Ted Cruz vows to stop amnesty: "I will never accept citizenship for illegals"

Should have voted for Cruz Holla Forums

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Thursday rejected the idea of giving young immigrants in the country illegally a path to citizenship, one day after President Trump said he was open to the idea.
“I do not believe we should be granting a path to citizenship to anybody here illegally,” Cruz told reporters, according to Bloomberg. “Doing so is inconsistent with the promises we made to the men and women who elected us.” 
“For some reason that to me is utterly inexplicable, we see Republicans falling all over themselves to gallop to the left of [former President] Obama in a way that is contrary to the promises made to the voters who elected us, I will do everything I can to stop this effort” he added.


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Oy Vey


A rat may be a rat, but this rat tells it like it is.

Speak sense and truth more often, you human blob of melting ice cream.


Cruz can't even become president. He was born outside of the US to a woman who gave up her US citizenship before Cruz was born.

His mother is still a US citizen, she is Irish-American and never gave up her citizenship.

She renounced her citizenship when she was forced to choose. She was a Canadian citizen and not a US one when Cruz was born. Cruz is a Canadian spic.

No, you are making shit up. The idea that Cruz is not American comes from him being born in Canada while his father was working and the mother was there. They never renounced any citizenship.

The argument against Cruz being natural born is that he was born on Canadian soil.

I suggest you actually read up on this rather than repeated inaccurate memes.

This nigg never actually had a out-of-the-ordinary policy proposal that wasn't directly copied from Trump, AFAIK. He even proposed to build a fucking guarded wall of all things. Almost 3 years later, he STILL remains a lying cowardly rat. Sad!

t. salty trump voter

What a load of shit. He totally would if he was president. He's only saying this now because he isn't.

Am I the only one who sees through this?

This was talked about repeatedly during the election. You are shilling for Cruz, and showing you have not even been here for a year. Did they even tell you why the last group left?


No, you're completely right. If he was President he would cave immediately.

Literally nobody doesn't see through this. Cruz has a very long history of doing that shit. The ones who pretend he hasn't are redditors who came here 10 minutes ago and/or shitty baiters.

None of that even matters. The real reason Cruz will never be President is because he can't keep his dick in his pants and he's a slush-fund away from #metoo allegations that will end his career.

anyone got the skelegate Cruz webm

Should we start making "Doom Ted" memes now?

Nigger, are you pro-white genocide?


Cruz shills always hated this vid. It makes him look like a giant flip-flopper.

Ah yes thank you


I think it's obvious at this point that Republicans and "conservatives" are just a bunch of flip flopping faggots who will say anything that's convenient at the time to get re-elected. They're a symptom of Boomerism that needs to die. There's nothing honest about Cruz other than what he represents.

El Rato goes into the ovens with the rest.

That also means Donald will go in the oven.

I was trying to convince people to vote for him in the last election cycle because I knew Trump was a fraud.

I think I need to go lay down for a while.

You fucking uneducated niggers.
The ones mixed with mayans/amerindians are not.

Ted Cruz is not Irish.
Nor a Celt of any kind.
He is a filthy Iberian.
Shares features with the "royals".
Who are Iberian invaders.



Fuck Ted Cruz nigga, fuck ted cruz.

Presidents CAN control immigration.

His mother is called Eleanor Darragh. She was born in Delaware to Irish immigrants.

please leave nigger

Ratto's dead, all hail Ted. What an epic redemption arc.

But he can never ever be President.


Why would an illegal want to stop other illegals from getting in? He is known as mierda de rata en la sombra among his people.

Fresh one just 4u. Couldn't directly post it here because Jim sucks dick.

Go fuck yourself. BUILD THE WALL DEPORT THEM ALL 2016

No, which is why I would not vote for a spic that was born outside of the US to lead my country

His father is a Cuban spic, hence Cruz is a spic


Better then the liar we have now. At least Cruz wants Trump to keep his promise.

Cruz was never meant to be president. He was meant to be something greater.

Ever met misho ?
He is a fish.

Cruz is too stupid to understand bargaining positions, or the fact that Trump is taking a trick from the Dem's playbook. Demand concrete things that will go into effect now (the Wall, ending chain migration, ending visa lottery) in return for some vague shit about citizenship 10 years from now that will never actually happen.

Niggers need to chill out.

You have to be either 12 or a paid shill. Dems just give up on DACA then all of a sudden Holla Forums gets hit with huge waves of spam and shilling even for a spic

Fuck amnesty and fuck chain immigration too. Only cucks think there exists a choice.


Those thimgs aren't really going intoeffect now either, except the wall building, anda wall must be manned

Unfortunately this. The discussion is muddied because of the shills.

Cruz's ambition since youth is for GLOBAL* domination




Trump says a lot of things and gets the other side to to show their cards.

He can SAY he wants amnesty now. He can get them to go along with THE WALL now and when the DACA bill never see's his desk because of people like Cruz and the chaos in the House/senate…

If I have 10 HP, -20 or -1000 is still death. Meaning, even if it's just 1.8 million (in addition to the already legally existing ones), we'll get white out demographically (since they breed like rabbits, like most 3rd worlders do).
What is needed is an Ike, i.e. Operation Wetback tier thing where a bunch are just thrown out. The real question is how one would justify removing or sterilizing "legal" citizens of foreign birth. It almost seems something you'd need a non-pozzed CIA to tackle via infecting them with a virus/giving welfare recepients shots which include the side-effect of not being able to have kids (accidentally, of course).

El Rato will bat for the home team when it's convenient for him

Trump has not said that he wants amnesty. Amnesty is simply handing the illegals citizenship. He's always maintained that it is a *path to citizenship* which he is willing to negotiate. He said this in his campaign, too. As it currently stands, in this deal, that means a 10-12 year process which is actually longer than a legitimate applicant for residence and finally citizenship would have to endure. If at any point in this time any of the Dreamers commits a crime they are automatically deported and will not be allowed entry back into the USA too. They will not be allowed to bring in their families from Mexico, etc.

His biggest victory would be to get something like this into Congress and tell them ahead of time that he won't sign a bill with anything more than what's in his proposed deal.

It's a rotten deal for the Dreamers but it's a deal, and the ones who are just normal, non-cholo, non-gang bangers will have been "saved" while the others will be deported. Either way the vast majority of illegal aliens are not in this program and are slated for deportation.

Perfect, all the illegals will disappear, the those who commit crimes disappear. All that remains are my based fellow mexican descent U.S. citizens. This totally wont lead the U.S. to civnat-status where the people of the U.S. think Mexicans/etc. are all alright since they're all "based". We'd effectively be back to, what, 1960s? A lot of whites, but people starting to think we're all equal and the same, they seem pretty ok.
He would have to remove the legal ones too at some point. It's the only path to salvation.


When the deportations begin, push that fact, and push it hard. Don't let up about how many break the law on their way here or when they get here. Don't let up for a single second. Make sure people don't think those things with cold, hard, relentless facts.

This nigger says whatever he is commanded to say. I am too lazy to post his flip flopping videos but i guess other anons already did.

Oliver Willis, is that you?

Kike-loving Cruz is making a stink to attempt to derail the Art of the Deal. That is all.

wtf I'm a… #CruzMissile now?

Fuck we memed irresponsibly again.

Sorry, I posted in the wrong thread, so


You fucked up user, by assuming that everybody here is a full 14/88 prison white power retard. I recognize the JIDF style posting anywhere.

Yeah we know you're here to basically make it out to be that this board is full of retards but your Jewishness seeps through.

A deal where Trump manages to remove this fear of deportation Sword of Damocles dangling above the heads of a miniscule fraction of the total number of illegal aliens here, is preferable to being a retard and demanding a deal which will be met with stiff opposition, make Trump out to be literally Hitler, result in no resolution to this issue, and probably make it more difficult to build a wall.

I see right through you you CIA nigger. Go be a glowdark Spencerite somewhere else.

Serious question coming up, since at times this board lacks any and is just 90% low tier shilling and shitposting at the best of time.
Personality aside, which is probably the main reason this board supported Trump ahead of Cruz during the primaries, can anyone provide a comprehensive argument as to why/how Trump beneficially differs in terms of actually policy to Cruz?

Cruz was one of the biggest amnesty shills out there. He even gave illegal spic toys crossing the border when King Nigger was bussing spics in.

ITT: Le Epic Trump 4D Chess

Hello my fellow magapeds, look at all these fake trump supports. Remember liberals are the real rascists. Want to see my collection of based black friends? Remember you have to compromise in order to kill your race for our BASED mexicans.


A deal where Trump gets what he wants, which is an end to chain migration and the visa lottery system and the wall, while allowing a mere 1% or so of the total number of illegal aliens to stay, is an excellent outcome. The media's spent so much time and energy shilling for DACA people that they've left the vast majority of illegal aliens vulnerable to deportation in order to save this tiny fraction of Dreamers, that it's going to be impossible for them to object.

Stay salty you roach.

Nice So I Can Keep America's BASED mexican?

Truly the chinese bootleg of American politics

Ask me how I know you're Jewish.


If you guys are wondering why there is such sudden increase in LE MEDEPEDE shilling, its because Shareblue got banned on Reddit.

Daily reminder

Reminder that presidents can control borders and immigration

Even if they aren't the best of the white race, I shall not call them retard (since you don't mean it in a diagnosis sense, but a demeaning sense).
Where the fuck am I? Since when was this considered bad? You're baiting me, right?
I'm not trying to make that out, but people like you make it evident (since you refuse to realize the scope of the problem at hand).
I swear some user posted how referencing this was either some reddit shit or shareblue (because, as true of a thing it is to reference, most people don't just think: Oh the sword of Damocles, I'll write that. No, usually they see it somewhere and continue to state it).
When the fuck did I say his deal was bad? I clearly stated that if he removes 99% of illegals, that's good, but one MUST tackle the remaining legals (at some point). To not is to lead to civic nationalism (a fucking plague on the western world).
I agree that one shouldn't be too bull headed (since it'll lead to too strong of a retaliation such that you can't get anything done), however don't act as if him being made out to be "literally Hitler" (despite being a civnat) isn't already happening with the modern left/communists.
You're the one who appears to be from the alt-right, pro-PR, pro-Civic, not address the issue of legals ever, pro-Spencer person, not I.

You're removing 99% of illegals. The issue as a whole is BOTH the illegal and legal nonwhites. It's fine to address the illegal issue, but (eventually), the legal issue must be resolved.

also I was shitposting about how many shill for a clear as day zog bot.
This board has become a Trump circle jerk rather then a board about National Socialism

No, you have a President who deported 27,700,000 illegal aliens and allowed only 300,000 to stay, tops, on a technicality which he pivoted into a great deal because of inept media over-shilling which makes Dreamers out to be representative of the broad mass of illegal aliens.

Half the Dreamers washed out of the program already because they either committed a crime and were deported, or they couldn't be assed to fill out a form and submit it once a year. The remaining 1.8 million is the current figure, by my estimation most won't make it 10 years.

This is what I mean by JIDF posting, by taking this rhetorical path you will completely shut down any chance of winning over normies. You don't have to pump your fist like Harry Potter and scream WHITE POWER in order to desire and advocate for policies which will stop and reverse the intentional browning of America.

If Trump was a smart pro-white person he'd do what he's doing now, disavowing people like Spencer and his idiot followers (who are very very thin on the ground) yet work for policies like a wall, an end to chain migration, and visa lottery schemes…

It's just not realistic to be all like LET'S DEPORT EVERY BROWN PERSON AND HANG THE NIGGERS even if that's what you want. The broader public has been brainwashed into a gestalt and you have to shift the Overton window back to its proper place over time, then see if you can shift it some more. It's how (((they))) managed to get America into its current state after all.

Be smarter, don't be a mental nigger. Think long term.

You're also labeled shareblue if you hate zionist agendas. This board has literally become a good goy neo-con heaven.

You mean

There are two things, what are done in the real world, and what happens here. As far as here is concerned, ideological purity must be kept, otherwise, were will the real natsocs be for when the climate is such that true natsoc can rise?
Did I ever say to do that? No. I merely said that EVENTUALLY (keyword. Not immediately, but eventually) the issue of legals must be dealt with.
I'm perfectly fine with those. As stated, the things he said he'll (if it does remove most illegals as you've said), I'm perfectly fine with.
Of course it isn't realistic to act that way at present, but to have the mindset that it isn't necessary is foolish. It has to happen eventually, otherwise, you can deport all the illegals you want. The legals will remain and we'll effectively be London (on the national scale) in a century or so.
No problem with that, but, there must come a point when the overtone window is shifted enough such that the issue of "legal" immigrants can be addressed.
I find it audacious that you claim I'm the one not thinking long-term/big picture. Out of the two of us, I'm the one who has stated the true issue is both, and that (eventually) both issues must be tackled. You're the one who is ferverently making this into an issue of "He can't do that now, why are you trying to make him go full KILL ALL THE NONWHITES, when that'll make him unable to do anything?" when I never claimed he had to do that. I said the issue eventually had to be addressed for any of these policies to have meaning (in the long run) of the white population of the U.S.A.


Yeah, if you elected him it would be the other way around. The jew won't stab you in the back when you're facing him, the jew waits patiently.

CIA agent:

op is CIA (existing cleavages):

pre-existing* cleavages

Have you looked at the numbers. So many are feed up with the Trump shilling. We used to have 4000 shilling and circle jerking for Trump has killed this board friend.

Anyone who falls for this needs to leave. He left out the part of "we (cuckservatives) should not give illegals anmensity because we want the dems to do that as they are the good party and we (vuvkservatives) need to be evil carcitures." Hes controlled opposition, and wants to tank the gop to make the dems look good to new immigrants (illegals) trump making illegals grateful to the repubs does not unify minorities under dems, under the super globalist banner.

No, you've tried to make this about an ethnostate, which is simply impossible given the current situation of the US, even if you wanted it, which you don't because you're a Jewish CIA agent sent here to act like a retard.

nobody good person actually goes to the meetups because they are in inner cities full of 56% white people and niggers.

Are you a pajeet? You talk like one.

fuck off reddit nigger

oof I fucked up that statement


Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

It's spelled "ooph" you dumb nigger, and who even says that shit?

(((YOU))) have to go back

It's funny to watch you flail around like this you Jew.


At this point, I concede. You are either baiting me, or you are a civnat.
I am talking about an ethnostate because that is the absolute endgoal, is it not? It is if you consider yourself from Holla Forums (the absolute end goal. Maybe it doesn't happen in one or two moves, but it is what you aim for).
Fucking hell, that's why I said eventually. All I stated was that the issue of legal immigrants must be addressed at some point.
Yep, that's me, certainly not you, the person who perposefully skews what the other says (as it's stated how jews like you operate), and seems to allude to not wanting the ethnostate (if you do, then, you must admit to me that the issue of legal immigrants must be addressed eventually. If not, you're just bullshitting because it's a real issue that impedes that endgoal).

I'm not a kike unlike you shithead now go back to r/T_D

This thread's a great education on how JIDF derails a thread with their Nazi projection.

You're obviously a kike, everything you've typed reeks of garlic and I can see your little hat. The fact that you keep reaching into your hat of well known JIDF / SB material is proof enough.

You are glowing in the dark and getting more desperate with every post.








This is what I mean by JIDF posting. It's projection from Zionists who hate America. You're afraid of your pet ethnic imports teaming up with whites to kick YOU out and perhaps, long term, impose Open Borders For Israel. That's why you have spent decades trying to conflate all conservative thought with strict ethno-nationalist Nazi inspired people with no sense. You're trying to portray a perfect Jewish caricature of a Nazi.

You glow in the dark.

Garlic is Aryan food just like onions. You clearly are our of place. Please leave.


Aww are you mad that your little one-liner catchphrase is banned?


Nazis lost, that train left the station. Nazi posting here is largely done by the JIDF and is projection. I can tell you're in on it, too. You're just not very smart.

Wtf I hate pol now :^)
Where should we move to now that its clear Drumpf controls this board? :^)




Ok, that proves it. Hey, kike mods, if you're around or ITT, just ban TOR for a while. This faggot probably gets paid by the (you)s or just masturbates to the thought of (potentially) irritating others.
It's one thing to takes things one step at a time, and it's another thing to undermine the core ideology of Holla Forums.

No, seniore.



I'll never trust The Rat, but if he votes against amnesty in the Senate, I'll give him credit for that one specific time he wasn't scum.

Sorry, but the civnat/t_D redditor is you, not I.

You’re a bot, aren’t you? You have a couple bits of bait but no real substance.

What do you mean? At minimum, 2 people are TOR posting (myself and the supposed civnat who thinks ethnostate/1488 stuff is JIDF larping). There might be more, but at minimum there are 2. If you're referring to me, well, hopefully my responding to you passes the Turing test.

I actually hopped on this thread to state just that. He talks tough shit when it's not his ass on the hot seat and he can't be held accountable for his words.

Glad someone else caught this.

Ethnostate is larping.

Reported for not even trying.

It's the core LARP of Holla Forums and it's done by Jews and the roach board owner. It seems more clever than it actually is, they're not accomplishing anything except teaching how Jewish rhetoric and well poisoning are the stock in trade.

Look how ass mad the JIDF larpers are about TOR, they're the true Redditors who can't handle freedom of speech because it interferes with their shilling.

They don't want a deal on DACA because they want all 30 million illegals to stay, along with keeping chain migration and the visa lottery. They hate the wall and so they've decided, on this and everything else, that the best way to stop Trump is to try to subvert his supporters into thinking that Trump isn't enough of a Nazi.

Trump's not a Nazi, and Nazi-style policies are simply not going to happen. It's retarded to think that an ethnostate will happen on anything shorter than a decades-long time span (even if that's what you want) for reasons pointed out above. If you want a white ethno-state the best plan for now is to shut up about it and support policies like the current DACA deal, which will accomplish a lot toward ending the browning of America by accepting a few token Dreamers who don't wash out. In exchange we get a lot, and can work from there as a new baseline, instead of going full retard 14/88 and ensuring that there will be no widespread support.

This is why it's easy to spot you CIA niggers. You glow in the dark and have only a very few actual tactics.

BTW saying you've reported people is a reportable offense.

A lot of the retardation is coming from the Q board.

Why does everyone constantly ignore the IQ. Indians must be barred from working in the US and sending all their money home, plus stinking so much.

I agree. We should stop easy immigration and throw out 20 million+ back to their shitholes. We actually have to and that's not gonna happen.

If only Trump were the one saying these things. Credit to you, Cruz.



You're and idiot.


If it wasn't for Trump, Cruz wouldn't have even been a contender. He was behind the scummy likes of Walker in chances to win the primary. Yeb was 60%, should have been the first clue these forecasts were bullshit

I haven't laughed at something as hard as I did at that in a long time. I must have missed that one during the election period.


Should've voted for the Zionist Bush lacky whose wife worked for Goldman Sachs and wrote papers for the Council on Foreign Relations calling for a North American Union, goy.

Why do beaners want to go to Alabama in the first place? Is that part of Aztlan now too?

The Q board itself is a larp, look how many ISPs have contributed, it's like 2.

Trump has been open to a path to citizenship since his campaign, and this proposed deal is the same as his "back of the line" program.

A new applicant for citizenship will have an easier time than the Dreamers.


Cruz is a dangerous man who seeks power, and he's clever and shifty. This doesn't mean he's fully evil or can't be used. If you put a man like Cruz into the right position you can use him and he will be happy.

Power isn't destoying your enemies, it's forcing them to do your will and letting them think it was their idea.

This pic gets worse every time I see it.

It's easy to say shit like this after an election, and when you're not currently running for anything. Trump had the balls to say it on the campaign trail, and won because of it. Fuck this spic.

This one?

Perhaps he should have spoke up sooner. But he never would have survived Killary anyhow.


Your daily reminder the "drufff is anti-Holla Forums" posters started coming out of the woodwork immediately after the pro-Cruz shilling organization Applied Memetics got exposed.

I don't like Cruz even a little, but I'd welcome his effort if this is true.

Didn't he learned his lesson?


Ted Cruz is an immigrant that favored DACA during the election before Trump rallied against it.

He's a windsock and blows whatever direction he thinks will keep himself relevant. For now this means he's against DACA.


he's reverse reganing them - we hope

Why do I have the feeling that this is all for show?

I’m more inclined to believe this than anything these El Rato shills are shilling.


HE IS a giant flip-flopper
and eats boogers as well