Thinkprogress Journo accidentally doxed by Gab CEO

So /ourguy/ Andre Torba accidentally doxed ThinkProgress Journo Kira Lerner who was essentially trying to defame him and his website, hence the interview request. She however was too stupid to not put a fake phone number, hence, here's all the info we have:

Phone Number: 202-741-6353
Fax: 301-633-1989
Work email: [email protected]

Please don't send any death threats or rape threats, keep it trolling

Other urls found in this thread:

a thread died for this

Look through the shit she writes, a completely cancerous cunt.
And have a go at that honker (pic related), that is straight from the site, 0 hours in mspaint.

apologies, archive processed the page like a bitch.

fuck off Kira

HOnestly seeing who she is and she really fucking deserves it. It's sad, really

>Please don't send any death threats or rape threats, keep it trolling

Fixed that for you, Sargon. This is Holla Forums.

i'm sure these are just business numbers, it's not really dox.

Call. It's a personal phone number

That gave me a chuckle. Not enough leftist women get called a bimbo IRL. I'm going to help bring that one back.

the eagle has landed, I repeat the eagle has landed

well there are two numbers. Op lists it as a fax but judging from this tweet (pic related) it is her personal cell

Who replies to tweets with their phone number? That's so stupid

The board is slow as fuck who gives a shit.

Damn, what a noseberg. Is that a shoop? The nose accounts for 1/9 the surface area of her face.


Dox is always good, but don't associate gabbi chaim with us. They have been shilling here forever and it wouldn't surprise me if this was manufactured.

Yeah. You incels just stay in your hugbox. Its for the best.

What the fuck is "gab"? What the fuck is "thinkprogress"? I haven't used this site much for months, so I'm out of the loop. That's one ugly semitic looking rat though.

idk. I have an account there. I keep getting new friends. People apparently friend people like crazy there.

I've dropped Twitter. Twitter has been discredited now, and is just a hugbox for kikes and their slaves.

Another CIA agent:

Dubs confirm he glows in the dark.

Its fucking sarcasm you god damn retard but please continue to shit up every fucking thread calling every other fucking user in it cia. God damn consider fucking killing yourself.

I hope you anons aren't new enough to obey this bitch

He insults bimbo. That's a dirty lying jewish whore.

Anyone claiming sarcasm on Holla Forums is a shill. This is a serious literal board of truth.

Pantomime. She probably asked them to post that so that she will have material about "muh harassment and rape threats" for another story on the evils of White men.
Cunts do this all the time.

Gab is an entrapment scheme devised by an anti-White Pajeet and financed by a hard left Jew.

Bimbo is a jewish word, popularized to make blonde women (Whites) feel insecure.


They even have to steal our insults for stupid white women.

You want fast, loose, and all over the place, go to half for that shit. We prefer solid, quality, matters here. has been shilled here for a very long time. It is a kike honeypot.

Catalogs a trainwreck with low effort posts.

wew lad

Holla Forums is a board of peace.
user will do what user does
Don't tell me what to do

All I need is 3 scraps of information and I can get full dox 90% of the time. Give me a first name, a twitter account and a city.

If you can't get her whole fucking lifes story from that you need to fucking learn. It's not even that difficult usually.

Those crooked eyes. They are so genetically similar its equal to brother sister fucking and producing these monstrosities.

Looks like that Latino girl that gets blasted at the end of breaking bad tbh

The problem isn't the death threats. The problem is right leaning people giving in to sympathy and giving a shit about claims of them.

The only response when a leftist hooker whines about threats is "too bad nobody acted on them."

possible dox, have not yet confirmed if up to date:

(301) 320-0765


3506 Preston Ct
Chevy Chase MD 20815-5741

7708 Meadow Ln
Chevy Chase MD 20815-5002

Washington, DC
New York, NY
Bethesda, MD
Evanston, IL
Hoboken, NJ

these noses keep getting bigger.

Please don't do anything with this, not yet, at least wait a week. If you do something now she will come out in all the media as another poor womyn getting harrased by evil nazis and it will be traced back to the gab guy as the person responsible

keep walking faggot