Maxine Waters Is Giving A National Address On BET After Trump’s State Of The Union

Maxine Waters Is Giving A National Address On BET After Trump’s State Of The Union

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I'm tempted to watch it for all the 'HOL UP' 'smacks lips' 'mufuggin'. Without this they will hold their audience until the first KFC or Fanta ad airs.

The Gorilla channel's going all out I see.




Criminally unchecked


I wonder who will give the response?

i can't wait to see the highlight reel this shit

Is it too much to hope she's running for president in 2020?

we couldn't possibly be that lucky

And they have the audacity to claim we're the ones obsessed with him.

Warren/Waters then?

W/W 2020
A Vision of Diversity!

sounds better than

< Rye will pay for news programs with a sharp focus on issues facing black Americans.

If they cave on DACA niggers will be only ones they have left. Even if that does not happen, this action should make it clear to even the most indoctrinated white person that Democrats are the subhuman party.

Man you know those are some nice looking mountains. Wonder what climbing mountains in the tropics is like. Sorry to derail but some nigger bitch bitching on the nigger channel isn’t too engaging. Made me laugh though!

I will prepare myself for the autistic screeching

Saved, user. In two years time if she's running I'll post your doubts to remind you. If Waters does run you name your next white gurlchild Victoria Rex.

That is Haiti mountains, I would much rather climb in the rockies or anywhere in the northern latitudes then flat out bake in tropical latitudes. Climbing in 90º + 90%RH would pretty much be my definition of hell rather than a sport. Another thing if you get lush tropics the mountains would be a god awful tangle of jungle to hack your way through while trying to climb.

Only thing she's running is face first into a knuckle sandwich

I Shall Remember.

That's a good one. As much as progressives like to double, triple, and quadruple down I believe if they do it with Waters even with the black urban vote everyone will be so disenfranchised with the DNC they'll vote trump despite being a boomer or millennial.

Niggers hate jobs.
And Trump can’t resist getting a dig in about how their official jobless rate went down.

Okay I read that wall of text and the one thing I have taken from that is this - what the fuck do Black Americans honestly think they're doing?

Please please make it a double Waters and Warren ballot. They would never hold the White house ever again.

That fat retarded nigger Willis will be in here posting about it afterward, with classid DRUMPF BTFO style and a lot of RED TEXT.

Democrats would have a better chance with friggin Oprah than Maxine Waters.
Let that sink in.

It's more likely that her corrupt ass will be in jail by then.

This post combined with op's file name made my day.

Waters is a puppet and up to her gills in dirty money and scandals of her own. I don't know what their play is with this. Probably to have her say a bunch of crazy shit so that some news networks can play clips, plausibly deny their complicity and push some concerted new narrative, now that muh Russia is a pipe dream.


this file name

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I sincerely hope the Democrats run Maxine Waters 2020. There is no possible way she could win and it would sink the party's appeal to whites even further.

Gorilla Channel is my fave.


When we're not LARPing, we watch a lot of 70's TV.

I read that as EBT. Was hoping for a shutdown.

The worst thing about the Democrats is that they're all cowards–puppets. There's no actual power play going on in it. Same with the Republicans. There SHOULD be Democrats fighting each other tooth and nail to take control. All of the ones with the huge egos should be cutting each other's throats to get ahead and try to become president. But they don't, because none of them are actually in power. It's all handed to them by the jews, and they do what jews say. Waters SHOULD be announcing her candidacy, but she won't. Kikes know she'll lose. Same with a bunch of others right now.