Return to Africa

This new Black Panther movie could be our best opportunity to excite niggers to the idea that they would be KANGS if the moved back to Africa.

Propaganda Ideas, Amerikkka will always be racist because it's run by white mans laws. "We'd be Wakanda now if we wuz in Africa.

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Lets fire up the meme magic and flood black twitter.

Trips will it!

Lets fire up the meme magic and flood black twitter.


Good intentions, but this idea is a non-starter. I'm not a ShareJew shill, so I'll explain why:

"Back to Africa" is the nigger equivalent of "I almost killed that guy," or "this one time, I caught a fish that was so big. . ." Bullshit, in other words. Niggers all know how good they've got it in humanoid countries, and on some level they are also aware that 99% of their problems are entirely either self-caused or related to their fellow nogs. They may be dumb enough to think welfare checks fall out of the sky, but they're as capable of watching TV shows about Apefrica as anyone, and they all know they'd never cut it there in the land of Nogibsia.

They still inexplicably have their pride, though, so they can't just do the honorable thing and ask the white man to reimpose slavery and hire a dentist for them. Instead, like little yappy dogs behind a tall, safe fence, domesticated niggers woof about their Sacred Motherland and all the Ujamaa-Vijinii Mokele Mbembes and sheiiiit, but would run a fucking marathon if you showed them what a Gaboon viper does to its victims.

Forget back-to-Africa. It's a pipe dream for anons who lack the steel to do What Must Be Done.



Ignore defeatist shill. If even one nigger leaves for good then it's a success.

I agree that they don't have the agency to move back themselves but it primes the idea of separation. Also, who knows if they get really hyped about it, I know I would support paying for it. When it comes to removing there is no price too high.

I do not concern myself with "one nigger." And have you considered the dysgenic effect of a voluntary resettlement campaign? Think about it:

What will the niggers who fall for this have in common? As a court-recognized niggerologist, I'll tell you. They'll all:
*Be gullible
*Be middle class or above, at least if they have the money for a plane ticket
*Have (relatively) clean criminal backgrounds, or else the target countries wouldn't let them in
*Understand there are no gibs from guilty whitey in Africa, and so likely be the sort who don't take gibs here

While it's true that Holla Forums is not the place to speak highly of our prognathous friends, surely we all know there's a difference between Thomas Sowell and Snoop Dogg. Unfortunately, a slick, well-crafted media campaign aimed at voluntary resettlement can't help but target the very few niggers who pay taxes, while leaving the ghetto fucks back in Chicago and Mississippi.

As bad as it is to be near them right now, can you imagine how much worse it would be if the top element of that community got lopped off? I say it's all or nothing, and no NatSoc has ever made progress by politely encouraging things.


dubs check it!



A dream come true, when do blacks leave?

This. Trying to influence blacks based off their own retarded fringe ideology is useless, because most blacks are too materialist and low IQ to even ENTERTAIN an ideology. Honestly, these lame strategies seem thought up by the stupider anons.

They actually think it's real

No, I can't. Those "yntelygend" middle class niggers don't live in ghettos anyway but in white communities.
Once again, if even one of them leaves for good then it's a success.
Anyone trying to discourage #Blaxit is a shill.

Niggers don't want to live among other niggers. Most of them doesn't want to work either. It's as simple as that. When Haiti declared independence, the black government planned to ship American Negroes there. Freedmen and slaves alike. They wanted skilled labor. They wanted people who can read and write. They offered free plots of land and tax cuts for volunteers. Hardly anyone showed up. Being taken care of by Whites is simply too alluring for blacks. Even the shittiest of Whites are better rulers and administrators than the wises of nigs.

there are no niggers better than the other. every nigger gone is a win.

Remember not to be a complete imbecile like this (
Also make your account realistic. Engage in Black Twitter, instead of just appearing out of nowhere and spam the memes

With the greatest trepidation do I dare to ask by what materials she is "educating" herself.

would love to look over that research.


Holy fuck this is gold.


Be sure to mention how well western educated expatriates are paid.

Did a nigger write this?

That's actually the least ridiculous part of that paragraph. It'd be like running an emulated OS inside a different one that's more advanced than the one being emulated.

But user, I'm willing to bet they have on average better genetics than most African blacks. US niggers might actually be kangs, but I'm not an expert on this matter.

I would also like to know why Vibranium makes the Wakandans all super human geniuses since the rest of Africa is still normal mud hut retard Africa.

because the white devil couldn't find them to steal all they knowledge n' shet

I don't think it makes them smart; just ridiculously rich. If it perfectly distributes force, then you could make insanely efficient computers based on subatomic vibrations instead of electrical impulses.

Or maybe apply Tesla's cosmological theorems to it and perfect harmonic distribution could have any number of near-paranormal effects on its environment.

Reading FAQs on this nigger just make him out to be a gigantic Mary Sue.

Not to mention a canonical ripoff of Wolverine.

wew. You realize that, in the U.S., eugenics was practiced on them (for physical strength, a minimum understanding of following directions) while in Africa reverse eugenics was practiced (there it's just a shit fest)? In addition, most if not all U.S. Kangs have some white in them from rape (that is the only way to explain 60->80 IQ).


US niggers are kangs that lost to the neighboring kang and were sold off to be shipped across the planet.

I was thinking about just this thing a week ago. Great minds.

We will need black twitter accounts tweeting to out the arguments that white supremacists just want to keep black people trapped in urban plantations instead of returning home to free lands of Real Africa, instead of the propaganda they show on the news.


Make Africa Great Again.

Another red-pilling campaign, a bit brutal, but effective for the survivors, is to convince white lefty's afflicted with white guilt to spend their money on tourism to African metropolis's so that they may encounter the native nig in their natural habitat, Niglandia. Instead of spending their tourist dollars visiting white place like they closet racists they are.

There is absolutely zero chance they leave when they are getting everything for free here. Cut off their free ride and then they might.. only after riots, rapes and murder.

trips + double dubs = confirmed

Hey, Wakandians know dey wey. Free healthcare, everydey. A new princess for you, everydey. She show you bobs and vagine, everydey.

No you dont. You're just shilling for a continued discussion on this completely irreverent marvel movie bullshit. Giving this shit attention, either good or bad, is the same thing really. You're trapping us in this stupid pop culture discussion while it should be ignored completely. The industry feeds off this attention, as you well know.

Fuck off and die.

The guy in vid relateds name is King Samir Shabazz, and he is the leader of the Philadelphia chapter of the New Black Panther Party For Self Defense (ha, right). You can find more videos of him on jewtube. Paradoxically, it benefits whites to spread this monkeys message because hes such a fucking nutball it can only lead to more whites opposing him and realizing Zimbabwe is our future, and those types tend to care the most about stopping white genocide etc. So if you want to exploit the Back Panther movie, exploit the Black Panther Party.

This nigger is serious, he will kill your children.. and thats about the only time you will see him smile.


I'd prefer Ben Carson over Lashantisha Jones

Im actually going to have to watch this, but apparently this fucking nigger went and agitated for white genocide in South Africa. So the whites being murdered there can partially thank this nigger from Philadelphia.



This. Shitposting is a non-effort, no-cost activity. You might as well do it. It's like cunts who don't understand optics. If softening the front of your message pulls in more normies to your side, then that makes the fighting so much easier when the time comes.


Wait.. a movie? Holy shit that will be rife with memeable content, i'm actually excited.

Did this nigger just say "cauliflower contains no carbon"?

I guess I should stop being surprised by things like this, but it just keeps getting me.

Check out this white bird. Since nature produces nothing that is white, I had to whip it up in my garage. I hope you guys like it.


Do you guys think they understand how useless they are?

… do they even have the ability to understand?

It's not about facts but about feelings.

Uselessness is a pretty profound feeling, and can come even in spite of understanding to the contrary.

t. Manic depressive.



I've been trying to meme (This)since MIGTOW to
Rebrand -it- as well.

No, and no. Niggers are like kids, they aren't capable of analyzing evidence, otherwise they might have built something besides mud huts.

Good one

Keep in mind they did the same shit back in the 80's. There was a huge "back to Africa" nigger virtue signalling meme for a brief period in the late 80's where tons of nogs started declaring they were going to go "back to Africa," but all any of them did was buy some goofy branded clothing and it never went anywhere.

A brother gotta protect his race.

We must make memelike images,
learning from how r/blackpeopletwitter
talks, and emulate a nog trying to rile up other nogs.

Keep it simple, because you have to sound like one of them.

The place we deported niggers to when the white race still had self-respect. We had to force them, half died right away when they hit the beach, and we still sent more. Today, they think they're the 51st state.
Wasted trips. Sad!

Let the games begin!

Thought that was a joke.

Got my almonds activated. What if "Back to Africa" was just a marketing meme that some crafty people thought up to sell overpriced shit to retarded niggers? That sure sounds like the Jew to me, so I started digging. . .

And found Ocacia Fashions. ( According to them:

Hmm. . . Seems to be a carefully worded and not-technically-misleading statement. I guess it must be some African men and women working toward a Greater Zimbabwe, right? This magazine ( even calls them "authentic African"! Why so suspicious, goy?

Wait. It looks like Ocacia is a domestic corporation registered in Flushing, Queens, NY.

They're keeping the owner's name out of the official records. Wonder (((why))).

Got a lulzy pic out of it though.

They must protect their supper magic melanin

I genuinely think #Blaxit has some potential




Sure, calling them Niggers is definitely going to get them to listen to what you say. You don't seem to get what they will listen to, just look at the other posts in the thread. The Blaxit meme is so much better than whatever that is.


Rough draft of one of my contributions

Mention actually going back to Africa in the propaganda. You have to hold these people's hand, otherwise they will misinterpret your propaganda.

By the way fellas, if any of these are to catch on, they need to be spread from fake accounts that have been around awhile.
Many of them will also (to be nig-authentic) need to have real-looking instagram campaign pages to link to.
The official-looking #BLAXIT ones the one user is creating don't need it, but to make it look more organic you definitely also need shitty ones that look like the third eye woke niggers made them, which have to be low res pictures of screens from Instagram ran through filters and with the name of an Instagram account and a watermark plastered across them.
Real niggers stay on dat hustle nahmean, no matter what their cause, ghetto internet requires shameless branding and self-promotion on instagram twitter, and facebook.

More references to learn the ways of the iphone nigger

Please wait
Authenticating Nigger ID…
3/5% complete

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Don’t fuck the monkeys based Black man.

Yeah that one's not final. some of them though I would put the goal in the text of the tweet/post and not the picture.

It gets even better:

>WAKANDA! The most technologically avanced country on the face of the earth, centuries ahead of even the most accelerated thinking!

Centuries ahead…of even the most accelerated thinking….LMAO Also, their gods look suspiciously like Egyptians. Pure coincidence of course.

Schools in Wakanda. Way to hard for best of the class Whites, of course.

I don't think I've ever seen such blatant propaganda as this Black Panther stuff. Unbelievable.

Fuck dat sheeeeeet dey du not no de wae.
Definitely not written by nogs, pic related.

Seriously nigger

That's pretty good. There's an old muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker Ali bbc interview where he's very outspoken against race mixing you should link on there. It's actually pretty funny, the white cuck interviewer says he's ok with miscegenation and Ali calls him an idiot and a liar.'d the pedo goatfucker%20ali%20race%20mixing&sm=1

Don't forget to remind everyone (((who))) should pay for blaxit.

Kek I didn't make any of these or alter them in any way, they are authentic nigger produced.
88 is probably some NFL kneegrowsoutoftheastroturf the creator jerks off to.

Holy Kek user
That second pic is unbelievable. Not only fantasy role-reversal already, but pushing well beyond the brink of self-parody. Never read Black Panther or any faggot superhero yarmulk books but I had no idea it was this good.
It's like the Onion wrote a comic book or something.

We invented welding goggles in the early 1900’s based Blackman.

I doubt they had melanin-powered UHI display

American niggers are all like 25-30% white ancestry. They aren't even pure Africans anymore.

you mean the kind of complete imbicile who posts a link to a screenshot of a tweet with a screenshot of a twitter page to an image board meant for the sharing of images?

So literal Magic Blackman.

Do we find them working on a unicorn ranch?



So here's an interesting video I just happened to be watching. Spam this sort of thing towards blacks.. Funny thing is if you get to near the end of the video, the one in the yellow dress is basically a black female version of The Donald, campaigning on the chinese taking jobs away from africans (because the chinese know they're lazy and have low IQs and they're there just to conquer resources / play the long-game). Angola was the only country in africa I thought stood a chance of a somewhat measure of success due to them being highly christian and resistant to Religion of Cuck™ification due to some things I heard about them banning mosques or something. But they like most countries in africa are getting totally jewed by the chinese. The more I read about it, the funnier it is. Also notice the part where the chinese basically send tons of their people their to colonize, buy land and start building projects and then just hire only chinese. There's also the part about when the natives had to be forced to moved and they said some are dying due to the water from broken sewers / environment hazards. I've also noticed some things about "some" (I don't know the numbers) chinese are breeding with africans. Will the sheer numbers and trait selection eventually breed out the africans?

Was looking this up because of some things on here I was reading and then I read this. Sort of an odd way of Galton's vision turning out wouldn't you say me brudda?

Funny how he mentions the "order loving chinese" because chimps aren't use to order.

You know what's funny, I watched this other video about this black guy explaining why they go after white women… And then talked about how he thought it was "cultural not race reasons" (clearly ignoring the links between the two, funny how "intersectionists" ignore those sorts of things)

Also I'd be curious as to how most blacks would react to this:

"Darker individuals average higher levels of crime, sexual activity including HIV/AIDS, and lower IQ."

Even if the chinese took over, do you think they would put up with aggression in an "ordered" world?

Well, it turned out funny enough. Most africans would see african-americans as not being "fully african" due to cultural difference over time (and maybe the fact that already 20% of black have some amount of white in them already).

The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary)

You know if I were a eugenicist from the early days and I traveled in time to now, I would be amazed at what we're doing with genetics. Anything that furthers that will further the day when we don't have to put up with niggers. I bet there would be a pretty shocking poll if there was one that asked people: "If given the chance to change your race genetically so that your child is non-black, would you have it done?" The parts of the higher end of the bell curve would do so first, then set an example for the rest of them, the lower end will chimp / do stupid shit and be gone in a few generations from drugs and being locked up / etc.




I like them.

These are great and very convincing.

that was posted by ID: 000000, the mods have finally decided to do something against this hacker asshole, they've forbidden him to post pics
I'm sure he's this guy Heaven who pissed everybody back in the day, too


This lack of technical understanding reminds me of the cargo cults and natives that built traffic control towers to entice the "metal bird that once before brought us gifts from heaven" back.
Also the nog in the youtube video who built a "helicopter" that was basically a pile of scrap metal fashioned into a helicopter-like shape in his back yard.
They have no idea how anything works, it's all voodoo to them.
So they build something that looks somewhat like what they have seen and then attempt to power it using magic or wishful thinking.
The eternal nog displays his complete lack of intelligence with every utterance.

Jesus fucking christ are those retarded.
All I could think about was whether nigposts are better or worse than Holla Forums shitposting.
I don't know



Others have pointed this out already:

Niggers want to stay in America because, like it or not, they want gibs and Africa doesn't have any for them. The only ones who will move to Africa are the middle-class blacks who are just educated enough to want something more for themselves, and think moving to Africa is the way.

Put another way, going to Africa for prosperity is a distinctly white mentality, because we crave the ability to make something for ourselves. We have a libertarian mindset. Niggers just want gibs.

So the only way to get niggers over there en masse is to convince them all that Africa is FULL of gibs, way more than America. Not only that, we would need to pay for their one-way tickets.

The best part that only ones that get the blame are (((white))) people AKA kikes and niggers themselves.
Niggers can't build countries worth shit.
Even in their own countries the crabs-in-a-bucket is very real
Uganda and other black nations near Rhodesia we have niggers raiding nigger owner stores because they aren't [Enter nation here] enough, so we have niggers looting somali nog owned stores, etc.

It's glorious

Nigposts are endearingly stupid, kind of like a panda trying to climb something and falling flat on its face. Commies on the other hand tend to be white and it's disheartening to see a white man fall so low.

TBH, I'd contribute a sizable amount of my income to a fund dedicated to returning them all to Wakandaland OP>

kek. plainly a Holla Forumstard taking the piss.

Heh, just don't conflate the idea of actually working to get all those mounds of jewgold which instead, ofc, is just lying on the ground free for the taking.

Halfway this. Pay my plane ticket. Somalia sounds beautiful this time of year.

Handouts are bullshit we exploit because there are little to no opportunities for legitimate employment. Set up a resettlement agreement with the AU, or send security forces ahead to anarchic environments. Train refugees in agriculture, skilled manufacturing, etc. Partner with locals to create a construction boom in "revitalized" cities.
You could even replay the Khazar scam, resettle us on the lower portion. If they get uncomfortable over the occasional (real) Hebrew wandering up to the gates, see how they feel about repopulating the whole neighborhood.

A framework exists, but there's no money to leave/land.
I can think of gangs (pun) of people who'd hop over given the chance. Half out of stupidity, half to start new businesses, lives, etc.




All of these slogans are Yakubian as fuck.

Also the white man's nutrition, medicine, and sanitation. Really mostly that.

Same thing happened when the US industrialized. IQs went up about 20 points.

a mix of both

Blaxit was compromised a long time ago.

A good dream, OP but niggers are lazy and stupid. Even if you booked the flight for them and gave them money to get started they wouldn't do it. Just look at Detroit, Baltimore etc. They're content to exist in squalor. Only cutting off gibs and killing some for being niggers AKA chasing them off would do it.

This is where all your resources should be focused on, CIA. Not scouring the internet for new nigger porn to post here and 4chan. That or killing yourselves, you fuckin traitors.

Cutting off the gibs is key. The problem at the moment is that the Kikes have managed to convince the Niggers that Whitey is so stupid that he will accept working to provide the gibs while being demonised as the root of all evils he had nothing to do with.

They just need to be re-educated to know that Whitey never really accepted this, that it was imposed by Kike occupied government, and that we are extremely pissed about the situation. When we take back control of the government and cut off the gibs, we remove their reason to stay. When we start to take solid action against nigger crime, and by that I mean the type of action that involves rope, we give them a reason to leave.

They will curse the Kikes that led them astray from the cosy situation they had. I mean, you were receiving so much gibs from Whitey's hard work, and committing so much more crime against Whitey than he ever did against you, and you had the fucking nerve to start Black Lives Matter? They will know how badly they fucked up, although they will never admit it. But whatever, we still outnumber them 6 to 1, we have guns and we know how to use them. Once the gibs are cut off and the backlash starts, they will be fucking terrified and self-deport en mass.

Niggers are stupid enough to believe they are oppressed despite all the gibs they get, unlike say some chinks who are successful and thus create direct competition, and will occasionally play the oppression card if it benefits them (honestly one huge thing stopping all of them from doing that is the fact that white leftists will frequently give them honorary white privilege due to their success).

Some Niggers may be that stupid, but regardless, when the gibs are cut off and the rope starts rubbing against the bark, they will self-deport for survival. We have nothing to lose by trying to make it look attractive with these #Blaxit memes.

I don't see them running to Africa or to whatever promised land in that scenario, that's a white thing to do. We'll get a chimpout of the century.

Then we'll have the turkey-shoot of the century. I really don't care either way. They'll get the message sooner or later, when enough of them are dead. They'll regret spitting in the face of their meal-ticket, but it will be too late. It's already too late.

I can't wait honestly. We've seen what they can do over Nike shoes, imagine taking away their gibs.

American blacks, with their high rate of white admixture, would be in fact be KANGZ in Africa, by comparison.

That may well be so. I hope so. Honestly, I really don't harbor ill-will towards blacks because of their color, only because of what they have been doing to my people and my nation. If they voluntarily go back to Africa, I wish them every success. I would even support offering them financial aid to do so. Sooner or later, someone has to sort out the mess that is Africa. Maybe Westernised blacks, with the advantage of white admixture and education, could be the solution.

They just need to stop living off the backs of white people, whilst blaming us for their problems at the same time. They are a different people, and they need a different type of society to thrive in. In Western societies, they are doomed to become parasites, and that's not good for either of us.

MGTOW vs dindu!

That already happened centuries ago when they founded Liberia and we know how that ended up.

There's a controversial research of how basketball American IQ neatly corresponds with their IQs. The lowest Jamals of inner Detroit have the most African admixture, whoda thunk.

True, but Liberia is not our problem. Our only problem with Liberia is that they didn't all go. The next time, they need to be told bluntly that this is their shot at the "freedom" they have demanded, and if they refuse it, they can expect to be dealt with mercilessly.

Related because of the new nigger movie, and didn't feel it was worthy of it's own thread, have some fresh OC.

10 Years of Marvel Kikes

I was suprised at how few kikes there were, only 9. Kikepedia was my source for all identification. Did I miss any?

fucking mods banning my vpn for some kike. Here's the pics.

Related because of the new nigger movie, and didn't feel it was worthy of it's own thread, have some fresh OC.

10 Years of Marvel Kikes

I was suprised at how few kikes there were, only 9. Kikepedia was my source for all identification. Did I miss any?

It evens out when you realize that Marvel and comics in general were all the work of Jews.
Marvel especially in regards to 75% of their IPs being the creation of (((Jacob Kurtzburg))) and (((Stanley Lieber)))

what colour are skeletons

And leave the welfare system which without they cannot survive? Not gonna happen.
Niggers are stupid but not stupid even to leave the hand that feeds them.

Actually the first comic strip was created by a swiss named Rudolph Töpffer

They're only stupid enough to slowly destroy the hand that feeds them. To fast forward what'll happen once gibs end just look at African countries, many of them are missing the colonial whitey rule that provided them order.

Well, obviously. But I was referring to American superhero comics as per the subject of the OP.

I think this could be used for seperationism of races and peoples.