Trump: 'I'm willing to shift more' on DACA


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Reddit will defend this.

call me when something actually happens.

Checked. Where have you been? He offered full amnesty yesterday.

Yeah, we’re waiting for those deportations, aren’t we.

And what did he demand in return?

fucking kek

Democrats don't care about DACA niggers. They want their human trafficking routes to stay open.

Meaningless garbage.

From today.

Don't you faggots know that Democrats will NEVER accept the Wall?
It would mean:
A.) They caved and given him his main election promise to fulfill. Which results in their voters ripping them to shreds.
B.) Cutting off the flow of spics which is unacceptable as it is the main kike strategy to subvert USA

Trump's just doing this shit to completely annihilate Democrat chances in the 2018 elections as he exposes how uncompromising and unamerican they are.

Now he's trying to shame the Cuck Schumer into accepting his shitty amnesty deal? How about stop tweeting like a 16 year old girl and start deporting all the illegals.

You’re an idiot.

>>>Holla Forums

1. You have no idea what intl is.
2. You have no refutation to Trump’s own words.
3. You can’t prove wrong objective truth, which I’ve repeated.
Your first image is funny. You realize she’s not in jail, right? And that she’ll never be? I bet you’re a Q-LARP faggot, too. Or are you just sad that Shareblue got kicked off reddit? Now you have to create a new site called Sharegreen to bypass their filters.

How many spics you know with a squeaky clean criminal record?

This is common CIA agent text (not the lack of a coherent mind - this is the nature of those who have been borked by their meds):

If he goes through with this he will lose his entire base

who do you really think you are fooling with that shit?

Holla Forums is a bunch of gigantic fucking faggots, like you. What is there to refute? How dare Trump set stipulations of a negotiation in which the vast majority of spics would be deported! Should have voted for Bernie! Am I right, moishe?

They're supposed to be deported right now you single IQ nigger but they never do it. They let it swell to 30 million illegals, DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY'RE GOING TO START NOW?

Why do you trust in a man? Trust in the DN, the Ogdoad, man!

And when he doesn't all faggots throwing blackpills around will be too busy sucking each others dicks to notice.


DACA just means deferred action (no deportation, no citizenship). It doesn't mean amnesty. There's a not of disinfo out there.

are you trying to say that 30 million more spics have entered the country in the past year? It took Hitler 6 years before the kikes started getting thrown into the camps in any significant numbers.

Are you saying we voted for literally hitler?

Would you really vote for him if he passes amnesty?

Illegal immigration was the main issue that people supported him for

if this has to happen to build the wall
so be it

We’ve been seeing these shills all over. Take care not to fall for them.

You’re butt-flustered that shareblue is blocked from reddit. That must be it.
Great job, fag. Way to prove me wrong.
1. Insufficient.
2. Not his campaign promise.
3. Move those goalposts a TINY bit more and maybe your tactic of getting Holla Forums to compromise on our beliefs will work this time! After a decade of trying!
And thanks for confirming you’re a shill.

No fucking shit. He's not going to pass amnesty. Stop listening to the kikes and glow in the darks.



Can we just get this over with, either deport them or amnesty, I am sick of hearing this shit for 2+ years.

everyone you dont agree with is not a jew you fucking imbecil

This is a CIA agent:

They're undergoing quite the push. Note how he won't discuss things with me, but accuses me of the very thing he does at the same moment. This is but one of the "tells" which shows out the CIA.

Yes, I'm the CIA finder.

Yes, Trump is not optimal, but what you have is people attempting to achieve a divide before there is even a single action taken.

Again, he's not attempting to get you to phone your representatives, or to take to the streets, but instead to just give up now.

CIA agent.

And, yes, they operate here. Frankly, they have very little capability in foreign languages, which is so lulzy.

Their primary target is white people. The #1 "secret" objective of the CIA is to kill all white people.

Every singular spic removed is a step in the right direction.

I never said anything of the sort you are the one complaining about not getting 100% of the job done all at once.

People are, indeed, growing quite tired of politics. The meme war never changes.

id like to see your plans to fund the wall with this administration geniuses
pass it in senate and congress

That's a CIA agent. There's nobody really hostile toward you. That's just an operator. They're real, they're common, and the job of the CIA, anyway, is manipulation and control of America, for the kikes, and their #1 secret objective is the extermination of whites.

This. It amounts to "oh no you aren't getting exactly what you wanted so you should be mad that you are getting 75% of what you wanted. We need to get a good thread going dissecting these bullshit tactics for the newfaggots who refuse to lurk.

Im aware lad. Just keeping the argument going to hone my btfo skills since Ive been taking a bit of a break from here to work on some memetic warfare projects and to try to make it a little more obvious to the newfaggots.

Although, I dont get the vibe that even the newfags are falling for the shit.

I am sick of all the talk, nothing notable has happened in the past year or two, lots of big things promised, nothing of actual substance.

The debate is over. Senate Dems dropped their DACA demands and it's about to expire. Why even keep it open to discussion? Have ICE ready to go once it expires and start deporting. He isn't "negotiating"; the fight is over and he won when the shutdown backfired. DACA is dead and he just has to let it die, but he keeps bringing it up and offering increasingly bad "deals".

Paid shill confirmed.
This tactic is used on multiple sites. I see it every fucking where.

wew lad

Getting tired of your shit.

He should be deporting all illegals not just DACA shitheads. All illegals. Are you claiming their aren't 30 million illegals in this country?



Checked. Yep, it's like "give up, and vote for democrats to impeach, then Hillary 2020". Yeah, no.

It's like you're new to politics. Politics is all talk, rarely actions. But yes. We do need to do away with elections. It's time for Fascism.

Trump put DACA back on the table. Where have you been?

You realize he said “he keeps bringing it up” right?

Well hot damn looks like we a power suit wearing Gordon Gecko over here. I also remember reading that, in the deal he offered, only after 10 years would DACA kick in.. for those who qualified. Like the other poster said, how many squat ass brown shits do you know with no criminal records? So that's pretty good. And in return, we'd get (as stated above) tons of fucking money for border shit and the wall + more money. Not to mention, legit political brownie points since you're essentially getting the demodicks to fund removing their brand loyal voters but you don't know anything about politics apparently. You weren't around during the campaign when Trump presented himself as a master negotiator and businessman who wrote a book called "Art of the Deal" and NOT a book called "How to act like a obtuse dipshit who just forces things where the end result would be predictably negative."

Same. He should've stopped with these offers after the last proposal that Durbin/Schumer and Pelosi cried out as white supremacy when it was an actual "bipartisan" proposal in this cucked political system.

I know. I'm saying "why"? Why does he keep putting it back on the table, especially after securing a total victory with the shutdown fiasco. These aren't the actions of someone who is negotiating; they're the actions of someone who's believing the bullshit about "Trump Dreamers" who will all love, praise, and vote for him if only he fights to give them amnesty.

I know what it's all about, I am just sick of people here acting like DOTR is gonna happen with every single news article mentioning anything
etc etc

Illegals are already supposed to get deported. Hopefully it will ramp up :^D

CIA agent operating:

Checked. I got you now.

so you are saying we should wait for hitler?
Do you even know what that means? Do they teach that word to interns?

And I've seen that exact fucking wording in multiple threads.

Those are all generic responses. Quite easy to see how the sentences of the post those are replying to could trigger those responses. This nigga is bonzai-buddy.

Except that’s after he’s out of office, because he’s scared of the “optics” of deporting children. Except DACA is unconstitutional in the first place and there is absolutely no excuse not to deport them all right now, immediately. We’re in our legal rights as a nation to just kill them. Except this is what you get when you vote in civic nationalist.

Reported. Kill yourself.

And no, you haven’t seen the wording that I just used for the first time.

Some user said in a thread now deleted by mods that it was because he wanted to avoid having to deport them. I wouldn't be surprised at this point.

Uh oh. You came to the same conclusion as me. That means you’re “CIA”, because no one would ever have the same opinion here.

Here's what I want to know? Why even bother playing the PR game? All it does is hurt Trump as some will lose faith and drop him.

So now the conversation has gone from "the daca spics that have managed to not break the law can stay" to "they are all staying"?

There are not 30 million daca eligible spics in this country. Illegals are getting deported. Most of them are in sanctuary cities. ICE and DHS are getting ready to raid the shit out of those cities.

The amount of weak fallacies getting thrown around is such poor fucking effort. Why even bother?

The thing that cracks me up about the so-called "amnesty" is that it offers almost no advantages over ordinary legal immigration.

The real problem is not citizenship, which 95% of immigrants are not interested in, but GREEN CARDS, which, once issued, are continually renewed without the smallest amount of oversight. THIS is what DACA is really about: liberals want the current Obama-era practice of renewing DACA green cards endlessly to continue.

Green cards are only supposed to be issued to applicants in good standing during the term that their citizenship application is in progress. Their original intent was to give the recipient the right to work and live in the US while their application was being processed and did not confer the other rights of citizenship such as voting, driving, receiving social services, etc. Naturally liberals have spent decades perverting the law in order to confer more privileges on green card holders, especially the vote. Today, legal residency through a green card conveys all of the privileges of citizenship without any of the responsibilities, and as a result, we are flooded with lifetime green card holders who have no interest in citizenship at all.

In addition, it's green cards holders who are committing most of the crimes, sucking up social services, and bringing in their illegal relatives. Having a green card is not a path to citizenship; squirting out an anchor baby is enough to warrant issuing someone a green card and keep them here for life. These people have no respect for the US and do not consider it their home. They take as many gibs as they can get and send all their cash back to the country where they are a citizen. Many of them that receive welfare, ebt, and Medicaid are property owners back home and save up money to improve their properties and take an early retirement back where they came from all at the US taxpayer's expense.

The "path to citizenship amnesty" would force green card holders to either reach for citizenship or get out once their application is rejected or their green cards expire. MILLIONS of non-DACA shitskins would have to go home if they can't get it together to achieve citizenship in the next few years—and as others before me have pointed out, the vast majority of them are incapable of avoiding crime, surviving without social services, working legitimate jobs, and passing the citizenship test within that 10 -12 year time period.

It's really quite clever, and a win-win for Trump. Either the liberals accept this "deal", a few DACA recipients get citizenship, but their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends are all deported in 10 - 12 years, or the Dems reject it, nobody gets citizenship, and everybody gets deported even sooner, all while Trump gets to look like a reasonable guy who currs about the chillen. Really, Trump already has won this battle.

Sometimes I wonder if it's the kikes at Kikebart that start even more threads like this one.We had another thread about this prior.

so, you don't actually know what a strawman is do you? I'll let you cheat, go look it up.

Awww Shareblue busts out their catchphrases BASED and Reddit.

Are you guys Jewish? Your manual is a little out of date, you’re using very stale shill tactics.

Trump doesn't need to ask for any of this stuff. He already has it. He doesn't want to deport them because they are necessary to murder the White race and act as a hedge against rising White anti-israel consciousness.

Lies. He's deported even less than king nigger and not just because king nigger counted catch and release as a deportations. If Trump wanted to deport all illegals like he promised he'd have to do even larger numbers than Obama's fake deportations. In reality he's doing a half assed job and squandered an entire year away. He has an aversion to deportation.

Underaged post

It’s Trump. He cares about his image. And when your viewpoint is skewed (meaning his), you get a skewed image.

Reported. Commit suicide, shill. You will never crack Holla Forums.

This isn't a video game, man. i'm not defending civic nationalism but can you really imagine a situation in the most known, reported on, widespread, government in the most dominant, world-class, trans-national nation to ever hold a place on this earth.. can you imagine just hauling off, killing millions and deporting children and shit? You COULD do it. There's no doubt about that. But what about afterwards? You brought up the 10 year point and how Trump would be out of office. I post the same to you, sir. If he killed/deported millions today, like right now, what would happen when he is out of office?

And that's not even to say that getting rid of the whole brown stock is out of the question. It isn't! Look how shitty the demoturds are playing their hand. It's embarrassing. I reckon you could get good deal after good deal and still be able to just say "Fuck 'em. Send them all out." before the first term is up.


You scared those White House checks will dry up?

He wants to murder Whites because they are getting off the israel-first plantation and they have no way to get them back on.

wtf I hate trump now

Obama counted people turned away at the border as deportations. Trump’s deportations are actually real.

If Trump makes a DACA deal for a few hundred thousand people, in exchange for the Wall and the other things he wants, it’s a beneficial outcome. This deal has (((you))) worried and your desperation is palpable.

With the Dems at near extinction, there is absolutely no reason in the slightest to be constantly flirting with this shit
Precious time ticks away while he continues with these ridiculous charades to tell us what we already know

DOTR won't happen until the economy crashes :^)


I believe it since that false flag in Vegas was his own doing. All the key actors in that were major Trump supporters like Steve Wynn and Sheldon Anderson. He killed his own supporters in a Obama era style false flag.

Congratulations, you’ve sniffed out the Jewish posters on this board. They want to make it seem like there is some giant plot to kill all the brown people because that’s what they desire for their ethnostate in Israel.

It’s just pathological projection, the hallmark of Jewish thought and shilling on this and every board.

Yes, that's totally what it is. Please don't kill yourself, user.

CIA operative:

The CIA is engaged in an operation to implant thoughts of suicide in WN, and whites in general.

Read what I wrote: His real numbers are absolute shit and in no way will make a dent in the numbers of illegals. More people are flowing in then being deported.

Correct. And then his paid shills and bots flooded the board with nonsensical conspiracy theories about a targeted hit on that ultra-zionist compliant asshat in Saudi Arabia who just took over.


As long there is shitty beer on the shelves and niggerball games every sunday, nothing will ever change.

Assuming that DACA will get killed: it's a good look to say that you really tried to help those wonderful people, but the Democrats were just too unreasonable.

Yep. Definitely.

Like how the hell would they even know how many people are getting in? It's stupid. They're sneaking in anyhow. It's not like they register.

But holy Christ how cucked the boomers are. Christ fuck a nigger, can you believe it? Christians nowadays literally worship modern Talmud-studying rabbis, not Jesus!

Strike one for using kike psychological warfare phrases.
Yes. Because it’s our laws. Because it’s the laws on the books right now. Because it’s the job of the executive branch to do this. Because anyone who does not do it is a traitor to the republic. Strike two for “Think of the children!”
Thanks for admitting what is about to happen, BY OUR HANDS, not Trump’s.
You build a wall and shoot anyone who tries to climb it.
We build statues to the greatest leader of the republic since Andrew Jackson. We herald him as the second fucking coming of James K. Polk for actually fulfilling his campaign promises. We never lose another election becaus the democrats can’t win anymore. And when I say ‘we’, I mean not the republicans.
So why is the narrative shifting to ‘accept these and we totally promise to get rid of the rest, goyim’?
So why do we need “deals” if we can win right now? For seventy years we’ve compromised with terrorists. Never again.

Yep. Literally, these fucking boomers. They're fucking stupid. They've fucked us over so utterly, and they worship the coordinators of our fucking over. Damn them! I swear, I am ready for the complete destruction of the fucking economy. Bring the fucker down. Let it rain!

Strawman. Try harder. We will never accept any amnesty in any form.

He has specifically targeted criminal illegals with his initial wave of deportations. You’re acting like a kike and pre-supposing that, based on his “real numbers” which you of course do not have handy, that he can not deport more in the future based upon your probably non-existent extrapolation.

He can speed it up with a massive bounty offered to the general public, if you like. Blackpill defeatism is so easy to spot.



Oh goody, trillions in citizen’s dollars going to keeping more breeding nonwhites alive for a decade. What a deal.

You realize you can say that exact thing about “we’re going to deport all of them”, right? He’s a civic nationalist. He said so himself.

Checked. They're Satanists. Just as bad as Obama and Hillary.

Whose “we?”

Anyway a path to citizenship isn’t amnesty, you’re a kike for framing it that way. A deal where he can expel the vast majority of illegals in exchange for allowing a token minority of them a decade long ordeal is preferable to no deal.

Zero. Illegals. Will. Remain. You will NEVER crack us.

Yes, it is.

If law enforcement was doing their job properly, they wouldn't even be here. Hoping that they'll suddenly do their jobs catching illegals in the middle of time and deport them in that 10 year period is very naive.


Dumbshit non-white lmao

The vast majority of criminal invaders don't have arrest records. They come in, they get a job, they might assault you and get away with it, but mostly they just push you out of employment, push your kids out of school, move you further out into the boonies with a new pile of mortgage debt hanging over you as you live in a neighborhood you really can't afford, and they squirt out new kids who can commit crimes against you with impunity.

Once you wipe away the initial crime of illegally entering the country, you are deporting basically nobody.

Law enforcement, judges, all boomers. When will boomers start doing their shit right? They're fucking parasites.

This is Holla Forums. We demand a little effort here.

CIA agent:

but why?

whoops. I meant that in reply to

Because he wants White people dead for resisting israel.

The hasbara here is ridiculous, using terms to make it sound like something happened when literally nothing was put in stone. Just fucking stop flooding the board with this shit and make a DACA general or something, we don't need a thread for every article that gets made on this topic.

No, just a turkroach mod nervous the shill checks from the pro-Israel Trump groups are going to stop arriving.

And the Saudi Arabians had nothing to do with it? What happened to that military jet that was stolen?

I fail to see how 2 rows of 9 brightly lit silver bails of hay leading to a tree(or are those bamboo shoots idk) is satanic. It's definitely esoteric as fuck but I don't see the "satanic" btw its moloch you are referring to

See pic related here:

616 is a kike. They know full well a "path to citizenship" is to expedite the process for everyone, regardless of origin, indeed regardless of place of residence. That's as Ann Coulter explained. Unless there is a CONSTITUTIONAL FUCKING AMENDMENT TO DO IT there will be only ONE FUCKING CATEGORY OF IMMIGRATION, and it will be the most greased path.

And that is why amnesty, or by any other name, for DACA, leads to FUCKING SAUDI NATIONALS COMING IN BY THE MILLIONS.


I've said for years that, sooner or later, we're going to have to deport Mexican citizens because they are Mexican. Then, when that has become the received wisdom for normie fucks, we can move on to deporting "legal" taco.

Negotiating tactic. Offer a concession when you don't have to, and your opponent will break his spine to give you other things you want. I don't know whether to rail against Trump seemingly cucking, be smug over how he's pretending to cuck, or accept a small cucking in exchange for saving our race from the 100 million more they have down there.



Yes, really. There are really CIA agents who operate here. Spencer is a CIA agent. What, do you think they really fucking look like 007? There are so many goddamn CIA and other manipulators in the wild, it's fucking incredible. The hallmark of a CIA agent is they won't do a damn bit of work with their hands. Lazy motherfuckers.

The smug-looking sentry in that pic related is, by the way, a Jew. I don't know what happened to the men behind the wire, but it's statistically likely they were starved to death a few months after this was taken.

Evil timeline. Must adjust.

Done what before? "The kikes" are the Trump administration. What are you even babbling about, faggot?

They're worse since they're the same shit, but pretend not to be. At least democrats are open about the garbage they are.

I believe it.

So where are you guys organizing now that you got banned from reddit?


How does it lead to them coming by the millions? Hm? "Daca" is only for the fucking spics that are already here. And it only applies to the ones that have zero criminal record, which are very small in number.

The shilling in this thread is fucking funny as shit. These fucks must be terrified.

Obviously there will be no deal with democrats, but it would be absolutely hilarious if there is and "illegaly entering" would still be counted as crime and they're going to be deported anyways.

Reported. When you’re capable of replying to what was actually said, feel free.

Take five fucking seconds, get the spic cock out of your mouth, and learn how amnesty legally works, shlomo.

with people who have, quite literally, nothing to offer?
the only winning move is not to play

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"


lmao you keep losing and you don't know how to make it stop

When your bosses look over your posts do they approve of this horrible fucking effort?

Whatching you shill for illegal spics who do nothing, but rape and murder just because Trump did a 360 on them is even funnier.

Go back to reddit with this newfag shit please
Aw fuck im replying to a pol thread no wonder every comment was someone trying to be right when they are in their own ideology but not their opponents'.

Reported. Thanks for admitting you’re a shill, at least.

Can’t crack our consensus.

you still didn't answer my question.

Wise words, Satan.

The Dems still have cards to play. Don't you know that senators are like the old German Gauleiters? They have immense power to fuck up your agenda and your life if they're not happy. Not to overdo things, but a casual conversation with a senior senator can win you a billion-dollar contract overnight. They all pull together when it counts, despite their squabbles, and when the Senate acts, it has the ability to grind a juggernaut into a broken Yugo.

So, Senate Democrats are not able to push their agenda just now, but they're definitely still spoilers, and they'll keep that power as long as there are more than 39 of them in that chamber.

You keep typing and you keep saying nothing. No body scanners for Sheldon and Chertoff.

Every last shill will be held to account for their crimes. Do you really think your bosses adequately protect your information? Do you really think that you aiding and abetting these fucks will be forgiven?

Ann Coulter explained.

It's a trick law, RachelMaddowPoster (you are, by the way, a literal rapist).

Here's how it works:
The lawyers know how a law will ACTUALLY be interpreted, let us call this A, the goal (swift amnesty for all). However, they know they can make a law seem totally OK to stupid uneducated constituents by adding window dressing, clauses that will be annulled by the courts, in form B.

People say, B, it's not so bad. But the lawyers who made it know full fucking well that it's actually just A in disguise, because of how the courts will interpret it, and the bits that will be thrown out.

This is quite expertly laid out by Ann Coulter, who is a lawyer ( you are not - you are a rapist ).

Well i was browsin chans before you were in diapers ok, that means before you were born.
Trump is a democrat, if you think otherwise youve already lost and werent paying attention. Luckily hes a 70s-80s dem that didnt give a fuck about politics until his daughters accused him of being a mysogynist, or maybe his son came home telling him what theyre teaching kids these days. Either way yall need to take your earlobe spacing 'im right youre wrong herp derp i wosh my existance was more valud' shit the fuck up outta this news article you newfag cockmongling faggots.

You will be killed for your treason.


Anyway, we know what the CIA's real core operational goal is: to kill all white people. Once you know this, you can predict what the CIA will never do. This is mirthful! We know with full confidence who they are, and we also know why: The CIA is controlled by the kikes.

Nothing good comes out following someone unquestionably. Anyone that hears this news should be genuinely concerned, and make their voice heard that we don't want any sort of amnesty. This isn't pre election anymore, we are allowed to be against things we don't approve of. Trying to lie to yourself that some amnesty would actually be fine is lying to yourself.

They're not lying to themselves, they're trying to trick us into accepting amnesty.

Trumpo was the only option you dipshitted fuck. It doesnt mean im wrong. How many cocks can you blind fucks fit in your mouth? Just because they tell you the harness is to make sure you dont bite the saausage yore about to be fed, doesnt mean they wont mouthfuck your gullible throat after it'd on.

kek what do you got a fucking glossary of chan culture ad homs. You didnt even say it right you dumb nigger.

IS A WOMAN. And she has concernfagged before and looked like a fucking retard afterwards.

Is that supposed to hurt my feelings? Oh you fucking got me I AM SO FUCKING MAD RIGHT NOW!!!1!

Things ain't gonna get much better. Boomers are far too numerous. It's the 4th turning, and the only reason why nobody recognizes this is because Boomers are the ones who define the "truth" as conceived of. If Boomers just don't like the message, hell, it's just not "true".

But here we are, and institution after institution after institution is having a massive failure, and everyone says, "it's fine. I still am not poor." As if that's not coming as well. As if we have not been warned!


Ann is right about everything she says about Trump.

^ That is a literal rapist, gentlemen.

Remember when this wasn't just an r/the_donald board?

dubs of truth.

:^) nice dubs, faggot

Is this a broken bot or a moron?

Yeah, before the mods were bought out.

It really started during the election, when all these reddit transplants somehow stumbled into here and took all that "god-emperor" dogshit serious.

Ok this is getting ridiculous, what are these faggots sliding?

Welcome to Holla Forums. You aren't really fitting in here, so kindly fuck off for at least two years before posting. Then refrain from posting and hang yourself, faggot.

Of course, imkikey actively killing the most productive threads, silencing discussions and randomly banning posters in autistic fits of rage didn't help any, either

Bag 'em, tag 'em. Yeah, I'm really that good. Here are CIA agents:

Oh, I get it. Filtered.

This talent isn't on loan from the lower "gods". Even money shall be erased by the great power of the Ogdoad.

I wont be surprised if trump ticks up the republican party finally causing both parties to be completely bankrupt and finally fel the rogue empire that nearly overthrew the old empires and then stopped the new one from doing it because they won sometime in the 1800s and weve been 'enjoying' their victory ever since

No you didn't get it. You were cognitively overloaded. :^)

1 CIA agent at a time.

lots of crossover with the "gamergate is literally 9/11" types as well


Check out this CIA agent, lads:

Calling me cia
Must be a big guy 4me

This faggot cant even

< gamergate doesn't matter
Gamergate exposed millions to the illicit behavior of the kikes. :^)

Oh, it's going to continue. The owners of your CIA are the kikes, and they have set you this task: kill all the white people.


It's all about cognitive load. Whether they are CIA bots or CIA agents, they can't handle too much introspection, to many references, too much context. They fall apart.

Well, ive lurked the chans since 4cucks inception and everything ive said was gathered from years of 1-3 hours of chans and fourms in other pockets of the web and as far as i can tell, from very early on the whole game seemed rigged and the same narratives and patterns showed up until i figured out the "deep state" be them wealthy jews arabs whites afrikkan kingos royal familys ect have paid out lots to push an idology of society they can mostly benifit from be it capitalism, socialism, communism, sharia, ect, theres always a rich asshole benifiting the absolute most from the system while I, the working class individual, get the shaft, no matter who gets elected or what they believe in every country, normal people like myself get shit on. Even in true communism, communists fuck off in particular, its the worst dicking you can get, at least capitalism is only like 4 fuckin inches, if you gotta take a dick like the faggot you are

Jesus fucking christ you guys are complete fucking idiots. Explain how this is a fucking good thing? How? Relying on a polition 100% on any issue is stupid.




Lots of you guys are missing the fact that Trump is offering the OPTION of a citizenship that almost none of these people want, in exchange for getting rid of the practice of rubber-stamping green card renewals, which is a far greater evil in the long run and the true source of most of our problems regarding non-citizen invaders.

Trump wants to end the quasi-citizenship of permanent green-card holders, who receive all of the privileges of citizenship and none of the responsibilities, and he's willing to offer a token, near-impossible path to citizenship to a small handful of poster-children.

If this were a good deal or anything close to a true amnesty, liberals would be all over it like they were over the Reagan amnesty. They are not, and that's because the smartest among them realize that Trump's deal will result in a large reduction in the number of tacos over time rather than an increase. Trading a thousand green cards for a single citizenship is a good deal for us. Having quasi-citizens with all of the privileges and none of the responsibilities is ruining us. Keep in mind, green card holders are technically here legally, and Trump's plan opens a pathway to getting rid of MILLIONS of them.

Yeah, likely story lad.
They are called image boards.


yes raise hell and still get stuck with a bunch of baby shitters feeding off your hard work. Good idea. How about kick a door in and deport someone yourself you keyboard warrior pussy.

That's a CIA agent staple, identity fluffing. They're given a thumbnail, and then fluff it out, sometimes using photos of themselves and stuff. They just act fucking abnormal, and it's easy enough to see.

You dont have to believe me, i can shitpost for free and you cant stop me, but ive told you the truth you fucking roodypoo

< changing the topic
< starting fights

:^) Hi CIA


Lots of stupid in this thread. Lots of shills in this thread, but a lot of stupid also.

Keep a calm head, anons. Trump says all sorts of shit while he's negotiating a deal, much of which is confusing, much of which directly conflicts with what he's said in the past; it's how Trump keeps all sides off balance and how he conceals his hand. It's deliberate theatre, and it is calculated. Taking what Trump says at any one moment - verbatim, as though it represents his intent - is reactionary and stupid. We've seen these tactics from Trump time and time again, and I'd have thought most of you would have learned how it works by now. Most sensible anons undoubtedly have, and the majority of the noise is being generated by a bunch of shills and spergs.

Forget what Trump says. Instead, look at the content of the deal that's on offer. Weigh up the implications of taking the deal from the Democrat perspective; estimate the probability that the Dems will take what's on offer. That's what you need to focus on. The Dems hate this deal - hate it - because it's set up such that if they take it it will ruin them politically. Recognize that it would also damage Trump significantly should the deal be taken, almost a mutually assured destruction scenario. Thus, there's a 99.9% chance they Democrats will refuse it. There's no point taking action that will damage your opposition if in the process you'll be destroyed yourself.

Now, don't let that stop you from raising hell about it outside Holla Forums. By all means, ramp it up: publicly, we need to hold a hard line that any capitulation on DACA is unacceptable, because any capitulation on DACA is unacceptable. NO COMPROMISES, NO AMNESTY, NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP WILL BE TOLERATED.

But for God's sake, stop shitting up threads on Holla Forums with all this useless hand-wringing. It's exhausting.

Dude if the cia would pay me to shitpost on fullchan id do it, but they havent bought me out yet so here i piss into the piss


< I'd accept money to betray the white man
gas yourself

Youre literally doing the same thing you hypocritical dick pin cushion

Just get rid of the rubber stamp process and get rid of them at the same time. Deport, deport, deport. Build the wall with existing military funds under the Army Corps of Engineers. Use letters of marque and reprisal to deputize citizens to arrest and detain illegals. Use executive privilege to halt ALL IMMIGRATION. Do anything you want on immigration moving forward with a newly cleansed voting population.

He is offering the option and not doing the above because he wants them to stay in order to hurt White people who are increasingly opposed to israel and jews like Trump's family running the country into the ground.


No faggot youre putting words in my mouth like you put dicks in yours.

Its a good thing no one pays you to read or you'd be out of a job pretty quick. Idk if youre serious or a shill but man youre a slow one.

It's the American people who need to get off their ass and put a stop to this nonsense. But they won't. Deep down they don't really gaf about this Country. They've sat back and allowed the border to be over run for nearly 50 years. They sit and bitch piss and moan about it but action is out of the fucking question. These people that call themselves Americans don't have a tenth of the bravery or patriotism that their own Grandfather's had. The men who KNEW - KNEW they were going to do die when they jumped into the water and headed for that beach in Normandy but they did it anyways. Why? Because it was for a cause that was bigger than they were and they cared - they loved this country and they loved their families - more than ANYTHING else in the world.
Today's "men" are a joke, and it's not entirely their fault but the fact remains that they don't gaf about ANYTHING least of all this country.
So having said that expect for the politicians to do whatever in the fuck they want to do because THEY KNOW that the American people won't do SHIT.
So get ready, enjoy your shit hole because you've got no one to blame but YOU.


``8cucks will defend this.``

We are living in the worst timeline.

Anything Trump does by executive order is subject to being overturned the day he leaves office. Anything he funds through the reallocation of existing funds rather than through the official budget can easily be de-funded by simply rearranging the funding back to the way it was without a vote.

By working with Congress to reach a deal, the final outcome will have legs and will be much harder to dismantle. Without Trump's whole package, the wall, the end of chain migration, the additional border funding, the end of catch-and-release, every bit of it, the US will simply continue with the revolving-door system we have now. If Trump can get his full immigration reform passed through Congress without any executive orders or back-door funding, it will take an equal fight to repeal it as it took to pass it in the first place.

He doesn't need an executive order to do any of this shit. Stop lying.

Isn't this White Man I hear so much about betraying us by defending amnesty? The absolute state of "The White Race" right now is fucking pathetic.

In 2016 we were united, we wanted to stop the amnesty cucks and take our country back. Now you can't post a criticism of a top level amnesty cuck without a "White Man" giving you flak from behind.

Tell me about it, Fellow White Man. You're absolutely from around here and blending in perfectly, Fellow White Man.


He hasn't. If he does, he will have.

How to be a blunt, obtuse fucking moron with no negotiating skills. The post.

Nice trips. Yep. We're dealing with people who are working very hard to cause trouble.


I'm attacking you. Why would I be from around here?

I don't like any of you cucks. I'm only here to mock you for licking the balls of an amnesty supporter.

Do you think he can just say, "OK, now things are different" and make all of this happen? Simply wave his hand and change the law?

Well actually he can, it's called an executive order. You even mentioned "executive privilege" in your post. You were the one who brought up reallocating military funds to pay for the wall. There are no "lies" involved here, unless it's you trying to lie about never mentioning "executive privilege".

I don't see how Trump is supposed to do all the things you suggested without using either executive orders or through Congressional action, which requires making a deal. There simply is no third way.

yeah, because that worked so well for millions of people after WW2

He does not need an executive order. Stop lying.
You're just proposing nonsense. Nothing you are saying makes any sense. Get rid of the fucking beaners and do all of that shit anyway. Are you under the impression that a voting population with 50 million fucking less spics in it is going to be MORE resistant to permanently stopping the influx than the population we're working with now?

Who do you think is buying this garbage? The option is there because zionist Trump – and zionist (You) – wants them to stay, specifically to damage White America and its growing anti-zionist consciousness.

We already proven how 3 million illegal immigrants/pioneers voted last election! We were the ones that uncovered that it, and it was our discovery that the (((MSM))) has tried so hard to hide.

Question, why are you on this board of cucks? Isn't it torture to be surrounded by these faggots every day?

You're like early 2016 Holla Forums.

Daily reminder that all spics had been thrown out of Holla Forums by early 2016. Please, less D&C and more patience; we're winning after all. Only subhuman spics think in terms of one move at a time; real Aryans think multiple steps forward (like chess).

If you call 2017 and Dreamer Amnesty winning, I don't want to know what losing looks like.

White birthrates have, naturally and organically, become the majority of births in our ancestral homeland.

Uh. Do you have schizophrenia? Yeah I know Europe is just a flower basket of good news and optimism right now I'm sure their future is great but I was talking about how the leader of my country is an amnesty supporting cuck.

Honestly, I wish this place was more so like /sg/ as opposed to /newsplus/. I.e., the core is posting about actual developments going on (for them, it's posting maps and ship, recent political gains, etc.), and then discussion centered around that. That is, as opposed to just posting tons of threads of just news where we go from: Trump acts like a zionist to it's just Art of the Deal for most threads. In addition, the ideal board would also have threads regarding the investigation of things (this would also follow the format of primarily posting developments with some discussion based off of that). The type of investigation could range from pizzagate type things, to doxing (doxxing?) antifa/judges who have committed unjust rulings, coordinating what real world efforts must be put into effect (by who ever) in order for a given outcome to occur (e.g. for nog #51014394 to go to prison, someone in city X should lodge the following complaint about Y).
That would be the ideal board. Oh, and I guess some major tenents would have to be listed at the top (i.e. principles which can never be bent, ever. E.g. 14/88, stances on immigration, stances on race, stances on degeneracy, stance on jews, stance on Religion of Cuck™, etc.)

((( )))
I live in the US, you fucking kike.

I'm happy for you.

Is your ancestral homeland from (((somewhere other than Europe)))? I'm legit confused.


Generally when we say our ancestral homeland we mean the land our ethnicity evolved in. The more you know.

it's nice knowing that Holla Forums is now given a script to "troll" us

If a single illegal gets amnesty the day of the rope begins. I won’t care any more at that point. I’d rather die fighting in the streets than give a single beaner citizenship

You do know you can always label yourself as hispanic/latino whenever you fill out paperwork, right?

There will be no amnesty, pic related already called it.

Trump has a really good track record of flip-flopping saying anything and everything to get everybody riled up then doing absolutely nothing, you really can't trust a fucking word he says until he actually does something; expect the worst, hope for the best. But in this case him doing nothing would be in our favor.

They’re like 30 now ffs

This is a CIA agent:

It's very common text. You see, they are engaged in attempting to kill all white people, the CIA being under the control of the kikes, and that being their goal.

You may say, "surely not here!" Yet did not the CIA, under cloak of "FBI", send the magic nigger a letter attempting to get him to commit suicide? Indeed, that is the action which is taking place today, the kikes helming the CIA.

((( )))
You sure love that word, I wonder if there is a genetic reason why…

Pure comedy. Report me again because you know you've lost.

He never said which WAY he would shift though did he?

I don't know if he was a CIAnigger or just some shariablue pajeet. You'd think CIA would be more capable. Either way he was annoying and obviously here to stir up shit, so I filtered that faggot.

it was 120ish in the morning

I'd laugh, but now days I can't be 100% sure you're not parodying them. Such is life in the dark current year of 2018.

Poe's law is a hell of a thing isn't it?

We really need to ban these doomsaying

Exactly 0 productive discussion has been had because this thread's obvious (((agenda))) from the outset.

They have a lot of work to do. This isn't the only place by any means that that CIA agent is posting! This is why introducing cognitive load is highly effective. Drain deep, and drain long. That is, cause them to have to think, have multiple layers of meaning, jokes, and then also cause them to have continuity of operators. They typically are handing these things off, with their systems. It's not like it's one dude just sitting there hitting F5. It's a sophisticated operation, but the attacks are pretty simple, destroy whatever, promote whatever, mislead, etc. These are covered in the JTRIG Snowden leaks.

I'd like for you to consider a hypothetical for me. Consider for a moment that someone earnestly voted for Trump because they didn't want amnesty to be passed.

Consider for a moment that they are genuinely upset – I know I know, ridiculous but stay with me – that Trump then turned around and supported Amnesty.

Then I want you to consider what exactly the effect of banning their dissatisfaction is.

In my opinion I think the effect of that would be a large amount of alienation and disaffection from the right.

I wonder who it would benefit to trick 4cucks and 8cucks into alienating large numbers of earnest right wing people and making them hate each other.


It will never be possible to ban CIA agents. They are adept infiltrators, who are working for the kikes, who control, own them, to kill all whites. Rather, we must have standards.

Then, having standards, they will eventually break from our standards. They can then be kicked out.

< nothing has happened
< larp a convo as if "we" have given up

Still requires funding, either by reallocation (easily overturned) or Congressional vote.

If existing laws, manpower, and funding were enough, those illegals would already be deported. The reason catch-and-release even exists is because we don't have anywhere to detain them until their hearings. As for deputizing people to catch them, that would be held up by a district court challenge in half a second and everyone who actually tried an arrest would be bogged down in civil rights lawsuits forever. It's also important to note (since you seem to have a fetish about this) that letters of marque and reprisal require CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL—so Trump would have to make a deal in order to issue such orders, and would necessarily have to trade something to get them.

That requires issuing an executive order that immigration is to be frozen entirely

Well since none of that stuff can happen the way you imagine it should, your final point is moot because it's just a fantasy.

I thought initially that I was addressing an uneducated person, perhaps a child, who was somewhat misguided, but nevertheless loved their country and race and was willing to learn, but now I realized I misjudged you, my bad, I was wrong. It's clear to me now that you're a shitskins traitor only pretending to be from Holla Forums because no self-respecting white person would continue to insist on such a disastrous course of action once it was explained to them.

Yes, standards. Like supporting amnesty!

The CIA will never be able to stay hidden and parrot our opinions on Amnesty support!

He's not offering amnesty though, he's offering a path to citizenship which will take longer than a new applicant will have to endure, his "back of the line" program.

You're trying to frame the issue and failing shlomo.

The more the Dems refuse the offer, the further he drives a wedge between the ILLEGALS and (((them))). Schumer will have a gorillion wetbacks chanting at his home. They will be pissed that he didn`t take the offer and will get them KTFO of the USA. Trump is turning them against the Dems.

"I'm willing to shift all over DACA"

Oh, a path to citizenship. Right.

Definitely not a neocon codeword for amnesty for the last 20 years.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I want back into the main timeline.

You're literally too stupid to post here.
Now get mad that I didn't respond to your bait.

Check out this cool thing I found on the internet dot com.

What does this have to do with anything? “Plotting” deportations? 1. It’s law. This is kike fearmongering. 2. There’s no evidence that Trump is actually doing anything.

Yes, they will be forced to wait a decade and commit no crimes and pay taxes and such before they qualify for citizenship. Amnesty is a well defined term, you're a Jew so I don't need to remind you. Trump isn't offering amnesty, he's offering a long wait and a bunch of rigamarole.

We used to laugh at this guy and his path to citizenship.


Say, you path to citizenship folks could you help me out?

You don't want amnesty opposing CIA agents like me around, and I don't want to be hanging around on a path to citizenship site.

Could you tell me where the right wing people who oppose amnesty are? I'm just a tad lost. I used to think that was this place. Thanks.

CIA agent (note the unwillingness to discuss in honesty topics which promote the welfare of the white man, but stirs up strife):

CIA agent now plays on the heart strings, mocks the truth illuminated so brightly, so utterly certainly! Oy vey, the whites-killing CIA's agent is outed:

Yes yes. The CIA is out to get you. Can confirm (source: I work there).

They already committed a crime by entering the country illegally. The overwhelming majority of illegals don't have criminal records if you're excusing their illegal entry and their illegal employment. For those that do, how many of them even have the accurate name on record?
Labor for entrenched capital and bail water out on our sinking zionist-imperial boat and you can permanently wreck the lives of White America with our approval. At least you're honest.

Another CIA agent (hammering it home, pre-existing cleavages, denying rational discussion (they don't have the time, as agents)):

Not him, but fine. Lets not call it amnesty. You call it "a path to citizenship". Do you believe that any illegals should be given such a path in the first place? That is to say, should those who undermined the system (beyond just being nonwhite) be given "a path to citizenship". Do you consider that based/good?

One of the more interesting things about the CIA is that it's not actually impermissible to claim to be a CIA agent. In fact, it is recommended to go with the "yes, I totally am one" "sarcasm", which tends to convince simpletons.

However, you will see the same procedure in action with transsexuals, who also will say, "yes, I'm totally a man" - when they are indeed precisely a man.

The same was done by Megyn "Massive Weiner" Kelly.

Behold, CIA, your own money attacking whites, to kill them, the entire operation under the command of the kikes (the whole of the CIA is commanded by them, the kikes, who are using it to try to kill all white people - why do you think they killed so many white people in Las Vegas?):



They should go to the back of the line.

1. What in the fuck are you even TRYING to say?
2. You know we kicked wetbacks out before, right?

Fun fact, spic: You’re going home.

You need to kill yourself. Fact will never be banned.

Trump is the biggest neocon coup in all of history. It mass converted millions of young white men into neocon talking point zealots.

Well played.

What happened was the mods were literally CIA agents, and banned the entire userbase (that couldn't get fresh IP addresses).

At present, about 75% of the "users" are actually just CIA agents. Holla Forums is furthermore being flogged in the media as "worse than 4chan", which is even more compromised. This allows them to plant lies "see what the Holla Forums hacker is doing?!! horrible! ban free speech and kill all whites"

The CIA is under the control of kikes, who are utilizing it to kill all white people. That is their "secret" goal, at the top. Their purpose now.

One thing these CIA Jews do is automatically go full retard. They advocate unreasonable policies which would never fly in the current climate, and they seem to wish to work against plans which, in the long term, would be in the interests of white people.

This is how you can tell they're shills, they just go full retard. They got their hopes up when Spencer and the media colluded to try to make out all Trump supporters to be retarded Nazis, it seemed to work a bit, so they're going with it for now.

Yep and then they signed up with a program which would allow them to stay despite this because they were under a certain age. The media made this ALL ABOUT this miniscule fraction of illegal aliens, to the exclusion of the majority who entered as adults, and it's a very small price to pay for the wall, an end to chain migration, and the visa lottery. Those measures will make a much larger impact than allowing a few DACA cucks to stay, if they don't wash out of the program.

It's also a PR victory for Trump and a great wedge issue, the Democrats never talk about any of the illegal aliens outside the context of Dreamers. Chuck Schumer already had a lynch mob of non-dreamer spics show up at his house in the middle of the night out for his blood. This sews division in the enemy's ranks, they will be blaming the libtards for not caring about anybody but Dreamers now.

You're a CIA nigger cuck so your job is to suppress the big picture here, which is that this proposed deal would be an enormous victory, certainly better than no deal at all, and will clinch a number of other keys which will help reverse the browning of the USA. Just because Trump isn't pumping his fist and screaming WHITE POWER doesn't mean this isn't a victory for whites.

You're a mental nigger.

Can confirm. I'm actually everyone in this thread.


We already know. The goal of WN is to isolate him by radicalizing his image, and by this we may achieve some meaningful reforms. We have been incredibly successful at coopting the CIA in our efforts, which is so lulz. Talk about Judo.

Your style is not correct to here. Your style is female.

They're different things, it's not about what you call them. And no, I don't believe they "should" be given citizenship, but they aren't being given it, they are being handed a big ass pain in the butt decade plus long process and many will wash out. Once single crime and they're goners. In exchange for this, we get the wall, an end to chain migration and the visa lottery, etc. It's called a compromise and it's barely that.

Ann Coulter has explained that without a constitutional amendment it is not possible to even do this.

For example, how the hell do you prove that it was "no fault of their own"? What age did they have to come here?

And, in the end, the courts will rule that it's unfair, and that there can be no such restriction, and everyone gets fastracked.

And so this means

Maybe you can't answer this question, but I have brought it up before. Ok, if they commit a crime, they're fucked. However, what if they have kids? What happens with them? Or, say, what if they racemix? Do they inherit citizenship then? At minimum there kids might. I'm just saying, as much good as this does, one must look at the troubles that lie ahead.

Were you alive the last time this same exactly "compromise" happened? Spics from 1986 are STILL getting amnestied

What do we do when even Holla Forums is this divided on
I'm being sarcastic and shit but I really want to know. Where the fuck do I go to get away from amnesty support? I don't want that to be on the table for argument or discussion. I want consensus on that much.

Can I just go somewhere
Where like
Everyone is agreed
No fucking amnesty?

It is a price that doesn't need to be paid since all of the mechanisms that can bring about those reformations are already in place. Just deport everyone, freeze all immigration, build the wall, and pass every single law you want with a newly cleansed voting population.

Again, the issue is that DACA amnesty will create the exact same exemptions for MUSLIMS as for spics, due to how the courts rule.

It's trick legislation. They include provisions they know won't stand. The window dressing is for the plebs, the true law is for their masters, the kikes.

And Ann Coulter spelled this out.

You seem a bit too eager to deport, maybe be in your genes

You really do have schizophrenia, don't you? You're calling someone a jew for wanting to deport spics. Your brain is fucked son.

You keep improperly using that term schlomo.

((( )))
not an argument, try again

I'm just worried about you user. I care about you. Remember the good times we had together, as brothers, when we BOTH opposed amnesty.

Remember how we laughed at lil Jeb? Come back to us, user. You can overcome schizophrenia.

It's not amnesty, it's a fucking work permit. Dumbass stormtard larpers need to read articles.

No he's doing the full retard, the poster you're responding to doesn't want a firm law which is difficult to overturn mandating the future of immigration. It's why the kikes are always advocating for Trump to just EO everything like King Nigger, that way it can just be undone later.

Classic Jewish posting at its best, I'm glad you can see it too.

You're calling him a jew because he wants DACA parasites to be deported. That's his argument.

No he's calling the user a Jew because the Jew is advocating for an unreasonable position which will be easily blocked or overturned at a later date.

A deal that permanently blocks mass immigration as it stands, is much better than trying to do everything by EO like King Nigger and having no lasting legacy because of it. It's why you're still here kike posting.

False. False. False. I am saying there is no reason to trade anything for a firm law. Deport them all and put in place a firm law without any horse trading. You do that because your population now has 50 million less spics in it.

For some reason you and others keep trying to pretend that this deal must be struck and this amnesty must be afford to these spics and only in those circumstances can we have a legislated solution long-term. It's nonsense.

I don't need my opponents to be jews or CIA agents, actually. I think it's kinda childish TBH.

A theoretical later date that includes 50 million fewer spics in the country. What kind of mental hoops do you have to jump through to pretend you'd have a population MORE likely to walk all of this back when you've deleted tens of millions of Mexicans from it?

>"You called my partner a jew just because he wants Nazi parasites to be (((deported)))."

Not an argument. That's ad hominem.

Let's be practical: What can we do about the situation, where kikes control the media, and boomers are kike-lovers who believe that niggers and spics are "people too"?

Did a torposter just call me a kike without remotely shilling anything? Wew, lad, nice d&c tactics, fuck off.

Against whom? I just don't care for it and don't see the point in doing it. I'm an old man, I'm almost 35, I don't wanna be screaming JIDF at everyone I disagree with.

Well start up a White Victims of illegal immigrant crimes with the same format as the black one for starters.

Literal CIA agents are operating in here. It's become of enormous focus, and that doesn't happen without resources being allocated.

Nice blackpills. No, no theoretical later date, if (((they))) want Dreamers they have to, on the same day, vote in favor of the wall, an end to chain migration and the visa lottery, and deportation for ineligable people.

Literal CIA agent go home.

The stories aren't in the news, therefore they don't exist in the boomer consciousness. Additionally, boomers are always looking to have their ego stroked. It gives them a right pride to perform the much cheaper actions of helping poor as shit niggers and spics. Helping their own flesh and blood is costly, as fewer are helped, and nobody gives kudos to someone who has helped a white person out.

This is what makes you dumb though, a law is much preferable to doing things like Obama did because it's far more difficult to undo.

I know you're a glow in the dark literal CIA nigger / Jew so just relax. We all know.

meep meep pretty comfy job tbh no homo

If you want a firmer date, you can speed up the total deportation of all illegals with no compromise for DACA whatsoever. Too bad the zionist administration has already wasted over a year doing absolutely nothing, just in time for mid-terms.

The wall is doable. If Republicans resolved to do it they could do it, by giving some Democrats pork barrel projects. The fact is, all of the Senate, the House, is corrupt. They have tricks, but the truth is simple: they get paid.

Okay. But you have no way of determining who is a CIA agent.

Your methodology is just to find anyone who disagrees with you and call them a fed.

Sorry, it's not for me.



Jesus! Was your grandfather Simon Wiesenthal?

This is exactly what Trump has done.

The libtards will vote for the wall to save the Dreamers for sure.

Stay mad about TOR, redditor.

A draconian crackdown will be much more possible after the legal bullshit is secured, than before.

The office here in Langley is cozy af with most of the lights off. All the analysts are in bed. Just us shills and jews here gently ticka tacking at our keyboards. It's kind of like that nostalgic feeling of a sleepover, or being in a school building after it closes.

You mean, you don't know of my methods, if there are any.

And that shall remain so. :^)

But it's preferable to brand the CIA as the enemy of the white man, and also as the slave of the kikes, and also as the troll of boards, forums, twitter, fb etc.

It's invaluable to erode their brand. This will put a massive strain on their resources.

And furthermore, those who work in opposition to the hopes, the dreams, the needs, the rightful future of the white man and his children is to be considered persona non grata anyway.

Tar with the same brush, and brand as CIA.

Oh, really? 50 million are out of here? Not a chance.

You're posting from home over a proxy. It's the only way the plan can be continued under Drumpf's fascist regime.

Yep, the illegals are going home. That's the price for DACA and the media set itself up perfectly for this betrayal because they themselves only ever mention illegal aliens inside the DACA context because they're Jewish retards, like you.

The fuck would you call it then?

You're just talking in circles at this point.

The two torposters are admin shills.

Remember when it was racist for a white person to say "Mexican" in public? It's still considered rude. Saying "Jew" is also considered rude, improper or racist. It was an odd timeline.

Try going ten years without any trouble or serious domestic disturbances. Now try it while involved with a woman. Now try it while in a relationship with a hispanic. Still, I understand your concern.

>or being in a school building after it closes
DUDE!!! You got me right in the feels. Always wanted to do that but was overprotected. By the time I had freedom, my youth was wasted.

Amnesty is a legal act where the illegals are awarded citizenship by blanket act.

Path to citizenship means the back of the line, decade long, constantly monitored for dissent and criminal activity path.

Just say internationalist or globalist, make sure not to give the opponent too much ammo but leave it open enough to interpretation that when you talk Jews you can fail to name them but the listener will know who you mean, even if they aren't Jew wise in the actual sense.

Think like a Jew, subversion, planting ideas, working long term. It's the way to victory.

how does it feel knowing Holla Forums banned TORfags from making threads; I hope mods do the same here



we're not September, stupid

[Laughing Schoolgirls.jpg]

You are THIS wrong.


Ann Coulter has revealed safely doing so will require a constitutional amendment.

The kikes have devised a legal strategy, that their goy lawyers have put forward: pretend to offer the deal only to DACA - just amnesty for DACA. But the courts will keep DACA and throw out the stipulations as (quoting Ann Coulter, a lawyer, here), "unfair".


So no, it’s amnesty. Got it. They get to keep living here. They get all the citizenship benefits. They get all of it for free. It’s amnesty.

The CIA is heavily active tonight. It's simply extraordinary. This is such a strange timeline!

Again, practically, how do you handle the fact that there are millions of Boomers who consider spics to be "humans just like us" - and who love the kikes more than their own flesh and blood, particularly because they love to schmooze?

Their continued presence in the country ensures that they will breed. Over a period of ten years? A majority of them will shit out spiclets, making them utterly impossible to deport and adding to the still growing brown population of America. Unless the concept of birthright citizenship is abolished (it won't be), we're stuck with the 800,000. Or is it 1,800,000? I'm getting conflicting reports. The scaled back legal immigration and toughening up of green card stamping is definitely encouraging, but given how easily states like California have flouted federal authority, I have little confidence those new requirements will mean much in the future. Keep in mind, 25% of the DACA spics are residents of Cali, which is seemingly immune to our nations laws.


Don't care. They have to go back, we have no choice. We either have borders or we don't have a country. There is no choice, folks, they have to go back.


I'm winning to take in a tiny amount of spics to ensure that a huge number don't come in. It's part of deal making and this deal is tearing apart the DNC.

I'd rather take in 300k hispanics than an unlimited amount which is what you'd have with no law and a mere EO.

I don’t give a shit. That doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with anyhting we’re discussing.

No one is saying not to put a law in place. You keep making this up. It's a strawman because you are a kike and don't want to address what is actually being said, you kike administration shill.

If you cannot get all of those legal mechanisms in place with the current majority republican congress WITHOUT giving any form of amnesty whatsoever to anyone at all, then just deport every single last illegal with means ALREADY AVAILABLE and get a new congress in place with your new, spruced-up population.

What YOU don't want is that spruced-up population. You demand amnesty.

Also at this juncture I'd like to point out a few things. In my immediate family sits the RNC chair of a major Midwestern state, and I have his ear. We've often talked about the illegals quite frankly, and while it was considered good for business to have disposible workers the opinion is shifting. I'm a TORfag but I am an important one and unlike the Shareblue and CIA cucks I have the ear of somebody who actually crafts RNC policy. Things are moving swiftly now, and cutting off illegals who are dead weight is a priority even among centrist RNC cuckservatives.

You're all shilling here hoping somebody with some power catches wind and larps NAZI for you. I'm the guy who is making your shilling known to actual sitting members of Congress.


It's been extremely blatant for a long time.

It has been very interesting observing the various operations at work on this board over the last few years. They have definitely increased the number and effort level operations here but we see them bright as day.

((( )))
LIES. Are you saying spic men are more attractive than us? FUCK THE HELL NOT! They won't be able to breed because no woman will want them over us, that's a fact! And their women will have our children, again for the same reasons.

Are you implying race is a social construct kike? Because last time I checked spics are always committing crimes. That's a racial fact.

Already went over this, they won't be able to have children with White men around. We'll be the ones having children, not them.

We're going to need this for when more and more whites start coming to the US.

Ah, you're a shill. I apologize I answered you seriously.

Can you tell me how you outed me as CIA so I can call it in?

Please explain your methods. How did you figure out that opposing amnesty was the redflag for CIA agents? I was so sure our cover was perfect this time.

It's easy, the Nazi larping and being stoicly anti-Trump even in the face of a major victory such as the currently proposed deal which guarantees the wall, you still want to go full retard.

You lost the edge, you no longer think you have to be subtle, it's a stain on you and evidence that affirmative action hiring policies have damaged the shill game beyond repair. In short, you glow in the dark and are a nigger.

this but unironically

Reported for ban evasion, redditor. Kill yourself.

This is how mentally defective redditors actually are.

Oh. Can you point out which post was Nazi larping? Because I don't consider myself a national socialist.

I just wanted there to be a wall and to deport them all so my country wouldn't die, and I'm angry. ANGRY ABOUT AMNESTY.

What I'm hearing here is I'm actually just CIA because I opposed Trump. Don't get me wrong I totally am CIA, but I think you're just stabbing in the dark rather than anyone is glowing in the dark.

Otaku here; pic very related.

Did you just out yourself on that post? You then proceed to shit the board up with retardation.

Read the thread. I am a certified, genuine CIA Jew Russian Hacker. Ask me anything.

To be fair, you have to have a VERY low iq to still be on cuckchan. That's the Holla Forums le reddit man is referring to

I can't tell the difference between you. I've been on both today making fun of you amnesty supporters and you're both licking Amnesty Donald's balls with equal fervor.

Only thing I can say is Holla Forums is more useable because its captcha isn't retarded.

Actual right wing communities are dead.

I have read the thread, before I posted. Way too much of this hysterical shit.

This poster explained it best but yet people are still trying to stir a frenzy.



I like that parody.

Kill yourself, redditor.

800,000-1,800,000 is not a tiny amount
A mere EO is exactly what's caused all of this hubbub, an EO that Trump is perfectly able to simply let die with no compromise whatsoever. On paper, it may seem like a smart idea to offer a path to citizenship for DACA spics in exchange for the stricter immigration requirements already mentioned. Where I have my doubts is in the actual enforcement of those restrictions. The Real ID Act of 2002 sounded just dandy on paper, all that stuff about strict requirements for state issuance of drivers licenses, which the states and the DHS promptly blew off. California issues drivers licences to illegal spics willy nilly, as do many other states because the interpretation of the law changed, and tons of extensions were granted for no reason. Again, it's the implementation I'm worried about, which is in a lot of ways independent of Trump's willingness to deport illegals.

Away with thee, brainlet.

Why is it that so many people recently not only use reddit-spacing, but also incorrectly spell abbreviations (purposefully)? Could it be that, recently, a swarm of newfags (either from 4/pol/ due to cuckchan getting fucked up or some other forum) or shills have entered the scene? I wonder.

I prefer twitter tbh fam. But I can't go back because I'm superbanned.

No dude we're from the CIA. Whatever you do DO NOT DEBATE THE ISSUES, that's exactly what the kikes want.

Just keep screaming shill and supporting amnesty, the kikes will finally be defeated.


How many anchor babies is a female Latino able to have before she violates her DACA terms?

I don't see how it's even a good idea to play these dangerous games with the EXISTENTIAL FUTURE OF THE REPUBLIC.

We should not have to give more millions of spics citizenship to exercise our own sovereignty. We need negative millions of Spics to even survive.

Turns out you get the wall, end to chain migration and the visa lottery, and you get to deport 99% of them. Sadly we have to keep a tiny percentage unless they fuck up.

This is called deal making.


And we will get that, for every Dreamer that stays 99 illegal aliens will be deported.

As opposed to going the full retard, no deal, EO only path which could be easily reversed, we get a law which will be most difficult to repeal.

I feel you already know this but are a blackpill kike. You know what you're doing, but you're failing.

I remember that deal when Reagan made it. We even have existing legislation on the books for a wall.

Oddly though, Trump signed a bill that forbade any work or spending on a Wall as soon as he took office. It was weird. I was like "Huuuuhhh?"

But everyone was like "nah mang it's cool don't worry about it gringo."

And here we are. We get no real end to any of the chain migration until Trump is out of office and they can just say "lol jk" btw.

If you're not a blackpiller you're not a man.

Optimism and sugar coated lies are what women who aren't strong enough for reality need.

And for e-celebs who want to sell their agenda to weak soy males like yourself.

You can mathematically prove that pessimism is more effective. But then again, logic is for men, not numales.

A fence you mean.

No he didn't, he immediately diverted funds into making Reagan's fence into a wall. We had many threads on it.

Yep, you're trying to lie and make things conform to your narrative, even in the face of an actual wall, end to chain migration, and the visa lottery.

faggot kike tries to tie it all together
I don't know who e-celebs even are user, you're projecting as usual for a kike.

Spend all the fence funding on sections of wall every 3rd mile or every 5th mile. You can call the wall a fence if it helps gets construction started.

Then everyone would feel really silly for having a wall-fence with gaps in it and would build the rest of it.

And yes I'm a Russian Jew Election hacker I've already admitted this let's move on.

No, divert fence enhancement to the areas with the greatest number of illegal border crossers.

This is what I mean, you're a kike, you have to try to frame everything in your kikey way. Trump didn't say "enhance a couple hundred yards for every mile irrespective of the number of people crossing there" at all.

You can't help but lie, lies are your premises. You're Jewish and your Jewishness comes out in each post. You simply can't stop yourself from lying.

How so many people deny the reality of the shithole that America is becoming and the reasons for it whilst these people talk about it so openly still fucking blows me away.

Guess what?

I seriously do not understand how when Clinton says it we're united against it but when Trump says it there is a year long debate on what did he mean by this.

Our country is done if we don't deport the thirty million spics here. We didn't elect Trump to pass amnesty and build a wall we elected him to build the wall AND deport them all.

He was supposed to repeal DACA on day 1 but he mysteriously didn't. Guess he was too busy appointing Jews to his WH.

A path to citizenship already exists for all illegals. Apply for citizenship as usual.

What should exist is that 'Dreamers' (illegals born here, or young enough when snuck over we don't hold them accountable) can go to the back of the line, but only after they turn themselves in.

Thus: the sooner they turn themselves in, the sooner they can join the line.

Total number of years someone has spent illegally in America without turning themselves in should count as demerits again them.

The value of these demerits should increase as one gets older. IE it is only 1 demerit per year from 1-5, 2 demerits per year from 6-10, 5 demerits per year from 11-15, 10 demerits per year from 16-20, 15 demerits per year for anyone older.

If, when they turn themselves in, they report other illegals, I believe that they should be able to reduce their own demerit total by 5 points per person they turn in.

If they reach 0 then their criminal occupancy would not be held against them during citizenship application as a reward for turning in other illegals.

Also until turning themselves in, illegals should have no protection from violence and it should be legal to kill them. However there should be "safe haven" places where they can go to turn themselves in without being killed.

Oh good, now all the Jews who are against any spics can shut up and support this.

I wonder how many of the fucking faggot shills who posted that Trump's a civnat kike will come back to disavow now?

Trump, at his base is a pragmatist I believe he will bend a lot to get his way. You will continue to see this for his entire 8 year presidency so get use to it instead of complaining.

This needs an edit with those retarded things from SJW Wars III: Daisy's Training Day

The bitch of finding that is it'd be just how this board is, in terms of retards and of course, shills. These ideals are anti-kike, so there'll always be people to sway discussion.

I honestly haven't really been following him or the admin that closely but it seems to me like (((Kushner))) and (((Ivanka))) have way too much influence on him and his decisions, especially after the election.
Regardless, if the spic population continues to grow at this rate (which it will with the births and immigration) the Democrats will end up with an irreversibly large voter base to replace real citizens under the guise of humanitarianism and muh equality.

There is a difference in changing one's mind (i.e., being retarded) and recalculating a result with new information. Given the information prior to that post, it is civnat tier. With the new thing, less so.
But, it is funny. When the news quote's Trump saying something cuck sounding, it's just chess or shareblue, but when the news says he's doing something good (e.g. not bending to whims, as he should) it's telling the truth. Really, in either case, what was reported was said, and people make conclusions based off of that information.

I'm not sure what bill y'all are referring to. I know he made an EO that allowed the construction of new border fencing, that mainly just re-stated the 2006 Secure Fence Act. The sticking point remains what is AUTHORIZED to be done, rather than REQUIRING what is to be done. Just from scanning the wikijew page on the Secure Fence Act, it was stressed at the time of passing that none of the impressive sounding provisions of the Act were required of the DHS, which was extremely reluctant to carry any of it out anyway. One Senator Jim DeMint of SC apparently tried to get legislation passed that would mandate the completion of the fences (since the bureaucracy was stalling, quelle surprise), and it was struck down in the Senate 52-45. So, does anything on the table here mandate construction of anything, or is it toothless like the 2006 and 2005 laws?

I'm done blaming other people for Trump's fuckups. He's a grown ass man and he can take responsibility for himself.

I was done with Trump 9 months ago and he just keeps proving he is not up to the job we elected him for since then.

I wouldn't be so alienated if everyone else was still against amnesty. But everyone became a neocon when I wasn't looking. This is the kind of shit /r/The Donald would say

"They can come in, but they have to come legally. We love our LEGAL immigrants, don't we folks?"

No. No I don't love them. Fair enough Trump would say that, but we're not supposed to be civnat cucks like Trump.

The secure fence act is what I was referring to. It's still law. It could be carried out, because it's funded and it is law. That's the president's whole job: executing the funding that is passed into law.

Think again.


he's not, you will continue to operate under misguided assumptions if you think he is, or if you think he will be guided by some fringe shilling on an Afghani rug knot tying board

Trump's what you'd call a civnat and if you have an issue with that, well fine, but it will not change his stance. He's more /ourguy/ than any other politician in living memory though.

I'm not going to recap the last year to you user, if you're not retarded you know he already built up a couple hundred miles of fence into a 20' tall steel wall and is building the actual wall as we speak.

Just remember, Hillary voted for the wall, and this is part of the justification Trump will use for his implementation of this long overdue policy.

The funding was stripped, crammed into an account and the 2017 budget specifically locked the account along with any other account that could possibly be used to fund the wall.

He used $150 million in fence repair budgeting to build up hundreds of miles into an actual wall by calling it a fence.

There are Jewtube videos of old kike couple driving along it for 1/2 hour Oy Veying.

You're a fucking kike.

Yeah which is what I meant about Trump signing away the wall as soon as he took office.

Really activated my almonds, I tell you.

Oh but he sternly warned that there might be a shutdown over it in the future of those rapscallion democrats keep being meanies.

Trump is playing us like typical middle american retards. The sad thing is, I thought we were smarter than that.


Did I ever claim he was? I don't even believe I ever alluded to that he was. I claimed that, supposing that recent article is true, he is at least not doing something completely civnat. As for the /ourguy/ shit, that's just a faggot meme. It should never be used for anyone except (maybe) Hitler. Otherwise it leads to a cult following status. The only reason it even temporarily worked for Ron Paul is because he never got elected, i.e. the influence of him being deemed /ourguy/ at all, never effected any of the decisions/outlooks we'd have to have regarding what the government is doing. When the person is in power, however, this /ourguy/ shit can lead to putting wool over one's eyes because /ourguy/ (even if it's just "more" than the rest as you say) wouldn't let us down, right?
Also, can you and other faggots try to fit in by not reddit-spacing. I honestly don't know what's up with the recent influx of you people. If you're shills, newfags, CIA, shareblue, that's fine, but at least try to blend it.

Reddit isn't the DNC, knowing those jackasses, redditor are bunch of retards that don't see to understand the miasma of bitterness and anger of the head of the DNC has toward Trump merely winning. Besides the DNC is bend on fucking over trump, they already reject his "proposal".

He's playing the spics

ok, thanks for clearing that up

So which bill, law, or agreement did he sign user? You seem to know an awfully lot about this mister, gee whiz why won't you show your proofs ;^)

The DNC is led by an anchor baby spic.


Anytime you want to stop spamming these leftypol posts would be great.

Reddit's politics is literally the DNC. Where have you been the past 3 years?

All the information I have available shows the wall is still in the prototype stage. I missed any threads on fence reinforcement (which wouldn't technically count as a wall but serve the same function), but I'd be happy to know otherwise.

Never claimed that. I just claimed some (maybe you, not in that post, but maybe a different one (it's TOR so I can't tell)) type like faggots too often, i.e. reddit-space. Supposedly the site fucks up at times and might do it automatically, but I highly doubt it's doing that for so many people.
tl;dr at max you need the enter-key hit twice between truly separate ideas/paragraphs.

As opposed to merely letting them stay unopposed?

Nah just filter it homie.

Why does it not surprise me that Holla Forums is ignorant of the fucking budget bill, some of the biggest bills the president ever signs?

All this time invested in the board and you can't help but squeak when you try to speak like an adult with your tired projection and memes.

BTW it's called Usenet spacing.

There is no bill, read above.

UK media's 24 hours behind the times shlomo.

We arn't. We just get tired of the same threads over and over again, and mostly ignore the concern trolls. As all the real cryptonazis on the board predicted the webacks rejected the offer trump made them, now Trump and Freedom caucus can say, "we tried" and they will all be deported.

Confirmed for retarded. This is a bill signed in May. There's this new thing called time, where different events happen in an ordered sequence and some things that aren't happening now did in fact happen in the past.


Also… There is no reason to think that Trump wont deport everyone. The have already been doing group roundups, and have accelerated in recent weeks. There is also an exodus of spicks who can see the writing on wall and are simply leaving.

The Feds are also getting ready to start rounding of illegal sympathizers. This thread is basically all concern trolls and lesbian bots.




Because Holla Forums was systematically flooded with shills, rapefugees (post 4chan getting fucked), and getting (effectively) converted to /newsplusplusplus/ during the end of the election period (it was around the time /polk/ and stuff was getting thrown around).
I don't need book or fitness threads, but having threads which outline the chronology if key issues (and tie them all together) would be great. That way, people couldn't react to just an individual event (thus leading to most threads just being clones of each other), but rather see the big picture and be able to determine what is really going on (as a consequence, on would hope, more well-formed opinions would form).

No reason? Did you know Trump kept refugee levels at Obama levels for the first 9 months of his presidency?

That's pretty weird. Makes me kind of feel like his intentions aren't exactly what we put him in the office for. I'd say that's some reason to be skeptical of the man.

Did you know that Jose is Writing, the MTV spic who is openly illegal is still in the country? ICE even knows where he lives.


I want proofs of this as well because you're peddling some hot bullshit right now.

Holy shit, go outside, go to your latin ghetto side of town. See how all the litter is gone? See how all the mexican restaurants are hiring? Why do you think that is?

No you are just a shill

The bill he signed in may guaranteed funding for "the fence" aka the wall 1.0, and it was completed. It in no way prevents funding for a wall in the future.

Typical roach, running for the media of a Muslim nation to help your deluded fantasies.

Lemme guess, you are a jewish pansexual with rainbow colored hair irl?

It's already happening, check Reddit.

1. Thanks for admitting that you have absolutely no evidence of deportations.
2. Anecdotes aren’t fact, dipshit. There’s a reason that witness testimony is the weakest form of evidence accepted in court.

No really, go to the mexican restaurant, why are all those anglos working in Mexican restaurants???

Seriously, everyone here knows you are a shill… Only question is if you are a jew or a nigger

Because I asked for sources and evidence? Is this behavior exclusive to jewish pansexuals with rainbow colored hair?

First of all, kill yourself. Second, that's not proofs.

I just went outside. It's all beaners. Why did you lie?

You don't have evidence because you're lying.

That says a lot. Also, can those claims be taken as fact? After all, just like that bitch who claimed she was banned from Gab for being leftist (the thread should still be up), it could just be a lot of acting like a victim (stirring the pot). Do I deny actual spics are being deported? No, but affiliates? I doubt it, highly.

As Jews get more butt flustered they make less sense, thanks for reminding us of this.

Just stay up late tonight, the door should crash in about 4 AM you shill.

Lol. At least you're honest about maliciously pulling the wool over your fellow 8channers eyes. I wonder why you're doing that.

As we already established the 2006 Secure Border act was a "fence," and the funding was prohibited to be spent by that bill.

Not only was there not funding for a fence, there was negative funding for a fence in the $1T May bill.

Shill we know your game. The only proof is that you seek out yourself. Now go to a mexican restaurant and look at all the anglos working there.

Where is the sources and evidence for mass deportations you claimed were already happening? Why are you unable to provide them?

I just went to the mexican restuarant, the italian one, the german one, the chinese one, the japanese one, etc. It was all beaners. Why are you lying? Why can't you provide evidence?


We did no such thing, and Trump's enhanced barrier is a 20' tall wall. This is a well established fact.

Why are you so Jewish all the time? You'd think one would get tired of always lying and insinuating, but no, you're always game. You must be a miserable person. I could spot you in a second in a crowd you know.

Reported for spam.


What do you mean? You're adult enough to get to this site but you can't look up how many people have been deported?

Sorry, I know enough not to play the proofs game with a Jewish shill like you. It's a giant waste of time. Prove that Trump hasn't deported hundreds of thousands of people and prove he wasn't going for the high risk felons and gang members, please. Just prove it, it's so easy.

Kek gas yourself. So now we know you are a jewet, because you cry. I was right about the pansexual thing, wasn't I?

Because you're clearly lying. That's why I'm asking for evidence because I know you can't prove a lie. So provide evidence and prove me wrong.

You need to provide evidence, not me, Jew. You're the one who brought the subject up.

fuck off

Show me the proofs of your well established fact. I want to see this 30 minutes' driving worth of 20' tall wall.

Driving at 60 miles per hour that'd be 30 miles of 20 foot tall enhanced barrier. Wow!

I wonder why you're lying about this. It's almost as if you have an agenda to fool the people on this board into supporting amnesty.

Then again this board is gullible enough to get baited by this so IQ clearly isn't very aryan around here.

Wait, you are poly as well??? You cuck all your elfin boyfriends….




You're the one who brought this up, you need to show yours first. It's up to the shill who asks for proof (almost always a shill) to bring them.

I will point out how wrong or slanted they are, or ignore them completely, as it serves my agenda, just like you would. This is why you're a faggot.

Don't worry I hate you cucks I'll be gone to bed soon. I only come here to mock you for supporting amnesty.

If I had to watch you guys choke down DACA Donald's cock every day I'd KMS.

One of the reason we know you are a shill is that you are demanding proof, as though there is anyone on 8ch that believes anything in the news.

Reported for spam. You are not a Holla Forumsack.

So there isn't even 30 miles of wall? I thought you'd at least show the old San Diego wall or something. Dude what are you worried about Holla Forums wouldn't know the difference.

OK, so I went ahead and looked it up myself and you are in fact lying. I can't blame you for either since it's hard to gauge reality when you have your face planted in Trump's crotch 24/7.

What a loser! Well, I guess some of us have to wake up early in the morning so the wife can bring another man when she wakes up.

Even worse, demanding some proofs without bringing your own first. We're not allergic to proofs, but the cries of a Jewish shill that others need *actual* proofs to disprive the ravings of a yiddish shill are telling enough.

There's over 300 miles of Trump wall, but for reasons of funding it was legally drawn upon the allotment for a fence *OR IMPROVEMENTS* so the Jewish shills, like you, are fixated on calling it a fence even though it's a giant steel wall.

Nice way of outing yourself as a shill, you dickless idiot.


Obama reported people turned away at the border as deportations, Trump stopped this dishonest policy. Please try to pay attention, you Jew.

He's still not deporting enough to meet his promise of deporting all or most illegals so it doesn't matter what Obama did. Nice of you to admit Trump's numbers are accurate though.

Also, 2008 was George Bush, not Obama. So that shill argument goes out the window as well. The truth is Trump is doing worse than even George Bush.

I called it a wall. I want to see it. Please show me the 300 miles of 20 foot tall wall. Why aren't you excited to show it to me and prove it exists?

I'd be excited that a 20 foot tall wall is being built almost a third of the length of the 1000 mile border.

You're right, he should speed up deportations massively. But implying that he isn't deporting "enough" compared to completely bullshit Obama era figures isn't proof that he is cucking out.

Oh really, wanna bring proofs ;^) because you're making a wild claim here schlomo.

Does anyone else here know about this 300 mile long 20 foot tall wall that is 'common knowledge?'

I want to know more.

i would b ashamed

He isn't deporting enough. Just look at Bush's numbers in '08.

Pic related #2 right here. as reported by ICE. Bush's deportations are clearly shown on the left for 2008. I'll post the image again since you're new here from reddit and don't know how to use this site.

Just close your eyes, user. Can't you see it? It was real in my mind.

So it seems no one else knows about our Tor friend's gaslighting "wall."

It seems as though there are people with a vested interest in fooling Holla Forums's credulous users and getting them to support amnesty.

It seems as though you underage b& people should turn on your brains and be a lot more wary of the information you see around here

Anyway, time for bed. See you cucks later, please remember the good times when we were all united against any republicuck faggot who proposed amnesty.

Goodnight, user.


I asked for info. Never received any. Anyway, long night, I'm making some tea and going to bed.

You'll see the wall in your dreams, user. That's the only place it exists currently.

You're reposting an image but missing the point, Obama classified anybody turned away at the border as a deportation to boost his numbers.

Try again, Jew.

You're old and tired, Dan, go to bed.

I think what he's getting at is, you can say whatever you want about how Obama handled his administration, however, we (you and him) are currently talking about 2008 (under the Bush administration). Therefore, your point is moot, unless you can show Bush handled it the same way Obama did.

Actually the Jew you refer to is the one who proffered some kind of point along those lines, but there's no proof he's right. Bush was letting in illegal aliens like crazy, his brother married one for heaven's sake.

Trump beat the Bushes and isn't a neocon. He represents a different faction. That's why user's statements are a non-sequiteur.

It must be really hard to think of more to say when you know damn well he's just toying with you. There will be no deal, and the Dreamers are going back. And even if there was a deal, which I strongly doubt partly because it would look to voters like Liberals are caving to Literally Hitler, the conditions for legalization are tough enough to filter out most of the Dreamers before they even get close to citizenship. And that's before any additional details inside the current framework.


This is exactly what every shill needs to read

I honestly think he is willing to let the Dreamers in if only the DNC gives him what he wants, which is immigration reform. This proves that their tactic of championing the Dreamers is really not serious, and the DACA people will soon feel the fucking heat as the DNC abandons them in favor of broader beaner amnesty which will never happen under Trump.

Chaos President wins again, shills eternally BTFO.

Lol. Keep, shall we say, Dreaming? Pffffft.

If dey filtert how you done know they postet?



Cannot answer the fucking question, has (((39))) posts already and sounds and types like an asshole.

Yup, you deserve a filter.

How many times have we seen this dance routine? Rampant defeatism and "Trump Betrayed us!" only for it amount to absolutely nothing in the end?

At this point, anyone who start jumping to conclusions (especially if he starts attacking Trump, who has a good track record so far) instead of waiting to see how things turn out, is either a COLOSSAL IDIOT or a SHILL, and either option means it's someone not worthy of my attention and gets filtered.

TLDR - chill and start using your brains for once in your stupid life

Hopefuls should be asked to admit in writing that they came from shift-hole countries and that America is better. Along of course the border-wall fee for applicants.

Checked for this whole this is irrelevant. What he does, he does, and if its faggotry, then its faggotry.

That's retarded.

A. Who the fuck are their voters going to vote for? Its going to be them and you know it. 800k+X, with X being anywhere between 0 and 1.2 million, additional Democrat voters won't hurt in the long run.
B. A wall only cuts of the flow of spics if it is defended. And Trump will not rule forever.

Their supporters don't want them to be compromising and don't value the concept of being 'American' at all.
Your argument is naive and invalid.

That's a very disingenuous presentation. Those arent even the same rooms.
Disingenuous kike propaganda.


I can stand Jews less with each passing day.

Can American politics get even more complicated than this? Just 2 days ago I thought Democrats themselves killed DACA. Today I see that Trump pushes for a cuckier DACA. This exact same process (facts doing a complete 180 in a matter of hours) happened at least 20 times in the last year (365 days) and it's getting tiring as fuck. Can someone explain where I did wrong?

Jesus Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist KILL YOURSELF.
I saw you get banned for shilling this same shit earlier today on cuckchan and you got on Tor and kept shitposting.

I don't get why he is doing it. He does not have to play the PR game, he does not have to try and appeal to the Dems. Yet he does and only ends up turning people away from him because they see a man breaking promises or cucking out. He does not have to do these things, he has the majority, he is the President and can undo DACA anytime he wants.

This was horribly bad. Every sentence of this paragraph reeks of some idiot who fails to understand 8/pol/ culture.

It's called hijacking the narrative and giving Liberals less political talking points that aren't autistic screeching, which makes it more difficult for Liberals to connect and organize their voter base, among other things. This is very easy to understand. And you're overestimating normals. Whatever supposed perceptions they have from a vague promise are easily changed by action. And thinking Trump has any intention of going easy on DACA spics is very foolish. It's all simple to see. And if you don't see it, then GTFO and lurk moar, newfag.

Go back to fucking reddit, faggot. If you truthfully haven't read critiques of your garbage fucking posts; then you don't belong in any right-wing forum. You'd ruin any place you migrated to with your low IQ opinions.

If anything, he's probably trying to see who will crack first: us, or them. It's safe to assume that it'll be the democrats, imo. After all, they couldn't get Bernie or Hillary into the presidency. Meanwhile, we crushed Jeb!, who had a similar level of backing as Hillary, and yet the poor bastard couldn't even make it out of South Carolina.

Given Cruz's announcement that he'll block any amnesty deal, I expect Trump to "try" to work out a deal, but then to let it fall through, citing that the American people just don't agree with it.

Blondes in wheat fields

It's a huge nothing burger and we all have to take a bite.

The short story is that you live in hell and you are being punished for your sins.

Daily reminder.



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Fuck off jew. You will NEVER be white.

Reddit, cunt.

Do you even know how image boards work?

No its not

That's a CIA bot.

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Reported. Try again, yid.


Are you sure he said ""shift""?

I'm sure his pro-amnesty DHS pick is just some Art of the Deal lol the ghostwriter was a kike shit, no need to worry. And surely our known-to-be-traitors Congress would never agree on furthering the cause of White Genocide because muh party politics. There is absolutely no need to criticize the guy shilling for amnesty because he said some things before he got elected that we wanted to hear. Trust in the guy surrounded by jews.

in all seriousness, fuck Trump here. I want to see one person try and justify this BS

They can't without convoluted theories, hence chess, or by just dismissing anything they don't want to hear. Any honest person would have revisited criticisms they may have dismissed in the past once they heard him shilling for amnesty last summer, or when he's done things opposite of his election persona, even if they were not necessarily important other than that he was reversing what he said he stood for.

wtf I'm a cruz missile now
I despise cruz but even he couldn't be this bad.


No Cruz would be worse. Dude is a full blown NeoCon aka Bush 3.0

But I hope to god Kikebart is wrong about this info they got

You're right, he would be worse. He would amnesty every illegal in this country with absolutely no signs of reluctance.

what do you think trump is?

Why are even the better parts of reddit so bad?


"The Trump amnesty bill was provided to Breitbart News by someone close to the negotiations. "
Why the fuck would you trust Kikebart? They just pulled some more fake news bullshit.

Oh, so that's why halfchan went to shit. It's yet another fucking thing the Boomers have ruined! Notice how many Californians are on that thread? Yeah, they ruined that too.

I’ll repost why.

There is one main difference between Reddit/Voat and Holla Forums: equality.
On Reddit/Voat, you are forced to make a username to contribute. While you don’t have to connect it to an e-mail, you have to do so to comment more than once per few minutes. So, really, you have to connect it to an e-mail. This creates an identity that a user develops over time and craves to make “important.” All the individual identities on Reddit/Voat crave one thing: Upvotes–for comments and posts. This means that a Reddit/Voat user is willing to sell a part of who they really are in the quest for more positive votes. This identity is no longer a true representation of who they really are (were). It is a pseudo-reality that only exists in the world of Reddit/Voat. Their ideas, comments, postings, and even language has been influenced and changed all for the sake of the coveted upward pointed arrow.
Holla Forums is void of this. I can be who I want to be, post what I want to post, and say what I want to say without having to think about what you fucks think. Your opinions don’t do anything. Holla Forums has given other users no way to devalue my identity. Reddit/Voat, by its nature, explicitly gives other users a way to devalue who and what you really are, what you really think, and what you really want to say. Reddit/Voat, while claiming to be for “content,” is really against it. One poster on Reddit/Voat even showed a part in the basic coding of Reddit/Voat’s popularity system where votes over time earn the “front page” status quickly. What gets looked at more over a short period of time: the interesting post about something everyone should know, or some stupid fucking cat? The cat, because it’s easier to see, easier to read, and easier to process. It’s a joke.
Sure, Reddit/Voat has some positives, but it all boils down to this: Reddit/Voat allows other users to have the power to alter your way of thinking for the sake of favor among them. Holla Forums does not. Oh, and one more thing. Reddit/Voat’s administrators censor and delete anything with which they do not agree. Not only are other users altering your beliefs, the site owners are, as well.
Why do I hate people on Reddit/Voat? For one, because they’re annoying outside of Reddit/Voat. Who among us hasn’t had someone ask us if we “go on Reddit/Voat” like it’s some kind of secret club website? Or seen people noticing each other on Reddit/Voat like it’s some kind of accomplishment? It’s annoying when people like things that are shit. Same reason it’s annoying that people like The Big Bang Theory. They’re huge normalfags, who brought our culture to the mainstream and the mainstream killed it. There are way too many females to allow for funny or interesting content. Just look at r/wtf/. Reddit/Voat is a website for pussies. Too many “as a woman” comments. So many feminists.
Try getting involved in the discussions. Try going against the tides of upvotes on posts that are of terrible content, but still somehow make it to the front page. The up/downvote system is simultaneously what makes Reddit/Voat both interesting and mind-numbingly terrible. It boils down to a shitty, extreme left community where most of the users just whore for fake Internet (karma) points. Nearly everyone on Reddit/Voat suck the dick of anybody who agrees with them while simultaneously shunning anybody who says anything that might possibly be misconstrued as offensive to anyone else. The place is like a children’s playroom with foam on every corner/surface to avoid any possible injury. It’s a big echo chamber–the popular opinion rises to the top and any dissenting opinions are buried. The comments, man… they’re so hokey and obviously hiveminded.
The grand pseudo-intellectual Bastille of the Internet. The place people go when they’re not quite socially adjusted enough to be outside like normal people, but not quite intelligent enough to make it on more abusive forums. The place people go to learn science by looking at photos of Neil deGrasse Tyson smirking. To learn politics by agreeing silently amongst themselves that Obama is the way, the truth, and the light, and voting for him passionately. To learn religion by reading two books by Dawkins and one by Hitchens, then carrying that pseudo-knowledge back into the aforementioned science discussion for the nothing it’s worth. To learn about culture and society by being ashamed of one’s own. To feel like one has friends, when in reality a bond over who can be the biggest douchebag will mean nothing. Reddit/Voat: Where you go to feel smart, when life makes you feel stupid.


tl;dr namefagging
also censorship, which is also a problem on various Holla Forumss at times

Look at the 2 Marines, literally pledging allegiance to Israel. Sickening.

But that isn't what's happened. The Democrats HAVE started compromising but they can't actually compromise. He'll continue looking like the reasonable one while nothing continues happening. We might even get another shutdown out of it.

Either way DACA is not happening. It will die. Trump doesn't want to be a one-term president.

the democrats have done no compromising, only the republicans. the wall is just an excuse that no one with a room temperature IQ believes matters if there amnesty

Who the fuck are you to say that amnesty is not happening? What evidence do you have for that? There’s nothing in the last 70 years of history which would suggest it.

Up to (((43))). Stop projecting and throw yourself into an over already.
You still haven't answered. You never will, because you know the answer demolishes your point.

You expect too much too fast (if honest, which I doubt).

God I hate the_donald, such cancer.




Shareblue is finished. Really.


And now they start spamming.

Your downfall is laziness (you are lead by nigger so it makes sense), lack of creativity and using old used up attack vectors.



Low energy

I know it's probably another ruse, but I really wish he would stop doing this shit. The gravity of the situation is far too great for Americans. If by some freak occurrence this passes, that's it. Either America streetcleans the Mexicans, or we deal with President Aunt Esther in 3 years. I liked the nuclear option with no amnesty whatsoever, why didn't they just do that? need.a.hankerchief you fat nigger?

Kill yourself, Paco.

I realize you've flipped your lid from the shilling, but you have to understand. This shit's hard to watch. I'm not a gambler, at all. I know Trump most likely has this, but if something slips through? Even the original 690,000 is enough to ruin an entire state. Someone would never be escaping the repetitive mariachi music that suddenly turns itself down when you approach your asshole neighbor's house. If Trump's really just doing this to torture Schumer, I sure hope it's worth it to him.

Yep. The stench of desperation is in the air, heralding the arrival of the spammer.

interesting that the guy/bot/whatever never gets banned

Both the right and the left seemed to have bought this weird media narrative that Trump is some hardass. Trump is an old man and a huge softie, and likely not difficult to manipulate emotionally. I don't get why both lefties and anons on Holla Forums keep clinging to this view that Trump doesn't actually genuinely care. He's not going to go nuclear here. He's made that very clear.

he's an actor and a self promoter. that's what got him elected. He wasn't being 'emotionally manipulated' when he promised they would go back, no reason to assume he is now. He's just a opportunist or a traitor IMO.

Good thing we're not listed on Jewgle, if only we could get rid of the shills.

That, of course, will never happen.

But Reddit/Voat doesn't have posting bots like here