Trump Says He Will Apologize If Asked For Retweeting Anti-Muslim Videos from British Far-Right Group

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Since this type of shit would die down either way (after all, no one remembers events 2 months in the past, usually), is there any reason for Trump to actually address it? Wouldn't just letting it die/ignoring it suffice? That way, it's left in darkness as to what his views are on the muslim's invasion of the UK.

It's hilarious how still not a single mainstream outfit has denied the validity of the videos - they've just gas lighted the source and called it "racist" and other made up isms. If he cucks on this boys - you shouldn't vote for him again.

This nigger needs to get his act together.
I'm about done with his bullshit.

Kill yourself defeatist faggot


It's from his Piers Morgan interview.

If it was ideas/plans, I might agree, but it's about a quote of what he said. Also, it seems you just got


If it was ideas/plans, I might agree, but it's about a quote of what he said. Also, it seems you just got


Someone mind reporting the duplicate?

He's using this as a shield for his next move. Just watch, shills about to be gtfo'd

What's his next move?

Ending foreign aid to Palestine

Already cut 65 of 125 billion today in Davos

Bunch of faggots

While I love the concept of telling a bunch of Sand Apes to suck pavement.
>Inb4 we give 65 billion more in foreign aid to our (((greatest ally)))

I mean, its not like you're supported by an obviously ethnocentric 95% White base ri-Oh wait NEVER FUCKING MIND!

_Men: 21.42% of Trump vote - 34% of Total Vote
_Women: 19.61% of Trump vote - 37% of Total Vote
TOTAL: 41.03% of Trump vote - 71% of Total Vote

_Men: 00.65% of Trump vote - 5% of Total Vote
_Women: 00.28% of Trump vote - 7% of Total Vote
TOTAL: 00.93% of Trump vote - 12% of Total Vote

_Men: 01.65% of Trump vote - 5% of Total Vote
_Women: 01.56% of Trump vote - 6% of Total Vote
TOTAL: 03.21% of Trump vote - 11% of Total Vote

_Both: 01.92% of Trump vote - 6% of Total Vote


Why not end foreign aid to Israel instead, given they get much much more?
Nobody cares, Jew.

call me when he cuts aid to Isreal. Then I'll join the based 4D chess group.

You're unlikely to get that call anytime soon.

For… What? He did the same thing with the pussy grabbing tape, you know. He "apologized" but never specifically mentioned for what. And then he went on to flip the topic to Hillary's misconduct. This is another setup.



unless he apologizes, then the shitshow begins


works too, an insincere apology is not an apology. Would love him to work this the same way as he did with the 'grab em by the pussy' comments.

non-issue, but I like how he phrase it

you optics 4D chess faggots need to fuck off. Imagine if people pulled this shit with past presidents, you could make Onigger look like Hitler.
Trump could suck kike dick live on TV and you homos would defend it.

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If the trumpcucks on here supported obama.
obama calls the king of jews chickenshit
Now fuck off you trumpcuck.

At least you were able to hold the Freudian slip of calling him Drumpf. You can fuck off now.

I understand reading comprehension skills aren't a top priority on /r/the_zionald but here we have a higher standard. Fuck off back there if you want to stroke kike dick.

You're not very good at this

Hey, what would you do if you were a soyboy and physically couldn't stop thinking of Jamal's cock, like that (((anonymous user)))?

probably an hero with as much of the fad as possible

Yep, same probably.

What if the Jewish penis in question is BASED like my fellow DACApedes!

Would ya kindly answer my question, are you autistic enough to post the in the exact same style as much as I think you do, or is it a bunch of people posting from a script?

We have IDs you dumb nigger

Come on now, don't be retarded. We both know what I'm talking about.

I won't. You're plenty retarded for the both of us.

What happened? Where are we about to win big? Shills were laying low for a surprisingly long number of days there and are out in force again.

Feels good man.

1488D chess. I dare you to give me (you)'s, shill faggots, 'cause you ain't getting any.

Hahahaha. BF is a Zionist controlled op headed by a Jewish tranny.

I'll give you a (you).
And I'll risk being banned to write this red pill.
This leaves two options.
1. Trump doesn't check who he's retweeting (unlikely)
2. Trump deliberately signal boosted a Zionist group to give it the color of legitimacy.
>t…they must be (((based))) if God Emperor is retweeting them!

how long before BLM endorsement?

Obama was a full blown jew
gtfo retard

He did not and does not have to do these things but does them anyway.


Say it with me, folks!


You sound mad Mordecai from endchan

208 votes total. This is so accurate and a strawpoll everyone cares about

Tell me. What do you think the accurate percentages would be? Would Trump's base support or oppose this plan if signed into law?


If they removed the stuff about letting illegal immigrants stay after 10 - 12 years they would get more people voting yes.

What is it with you and worshipping polls like results automatically dictate reality? Is it because you want it to remind you of Pure Democracy? You thought Hillary had a 99% chance to win, didn't you?

Yeah, it's too much for the base and too weak for the senate democrats to play ball over. It's only value as a proposition is virtue signalling, which Trump's been doing a lot of this week.

Im not from the US. So I find the idea of letting criminals get away with crimes if they are good for 10 - 12 years absolutely bizarre and stupid.

I dont know how anyone could ever agree with that?

Its like saying if someone breaks in to your house, you forgive them because they refuse to leave for 12 years.

That meant to say i11egal immigrants
Gay ass word filter.

They claimed it was fake because the guy thrown off a building was in a different country than Britain or something like that. They picked some non-issue on the side and said the whole thing never happened because of it.

The part of the poll that says "Only Trump voters responded to this poll." is all in your head. That part doesn't exist and never did. In three years you're going to need stronger medication for your Trump induced despair.

illegal immigrants
illegal aliens

The good thing about Trump is that if he fucks up his family business will be fucked too

>again its something Trump might do




This is pretty accurate.

They are horrible racist people. They are not good at what they do. Some would even say they are phonies.

Trump is amplifying the story. More people will watch the video because of this.

This is a CIA agent operating (note how his purpose is not to increase the welfare of the White Man):

thats a big "if" he threw in there.

Every time he has done stuff like this before, he's up to something, but now he's caving in? I doubt it.
1. He's raising the profile again, after (((MSM))) memoryholed it.
2. He appears conciliatory (UK Prime Minister May likely explicitly asked him for an apology)
3. He hasn't apologized, he said I would if you want me to.
4. He is in the viper's pit at Davos so is charming them with a tune.
5. He knows if they pull a false flag now his bases are already covered.
6. If a false flag happens he can say "Oh look, maybe those people aren't racists, they're right!" (Remember the "Look at Sweden." uproar?)

It's all about amplification. People will start to get curious about the video. Keep it in the news. More news items. They see it as beneficial: more hits on Drumpf!!1 but he is channeling those attacks toward muslims.

If I support his proposal because I understand exactly what he is doing with it but I do not support the citizenship of 1.8 million illegals so theres then there is no clear option for me to pick.

GCHQ operator:

You are so fucking delusional

CIA agent (not the irrationality, unnecessary hostility):

Every. Single. Time.

They're not even trying anymore.

perhaps he is, but how many times has this pattern occurred?

this is why I tend to ignore the first days of any happening. If it's still going after that, probably gonna pay some attention to it.


They are trying to intimidate now :^)

But yes, they are losing. There is an ongoing CIA operation which attempts to embed thoughts of suicide in whites, generally, but particularly WN. The CIA is actively involved in killing and raping and cannibalizing and torturing white women. They literally sell sex slaves, and do every kind of vile thing, and this is a fact.

Cool dubs.

A better analogy would be:

(who knows what happens next)

thank you based anti-racist surrounded-by-jews fascist man 1488 my brother

I suppose it's how you look at it. In all it's a relatively minor affair, the good thing about all these "controversies" is that the (white) public may eventually get weary of the medias feigned outrage

Exactly the only way to win is to totally capitulate

Must be pretty hard when you lose all the time. 1 year now.
Imagine how triggered and resigned you will be after 8.
Face it. Your lefty leaders are too stupid and the followers too brainwashed to quickly react to his maneuvering around your commie asses.

It's not so much anythingD chess as him just brushing it off.

Nigger gonna nigger.

it's official, they have dirt on him and are black mailing him. he's never cucked before and now he's cucking constantly.

Do you retards not understand this petty bullshit gets his original message back in the news? Why do you think he does this all the freaking time? The media reee's about this for the week, it distracts them, and gets his message out.

Found the big brained nibba. We do this every other week. I want to genocide all you retards. It's being latched onto as a D&C method. Remember the TRUMP IS CUCKING ON IMMIGRATION?!

You also forget the storm front retards that we get here that sperg out over jews, like they thought Trump was literally going to make a holocaust happen.


Trump always was a vanilla left-leaning neocon, but the commies jumped the shark. Trump is literally positioned more to the left than any elected prez in history, other than Obama. Left of Obama? LITERALLY HITLER!

Immigration and international trade protection, on and on like this, with international issues, are not even liberal/conservative, and they're not even libertarian/communist. Only Fascism takes a strong protectionist stance, in favor of its people. The rest, liberal, conservative, libertarian, communist, are ambivalent when it comes to international concerns, and this makes sense, because those ideologies were born out of national experience. Fascism was born out of recognition of an international problem.

How quaint. It appears all the memes of if you kill your enemy, you win have infected Holla Forums to the point of believing it. I guess it comes with the territory when a group puts a person as its figurehead, thus putting the person before their desires/ideals.

Ive had it up to here with this 4D chesscuckery, what a bunch of goddamn useful idiots. We wanted the man elected as a stepping stone, not the messiah to be revered next to hitler you newfag fools. Even hitler himself had some flaws in his reich. We need to be critical of everything a leader figure does or we can just as easily have the wool pulled over our eyes.

trump isin't goddamn tzeentch and if he suddenly were to smash syria and hand the smoking ruins over to israel as a token of goodwill the next thing I would read on this now godforsaken board is "4D chess hes going to spread the kikes thin to make it easier for mudslimes to do damage"
I'm tired of it all, this cult of personality is attracting unironic T_D whebbitors to come shit up this board.

the 4D chess cucks are quite annoying, yes.

but so is everyone complaining about it, since it's not about Trump, it was NEVER about Trump. When given the choice between 2 options (Hillary or Trump) I'd say going with the one that shifts the level of discourse to a point where you have people running for US elections openly naming the Jew in the media on Twitter, the funniest one.

Your heads so far up your own ass you’re seeing glow-in-the-dark CIAniggers in your own fucking shit.

Fucking this. I still remember back during the election all the chessfaggots were saying “wait until after he’s elected to criticize him”. We can see exactly how that turned out. All these literal MAGApede redditniggers need to fuck right off

i hope you suck start a shotgun very soon

Not trying to blackpill but thats how it feels alot of the times.

Trump wants to be Reagen, however his people want him to be Rockwell. I think he must have realized that to a degree and so is trying to be le based MAGApede reagen cuckservative.

Britain first is the UKs equivalent to evangelicons, they're bootlicking boomer controlled opposition.

But, see, people like you are missing the point. Obviously, he was the lesser of two evils (like every other election). So, people who cry out the old "I'm a cruz missle/should've voted for hillary" shit, are a bunch of fucking morons. He is already elected, and what matters is what he does now. I could care less if his rhetoric made him seem good during the elections, all that did was lead to voting for him and hoping for him, what matters (as actual president) is what he does, not what he said he'd do (otherwise, the same could be done for other presidents. E.g. Hope & Change, can you believe it? Hope & Change, coming your way. It didn't change the fact that, even for his nigger allies he didn't bring much hope or change).

Just like the esoteric immigrants, right? 😐😐😐😐

I get your point and I'm not really in any disagreement. But I've seen post after post after post from people who are way too emotionally invested in Trump from both sides, whenever he does something odd or the media tells us he has done something.

Remember the Syrian airfield? Days of kvetching about how he sold out, how he's gonna start WW3, etc. How did that turn out? And why, after all of that, would I expect this apology shit to be any different? In the grand scheme of things, it's irrelevant.

So my point is, it's hard to take any of this seriously, until he actually fucks up. And the way I see it, that can happen in multiple ways

I'm sorry for telling the truth.

Good, at least you have a set of ideals that must not be broken in order for you to follow him, and that's how it should be. Not blindly following the flow of whatever he does as right, but rather waiting to see if he will do something against your necessary actions.

Is this the best ShareBlue can muster these days?

So do you have a refutation for the statement?

I guess you were on for the meme train and started to miss your rushes from the constant happening. Now you're bored like typical millennial becouse things don't go instantly 14/88.
Even Obama dumb as he was waited till the second term to reveal his faggot level.

I do.
You're a jew.

he is trolling them again.



This is the best shilling money can buy.


You a large, extremely fat rodent.

So in other words he is nothing like the establishment at all? Good job falling for the kike dichotomy though 10/9000

Alright now I see the angle, bots. glowies and freechniggers are purposely flooding the place with this low quality shitpost tier garbage and 4d chess shit to drive down board quality to halfchan levels.

Atleast thats what I want to believe, but part of me knows you're trying this hard to fit in.

I mean, I'm not strictly a National Socialist. I agree with some of the party planks, but I want more freedom. So, to me, he's doing beyond great.

But, I'm always amazed that the mouth breathers in your camps that seemed to have bought the shill line that he's literally Hitler and are now disappointed. I still think it's a D&C narrative against you guys and your admitted high energy memery. Don't forget that fucking FOX is now showing 4chins screen grabs on air. So don't forget that there's thousands of retards now.

I also love the D&C now against T_D, who was originally colonized by 4chins and grew to like 5 million people and the most active place on that site. They're more like our kid brother that is damn annoying but is trying to impress you.
Between nazis and commies, I side with the nazis so here I am.

Reported, then. Your spam outs you.

tl;dr evidence that this place is being flooded with people who aren't natsoc with their own beliefs attempting to change the board culture.
As for my second point, t_D should never be considered allies, only useful stooges at best (and enemies at worst when they go civnat/neocon).

Do you need a hankerchief bro?

Piers Morgan in the interview stated they were "unverifiable videos, at least one of them".


ZOMG BLUMPF BTFO!!#!!****14!!!


(((Unverifiable))) means muh authority has not approved this material



Thanks, I'm a democrat now


Obvious shills aside, what was the point of bringing this back up when post people had forgotten about it, apart from refreshing the existence of the videos in the minds of the public? Despite what shills insist, I don't think cucking out is his plan, here.

Leftists and non-whites are universally incapable of comprehending plans with more than one step. You can immediately tell who doesn't belong here when they instantly jump on the "OMG DRUMPF CUCKED OUT MUH 4D CHESS DON'T VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN" train at any sort of seemingly negative news, because despite all past evidence of everything Trump doing being much more nuanced and complicated, this is the one time they take his actions at face value.

I mean, I've been here for like 3+ years, I'm a terrible shill. Oh no, we disagree on certain things! How terrible.

For example, get a handle on your spergs that constantly sperg out about MUH DRUMPF ISNT HITLER. No one said he was, why do they sperg out everywhere? I imagine you'd believe that as well. He's a step in the right direction for your desires, nothing more, nothing less.

I mean, you shouldn't be retarded and throw away a giant influencing force that has been created for you. There IS that.

Don't be a lazy nigger. Holla Forums has never been natsoc by default, it's always been natsoc because it won out over the meatgrinder of political arguments here. There will always be other political views here and while I don't disagree about disruptive floods of outsiders, as long as the mods do even a tenth of their jobs Holla Forums will redpill enough of them to maintain balance here.

fake news - it's just another BBC lie


Are you morons fucking retarded? If trump fucks up and you don't hold him to a standard and vote him in for a 2nd term then he literally has no reason to change at all. You honestly can't be this spastic that you think it's OK to allow him to cuck on key promises for 4 years in the hope he wins a 2nd term and then magically changes his tune when he has nothing to play for? You /r/the_zionald fags need to take your buttbuddy here and fuck off, no sane user would buy your kike shit.

what a wild idea that is, holding him to account for his actions, not for verbal jousting.


He should have retweeted #MyBordersMyChoice, but I don't think it was much of a thing at the time. Maybe he can mention it along with the apology.

Yes. Anyone who thinks that Britain First isn’t a state operation is totally deluded. No legitimate outfit would have gotten away with a fraction of what they have (and recorded and uploaded to YouTube etc.) before being arrested and charged with hate crimes. Were a random native Brit were to attempt to emulate a Britain First video they would be arrested within minutes, charged and probably die in prison.


If he keeps apologizing for the videos, or saying he might, isn't that just going to get more people to watch them? Seems counterproductive. Showing evidence if crime should be illegal to begin with.

Unbelievable. Hang in there, bongbros and eurofags. Almost no situation is irreversible. Although it might take some drama.

its just 4d chess man
as you say everyone already forgot about britain first
now good or bad publicity will brng it back to the forefront

oy vey if people think for themselves we cant tell them what to think