Civilization 2.0

Daily reminder that race will soon be a thing of that past and future generations will be 100% created through gene editing and artificial evolution.


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The future is furries and dinosaurs.

Nah, we won't let that happen.

Almost all the hype about gene editing tech has been total bs marketing and an attempt to inflate stock prices. Still way over a hundred years away.

The only thing soo to be of a past will be kikes.

Nope. The future will be determined by efficiency so only the most efficient humans will be produced

oh look another person who thinks they can fight technology

So what you're saying is that the future will be 100% white.

(((they))) will not hesitate to jump at the opportunity to use gene editing to breed the perfect slave race
I would not be excited if I were you


>Thinking that (((scientists))) are going to help white race

This pretty much, though they already did a great job with the media and other chemicals in food and water plus the economy and law.

Well the white race has a lot of catching up to do with science. Over the past 10 years I have noticed a large decrease in white authors in published studies. If you look at this study you can see all the authors are asian…


scientists won't but the corporations that employ them will when they realize that an artificial white person sells for much more than an artificial nigger


I salute my future AI overlord

Blacks don't think that far ahead. The only way your plan would work is with forced sterilizations and at that point cloning technology would only slow things down.

Hi, Ray Kurtzwelli! How's google treating you? We know it's you and people like you shilling on this board. We will never fall for your perversions. You have rejected humanity and nature, and b ecause of this you are an enemy of not only us bot of humanity itself. Someday we will kill you and it will be televised. Have a nice day!

This, once the technolgy gets commercialized the market will flood white white babies. Who the fuck would want to buy nigger genes?

Who else is gonna do the legwork? Pajeets? Niggers?

How about no

You can't prevent wrongthink unless you go full Brave New World and douse the embryo in alcohol to bring it down to nigger level IQ.

I read a lot about new medical advancements and techniques, but does any of this stuff ever reach the market? I'd like to believe that I'll be able to do all the cool shit like extend my lifespan, fix my hair, height and gain a super penis, I just don't think it's a coincidence that modern (((medicine))) is stuck in the 70s. They're guarding this shit with decades long clinical trials that go nowhere and FDA red tape.

Or they can give every GMO baby an ingrown lobotomy



The real problem is trendies and soycucks buying into this and making tri gendered sterile perma toddlers for their perversions


The goyim will have access to none of this, just like they don't have access to eugenics programs (the only form of eugenics being, of course, a mate's racial preference and other kinds of preference that kikes are very willing to eradicate and sterilize and dumb down the populace even further).

Daily reminder that the future is a 24/7 living nightmare.

Thanks for the reminder !

Once artificial buffers are removed and political correctness is culled you'll naturally see a surge again.

This is how society is tuned right now.

The real problem is the industrial revolution is finally turning itself on its creators, and the transformation of human beings from abstract economic units into actual physically created economic products.

This is the end of humanity itself, the rise of the bugman. Trans-humanism isn't the weapon to defeat the poz, it's the logical end result of it. The homosexual's fantasy world where people are merely things to be used.

So the Jews end up with a population that can't do menial labor, which is the sole purpose they keep goyim around in the first place.

China is already cloning niggers. They are slowly working their way up to evolved beings.

Yeah, get out.

Medical science is the biggest lot of fraud there is; all supposed cures effect their own little plagues. Not so morbid as the ones they're directed against, sure; but, the notion that medicine is restorative, that it brings back what was, or improves; a deception. Medicine measures human health according to arbitrary, fixed criteria; really though, is health nothing more than a sequence of integers? How many sufferers have supplicated before doctors that they might be helped only to be told that, according to the data, they were not ill? Health is something we, Men, experience; we know health, innately; yet, you would differ to some stranger in a white jacket? And what if after some enhancing procedure you find that the "better" you is one you can't identify with? Was this not the case with Hemingway? Don't be daft; the human "specimen" is the parody of the human being. Healthy people need not cures.

furries wouldn't even want this future

So you're saying that in the future there won't be any niggers?

Inb4 Mandatory race mixing.

That's what robots are for goy


This growing people/artificial evolution shit (presuming you're not just editing an existing creature, but birthing one from scratch) will not save the white race as long as nonwhites exist. Let me tell you what would happen:
"Hi, I'm super rich Schlomo Shekelstein, and I like foreskin for my products, you, young blood for my health, and young kids for my sex. Well, hey, I am able to now create white kids easily. Since I can just keep recloning them, I can use them for all they're worth, and then kill them once they get too old, or sell them off."
I could just see it leading to another "whatever that event that happened in Europe where kids were found locked up in places, dead bodies as well, etc." Ah, the Deutrox thing I believe.

And they don't have human rights because they've been genetically modified out of the human genome

I hate to be dealing black pills, but this transhumanism/genemod. pipedream is bullshit to the core. Instead of creating the perfect aryan race (editing out your current genes for better ones carries it's own ethical dilemmas, but that's a whole other topic) this is most likely going to result in the ones that can afford body/gene mods becoming the ruling class gods and the ones who can't, borderline cockroaches in the shadow of civilization. And it's either going to end in multiple revolutions and wars so bloody they'll give the civil war a run for it's cotton. Or a long stagnation and decline of naturals being replaced by literal abominations. This is a nightmare just begging someone to write a book on.

Did I ever state getting rid of the illegals (99% of them if you're accurate) is bad? No. I stated that, the set that is an issue is the set of {All nonwhites}, the particular subset we're tackling here is {All of Hispanic descent}. Now, this set can be partitioned into {illegal} and {legal}. You do realize that even if you remove {illegal}, that {legal} still remains? In addition, you'd have to no precedent to remove them and would lead to a civnat state if not removed? I'm just saying that the legals have to go too, or it is all for naught.

Yup, Gundam Seed. Racewars in space

They already did user, read Apollo no Uta (By Tezuka). Mainly consider the setting presented in the later half of the story (not the actual plot).

Which everyone handed to them willingly just to be lied to about the information contained within.

Sorry, posted in the wrong thread.

Shameful quads… I think I'll survive with that never happening.

All the restriction enzymes, plasmids, and equipment required to modify bacteria are available online (,, and various strains of probiotics are available at the grocery stores.

Daily reminder that in the future we will have an effective genetic slave race that will be human and some other beast of nature mixed together.

Sub reminder that all of the racial divide will slowly turn into the divide of pureblood human vs created human.

Sub remainder that after one of those two races is exterminated or melded together it will switch from Neo-human to artificial human (aka androids) and new hatred divide will spark there.

It will be ruled discrimination to pick your childs color, and they will similarly rule it illegal to know who your partner is at the same time, since its really the same thing.

It's likely to diverge the human species into a variety of sub-species, much like the Cambrian explosion. We won't be terra-forming mars, we will be bio-forming humans who can live there.

That's going to be the best goddamn day ever. When genetic modifications makes an abhuman hybrid of one or more animal species and it doesn't look like some sort of anime character.

Genetically engineered colonists that can handle toxins or require different chemicals, withstand heavy or low gravity, radiation shielding, all kinds of stuff.

Pic related would be ideal. But that shit won't happen with kikes in charge, they'll engineer the perfect docile slave race like they're already trying to.

Purge the mutant.

But that one does look like an anime character, in a live action movie at least.

Within years:
You'll go to India or China, choose your egg stock, choose your semen (could be your own), they'll IV it, they'll use a woman for the first week or two, or three, and then remove the fetus, transplanting into a bag. Carefully monitor for faults, destroy the fetus if it develops errors.

Fancy stuff like gene editing will come. But in the mean time this is a brave new world indeed!

< Implying the church will stop demanding women put out whenever her man desires missionary sex.
< Implying the church will lose the authority necessary to make demands.
< Implying the church will lose its religious authority, and instead begin pandering to homos, the lazy, and everyone who is of another religion, but neglecting Christians.

Nothing but the total annihilation of the jewish race is acceptable.

Civilization won't exist in 50 years.

Except that will never happen.

I swear to God, if furries tie up resources that could be used to get monster girls instead… I aint gonna stop with just 6 million of them dead.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"


already abandoned

The future is closer to this


Can somebody explain this nigger to me?

I just want some cat girls is all

Agenda 2030 now. They won't rest and they will continue to push for it. Our declining quality of life is part of that.


He's a CIAnigger who was trying to convince Holla Forumsacks to meet up in real life using an insecure platform called zee maps. He kept trying over and over again, got told to fuck off every time, and now his brain is broken.


Dubs checked.

Right in the feels, user. The old man's jeans are holey and their laundry detergent is upside down because they are eeking every last ounce out of the bottle. This is so sad.

Furries are weird, but they meme well, just like the /a/-gang.


the unity of blood and soil will be restored. you will never defeat humanity

Furry memes are sub-par


It's niche. Personally, I ind the furry art and memes funny, as well as the AnimeRight movement, but I'm the one that said

It'll never be mainstream, not should it. And then you got all these dumbasses thinking they're "making a difference" by fursuiting while wearing an armband that has a paw print on it. Really, Furries are no different than other exotic subcultures like the Subgenius or the Weeabo.

Very unlikely to happen. And if it does it we just be a 3 steps back 5 steps forward scenario.

never going to happen. at least for public use. if anything the future holds forced sterilization. people will still have sex but cant reproduce. all new children will be created by the government as the populace is brainwashed to think kids are stupid and stuff. kids will be completely removed from the populace as only adults will be allowed in. The government babies would raised in institutions until adults and systematically included into the population.

After this is achieved, men will begin to "realize" that women are obsolite, and society will become a homosexual dystopia in which sexual hedonism and public sex acts are not only a daily occurance, but are expected else be a social outcast (or thought criminal)

Oh, what a Brave New World!

We have that now, they're called "Europeans."

Genetic modification isn't as powerful as scientists originally thought, it seems to be just a blueprint to the protein composition of the creature rather than memories or form. The whole collapse of the human genome project, all the companies that imploded, the lawsuits and inability to predict shit. They were hoping that microbiology would usher in a magical age of medicine, they wanted to patent every single human gene; turns out humans have less genes than worms and they can't turn much of the data into useful information.

Epigenetics, the dark matter of biology, is a much more interesting topic. It looks like consciousness determines form, but we have no idea how this information is being transmitted or even stored.

yeah its really working out for those "Europeans" they went from picture A to picture B real fast. The future is created by use, soon this will be meant very literally.

Imagine being so mad you're a shitskin that you have to escape into science fiction fantasies just to get through the day.

You do know that memories and form are proteins right? You do know that genetics does one thing and one thing only that is code for proteins?

A little too close for comfort.

does it have human legs or sheep legs?

I'mma need a source for that, I'm sure you'll deliver.

Fug u redards I made that statement to get you furfags to out yourselves. Leave Holla Forums and never come back.

Reminder that the first people to get catgirl bodymods would most likely be fat weebchicks and feminists.


Let's pray it shaves off their mounds of fat and cunty attitude.

Technically we broke the barrier in late 2017 when we were cloning and editing primates.
We have everything we need to start pumping out designer humans aside from knowing exactly what to tweak to get the desired results.
The only thing standing in the way is red tape and ethical questions.

Too bad you'll never be able to shave off the microchimerism

It's genetic editing, so everything especially that should be possible too.

Cat girls cant be made from an existing girl. They are a genetically modified subspecies bred for domestication and petting.

I should add that the cloned primates were born naturally so I guess until we make artificial wombs it's still something of a pipe dream.

butthurt obsolete roastie spotted

Much like how it is considered taboo to abort based on the child's sex today, as practiced in Asia



You are an enemy of the human race, thinking we can live without women. Even if we "could", it would be an evil. You have bought into the perversions of Ray Kurtzwelli and similar-minded un-humans. Read a book, and realize that your lust for some kind of homosexual utopia achieved throuh science is a bastardized world which will never sustain itself past 100 years, at best. It only works in fetishistic E-Novels. Go read one, and leave us alone.

Do you have any idea how a space marine is made?

Fuck off, meowski

it'll just be shinsekai yori. humans bred with muskrats to make them slaves while the master races rules over everyone.

You have that chart back from 2012 that showed paths of biotechnological advancement that ultimately led to the destruction of humanity?
I'd post it, but I think I lost it.

Genes will be the commodity of the future.

Non-white parents will take out loans to ensure their child will be white.

Heil Hitler.

I am ok with this future

No, but I've found many pornographic series that have fetishism for dystopic homosexual societies which are becoming increasingly popular with retards commenting to the artist that they wish this was reality. I feel I'm a lot like how Common Filth used to be. I'm purposfully seeking this shit out, tryin to learn about it, catalog it in my own head. I have no place to talk about it though, and when I've posted things I've found which I thought were related to Pizzagate and/or MKUltra to the stickied "Investigations" thread, I've been laughed out. For example, "PonkPank"'s recent comic in the "Fall of Equestria" seires, which (as a whole seires) features Roman-esque imagry as well as runic magic and archtypes which led me to believe they could be attempting to meme people into MGTOW.

W/e though. Off topic to this thread.

This whole thread.


I'm not though, but it is popular enough to warrant a search and study

Well, who order pizza? I could sure go for a slice!

What kind of pizza?

Zydrate flavored.

Nah dog, we dont understand it well enough to manipulate it while maintaining fertility permanently. Modified organisms go sterile after a few generations.

Ok, well we got a white flour and herb pizza base. What goes on next?



ok, GeneCo brand Human Hearts and spine sauce.

I was thinking either tomato paste or bbq sauce

I bet you don't even do repo work, faggot.

No, but i enjoy pineapple and egg on my pizzas.

You are not white

Zydrate comes in a little glass vial.

Iremember going to Cici's the first time and I kept ordering hawaiian pizza. That night I told my brothers I felt like shitting pineapple pizzas

A little glass vial?


Best outcome of artificial wombs and gene editing

Real outcome?

That looks delicous user.

A little glass vial!

You forget worst outcome:

It's less about gene editing and more about epigenetics editing.

I'm part of an organization that peripherally ties into the first goal. (They don't know I'm from Holla Forums)

More like

We are not going to give that shit to 3rd world trash, let them fry, we are not their saviors, we owe them nothing.

I think you mixed up your two pictures.

That or Kek willed it.

The simple fact that it keeps getting delayed is evidence that they keep fucking up and failing againt hostile forces.

Gene modification technology will unlock the secrets of immortality to us. Remember that the process of "aging" is caused by the degradation and imperfect copying of your DNA whenever a cell reproduces. With gene editing tech it will be possible to completely stop the process of aging by repairing the damaged DNA. Infant blood injections and drinking are just a crude, primitive process that does the same with about 5% efficiency.

The secret of immortality is that only kikes want immortality because only kikes are mentally damaged enough to be afraid of death. They're fucking terrified of the Beyond.

Everyone can agree that death is bad and living indefinitely and in good health is good. Nobody wants to die. People sacrifice their lives for various goals not because they want to die, but because they consider those goals more important than their life for some who don't value their life as much it is easier than to others.
You sound like a new ager.

You sound like a materialist that thinks immortality is a magic elixir away, which is much worse. You ought to be much more interested in the sciences of the soul or as you call it consciousnesses, that could be something achievable within your lifetime.

Oh shit a garbage blackpill thread we could have never seen this coming I guess you've finally defeated Holla Forums gg no re

I simply adressed the possibility the technology provides. No need to sperg out about your spiritual kundalini chakras, new age cuck.

Mr. Soros funds and pros up this bullshit btw. I bet you didn't know that what you're parroting is straight out of a kike think tank.

Enjoy your ban, shitstain.

Amid a sea of blackpill, it's whitepill threads like this that make life worth it.

It doesn't matter because r-selected species don't care about the quality of their offspring. Why would they spend money on one child when they can pump out a dozen for free?

Private manlet death squads

All I hear is (((them))) asking me for a holocaust. We’re gonna give them one.

Kek wills it.

Yeah, these people are definitely not lying through their gook teeth in order to get fame and funding, certainly not.

And the little glass vial goes into the gun like a battery.