Shifting the Overton window on the word "immigrant"

They're Mexican citizens, not "undocumented immigrants"

Now that the democuck and (((progressive))) left have decided to use illegal immigrants as their cornerstone policial barganing chip, there is a good opportunity to hijack the language to shift the overton window. We need to meme Mexican citizens as hard as we can. Take people to task for saying people are "undocumented". That's a lie. They have documents - from Mexico. These are Mexican citizens illegally squatting in America.


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this aint gonna work since a majority of them are coming from countries further south than mexico

It's not necessarily the Mexican part that matters, just the fact that we need to start talking about these people as being citizens of other countries, rather than "undocumented" people

dead mexicans citizens can't cross into America

Are you even sure they have documents from these countries? Also its a left wing meme to point out they aren't all Mexicans(like the other poster said) to make conservatives look stupid. I do agree however, it's honestly really stupid and should be challenged more by conservatives when people act like we are responsible as a collective for these people when its those Central American countries who should be caring for them.

bump, sticky, how has this not already been a thing, etc..

I could see this being spoken about on the top 10 news networks in 2 weeks.

again, that's not really relevant to the larger issue. the point is, these people are technically citizens of other countires, but we always treat them like babbies with no home to go to. They have homelands, they're already citizens somewhere else.

I like this a lot. We need to take back the power of language and this gives a nice reframing

They aren't all mexicans and they will cherry pick and hang on that like kikes are wont to do.

So call them foreign citizens instead.

That's already the new standard. The new Assosiated Press Guidelines (2017) says instead of "Undocumented Immigrant", say "Foregin National". And so, the Newspeak continues to enter the common venacular

that word has very vague connotations in the average person's mind, though. Foriegn citizen seems more direct and concrete.

They're foreign invaders.

Also heavily question why a citizen of another country would want to be here in the first place, since we are all terrible racists whites, aren't we? Surely they don't fear getting pulled over in their own country the way they would in ours? Surely Whitey isn't there holding them down in their own country? Why come to all of the corruption here?
Get the liberal to imply that illegals come from a shithole country and that the US is inherently better (since we all know it is) with more opportunities. Watch their heads asplode.
Illegals either come from a shithole country or they aren't here illegally. We don't have a shit-ton of Japanese illegals.
Illegals either come from a shithole country or they have a wonderful country to return to.

undocumented migrant is the left projecting that all the illegals need is paper work.

Call them demographic replacers.

RWDS isn't just a meme. Lotta holes in the desert and such

It doesn't matter. This is a fantastic reframing of the issue. If 75%+ are Mexican, simplifying it gets MSM "fact checkers" to write articles like "This is false! They are actually Mexican, Honduran, Ecuadorian, etc. citizens" unwittingly strengthening our message. It's literally what Trump does every damned day on Twitter.

If you call them invaders liberals would use semantics to claim that they're not "invaders" because they aren't a government military.

The word is Foreigners. They are Foreigners.

Believe your referring to semitics.
Who cares what they say, they label themselves LGBTQI^2.

Any leading poll question starting with mexican citizen vs illegal will bypass normies programming and illicit out-group exclusion.
Then again, it probably already largely does. So they poll minorities instead and then say 50% of (brown) respondents said they can stay.

Foreign national

I approve of this idea. I can see why you got dubs, sir.
Mexican citizen
Mexican citizen
Mexican citizen

They are citizens of somewhere.
Mexican Citizens is as a good a broad term as any.

Alternativly non-American citizens. Should be an inclusive enough label not to be offensive to the poor unthinking liberals.

Reminds me of the angrywhitemenistan comic, where it's implied that it would be super horrible, but there's still people trying to get in.

What a pointless thread. They are illegal aliens, simple as that.

Call them foreign invaders and spics. Call them trash. Call them the shit beneath your heel. That's what they are.

thanks for your valuable contribution faggot. go waste time in a thread you like instead of shitting up this one.

No user. They are not all from Mexico, many are from South & Central America. This is why the following was arrived at in the other bread..

See meme work done in other bread to subconsciously tie "undocumented" to "illegal"

and others from

You could gain traction with concepts instilling Mexican nationalism and longing for home:
"If I'm proud to be Mexican, why am I not there improving it?"


Dangerous thinking user. That type of reasoning wont work. Let me tell you what happens with Mexicans who still hold heart to Mexico, they work here and send money there due to the exchange rate. In short, you'd just lead them to wiring money over there, for what better way to help your nation than to leech off of a (currently) financially superior country?

OK, publicize the bus schedule to the Canadian border, and have ICE on standby to greet them.
The ride from "undocumented" to "documented for deportation".


shithole citizens

OP is a TRS listening, Reddit tier faggot.

They are illegal ALIENS. If you could think for yourself, you might ask what that's about. ayyyy's? No, spics right? Well, A LIEN. These beaners like your worthless corpse have value. Look into it, you might actually learn something about finance and law. The only thing that needs shifting is their ass back across the border and that can and will be done with a WALL.

Foreign/Border invader, intruder, violator, trespasser. Pick your choice.
Just never call them "illegal immigrants" or "undocumented citizen", it's kike word scheme to unconsciously make them a category of "immigrants" and "citizens" in the minds of the normies, even though they aren't any of those. Also mock them and make them aware of this wordfuckery by using stuff like pic related.

That undocumented adoption one made me lul. Fuckin great user

Bravo Nolan.

Rape = undocumented sex.

love it. meme it.

I prefer "criminal invaders" myself

I like these statements, because it gives it a positive angle. We are sending them home. Being sent home is a positive. We are also informing trough the statement that these are mexican citizens. They have a home country, they aren't homeless citizens of the world.

The second statement is particularly good, because it doesn't imply force. Its just a statement we can all agree upon, that it really is time for mexican citizens to go home.

As opposed to legal invaders? They’re invaders. It’s an invasion force. It’s an invasion force for the express purpose of committing genocide on whites. Call it what it is or go cuck yourself somewhere else.


Ive started calling them illegal aliens again.

Pics related are the 2 others I made in that set burglar excepted that user didn't copy over from DACA bread

See also

for link to the Twitter template that has wide use also not just immigration

Fucking hivemind.




Most of them aren't even Mexican, but from other central and south American countries.

If this was a ylyl i would of lost

I've been calling it ethnic cleansing in real life.
It's pretty great.

Shitty memetics. People will just hear the "citizen" part and it will severely lessen the impact. Make damn sure to keep illegal in the name, personally i like illegal alien.

Just looking at that picture, I can see why it was so easy for Europeans to defeat them in war. They remind me of a blowfish. They try to look so mean you know they have to be incredibly inept at battle. Same with niggers. They try to look so mean, but they can't aim a gun worth a damn, too stupid to formulate a strategy on par with a clan of kids on COD, and in a fight they mob attack or swing like a retard. It's so primitive. It's how Europeans dressed back before the spread of modern civilization. The "barbarians" in the times of Rome. These people are so mentally fucking primitive.

Okay goyim. We'll meet you in the middle and settle on "undocumented citizens" then.

They've only been domesticated for about 500 years at the earliest. Thats really not enough time.

Wonder if we could memetic warfare them back to Aztecs since they all have spanish (european) names.

That's pretty slick.

For all the flak that chess gets these days, anticipating a given reaction is a smart move. It won't win over liberals, but they're not the people you're trying to convince when you argue with them.

It's a fucking raid. How many goddamn DACA threads can they make?!

I like this idea.

As many as you can tolerate, plus one, probably.

No big deal. They're here while they're paid, and maybe a little longer if they get curious. I'm not sure they're aware that Holla Forums, in all its various iterations, has been hit by this sort of noise for over a decade.

Reminds me that I intended to pull together a timeline of major events related to the board, for historical purposes. I don't really have the time to do it anymore, though.

The ones I spotted:

(derailed into a DACA thread)

No, as pointed out mexican citizens causes the fucksticks to try to correct with "% are xyz other country citizens too," proving the point.

OP, were you inspired by the leftypol thread about leftists changing the meaning of words to further their agenda?

It was my thread. I totally BTFO them in the posts and they reacted by having me banned.

Perfect. Make more.


I did it as group hug, instead of "intimacy" or "sex" or anything else since it confirms it was a group without being seedy.
Effectively the 2 lines are:
We are told this is not TRUTH
We are told this LIE
So the 2nd line needs to seem as innocent as possible.

digits confirm value to mankind tbh


Triple OC checking those trips

Kek nice.

Time to meme
Operation Wetback II

Yes, I agree. I had hoped that somehow DJT would even do it, the actual madman. We'll probably have to wait for the world Emperor Barron instead. I'm sure he won't limit it to just the spics alone heh.


They're niggers and spics. KKKill all non-whites, anyone who disagrees is a gay cuckold. KKK KKK KKK KKK KKK KKK Triple K Mafia

Shortly after WWII, Hollywood Jews promoted extra terrestrial films and called these beings "aliens". Before then, the word "alien" meant a person not of your country. That's it.

Remember that always please.

Here is an example sentence where the meaning is attacked.

"Our country is run by aliens."

Please think about it. Thank you

undocumented shopping
undocumented pharmacists
good stuff

Just call them invaders.

yeah? so take a page out of Trump's playbook and assert confidently that they are mexican citizens so the up-their-own-ass leftists (((fact check you))) and give you an itemized list of all the countries they are from that aren't the USA


I had been thinking of making this thread myself for a while because I've thought of the term but wanted to introduce with other terms.

It's colonist. Every time someone says "immigrant" whether or not it's preceded by the word illegal or not it feels like cucking. That's because we know these people aren't "immigrants" like the 19th century Europeans who came to this country who the lugenpresse so desperately want to compare them to. They're 21st century colonists. They're coming to our lands to exploit our resources. Things like jobs, gibs, land, resources, time, representation in culture and education are all being extracted by these people. Then when they're done milking the host country they go back to their lands of origin or even worse, they set up colonial towns within the host nation full of their people.

The word colonist is the best way to describe them for a few reasons.

1. The left has a visceral negative connotation associated the word, making the flip extra spicy
2. If we can frame that colonialism is about economics instead of race that takes the piss out of the "evil foreign oppressors" bullshit that kikes use to guilt whites with
3. If we can effectively frame these shitskins as the 21st century colonists they are then it's possible to reclaim the glory lost in this mad world of white colonialism
4. We can contrast white colonialism with shitskin colonialism

Pics related. I'm shit at OC but if someone can say that the first one and the second are both colonists but one is 18th century the other is 21st century that would be fucking splendid.

Not all border illegal crossings are by Mexicans though. There are plenty of people from other Central and South American countries crossing into the US through our border with Mexico. "Illegal immigrants" perfectly encapsulates them all. They all have to go back.

godspeed user language is a key point of the memetic battlefield

you got the ideas but dont expect others to put them to action for you

That distinction doesn’t help them at all and is an awkward one for them to make. It is perfect. “Mexican citizens” frames the situation optimally. Good job OP.

“Mexican citizens” is superior messaging

Disagree. People are numb to “Illegal” at this point. If someone is a Mexican citizen we know who is responsible for them and it isn’t us

'foreign nationals' works

No shit retard, the reaction to that is intentional.

Undocumented Nature Walk?

Won't work. Leftists well just say that we are deserving of being colonized due to our past sins. In this case they would view colonization as a positive.

Calling them undocumented
Is a Slur!
How dare you! They are not illegitimate or undocumented they are right. Proud and loyal Mexican citizens.

Call the hondureno guatemalteco El Salvadoreno etc etc

You retards dont get it. The fucking point is to make them sound stable and legitimate; you see they ONLY have sway in the normiesphere if they are attacked or pittied thats why yelling "fukkkin spic trash race war now woooooo" does not work but pointing out
Fully documented and legitimate citizens of a foreign Nation should not have the right to vote in our country and free gibs



Nouns work better than verbs, it makes it more personal and habitual. Instead of kidnapping and looting replace it with kidnapper and looter.

CNN already gave us the name: Shitholers.

I like the idea of overtly implying for brain dead Normies that these people have citizenship already in another land - but I think the use of the word "illegal" is already doing a better job than that.


The fact that "Foreign National" is even in the AP guidelines is a good sign we are shifting the Overton window. Before Trump, the phrases "Sanctuary City" and "illegal alien" were all but banished from popular speech, and any explicit reference to foreigners was anathema. "Undocumented immigrant" was even being used by most of the republican party.

Simple words and terms can be powerful since they shift the frame of reference and change how the average person looks at an issue. That is why it is important for us to cultivate our own (more accurate) lexicon while rejecting the premises of the left. We need to call things what they really are. It should be referred to as an "invasion" or "demographic warfare."

illegal alien is better tbh

how about illegal aliens… that's probably the best (ie. worst) sounding way of describing them


I thought it was funny when they started using the term "undocumented citizens" a year or two back. It's typical Harvard method subversion.

Then they will have fallen for the bait. If that's what leftists respond with it'll drive normalfags and fence sitters over to our side and negate the guilt of the colonialism/oppression terminology, which is a bigger win.

Even better, explain to them that if these illegal settlers aren't invaders, neither were the colonists.

It's worth a shot. Have a bump.

Permanent tourists.

Best pic related I have ever seen.


That is all.