Trump Friend, Backer & Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Accused of Sexual Misconduct Spanning Decades

Dems demand they return all the monies.


I think I recall seeing (((Wynn))) being interviewed on the Las Vegas shooting stuff. I wonder if this is somehow related.

Checked. #MeToo has been an absolute blessing.

A veritable salt mine

bumping for /ourgirls/


With guys like (((Steve))), you always Lose.

Its almost like there is a pattern emerging

The Las Vegas shooting was a Trump-admin coordinated attack on White people. Wynn likely was involved, just like Adelson and Chertoff.

Saw you faggots posting that in the other thread. It's hysterical that it took shareblue almost 4 fucking months to come up with this.

He's not wrong.

Yeah, you're right. I'm sure what really happened was a sperg out mass shooting to cover up a failed attempt on zionist stooge bin Salman's life by some other raghead who is also an apparent zionist stooge, thwarted at the last moment by the non-zionist forces of Donald Trump and Erik Prince's mercenary squads.

Wat. They got /ourjew/?

> (((sexual misconduct)))


I don't know about Steve's situation but just hitting on a woman who turns out not to be interested can be harassment if you're not a protected class.

Also, remember Wynn tipped us off about a lot of anomalies regarding the Pddck/NGN Gran deal during his televised interview.

Might as well just jump straight to raping them at knife point

Wew, as much as I like to see Jews burn, the truth matters first.

It's bullshit. His cunt wife hired these whores. He's going through divorce shit and only now do bitches come forward? All at once? No fucking way. The only person who knows them is the wife whose paying the skanks. Wynn is a good guy.