"Will whites be a minority?"

"Will whites be a minority?"

They are already a minority. Really makes you think the Brazil has more whites than even Germany and gap will only grow wider.

Go back where you came from, cur.

Nice argument, sure showed me.

They are not, expect to be hung from a lamppost in the next few decades, Chaim.

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If 12% of the world population, which is probably just 3-5% (excluding South Americans, Middle East and Mediterraneans, which you guys don't consider white regardless of how they look), then how few do you have to have to be considered a minority?

We can always fill the "latino/hispanic" box from now on. We preserve our genes and strike a fatal now on ZOG

Whites have been a world minority for pretty much ever.
You didn't bring it into to world, you brought it to country/nation scale, you slimy worm.

Has the percentage of whites ever been so low, compared to the total world population?

OP your numbers are wrong
whites were less than 8% of the world population as early as 2013


I always hear this but i went and checked for myself, Europeans and Diaspora make up over a billion they are just spread out over four continents getting swamped by shitskins. If we had a Hitler that would unite the white race into a lebensraum we would probably outnumber the Chinese.

No, and it's pointless.

What, did you think it wasn't obvious enough your thread wasn't bait in the first place? Also, non-whites have always been the overall majority of the world's population. I don't know why you think pointing out that whites are a minority is a revelation or something. It's always been that way.

This thread is gaaaaarbaaaaaaage.
And OP is a faaaaaaaaaaag.

Those numbers can't be accurate. Russia and Belarus have a (very small) positive growth rate of 1.75 - 1.9 (depending on the source).

Check the population proportions from 1900. No, it hasn't always been this way.
In 1980, "feed the world" (((charity))) happened. From the massive influx of funds siphoned off the public of Europe and the US, africa's population went from 400 million in 1980, to 800 million in 2005.
Doubled in only 25 years.
During the same time period, Europe's population barely changed.
Similar levels of bacterial replication have occurred in india and china, to a lesser extent in south america.

Yea Brazilian """"""whites"""""".


What the fuck Lithuania? How can you lose almost 40% of your population over 30 years?

One of the world's highest suicide rates. Being white must suck a lot.

white birthrates are the problem. nobody wants more shitskins

No, for the the simple fact that, if the nation-building people, a folk, a race, falls below 50% of the "state population", then this nation will fragment itself and it will fall apart. A recent example is the Soviet Union, which at its height had a population of ~300 million, 150 of which were Russians, thus Russians as the glue of this multi-ethnic empire(?) ceased to exist. If Whites become a minority, like 40-50%, then shitskins will lose gibs and if aggressions start then Whites will drive them out of Europe. Even if there is a massive quantitative advantage, Whites will win because they have a higher IQ. It is impossible that we'll lose. The only problem is that until this happens we have to endure fucked up conditions and cuckery that is all around us. It's a shitty feeling. Also random shitskins are roaming the streets and you have to pay attention.

I meant that Russians weren't strong enough to hold the SU together, not that Russians ceased to exist, lol.

Unlike niggers whites generally dont make children if they cannot take care of them. combine that with people leaving for a better life elsewhere you're going to lose a lot of people

So they make no children, LOL

It's "hanged"

You niggers really need to get your grammar right for that word

What do you expect from a guy so deluded he thinks whites will be able to do ANYTHING a few decades from now?

A single white is worth more than 100k niggers or Arabs tbh .

If whites are so superior, why they are willingly letting themselves be replaced en mass?

Implying they have had a fair choice in the matter.

Cry more, near-extinction animal.

Kike population is way smaller than white and they are having even worse reproduction problems.
Shitskins numbers literally do not matter because their quality of individual is piss poor. If white displacement weren't state sanctioned by kike governments and whites hadn't been psyoped over the last 80 years, we had populated the planet and moved on to the stars.
But a united white psyche is stirring again on a global scale like the world has yet to see. Consider the last century a kickup in our eventual destint.

Kikes don't racemix :^)

Now youre just trolling.

this is why nobody takes Holla Forums seriously