It has come to my attention that Right Wing United is being run by a federal agent that goes by the pseudonym Bill...

It has come to my attention that Right Wing United is being run by a federal agent that goes by the pseudonym Bill Smith. Information will be posted here tomorrow or Sunday should you be interested in it.

Who is/are:

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RWU is a fairly large discord and "right wing" advocacy group run by Bill Smith.
I am someone that knows Bill Smith well.

see that's where you fucked up.

I am far from a fan of discord man. I simply want the masses to know about his true plans for RWU and his plans to destroy the right-wing, in collusion with fedniggers.

any evidence ? or just a personal vendetta ?

Hi Bill!

I had nothing personally against you until it came out that you are a fednigger

Using kikecord.

I don't m8

Yeah, nah.

There's a chance they might be on to me. Dont worry, I will release the info tomorrow or Sunday.

Quite epic my friends, enjoy!

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I am not dropping his dox, only relevant information.

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I'm aware of what you're saying, and I need to make sure the info is all 100% accurate before dumping it.


Hello Bill/bill's associate!


Mmmkay and how did you find this okay?

Also why not now?

Then dont fucking post before you clear it up. You retard, you realize that by doing this, in the hypothetical scenario this is not just a larp you are alerting him?

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I've already proven his story fake.

If they were feds they wouldn't have a zero tolerance policy on violence, and criminal activity.

I told him this info would be released. He has no way to prevent it.

Hi Bill/Bill's associate! I'm always open for a conversation!

The concern trolls are all over today…


I run my own discord so I must be a fed, too.

dude, you aren't going to get info about someone being a fed, on discord.

Note: You also called him a jew. So which is it?

Hello, RWU nigger. Stop slaving for that man.

I never called him a Jew, just slapped a Jew nose on his face. Stop shilling, the truth WILL come out.


Someone has done this before w/ RWU? I'd love to speak with that man.

RWUExposedAnon are you a member of any government?

No sir, but hi Tracedickstien.

And if your statement was true, you would have posted proof. Reported.

Hi Trace! Keep chaning those IPs bro.


Let me guess, hes gonna ask us to sit right there while he tells us a little story about how his world got turned right upside down and then became the fash prince of the aryan race?

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so far hes called six people here feds.

to all anons that just greentext discord and poo poo it, a FED has been called out and this is not news worthy?
ya'll need to pull your heads out of your asses and realize that naming and exposing infiltrators into rightwing groups is actually a good thing no matter what platform they are on.



All of you are the same guy posting from different devices dude. You admitted that.

Can i be a fed? Preferably in the atf so i can get free giggle switches?

That was the standard disinfo first post.

I'm interested.


Discord must die in a fucking fire.


Highly interesting. Let's see the whole freaky horrible beast, the organ of hell.

Not news worthy.
(OP) Claimed to be friends with a fed, so why isn't he in prison?
(OP) Acts erratic, calling everyone a spy / tracenigger.
(OP) Wont give any evidence.
cucks do ops like this. enjoy raising a niggr baby.

Isn't it even illegal to expose a fed agent in the us?

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I assume you are now. Because, I didn't say you were. But, you obviously are.

It's like shills dont know how Holla Forums works

I was sleepy, thought he was talking to me.

Feds running a redpill discord? It's like 2 steps forward 1 step back.

It's safe to assume anybody using Discord is a full fucking retard, or a shill working an intelligence agency job.

Half the people involved with this are Feds. Mainly because they see this bullshit going on firsthand.

Especially if they are recording all of the chat logs.

It’s obviously they are building profiles on the participants. Most of the “Alt-Right” falls under this class of Feds.

If you took every KKK member, every Neo-Nazi, and every Identity Europa type you could fill a stadium, but there'd only be a dozen people in that stadium who weren't feds.

They are on sinecures mainly, we could really fire most of them and the nation would become safer. Look at Charlottesville, the feds even shot down a police helicopter because it had footage which would have busted their larp wide open.

And let's not even start on Sandy Hook, which was an intelligence operation by King Nigger and his Jewish friends to get those guns from the bitter clingers.

>(((discord))) is kiked

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Isn't that the "internet only" discord group that ironmarch would raid every single fucking night like clockwork ?

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