chimps in their sickening nigger cuckhold content to fit that narrative.

When real trolls fuck with 8 chan..

Small dick niggers.

The game is on..


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Little dick nigger!
Live off the Jew lie all you want. You got a small dick.


OP is a faggot with little nigger fetish… quit indulging him


ignore the CIA agents who are attacking, stealing gets. The CIA is attacking this Friday, dunno why. Fridays are typically very slow…

Let us try little dick nigger.
Bitch. I made the sage up years ago.
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That's not a meme, CIA agent.

^ an example of a CIA agent - how else would he notice the word CIA?

Really, more like *why else?

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Bump meaning little nigger dick..

My sister was killed and raped and now I am after vengeance.
I made the shit up!!!.
I made shit up years ago.
Why the fuck is chan stealing my legion?

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As good intentions that the OP has he is still a fag.
I youre trying to educate the lemmings on the big dick nigger hoax, they'll just paint you as a small dicked jealous white guy trying to smear these baboons, and then go on some diatribe about meeerrrr deeeeeeek

faggot kike piss off nigger dick lover

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So I pissed on your preference of cock you suck.

Enjoy my handy work 8 chan
The laughs will keep coming..

All nigger got little dicks.
Shit is never going to stop..

Your wife fucks niggers, Cuck…


Fake news wants niggers to fuck white women with fake big nigger dick.

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Niggers got small dicks..


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Wanna be black dick bitch.
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Face it whitey, you will never have a dick as big as a black man.
Blacks will be the color of the future.
Fuck chan and this Nazi board.


some things never change…

posat yhr hillary 1

White men have small dicks.
LOL, I fuck a white mans wife every night.
Little dick = white men.

Niggers, crack makes your dick bigger.

Funny how I see these people going on about how "The future will be black" and yet I see more of a desire to be "whitened" by blacks. Think I read somewhere when comparing the differences between "african-americans" and africans, that roughly 20% of american "blacks" are mixed. Big dick or not, doesn't change the fact that black women are the most disgusting vile annoying dumb creatures on the planet and as race mixing is already rare, it's even rarer for any non-black to seek out a black woman. Anyways, CRISPR pioneering China is already hard at work isolating the "big dick gene", it'll become a popular choice for designer babies this century. Guess who works harder, smarter, and will have more money to afford designer babies?

This century will be the return of Eugenics.


You are just jealous of a black man's dick.

Op is a wanna be black man dick,
Blacks have the dicks all white women want.


Sage says what?

What's to be jealous of?
Nigs have tiny dicks!


White folks be like…


Only black men give white women orgasms..

White men have small dicks.


wow… this thread became a heated deabte on all sides.

Sage the thread, you fucking idiot.

White men do have small dicks.

Sure must suck not being human like us white people.


I hate white folks..


Niggers detected, and they can't even meme.

Some niggers just got on the internet.

Please this is stupid.


All black men have bigger dicks then any white man…
Fuck all Nazi 8 Chan scum.


so informative.


ffs don't post pictures of naked apes you faggots. Just reference actual studies, all of which have found no statistically significant difference PERIOD.

I hate white people…

Cucks let monkeys fuck their white women.

Black men only fuck ugly women..

To be fair they just woke up

Wow seems to be getting some niggers or the kikes obsessed with them pretty angry. Must have some truth to it.

Literally this.

Could you not fucking bump this nigger shit.

On the opposite end push the big white dick meme. This is the kind of dirty op we need.