California or third world country?!?!

California or third world country?!?!

California has the highest poverty rate in the country, homeless encampments everywhere…

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Even most of Thailand has better streets than most of commiefornia and that's 3rd world proper…

This is what happens when you put illegals first over the native population.

also chances are when you import a significant number of third world people your place becomes the third world as well…

Next election, bro.

Wow how convenient for all these homeless people camp put near this extremely populated area for all to see

Well at least they have gay rights
No sacrifice is too great if it comes to saving turdburglars

The population of niggers in California is dropping, not rising. there was literally some 100 thousand MORE niggers in California during the LA riots than there are today.

ALSO, as of 2011, native-born have overtaken immigration as the net driving force of Californias population growth. Little Mexican babies are scaring nigs away.

There are also more European Whites in California than several states combined simply because there are so many people here.

That said, its no shit California has the highest poverty rate. There are too many fucking people in general in California. A good place to start would be purging Mexicans who refuse to demand higher standards of living.

I love those jimmy neutron redpills. That's a particularly well written one.

the great apes aren't afraid of anything, they're either in prison, dead or got shipped out when they were released cause no affordable housing for them

nigs aren't used to stacking 10 deep like mexicans so they're the first low income group to leave

If there's one thing living here and the LA riot have taught me, its that Mexicans and Niggers hate each other, I knew people from work who lived in South Central, everyones dogs over there are trained to attack only blacks. Because even in the fucking ghetto niggers are literally too big of wild animals for people to feel safe around them. Mulattos are also heavily looked down upon

The race distribution by county is quite interesting:

kek, I literally live within the top 5 whitest cities in the state

It is quickly becoming a third world country. California is just a lens into the future of this kali yoga my friend.

Good thing burgers don't walk or that'd be inconvenient.

That's Skid Row, the largest concentration of homeless in the country. And it's been like that for decades. City officials allowed homeless to setup tent cities there. It's hardly changed/gotten any worse since then

I was at an event at Anaheim Convention Center once and there was a horde of spics in suits working for Disney there. Disney is Anaheim and that's why it is so fucking sketchy everywhere else in the city. LA is even fucking worse if you can believe it

Niggers get spooked very easily wtf are you talking about

Why do so many people wear those California Republic clothes

SoFl fag here, Spics are just as bad as nogs if not worse because for a moment they could act civilized but in a another moment they act very animalistic. They will do whatever it takes to get your dineros from you via scamming you, doubling the price of the bootleg product and pretending it's the real thing, or taking your wallet when you aren't looking and if you catch on they will suddenly turn violent.

In Cali now, can confirm the homeless question needs the final solution. When taxpayers, children, the elderly, and just normal folk in general (yes, even in LA) are made to suffer due to these grease stains in front of every business, it is time to do something. People can’t use the public facilities their high taxes pay for. It’s all overgrown with filthy bums

The homeless in California always camp in highly populated areas because that's where the gibs are. You could build a beautiful, comfortable camp that served 3 meals a day, beds, free clothes, and hot showers on the outskirts of town and bus them out there for free and they'd still come back the next day because they can't make any money panhandling out there.

The homeless in California aren't interested in food, clean clothes, or the basic necessities of life. They're either mentally ill or they want money for drugs or alcohol. They don't even put "will work for food" on their signs any more because people kept trying to hire them to do yardwork. Most of the homeless shelters and soup kitchens in California have closed down because the homeless aren't willing to follow the most basic rules to use those facilities such as, you can't be super fucked up or carrying when you go in, you can't bring your stolen shopping cart full of trash inside the building, or your unvaccinated untrained vicious mongrel dog.

In recent years, the homeless population has grown from its core population of the mentally ill, homeless Vietnam vets, and chronic stew bum drunks, to include "crusters", or young people under the age of 25 who are uneducated, addicted, and unable to follow the rules in their parents house. Most of them are involved in prostitution and petty crimes as well. A lot of these crusters are the children of Gen-X natives. They are unwilling or unable to live up to the basic requirements of civilized behavior and congregate in hordes in public spaces, aggressively panhandling and plying their various "trades". They're the worst because they feel entitled to do whatever they want because they grew up in the area, so they'll create a scene if someone tries to get them to move along, swearing, shoving, threatening, and even attacking at times. You can call the police, but the police just tell them to leave, so they move down the block for an hour and come right back. Small business owners who get on the wrong side of these hordes of crusters will find themselves spending all day calling the cops, waiting for the cops to come, and watching their customers driven away, only to have their businesses vandalized and robbed during the night. Only the big chains that can afford 24 hour security can keep these animals away, and it's not at all uncommon to see a uniformed security guard at the entrance to grocery stores in California—their job is to keep the homeless away from the entrance so that customers can get in and out the door unmolested.

When push comes to shove, civilized people will stand up for them because oh, he went to school with my son, or she was in my daughter's church group when they were 5, so leave them alone. Unfortunately a vast majority of them are disenfranchised whites who are beyond redemption.

As far as i can see, there is no suitable solution to this problem. There's no low-skilled work available because of illegals. There's no low-priced housing because of a combination of illegals and stupid California environmental regulations that have stifled housing development, particularly low-income development. There is no room in drug rehab or psychiatric facilities (as if that would work in the first place). And, worst of all, none of these people have any desire to change or improve their quality of life.

LA user and I can confirm and agree.

For one reason or another I'm moving into the bay, every day on BART you see literal shanty towns of homeless fucks. How the fuck this socialist state seems to not care about these people is beyond me.

Why don't they round them up and force them to work in the fields?

Downtown L.A. there was a large empty lot/property about 6+- years ago, a developer purchased it and the squatters with make-shift buildings and a large "garden" fought to keep living there, since they had been for YEARS.
Good luck finding the story.

There's always a final one.

These people don't want to live in homes. There is free housing available yet they choose not to take advantage mostly due to mental illness.

This channel shows their mentality. A guy goes around interviewing homeless in skid row. I could not believe how stupid these people are.

Channel: Homeless Lives Matter

If you make $150,000 a year, in Montana, you can afford a mansion. In Los Angeles you can afford a 1-bedroom apartment. In San Francisco you're homeless.

These are just people who don't think houses in SoCal are worth $1000 per square foot. They are right.

Does anyone know where the negros are going? Serious question.

I visited California 3 years ago, LA county upto SanBern was crawling with homeless junkies.

How do people justify it?

Can NIMBYism be a bigger focus of the alt-right? It's extremely jewish. It's opposed to the principles of capitalism. And freedom to do what you want with your own property.

See we have the technology to build much denser and cheaper than we do. A century ago, our country was building the tallest and most technologically impressive cities on Earth. Now they are completely stagnant and unchanging. A century ago people were actually chaining boats together, and dumping dirt into the ocean to make new land. Now anything like that is unthinkable.

Rents in CA are like 10x higher than what they should be. It's obscene. And you can guess who is profiting from it the most.

There's no reason even the poorest person, in a first world country, couldn't afford a small plot of land. And a structure more advanced than a tent. But anything like that is completely illegal because it would decrease (((rent))), so they are forced to the street.

lol no there fucking isn't. there's literally a million homeless in los angeles. there's only a few men's homeless shelter's, and to get into those few it's a year long wait list most and rehabs not shelters, so your going to have to say your a drug addict or alchoholic or crazy and get that on your records so california can strip your gun rights.

If your a veteran there's a few more options to get you off the street but there still isn't enough shelter space. "Free housing" equates to section 8, and that's a 10 year wait list to never if your a man on the street. Women on the other hand get pregnant immediately when they're on the street because that's the meal ticket, they bump you to the top of the list and you get into section 8 in 6 months instead, in time for the unfortunate spawn.

There isn't enough cheap housing period to house all these people even if they had minimum wage jobs, that's one of the problems in california, the only way to get these homeless off the street refugee level government tent cities. California refuses to do this though, because homelessness is an industry. They can continually kvetch about muh program monies, so what you get instead are homeless "service" organizations, which literally do nothing. They might have two washing machines to help the 700 people on their rolls do laundry, with a week long wait list, but that's it. Meanwhile the "service" organization employs 100 people and the people who run it make hundreds of thousands a year. The city on the other hand get's to rake in millions of additional tax dollars and blow it fraud and typical liberal nonsense. If they got rid of the homeless, they would loose all that money.

On the bright side…tent sales are booming!

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Literaly leftypol shills trying to make us appear like some capitalist peons.
We don't support turning our backs on fellow whites whether they be single mothers or addicted to drugs. That's fucked up.

Just as bad here in Los Angeles. The Korean churches donate equipment and other necessities to the beggars. Chinatown in LA had the same homeless issue but they don't anymore becuase the Chinese started killing the beggars when they slept.

Keep it real and keep it white.

For real? Last time I was in Ching Chong Town in 2014 people were talking about how some guy was sleeping on a bench and got stabbed to death. If that was the workers protecting their hive then that's pretty BASED. Going to keep that in mind for when my beautiful H'wite suburb starts turning into downtown LA in 10 years.

dont know how you can stand living in los angeles proper. im just outside of the valleys and even from here i can feel the taint oozing out from los angeles.

Super nice tents, nice weather. Problem? This is low stress living sans the shame that comes with it.

.t Spent a few years in rural KY living in a trailer with no running water as a kid.

What a shithole.

because it's mostly a direct quote of william luther pierce


So many women. I guess if you want to pay $10 for some herpes you can just bike on down to miracle mile on any workday and get in line.

Do you think those women would have been happier as loving house wives?


Got out of work the other day, (CA Coastal town, shopping plaza) and a bum was just tweaking out, conglomerating a pile of trash just going "Yeah, fuck yeah".

2 weeks before that some lady sleeping in front of the door; calling me a loser from underneath her fleece blanket on a cold 8am morning.

None of the boomers care, same people begging with signs for gas month in, month out, and even when you give them food (only for christmas time), they just ask for money still anyways.

It's not just poor economic practice the moral fabric around me is rotting away every fucking day while all the white kids get their culture browbeat at University everyday by ugly fat mexican whores with nose rings and undermined by mousy bay area jews who preach the "we white people", "Oh Im jewish not white" bullshit we all know about.

Pray for me my chan family it's only going to get crazier for me once the counter assault goes into full effect in the weeks to come.

That's impossible. Hollywood is filled with the most compassionate and generous people on the planet so if there were homeless people in California they would give them a free basic income with healthcare and handjobs.

It's also the problem of every other state sending them over to us in buses. Either because they are cheap/lazy shits who don't want to deal with their own problems or because they know it never freezes here in winter. Or both. For every one we send to Portland or Nevada, they each send one back and Idaho sends another five. There's no keeping up with it.

I think we should test everyone in the state without a home address for opioids, and if they test positive (((McKesson))) pays for their food/housing for life.

They used to, every marijuana harvest season.

Maybe in Compton or Eagle Rock.

Actually, that's the 'good' homeless neighborhood, the one that is majority whites and much safer overall. Interesting the youtuber chose this location instead of the far more general area of Skid Row, filled with block after block of niggers.

Sounds to me like there are simply too many people.

I've got friends who live in California and on their social media they bang on about how nobody likes Trump so don't blame them because they didn't vote for him. Yet here and other places online, I see how bad the homeless problem is in Cali and that the state is not going to help ICE either. Do the locals not see the problems all around them?

Those stronk, indepyndynts are perfectly happy fighting the patriarchy right where they are.