The open-ended amnesty offer by Donald Trump’s top deputies to the Democrats combines political incompetence...

The open-ended amnesty offer by Donald Trump’s top deputies to the Democrats combines political incompetence, malpractice, greed, betrayal, and self-mutilation, say Trump’s friends and supporters.
“It electrifies the Democratic base and dispirits your own Republican base, and that is the recipe for a wipeout” in November, said Dan Horowitz, editor at Conservative Review. “You could call it the Self-Impeachment Act of 2018,” he added.

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He did the same thing by spending weeks toying with the idea of hiring Mitt Romney. He enjoys torturing his supporters. Same with all the times his supporters got beat up and terrorized and he never lifted a finger to support them or get payback.

I've been saying this since this story hit. Trump is a fool for doing this. His detractors will not think any more of him for appearing to be thoughtful, caring etc. while his supporters will start infighting over the plays and logistics. He will also alienate some supporters.

His platform was end illegal immigration and get very smart about legal immigration. Cucking out or at least appearing to cuck out, will not help him one iota. He does not need to do this but does so anyway.

"Hello shareblue." said the pro amnesty shill.




That's such a stupid meme because kikes play both sides. If I do the opposite of both, you're left with a circle.


Trump is trolling the Dems.They will no go for it because it ends Chain migration-the lottery and building the wall. When they poo poo the offer, the Dreamers will become Screamers because Trump offered them amnesty and the dems refused.

I hope so.

This. It's the only move that makes sense.

>(((Dan Horowitz)))

Trump only took a full deportation stance to win the presidency. It was never what he intended to do. Or atleast what he cared to do. He will do these partial moves which will do nothing but delay the inevitable collapse. Face it, Trump was never our guy, was never going to be our Holla Forums savior, and was never going to save the America of old. No anons, this country may only be saved through violence. History shows that over and over.


Spot the newfag

There are already three threads on this where you got anally ravaged for being a glow in the dark CIA nigger shill with your blackpills, do you really want that to happen again faggot?

And of course no
thread would be complete without the "DRUMPF IS A KIKE STOP VOTING (AGAINST (((US)))) GOYIM" shill.

Now, I wont say don't vote. Do as you want, but wasn't it common knowledge that kikes control both sides? When did it start occurring that people started to think they could vote their way out of this mess? If you think you can, try, but if I was a jew, I would throw money in whoever's face was in office to make sure, regardless who won, Isreal/I'd win.

If this is true than Trump is a non-starter and all the trillions of dollars of shilling are for naught.

But the shills keep on, so this mustn't be true.

user you're projecting your frugal habits on those that waste tens of thousands on analysts that get jack shit done and who don't care about the upper limit of excess spending. You're also implying there are only two sides here.

And least of all, until Holla Forums wins there will always be shills.

It's OK to advocate for more severe policies or to be against Trump's deal, but in the context of doing that a shill must be careful to avoid dropping tons of hints about how they are, in actuality, a shill.

Subtlety has been lost in the shill game, I blame affirmative action. Just because some magical nigger, queer, or kike impresses the idiot boomers who run the CIA's HR department doesn't mean they are actually effective at shilling. There's a disconnect between reality and what the shills suppose is the situation on the ground. Shill BTFO as usual, easy to spot.

You have only (1) yourself you dumb kike.

WOW. You sure convinced by to betray my country.

What I mean is that by concentrating on DACA so much it will be impossible for them to spin it negatively even though DACA accounts for a mere miniscule fraction of illegal aliens, schlomo.