Was protestantism a mistake?

Protestantism, especially in america, causes people to become neurotic retards like in picture related with the westboro baptist church or the pentecostals or several others too many to list. Just go to the south former confederate states of america and just attend a typical protestant church there its mostly hicks and rednecks and puritanical over zelous people that follow a 500 yeat old heresy. When theyre not conservative hick retard cletuses, they are a church that promotes homosexuality and abortion and have females in the priest clergy and perform gay marriages. Protestantism you can say has manufactored the rise of irreligiosity you see in the modern western world 500 years in the making.

Martin luther upon his death regretted starting the movement to reform the catholic church because the movement got out of hand and it was a heresy against the apostolic catholic church (which was in heresy no doubt) which is protestant to orthodoxy.

Theres no culture or anything to cling to in american or african or south korean protestantism because it doesnt have culture as its a placebo fake christian church that rejects the holy sacremants and took books out from the bible to fit narratives they wanted like slavery for example.

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Its because they're German.

Ah yes the eternal german always ruining and trying to destroy western civilization as they did with the roman empire and apostolic christianity and the furst 2 world wars and now with the migrant crisis.

All kike-spawned religions are mistakes.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Westboro Baptist Church tbh. They should do more cop bashing but I understand how soldier bashing ruffles more feathers.

Theyre heretics though, and rabid ones at best.


Reality is heretical. You worship a kike.

What the fuck I love the Pope now.

Post the full pic next time.

As opposed to what? Worshipping a tree like a pagancuck or atheist and develop no culture?

The oriental and eastern orthodox churches are based actually

>our ancestors had no knowledge of God before (((benevolent jews™))) showed them the true way, hehe

Lurk two more years.

Oh look it's another D&C thread. hi Shlomo



I’m a fedora tipper, but damn. Try being a little more subtle, Schlomo.

This. Fuck American soldiers.


What do you know, the first 2 posts are 4chan-tier shillposts.

Catholics are the ultimate good goys because they live just like Jews. Hence, you should kill yourself.

All (((Christianity))) is bad.

I like this man, but there are much more pressing matters to attend to to fight the Christian mennace, most of which involve philosophical issue. For example, the concept of the Christian religion is under the belief that everything we do should be under Him. That is, we must better ourselves so we may be with Him. This is in direct conflict with National Socialism which believes that Man can evolve to the height of his evolutionary potential (excluding the esoteric Spiritual potential). The thought of the Christian is that we are simply waiting until the Revolations of John the Apostle are found true.

Fundementally, Christianity further oversimplifies our spiritual enemies. It believes in the Holy Trinity of God (the good) and the polar opposite, Satan (the bad) with some Evil Trinity loosly implied (The Beast, Belzebub, Satan). These oversimplifications, stolen and watered-down from other religions, are terribly limiting red-herrings to truth.

The "King of Kings" is a terrible crutch. Why should we be forced to worship the one who claims to be our creator, whos ideology is inherently communist and controdictory to proven fact? "If God did exist, it'd be nessesarry to abolish him!"

The hermetic way is the only truth, and the New Thought is the scientific proof of the universe. Thelema is perhaps a friend, though it is Civil Liberterianism through spiritual dicipline. The Lolbergs may be Thelema, though we are the Aryan. Why do you not realize this? Your christianity is false, and Jesus the Mage has had his works misintepreted through the aeon. Besides, we're at the end of his reign anyways. Jesus the Mage said that the last passover will be when the water-bearer shows himself. 2012 was the end of the Age of Pices (Jesus's symbol was the fish) and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

The truth shall set you free, not the greed of an egotistical mage.



I know that Catholics in general are a bit weak on the Bible, but those people in the white areas are Protestants who pray to the same God and not atheists like you retards keep trying to claim over and over and over again.

Westboro are a church of lawyers that does outrageous things in the hopes that people physically assault them so they can sue for damages. The only god they worship is money.

Nobody here is claiming they are atheists, you fucking retarded newfag. The Catholics voted against the NSDAP because they of their own cucked "Political Catholicism" parties - that of Angela Merkel today. Not that the protestants were any better, they just were so disconnected, due to all the judaizing in their meaningless denominations…

Look at what the cathlocs have done, and tell me that they were justified. They invaded the whole of Europe and forced upon the White Race the want of the Semetic mage. They then destroyed sacred palaces to the White Race, suh as the Pantheon. They remoed the traditions of the White Race from them, in the name of their pseudo-truth. They burned hundreds of books, and kept the whole of Europe in ignorance and darkness. They forced their converts to burn their own books, and abandon their truths. They even persecuted the fringe elements of Christianity, such as the Christian Mystics, and abandoned practices such as Gonosticism. Philosophy, Science, Debate, History, and Intelectualism reached a stand-still under the rule of the egotistical mage. Why do you hold love for Jesus the Mage? And why do you believe the lies of the Semites that there is only the Holy Trinity, and against the Holy Trinity there is only the polar oppisite, the Evil Trinity? These black and white terms are retarded and you can not expect to fight your spiritual eemies with this simplisitc falsehood.


Reported for intl.


Recall that the original itteration of the Ku Klux Klan (before it was restored under Woodrow Wilson to be a Controlled-Op thing) was an Anti-Cathloc organization.

Not even. It's the Rachposter's script.

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Even if Christ wasn't a lie, I'd root for the devil over Yahweh. It is he who gave us the right to free will, the right to leave the tyrant king's realm. It is he who showed us Knowledge of Good and Evil, and it is he who bestowed upon humanity the gift of self-achievement, the path to Godhood. Too bad the polarity of God vs Satan isn't real though, it'd be a lot simpiler.



The only thing kikes hate more than whites? Jesus.

See Luther's "The Jews and Their Lies".

Sage for D&C kikery

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