Happy invasion day

The boys and girls of Antipodean Resistance have been busy bees today.

Some of our work we did today. We managed to post around 800-900 of these bad boys around kike Melbourne.

Congratz, I hope you were careful with the fingerprints and the microdot printers.

Any salt yet?
(heil'd and checked)

It's too early so we will find out tomorrow or later.


Please don't be such a newfag or at least hide it better. Lefty tears; weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

How about using chalk? Or adding razors to the back of the paper like they did in Germany?


your type will be the first on dotr.

< like they did in germany

This is the definition of controlled oposition. You guys are ammunition for the left's hysteria regarding the extreme right. This behavior is degenerate and counter productive for mainly two reasons:
1)You are glorifying cruelty and violence that served your ancestors little in the past and does not benefit your people today. Slavery is a sub optimal system of production and we are the leaders of the world because we realized that.
2) Some actions of our ancestors are not morally justifiable and are simply degenerate behavior that is being glorified for no reason.
This kind of behavior is only usefull if it is done from an accelerationist perspective, but i doubt that you understand what it even means.

Dubs checked.

It's also punching down, because Australia's problem is sponsoring real African niggers and the East Asian diaspora (not a few drunk black incestuous speedbumps) who are
- not going to give the slightest shit about "First Nations" crap
- able to use this to justify further anti-"racist" measures

Also, not mentioning the kike and expecting praise from Holla Forums

I agree with but for a different reason.
Nobody will look at these posters and think "WTF I hate Africans now". It just makes you fit into their stereotype of a dumb ebil racist who hates Africans.

Nice try but you guys have radicalized yourselves by shutting out the real world and normal people and their experiences, taking away a practical perspective you need to reach out to people, almost in the same manner as the blue haired commie sluts sperging about privilege and in doing so you've lost your ability to meme effectively and get your message across without confirming negative stereotypes about fascists/white nationalists/nat socs, perpetuated by the ZOG and NWO kikes.

You are being somewhat counterproductive here, the only way these sorts of messages are good is if you WANT to trigger a race war in melbourne, which makes no sense as boongs are a tiny minority not capable of organising while africans and lebs run rampant in close-knit gangs, so yeah, good job you fuckin spergs, post something like this next time if you're gonna make posters and throw in a link to a website or whatever if you must.

I don't agree with your tactics, but shit, 800-900 posters got posted by you guys? That's pretty impressive. Regardless of how the people here think of your message, that's a huge success in organizing.

You guys need to remember how completely over-run Australia is by the extreme feminist left. I'm a leaf and I think theirs is the only country cucked harder than ours. OP's efforts might not have the best optics, but doesn't Australia really need SOME pushback? These guys have pulled that off fairly well it seems.

We need far-right discussion as a bulwark against far-left discussion. If they dominate politics, and far-right discussion stops happening, then those who used to be moderate-right are suddenly the right-wingers with the most extreme opinions. Gotta win the culture war first, bruv.

This is superficial and weak. We should seek what is higher, not lower my friend. This kind of behavior is not intellectual. You are offending your ancestors and gods by behaving like this.

brilliant digits, im so happy to see Melbourne being hit with this. Heil!

Yeah pretty much this. Triggering just for the sake of triggering doesn't make much sense. All you are going to have is more media outrage and virtue signalling in social media about how backwards we still supposedly are.

I'd aim at a more subsersive message that appeals to all the normies who agree with a lot of the stuff we do but keep it to themselves.

There hasn't been a real and legitimate right wing movement here probably ever. We've only ever had advocates encouraging us to play second fiddle to Britain or America, and socialist pro worker parties. The mentality of the rabble populace being consistently oppressed by some sort of "crown" figure is pretty much the only constant in our history, save those times when it was considered GOOD COMMON SENSE to exclude non British foreigners from the country. In my experience Aussies get very upset when the natural order is violated in a way that imposes on them, but we rarely form mobs with any semblance of lasting impact. We're in a bad position down here and it's hard to see how it could be improved. I'm willing to stand corrected on all this, of course, but something like the OPs poster campaign will go down like a lead balloon as there no latent love for some historical ethnic identity like there is in the US. Most Aussies see the subject of race and are in a hurry to distance themselves from it.

I love this country, but I don't have a lot of hope for it.

No body is falling for your tricks.

^ this.
Pic somewhat related.

The left makes cannon fodder out of anything it can. You can't base your moves entirely on the far-left counterattacking.

I will however say that I'm not sure that the message was productive. I would have liked to see a proud white guy with a proud white message. Pretty sure everyone knows abos are worthless, even if they don't admit it to themselves.

It's like a hunter taking a pic with his foot on a rabbit. If it's not a lion / elephant / something large, it's not impressive.

Edgy far right groups are useful because they make the milder and sensible nationalists/immigration restrictionists seem more moderate by comparison.

Noice work
t. Burger

Truth. Their purpose is to make ass fools of right-wingers.

But this cannot be prevented - it's an ASIO operation.

Instead, we must be worldly-wise, and see their tool, and use it against them. You can't argue to ASIO that they should change their operation!

And so, we must amplify the worst elements of the communist agenda. As it illuminates the core of their being they can hardly call it a false flag, but then not denounce. All we have to do is underscore that they don't denounce, hammer it home. So, again:

1. False flag, placing forward the true beliefs of the commies (sicko stuff - they're fucking sick eg, they want to rape & kill white teenage girls)
3. Meanwhile ignore their talk about how it was a false flag. Who cares? They have been baited into this, and their true positions are highlighted, keep hammering home that they refuse to denounce the false flag message.

This. OP is not redpilling anyone and only creating a bigger boogyman for the left.

Probably a nazbol faggot. Putting mr skeletal on what appears to be a poster blaming whites for slavery just screams "HEY RABBI".

I'm not one to argue with well-reasoned dubs, but have you considered that "the left's hysteria" is one of our greatest weapons? We joke about chaos, but it genuinely has given our side the inside line to momentum. Every, if you will, hysterical overreaction the left demonstrates only positions them more and more as the lame losers no normie wants to be associated with. I'm convinced that 3-edgy-5-you stuff is what's winning Gen Z.

The states only took in 1% of the "Aferican Slave" trade yet its pushed as if the States started the slave trade. The U.S also ended slavery that benefited the Irish and asians more-so then the afericans. You and your women lead ideas are only helping the ones you say you are fighting.

I don't know who the "you" you're referring to is, nigger-grammar-user, but I had nothing to do with this campaign. I actually agree it was strategically foolish, but it's worth remembering the value of chaos for its own sake. Sometimes it's good to whack the nest with a stick to start a buzz and see where things go.

This poster campaign, for example, promotes the message that whites are natural rulers, that our prosperity is far more important than nonwhites' lives, and that shits are such subhumans we were actually doing them a favor by enslaving them. That naturally segues into a discussion of how much niggers are currently costing the almost exclusively white taxpayers, and then on to a hilarious demand for reparations from nogs.

If I had been consulted prior to these posters going up, I would have urged against them. Indeed, at first glance into this thread I was briefly worried Holla Forums had learned how to meme*. Thankfully, it seems to have just been either an overly enthusiastic gaggle of Ozzie cunts, or a Soros-funded false flag. Either way, we're safe. I just think it's funny to give complacent lefties in Poz-stralia a good heave from time to time. Keep them nervous.

*Pic related is an authentic Holla Forums meme. Handle with caution and take anti-cancer precautions.

op is an ASIO (assland spy) operative. This is a thread to "prove" it's "the Holla Forums hacker" so ASIO can get their assets (aka the media, which are owned by them), to push for the banning of Holla Forums.

But, I want to make this clear. I am quite happy for Australia to descend into African & Muslim violence. Aussies were not our allies, and therefore may reap the fucking rewards.

So why exactly is the white man a skeltal? Did you not think of the symbolism first? Or maybe you did and thats why you posted it here as proof

While this could have been done better and reeks a bit of controlled opposition. PRcucks need to realize that it's about controlling the dialogue as pic related describes. The left does it all the time which is why everything done and said is reactionary, and the blackpills have a grand time as we slowly and slowly lose. The IOTBW and MBMC campaigns are already pretty telling of how much people have drank the kool aid. And while they were victories in a sense, more could have been done with a little change in something. Can't really pin my finger on what though.

This. Next time have images of schools, hospitals, churches. If you want to really trigger some Lefties even feature images of your white ancestors taking the shackles off of the slaves, giving them clothes, bibles, medicine, or saving some Abo from the myriad fearsome beasts that lurk down-under.

I think that there is actually a section of Holla Forumsacks who are genuinely edgy imbeciles who think we are 'evil' and align with us because they want to be 'bad boys'. Go kill yourselves. Holla Forums is righteousness incarnate, we are fighting the devil and his children; and our weapon is truth. We are about as 'good' as they come.

Do note that if you're showing your ancestor's kindness to blacks/abos, you want to be doing it with the same headline of 'invasion/conquest: we're not sorry'. The idea would be to show the truth that our ancestors saved these ignorant savages from countless threats and that they should be glorified, not vilified. You do not actually want to be pushing a message of racial-unity, so it might be better to avoid such images all together and just focus on the schools/churches/hospitals/etc with no darkies involved.

Not too keen on normalising the leftist term "invasion day", but the salt mining potential is there.

I find it funny, and some others will too, but I feel like this is bad propaganda for centrists, whether that be politically or socially. It's too blunt and shocking and seems to me to be the kind of thing that would strengthen their position opposite what the poster intends. I say that through personal experience having that reaction to the mounds of forced propaganda from the left that I've come across. It always gives me a revolting reaction because I'm already positioned on the right, and thus I feel more solidified in my position than ever. I feel like appeals to emotion and victimization work a lot better as propaganda, because the defensive urge/feeling is manipulated into being in favor of your cause.

All of that aside, because I don't really care about the moral issues, I think this form of propaganda is especially terrible because we are an altruistic people. This poster campaign would be better if it showed whites as slaves and evoked a sense of altruism in favor of whites (you'll note they explicitly avoid showing whites as victims in education and media). Rather, the common person will either see this and shrug it off, or sense victimization on the part of the negro and their altruism will be in favor of the negro, slightly pushing them more socially left. This to me looks like the kind of thing Holla Forums would think up. At face value it looks "right-wing," but the subconscious response favors "left-wing" positions.

Is Ghost involved with this?

are you guys an asio honeypot? How many people in the antipoodean resistance are working with asio?

I mean if you really wanted to meme why didn't you take a page out of the IOTBW campaign. It's becoming evident you idiots aren't from around here.

the poster doesn't even make any fucking sense. Our real issue is the Ape-x nogs. Even abbos here hate them.

ASIO go home, you aren't even half as good as the glow in the dark niggers that fuck you up the ass on a nightly basis

For those about to Fash… We salute you.

faggot controlled opposition.


My only issue is the connotation that you enslaved them (the rope thing/slave imagery in the first pic). You guys didn't do that right? You conquered the land, slayed those creatures which barely look human(oid?), and let a few live for science/retarded reasons. Ultimately leading to letting them exist next to you (like the Boers and their shitty Africans via Aparthied).
Well, if your group can accept that imagery, perfect, you're super nationalistic (you effectively went from step 1 to step 10). If not, it might make it harder to go from step 1 to step 2 (or 4 to 5, where ever you guys are).


Fuck PR, this was the right thing to do.

Good job. Come and do it in Sydney too.

user is correct. It won't work - it's so over the top that it is funny and it's already been memory holed - no salt in the media or kikebook - even antifa didn't see any of the posters. Which makes me wonder if it was really just some dumb hard working kids, the ABC should have been lapping this up by now if it was a sting.


Australia day the anniversary of 1788 when Australia become a British colony for dumping convicts to become white slaves. No war of independence, no treaty, just a constitution agreed to by a foreign queen.
No freedom fought for, no freedom to celebrate. No right to bear arms or defend yourself, no freedom of speech. We have deadly snakes here an its illegal to kill snakes.

Snakes have more rights than people here.

Unfortunately Australia need to descend into African and Muslim violence, before it wakes up to see its self cucked and half replaced. Then things will get interesting.

Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

welcome to europa motherfuckers

Controlled opposition or complete moron.

How about poster with Jews owning Slaves ?

That would have been a good idea.

Noooo Just give them more reason to hate us all.

Look like I'm not alone… KIKE


really atomizes your apples doesn't it?🤔

Damnit Ezra when you make it this obvious the goy won't buy it!

Slavery is a Jewish institution.


Natives had no concept of borders, how was it an invasion?

Really rustles the almonds that the jews had niggers to Middle-Eastern countries castrated but muh altruism or whites didn't know or couldn't bear to have that done to lowly niggers made it so while over in the Middle-East there is no negro that asks for gibs but over here there isn't a day asking doesn't occur.

Oh how the times have changed…

Fuck yes good job.

Ignore everyone saying "bad idea do X instead" you took action and got almost 1k flyers up. You have officially shown more leadership than everyone bitching in this thread. I fully support you.

Pay attention to how jews do it. A ton of them take actual action for whatever cause is on their mind. Plenty are shit, but it doesn't matter because so many are consistently taking action. Throw enough shit at the wall and some will stick. Get it?

And another thing - when they get together, they're usually pretty supportive of each other's shit ideas. Because it takes very little effort to praise and encourage someone to keep giving it 100%, instead of demoralizing them which is what you are collectively doing when you shit on each other's ideas. jews encourage the shit out of each other and it has a very real effect.

Again, if you have an idea that you think will help the cause, make it happen. And stop tearing down other people's actions. These guys did something real today, and there could be hidden payoffs you haven't thought of. You have a better idea? Then fucking do it and post 2000 flyers so we can see the results.

hello fbi


get out

Good work, Antipodeans. May I suggest using "Conquest Day" next time instead of "Invasion Day" for extra salt.

Hello FBI

FYI these guys lie about almost everything and heavily exaggerate their "achievements".

They are spergs bragging about holding back right wing ideology and perpetuating stereotypes created by kikes to demonise us, there are far more effective organisations in australia trying to build a movement with far more intelligent cunts running it than sperglord-central AR, who are all gonna get arrested one day when they encourage a gullible retard in their ranks to go on a shooting spree (and he'll probably wind up only killing whites too considering the low IQ of these guys.).

Ironic shitposting is STILL shitposting.

Please name one of these "more effective organisations"
inb4 it's a meeting place of 5 faggots no one has ever heard of.

The only problem with slavery was that it brought niggers to white countries. Those niggers should have had their balls cut off before being shipped here, KKK

Wow that poster is peak autism. It has no message, it openly endorses violence and makes us look like the crazy cartoon stereotype the media portrays us as. (Which a lot of us might be - but still.) They couldn't have dropped a red pill? They had to grand stand like a bunch of edgy autists.

You forget that try as we might half of the people here are like 17. So they see shit like this and their natural angst makes them think this does something for us - when in reality it sets us back by leaps and bounds.


Those cuttings on their chests are traditional apologies to the spirits of the people they have killed.
Well done, you found a picture of an arrested war party.

But I like being the monster under the bed. What greater joy is there to make someone shit their pants by simply looking at a picture? The more time spent cleaning the shit from their ass cheeks, the less time is spent fighting the truth. I say, push on. You must find the brown note of memes. You're so very close.

You could also push the line of what if the Japs, Indonesians, or later on the Chinese had got here first instead. They all wish they had, and no one would be better off if they did.

I blame the mods on this site for enabling this.

They non-stop banned anyone who supported Enoch during his dox, and yet they allow this thread to go up without editing in some, or even outright banning it.

The totenkopf head into the colonial figure just reeks of left wing attempt at making a meme. It just seems off, trying too hard, paints us as evil so blatantly, it's too obvious.

Dubs speak truth.

This is a baseless meme and outright lie pushed by kikes and their shills.
The point of the posters is to ENRAGE and get people TALKING.
Now why don't arm chair activists do something useful and JOIN THE FIGHT.