TL;DR: a bunch of niggers get told they can't got to a Afrikaans school (read: mostly white school) because there aren't enough resources for English classes. Niggers respond by terrorising the school and children for several months by throwing bricks, fireworks, urine-filled balloons at them and singing the "kill the boer" song.

Summary of the events by the cucked former ANC MP and South African Ambassador to Ireland:

Other urls found in this thread:

This will be our future if we don't fight back.

There are still whites in Africa?

Can't we accept them as refugees (real ones) or something? What can be done?

Boers, even if it leads to you being genocided by us (read U.S.), just genocide them already. It's just like Sweden, I can't take it. (Well, with you guys it's a different flavor. With Sweden I just feel like saving a few kids and glassing the nation, with you guys I might save some adults before glassing the nation).

We really need to find a voice that can get this more widely known and really push for a platform of support for the South Africans.

If fucking Trump would suppor the Whites in SA, it might almost make up for all this Israel-fellating bullshit. Almost.

What are you, a gommie?


More now than ever

I think I've spotted the problem.

Lauren Southern is doing that at the moment

Shes a kike you twat.

How to foolproof your daughters against bringing a black guy home.
also don't these people have anything else to do than camp 3 month in front of a school?

She's not, although she's likely to be a coalburner.

Unemployment rates among blacks are very high, user. So no.

Not necessarily. Sure it will deter some but people, men included, have a propensity to later on be attracted to people and situations that are detrimental to them if they're familiar. See: those who grew up in a household with an alcoholic parent having a statistically higher chance of then getting into a relationship with an alcoholic, or someone who was sexually abused as a child ending up participating in dangerous sexual activities later on (being very promiscuous, having unprotected sex with multiple partners, etc.)

This #teamwhite Production is required watching for anyone white.

Do give it a go if you haven't already. Team White is top fucking tier. It's great even if you just want to hear people name the jew but the meat of the matter goes deeper than just that, of course.

don't be negative about them, be positive about your own, let them see that there are serious inadequacies and they will make their decision correctly. As soon as you put a taboo on a nigger they will go after it out of rebellion.

t. user with a daughter that is repulsed by black people and a son that is on his way there too.

Maybe they should strike a deal with the chinks? since they are one of the few non-blacks group living in Africa.

Great website user, thanks for the link.

Kill them all.

South Africa is a White country, founded, created by Whites. Niggers came after.

The whites imported the blacks for cheap labor, and then let them vote. They have no right to complain about the predictable result.

You didn't get the memo? Whites are not welcome anywhere. Especially not in the west.

Knowing a few who have escaped, only the ones with money will get out and it is a fucking expensive affair. They will take hordes of worthless subhumans that will never benefit society over successful boers who assimilate and contribute to the country.

Remember; immigration without assimilation is an invasion

I want to fund the white refugee relocation.

My pleasure. I'm glad they are not letting the constant barrage of censorship and 'closure of venues' bring them down.

Yeah, they just wanted to get in to have free reign on White girls. They can't get their rape there so they throw a fit.

Harmful cuckservative meme. As if culture is the only difference. As if it's ok as long as they assimilate. As if they ever COULD assimilate.

Save the Boers.

Lmao, faggot.

Serious question: Is there even a single example throughout the entire history of mankind of them bringing even one single beneficial addition to any society? I cannot think of one society, ever, throughout the entire history of mankind that has benefited from their inclusion in said society. They, literally, destroy every single thing they touch.

Your kind will learn their place.

Nope. Even with someone constantly keeping an eye on them, they still manage to fuck everything up. Arabs castrated their nig slaves, branded them like cattle, whipped them for every misstep and still were amazed at how useless and dumb they were. Even Gandhi, streetshitter-in-chief, was disgusted by them.
There is zero benefit to having niggers anywhere. Zero. Watch Empire of Dust, it shows their mentality perfectly.

Re-read the OP. The bantu speak their version of English, but the school curriculum was in Afrikaans.

If you are a white person and still live in africa you deserve it.


It was kikes who overthrew SA. Threads about niggers predictably acting like niggers and being allowed to do so due to continued kike influence is just a slide.

Shall we get a thread together to coordinate a mass twittery/letter writing/email campaign to Trump, to at least get the issue visible to him? Even if we can't get some kind of official refugee deal going, it would be beneficial for someone as influential as Trump talking about it.
Yes I know that, but it couldn't hurt to try, could it?

It is worth a shot (and I am supportive of trying!) but it could backfire for Trump.

We must certainly do something, but we need to do it carefully.


come on trump, just bring in those based south african refugees already!

White people aren't the only whites being killed off in South Africa.


With the way things are going, there won't be a whole lot of giraffes, lions and elephants left by the end of this century either.

Reminds me of this documentary about plants on the verge of extinction. There was this waterlily that exists only in one water reservoir in Africa, and is very fragile. When the film crew reached the place, they found nigs dumping their garbage in it and using the lilies to wipe asses.
Don't know about you, but for me, this is as solid a case for extermination as there can be.

swedish leftists and jews are the main perps behind both these genocides.

Would love a source for this if you can find it

Could not find the documentary itself, but here an article mentions it.
"Diverted" is a polite way of saying "niggers started dumping their garbage and washing clothes there".

This is the shit that enrages me the most.

Or the super rare coffee bush that only existed in Mauritius. One day, a local white teacher was talking to his students about how it only ever lived on their island, and then it went extinct.

One of the kids raised his hand and told the teacher that the bush in the picture was growing in his family's yard. It turned out to be the last of its kind anywhere.

White scientists flew out from Britain and France to cut grafts from the bush and try to cultivate it in a greenhouse. They met with limited success, but back in Niggerstan, word had gotten around about this special coffee bush.

Naturally, anything the whites considered that special must be magic, right? So the local niggers started cutting leaves of their own as lucky charms. The local authorities put a fence around the bush to protect it, but that only confirmed that the bush was magic and the whites didn't want to share.

According to Douglas Adams, who saw the bush while he was writing Last Chance to See, the bush eventually had to be triple-fenced and guarded by a man with a gun.


>First pic
So. . . whites' fate is to mostly leave SA, then laugh while niggers starve, then leave them to twist while they beg the white man to return and make the Coke machines work again?

When we come back, we're bringing gas.


Source? As far as I know they weren't imported, they were illegal immigrants.

That's just dishonest and you know it. The UN, America and the Soviet Union pressured and sanctioned South Africa into it.

Black illegals never stopped flooding into ZA, there were riots last year where local blacks were attacking illegals and blaming them for taking jobs and driving down wages.
Of course the local blacks now are descended from illegal blacks who came in during Apartheid; Africa's such a shithole that they border-hopped to live with evil white racist Afrikaners instead of staying among their own people. Niggers will never stop nigging and will always be the cause of their own destruction.

If it's any consolation, California elephant seals and American bison came back from way worse conditions. There was a time when there was only 50-500 of them left.

Half-true. Modern Bantus infesting SA came during/after apartheid, when the country was booming. The original settlers made use of a bunch of Khoisan nomads - mostly as housemaids and herdboys. Mind you, these nomads were clothed, fed and looked after. It was not slave labor, it was very light serfdom. But now the nogs (who weren't even there to begin with) are crying slavery, and Shlomo is more than eager to lend them a bullhorn.

There already exist PMCs that are paid to patrol wildlife reserves and kill dindu poachers. Mind you, it's a very dangerous job, as dindus are well-armed. Getting hit with a 20mm projectile or eating a volley from an RPK is not fun.

And no-one is talking about taking boers as refugees not the 80 IQ shitskin and nog scum?


Embed related

We should start making parenting threads.

Another related webm

Yeah, in the future animals won't exist. Bees wills dissapear, Whites MIGHT dissapear, super volcano fear porn, pollution by a super power third world etc. Everything, everywhere will die if nothing is stopped. We are giving the third world a free ticket to conquer first world nations without the knowledge or experience to do so. Whites have built these nations from scratch and have the proper know how and experience. On the other hand, the third world can only develop shitholes, but now they are taking over first world countries they cannot dream to run. If we become minorities, the first world becomes the third world, and seeing what damages come from the third world, it is a fucking nightmare. You see those pictures of shithole countries with loads of garbage and pollution, thats coming here at probably even larger rates. Our land will be a garbage dump filled with shit on the streets and other crap, which makes life for animals unlivable. This starts the extinction of animals and the dissapearence of resources due to third world behaviours. Then the REAL FUN BEGINS.

In a nutshell, the entire world will become third world which means every piece of land will have a population of like 4 billion since niggers only know how to breed. The world will increase to maybe 15 billion shitskins and nogs and chinks which means all animals, food, resources, etc will run dry unless asians and Whites find a way to fix it while being a minority. Kikes will be eternally assblasted thinking they could make a one world government by first making everyone third world without realizing that the quality of the jew hinges on the quality of the goyim. This means kikes are not defended and protected because the kike can only swindle and niggers don't even understand math so they just kill em all. Even then the kikes would have to live in bunkers guarded and maintained by white people who will already realize that kikes are fucking retarded. The only hope they have is they build AI or other technologies in time to make sure we can live without animals and oil or whatever else we will run out of. I didn't even mention diseases and sickness yet or natural disasters.

What a shame.

Prove me wrong niggers you CAN :^)

This is a good idea.

Best thing to do when confronted with rabid animals is to make signs saying clever things. When that fails, make more signs. Again and again until reason prevails.

Like whites will ever be coming back. No, they will have to deal with their new masters, the bug men.

I know were talking niggers here, but I thought after the peace and "reconciliation" process that MK terrorist niggers would get arrested if they engaged in illegal activism, calling for dead whites etc. Who are we kidding though, laws arent for niggers in Africa.

I really like this new bug men/ant people meme. It has a lot of potential to do good.

Sure they drowned a boy in boiling water, but that doesn't mean we should kill the savages and replace them with more peaceful white people. It means we should give them more aid money.

Greater Israel will be fine. They aren't importing the third world. Once Europe is kill it will be easy to conquer it's lands.

If American whites want to survive, they have to arm, train, and organize now.

Memeing is good, but has to be done in conjunction with preparation for war.

Being prepared for war, with relevant infrastructure, plans, arms/ammunition, supplies, coordination between military and civilian militias, etc.–a lot goes into that. But to have leverage to withdraw from this shithole country America and form a new all white nation, leverage in the form of a very realistic possibility of horrific bloodshed (regardless of who appears to be in superior position–the key leverage is the possibility of real civil war) has to be there. That leverage may serve as the basis for brexit-type vote and push for independence.

But for now, the key is not just memeing and getting info out, but ALSO taking practical steps to prepare and unify to be ready, willing, and able to go to war when the time comes to make real demands requiring the possibility of mass bloodshed in the background as leverage.

If we want to survive, memes and practical preparation NOW are critical. We cannot go the way of South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc., but that is ACTUALLY WHERE WE ARE GOING. The more shitskins they import, the more the timeframe accelerates.

user, you have to get the Netherlands to accept them, it's more ideal to actually preserving themselves.

I hope you're being sarcastic.

Preparation for war must happen while the signs are made and memes are spread. This is the only way sufficient leverage can be built to force something like a brexit vote/constitutional convention and secession in the future. it will never happen otherwise.

The US should accept some, because the US needs more militant whites who've seen the consequences and understand exactly why a South Africa situation can never, ever be allowed to happen in the US at all costs–even if we have to kill every single shitskin

=Bad solution.

Tell them yes, on condition they pass a (tremendously difficult for them) English entrance test. They will still riot over the result, but it…… ah FUG it!..

Build a new building, using the advance fees they have to pay, then teach them English while wearing a Knuckles costume.
he wi sho dem de wai

No, I don't care that Knuckles is Ugandan, and they are in South Africa.

Israel is the mirror of white power, without whites, kikes have zero power and because they look white enough for the dumb masses they will just get killed by the overall superior niggers and co.
Yeah, you heard me right.
They're a dumb bioweapn used against us, but they are more powerful than the kikes, especially with the world having lost its white backbone/beating heart that sustains the parasite.

All other races are bugmen, they are cooperating with kikes because they also want a slice of whiteys cakes.
After that the kikes will have to face countless nonwhites who will destroy the "last white looking devils" on the planet.

It really is great and fitting.

Fucking niggers

being this new

This user is correct, and it's not "likely to be coalburner" it is "confirmed mudshark". Not that it matters since the user was correct.

sage for off topic eceleb rant

The "Kill the Boer" shit was propagated with SAs useless leader. Fucking niggers can't even make up their mind on domestic "issues"

it's surreal to consider the fact that a few dozen Jews, who with a little research can be identified by name, profession, and contribution, are almost entirely responsible for this turn of events

they have more than gotten even with white Christendom for the holocost. At this point they're in the red, the retaliation will be Biblical

user I've got some bad news…

The first part of the article is referring to incidents that happened in 2001 in Belfast, Northern Ireland between the Catholic and Protestant population.

The article doesn't start talking about the events happening right now in South Africa after these lines.

I thought it was a nigger tribal "country" and british came and colonized it and attempted to build civilization there, which later the niggers kicked them out because they blamed them for their comparative poverty, even though they were better off than they were before.

can you clarify why you think it was created by whites?

Exactly. But Boers CAN assimilate.

You can explain why the American bison survived with two words: "bison burger." They survived because we started farming them for food in a major way. That's why cows are incredibly common. fags can get fucked.

There are two things you need to do to save the animals. 1. Kill all the niggers. 2. Breed animals for consumption.

Makes me wonder about ancient cultures as well. There is no way the old kingdom in Egypt willingly brought them in as citizens. I would be willing to bet they used them as slaves as well as did the Middle East and as did Europe.

They are the perpetual slave labor force of mankind throughout their entire history but there comes a very big catch with that - if you are stupid enough to free them than don't let them stay.

Just consider how much they have spread in the US since being "freed". They are now everywhere and have personally fucking wrecked every inner city and have personally been used so badly by corrupt politicians, since they are too stupid to think, and allowed countries to become even worse due to helping elect fuckwits.

I seriously think it's very safe to say that they are and have been the utter bane of our species since the dawn of mankind began. They bring nothing of value… at all…


Not just necessarily consumption. For game as well. Some of the biggest contributors to conservation efforts are hunter's associations.

Literally who

The Egyptians weren't niggers, they were a highly advanced and spiritual people that had no need for money as they bartered for everything they wanted and needed and had no need for usury, and the point of life, to them, was to serve their gods devoutly. Hell, the reason they enslaved the kikes was because of a revolution on their part against the Hyksos of Babylon that conquered them and enslaved them for a hundred years while pillaging their temples for gold and silver to balance the debt on the account books from the usury rates the babylonian moneylenders demanded.
Pretty funny how the kikes were enslaved by their own greed eh?

I know they weren't niggers, didn't say they were. However, at some point the nogs obviously made their way to Egypt so it had to be slave labor as I doubt the ancients would have tolerated anything else from them.

Societies that put their foot down upon them never have to worry about them as they don't fuck around with those countries. Hell, look at China, they aren't even welcome there.

Empty land that was settled by the Boer people after the previous inhabitants were raped/murdered/otherwise enriched by another roaming band of natives.
Britain got in on the colonising game, and eventually annexed the rest for gold/diamonds.
Meanwhile natives were wandering in en masse because there was a slightly lower chance of enrichment/opportunities for work.

Let's also not forget the Assyrians tried to wipe them out several times as well and given their ancient murals seemed to hate them more than any other group. Given how brutal the Assyians were I'm sure they were not kind.

Kill yourself civ-nat cuck, nobody wants niggers to "assimilate" we want them GONE.


newfaggots can't into subtle memes

The Ugandan is vastly superior to the Xhosa shitstains that run south africa.
The Ugandan can make action movies.
The Xhosa can not.

Apparently they do exist

Silly user, whites can't be refugees.

Ok Xhosa can not make movies worth watching

Go for it, i have a few talking points.

Around four millions. You could contact this movement:

Daily reminder that if it weren't for Internationalist Jews, South Africa would still be a prosperous, white country. Gas the kikes, race war now.

The "fix" to the problem of negro dissatisfaction with living in majority-White countries isn't disability claims, because they would still be living in and amongst all of us racissssssstzzzz.

I suggest the esteemed AA professor promote a different tack; a better way. A process which forever frees negros from being around dreaded White people….and that is


We, the readers and commenters should join in and support the efforts of negros to repatriate back to da mudderland. It's for the benefit of us all!!

(Search engine–NOT google–the term "blaxit" and you can see this is a growing movement that deserves our support.)

well then

Exactly. By far the surest way to ensure a species' survival is making it be in some way useful to humans. There's just never going to be as many resources available to a pure conservation effort as there is to an industry. We would be more likely to still have, say, elephants by next century if there was a properly regulated ivory industry. But that would of course require white governments in Africa.

Source user? This Shit is really Interesting to read

They shouldn't leave you fucking retards, SA is and always has been a white land. They shouldn't leave and they aren't retarded for staying. Accepting them in to the US will just destroy them.

SA and Rhodesia's Hope is Armed Uprising and Needs a distraction inside Europe and MERICA for any hope to win the Race War

Fed post is Fed Poast

I'm liking this timeline :)

How do we send the whites auto-cannons and napalm?


3D Printed Weapon Parts and Shells, With Autism they shall have the weapons they need to liberate their nations

Remember; immigration without assimilation is an invasion

However, immigration (from third world countries into every white country and only into white countries) with assimilation is white genocide.

Over at they used to have a petition to the white house each month to do something about SA Boer genocide. I think he also cross posted on Stormfront.

SA was vacant mostly just bushmen when whites arrived. SA started as port for reprovisioning ships. Dutch refugees came and farmed there abouts to supply the port. It was about 120 years before they expanded enough to bump into black Africans who were moving down into that area. If whites had not been there the more aggressive black Africans would have wiped out the bushmen. Summarized from March of the Titans.

Now if only you guys would have listened they said no.

the sad part is lefties are so pro environment but when they see stats like these they just automatically assume that this is caused by some rich white poacher and not a dirty nigger after bush meat and a quick buck

Other half - Indians and Pakis.

Kaffers were pretty much worthless as labour, but India wasn't. They have many Indians and Natives (Coloured)

Apartheid was harsh on Blacks because they were not welcome at ALL.

Can't say I'm surprised.

Giving these subhumans modern agriculture was a serious mistake.

The kind of people that run these government organizations view white people as being collectively 'in power' no matter the individual white persons status. They aren't interested in helping whites.


In the meantime Africa will be the most populous continent on earth in 2050….fuck me

There were what, 10-15 million White Afrikaaners at most?

Or maybe Israel will overstep themselves in the Middle East right as Pakistan falls entirely to Religion of Cuck™ic Extremism, and Israel and Pakistan have a nuclear war.


Trump isn't good enough, we need to get fit and get armed.

The National Guard ain't shit if you kill them at their jobs and homes, undeployed. And after Ferguson, they are our enemy.

Same with Police. Not enough good in them to outweigh the bad anymore.

Gib get pls


Its funny how we are taught all our lives that "the end of humanity" will be caused by nukes, or a virus, or global warming, or some other grandiose catastrophe. When in reality, the greatest threat to civilization is just a mob of subhuman baboons with retard level IQs, egged on by their kike overlords. That's it. That's all it takes.
If mankind was wiped out in any other way, I could comes to terms with it. But the idea of us just being smothered by human garbage like this is such a depressing thought. Just as humanity was getting somewhere, along comes a coalition of kikes, thots, and nonwhites joining forces to destroy it all.


It's too late. The African megafauna are lost. Population projections for Africa necessitate the continent stripping itself bare of all life to support more of them.

Captive breeding and maintenance of stocks outside of Africa is the only holding pattern that makes sense at this point.


I tried to get a good one, sorry.

Why oh why did Dr. Pierce have to die? The National Alliance was going great before that…how did such an intelligent man not have an equally great man to take over the organization?

You only have two options in that situation. Either slaughter and kick out the niggers wholesale or escape and let the niggers starve. Those are your only options. If you arent willing to do the former or then the latter is your only sensible choice.

Just hanging around, letting niggers siphon money off of you and waiting to be murdered by them is worse than running away. There is no honor in letting your people rot under the thumb of apes. If white south africans leave, they take south africa with them.

Infighting. The moment WLP died, all other high-ranking NA members started arguing about who was white enough to be his heir. Almost immediately, factions started forming and breaking off. There were civnat cucks, segregationists, etc. Eric Gliebe, the guy who eventually took over, was a powertripping cretin who booted people left and right while promoting knuckledragging rabble to high positions.
Basically, this is what TRS tried to drag us into and we still haven't fully avoided it. Remember: united by blood, not by creed, religion or ambition.

That's depressing to hear.
WLP was really the last of the old guard before James Mason re-emerged.
Maybe he was just too nice to his followers.

Mason was never a leader. A good tactician, yes. An inspiring figure people could follow, no. Pierce was a soft-spoken scientist who preferred to write books rather than rally people to his cause. Matt Koehl was a milquetoast invertebrate obsessed with the occult. Eric Gliebe was dumb as a rock and extremely selfish.
None of them could hold a candle to charisma and presence of GLR, who had it all. He had the power of persuasion, knew the balance between shock tactics and alienation of the masses, was diplomatic without compromising his ideals and most importantly - could back up and explain his opinions in simple, easy words that even a 5-year-old could understand.
No wonder the alphabets had him murdered. Such a figure eclipsed anything and anyone the system could put forward.

Problem is that any time someone tries to ignite a war even faggots on here discourage them or complain about the targets, or PR, or some other bullshit.

It's hard to carry out a war when your claim to superiority is predicated on being more peaceful people than your inferiors. Perhaps the argument should be changed to "blacks are only 13% of the population yet commit 51% of the murders - we clearly need to increase our murder quota, and we should start with blacks".

So basically intelligent men, who are charismatic but also not only able to physically fight but excel at it?

Got it.

Honestly we should bring back the property owning voting requirements. If ya don’t fucking own your own bit of dirt, what the fuck are you doing with your life? Especially if you’re over the age of 30. That’s just sad.

1st pick, so which jew printing these banners for the illiterate savages?

So you're telling me all the niggers are gone?

I'll have a coke then…

The sad part is zoos and captivity unless it's a giant preserve or reservation i think kill animal sex drives and ovulation cycles. It's why pandas are now memed as XD so cute they're only alive cause we think they're cute XD even though they mate just fine in the wild.

Agreed. I can only consider this in terms of who/what I know around me and I think my oldest friend was 27 when he bought his first house but that came after military service so he had no reason to do so before that since they moved around a lot.

It really is ridiculous that people with no experience or knowledge of the impacts of such votes are allowed to decide such things.

Something that was once widespread (have to dig for it now) before the Nigadent came into office were scientific reports on how blacks, by far, have the highest level, of any group on the entire planet, of having the MAO-A or Monoamine oxidase A, commonly known as the "warrior gene". Those with this commonly show signs of antisocial, psychotic, cardiovascular disease, depression, and highly aggressive/territorial behavior. Here is one such report which you can only now find on archived sites since Obama's administration removed any/all of both these reports and all reports showing a connection with fags and psychological issues:

One such report states that of the individuals screened blacks were 9.4% more likely to have the "extremely dysfunctional version of the of the gene than whites". Coincidentally, in the United States at least, blacks are currently ten times more likely to commit a violent crime than whites so there is obviously a correlation between the two. On top of that the most recent research from 2006 showed that mixed race individuals who included one parent being black held a rate of thirty two times higher in showing these tendencies. All of this data and research was once available and public on accredited and primary source psychological sites and once Obama took office they were all censored.

My point is I don't think there can be any doubt that they are a subgroup of the more advanced and intellectual groups and their inclusion in more advanced societies has greatly stalled the more advanced races due to having to dedicate so many resources to them.

When comes the time to no longer be legal? How do you know youve reached that point?

You mean the eternal anglo?

Limiting the vote to tax payers would be sufficient.

So you're saying we should put all the niggers in zoos.


I meant to say 9.4 times higher and not 9.4%.

"Look at the nigger daddy, it has a baby."
"Don't touch it honey, they have diseases that humans can catch."

Pretty profound stuff user. Makes me feel pretty contemplative.

I really need to buy a time machine and redpill my younger self. He wasn't very bright.

They should be evacuated to the United Shitholes of America so they can be raped and murdered there.

Sounds better than the current situation

I am sad now.

Move to SA, kill niggers.

Guess who did fight NS?

If your anons want a site that has an archive of nignog attacks on Afrikaner farmers, I found what seems like a non-poz'd news site. And no, I'm not shilling.

Yes, this all is happening because stupid whites were to lazy to farm their own crap, "lol let's bring this musclebound giant ape-men savages that or women adore in great quantities! what could go wrong?!"

I hope user's in SA will let us know when the time has come. There are many who will come to your aid.

Idi Amin was /ournigger/.



this is beautiful

making me watch kaff shit on a sat night but kak funny nontheless. who would've thought xhosas could make a movie? They're the laziest shits in the universe.

You guys fucked us and then forgot about us. The wheel has turned and it's happening to the west now. Now we'd prefer to stay here and watch the rest of the world burn with us. At least we've grown to live survival and that's all we know. I don't think safety is a word than can be used anymore. Not in this lifetime anymore. My loved ones are buried here. I cannot leave this place. I will stay and fight for my God-Given White Afrikaner identity which has as much right in this place than any other individual based on historical facts.

No dumbass, Xhosa's =/= Khoi-Sans. Khoi Sans are bushmen who look like black ayys who hide in the Kalahari. They have peppered hair and are kind folks. Think of them like anorexic telletubbies you'll never get to meet because they were killed off by other kangz if you get the drift. Xhosas are fat people who can't run away from the police or work more than a day because they expect gibs.

Those dubs seem to be in full support, as am I!

checked and heiled.

The problem is that many of us have lived through a lot of violence and many people here and on the other side use their words fluidly without understanding the ramifications. If you have not experienced warfare, you will not understand it until you do. Those who call for war have no fucking idea how horrific it will get. Now imagine the horrors of war and the experiences but copy and paste it onto your loved ones. This is why some of us faggots here don't like to think about that option. For us saffa's, it's a matter of time and we're waiting and preparing. Personally though, lots of people are all talk and no walk. I know of yanks that would fly over this side should the race war break out eventually… but this place is filled with jews and shills who are bored at jerking off so you have to understand that the monkeys who shout and gesture for wars don't always understand what they're talking about, neither have they ever seen death up close. Watching gore online and being a part of it are two different things. But, everything you said is basically 100% correct.

If we keep doing nothing, this sort of injustice will continue to happen. Also, we have to remind this to people like the Jews remind people of the Holocaust. People have to get organized. People have to get organized.People have to get organized. People have to get organized. People have to get organized. People have to get organized. People have to get organized. People have to get organized.