AT&T called for an “Internet Bill of Rights”

AT&T called for an “Internet Bill of Rights”

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Two views:
By making a formal law regarding "The Internet Bill of Rights" formal laws (of this form/about what you say) begin to form concretely for the internet. Previously, it was just up to what the company who owned the website decided. Now, you're giving the government precedent for influencing discourse on the net. Is that different from now? Is that better than having just the companies have control? Who knows.
The other perspective is, if this is going to be a "Bill of Rights", it'd better have that hate speech crap that impedes on the real 1st Ammendment removed.

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More like internet bill of regulations.

yeah this will surely work…..

You could have said the same thing about free speech and the constitution. The constitution was about limiting government for the sake of the people, this is about limiting corporations for the sake for the people.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are so vast and so deep State connected they might as well be government already. These laws, though enforced by the government would be a beneficial protection for The People. Not unlike the constitution.

But you probably already know that and that’s probably why you saged, tor-shill-san.

Ask an AT&T employee if they don't consider suicide at least once a week, though. The company incentivizes fucking people over. Retail store employees get a commission that is three times the cost of whatever they discretely stick you with, and they get it on the very next paycheck to cut. Then AT&T bitches at phone support for crediting back all of the bullshit charges, and will fire people for spending too much time un-fucking your shit and giving you back your money.

It's mindblowing that people view the struggle between gov't and corporate power as anything that leads to our well-being. Just because Trump is president doesn't mean the labyrinthine processes of business or government are in our favor. Support what's good and oppose what's bad, don't play sides for the sake of another group because they might throw you a bone. People are demoralized because they forget this isn't some clear-cut issue. That was totally the point of the constitution, as user said.

AT&T is based now? God. What next?! Is Comcast gonna name the jew? What dimension is this?

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Are you an idiot? How can you call me a shill if all I said was the possible interpretations of the situation (which you seem to agree with). Is it merely because I saged? I always sage, it's just habit since I don't deem my posts worthy of bumping.
tl;dr sage is not a downvote (go to a different forum if you want that)


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Really lots of companies are like this.


These corps have long been arms of the state anyway, pretending that government ops are the free market and thus need protection from regulation is prime retardation.

If this happened and they moved offshore, they could probably be cut off from the US+proxies. Blocking smaller or niche websites (i.e. bad goy websites) at the national level doesn't work, but if Google or Kikebook were blocked in the US they would be fucked.

This is exactly what we need.

Soulless CEOs dont care about ideology.

If you work at AT&T you need to get promoted to store manager and then into operations or network, Thats where some very valuable information is. Remember to "embrace diversity" speak the company lingo like a cuck and network. Be proactive and promote what you do well without being cocky. Create an entire fake persona like a spy would. That will get you promoted quickly and get you access. Hurry, because ATT is shutting down its company owned stores and then it will be much harder to get in later on unless you have a wireless network degree.

Good idea.

Something needs to be done with Internet providers FIRST.
AT&T DirecTV merger promised WLL to Rural America (few years ago) where there is no Landline High Speed (DSL) or Broadband (Fiber) available, mostly in Red States Mind you, leaving Rural Americans getting their News from MSM.
The Obamz giving monies to expansion was smoke, as providers took the cash and used it towards clustered together "New" or existing home developments that fell in Rural areas, the spread out or strung down the road homes, many that had DSL in early 2000's, but providers weakened the signal to provide to Towns near Hubs instead, have seen no Internet for the last 10 years.
Note; Cellular Signals are also weak or no coverage in Rural areas, and "unlimited" (not) plans are only for smartphones, not Wifi Hot-Spots. (And Satellite Internet providers are a Scam)

We need fewer laws, evenly enforced. Laws are only a cudgel used against whites when jews are in power. A few bad elections and we'd lose everything.

Everything telecom is broadband, get your terminology right.

The sim card is the same for the 4g wifi hotspot and the phone, now you know, make the people that need it know.

protip: if they give you a sim that's too big/small there are cutters that will cut it the perfect shape or adapters for the bigger sizes.

Free expression is a human right. If someone is violating your right to expressing yourself, then they're violating your human rights. Let's not be retarded and pretend that Facebook and Twitter don't have a monopoly on internet discourse. You can't enslave someone because it's violating their right to life - why can you block someone's right to free expression on an entire platform?

TY, High Speed and Broadband are speeds defined differently by GOV now?
Was just labeling delivery method, copper vs fiber, copper (phone lines) that exists but lacks the "boosters" to push the High Speed DSL signal, and Fiber which has to be laid to provide Broadband Speeds.
"FCC; …broadband Internet download speed at 25 megabits per second…" Lower than that is considered High Speed?
Even if someone tweaks/tricks a wifi hot-spot (which has its own phone number and contract) the unlimited plans are throttled down to snail pace after 20 gigs for smart phones, so no RoKu, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, streaming or on demand.
Then factor in 3X the cost verses landline plans.
So what are Rural America Red States to do?

"Free expression doesn't include hate speech" this is how 90% of population thinks. Welcome to the neofeudal age of bootlicker

So is this because of Soros's speech against FB?

This guy gets it.
More power to the state only leads to more discrimination and abuse. Fundamental modus operandi of teh date: state HAS NO OBLIGATION to enforce the laws. You can't jail policeman or senator if there are criminals breaking the laws running around unpunished. So if law codex invades everything and "makes everyone criminal" by the word of the law it means infinite power to invade any area of the life. State simply "enforces the law" fro people (white people) state doesn't like and make their life insufferable and ignores law violations by people they like.

Be very, VERY cautious of any attempt to enlarge the government's range of jurisdiction. They could be plotting something for when/if the next Democrat comes to power. It might sound reasonable now, but think about how a Democrat president could exploit it.

They know the internet has frustrated their plans to such an extreme degree… they will be trying to find a way to crack down on it. They have to, because the alternative is to end up as decorative ornament for streetlamps.

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