My school just gained a small very unwanted AntiFa cell. Any Ideas?

My school just gained a small very unwanted AntiFa cell. Any Ideas?

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Report them to DHS as a terrorist cell


do you have a pilot's license?

Just read their charter. Can you say cognitive dissonance?


Click it from their Facebook page if you don't trust me my nigger.




How about instead of memeing in a mongolian basket weaving forum, you instead make your very own Right wing/NatSoc cell?

Host a book burning

People are not equal, younganon. If they have an unspoiled white girl, wife her at once. White males in the group are almost certainly too fag-whipped to stand up for themselves, so just steal whatever they have that's valuable and give it to random nogs. If caught, tell them you collectivized their shitty bikes as reparations. If there are shitskins in the group, just report them to DHS as terrorists and plant some drugs in their lockers. Upgrade to naked pictures of the 16-year-old girl you rescued from the group if you'd like them to spend their lives as registered sex offenders.

Be sure to check in with another blogpost to let us all know how it went after lurking for two yearsand killing yourself, you weakling Good luck!


Google is extremely dangerous, read up on how open they are with information internally.

dead antifa cells can't recruit or expand

Ingratiate yourself to the cell, wait for them to have a public appearance, then bring food to the meeting laced with laxatives so they shit themselves while they're handing out fliers or something. Even better, just give the laxatives to the leader of the cell, embarrass him publicly and in his moment of weakness usurp his power.

who are you kidding?

Figure out the rest

Yo OP, I dealt with a similar issue when I was in highschool about two years ago. The first and foremost thing is that you need documented evidence that they are dangerous and planning attacks and the like. Then what you need to do is to anonymously contact your super intendent about this group being listed as a terrorist organization by the DHS.

PTA meetings also help, attend one and state your concern with this group being allowed at your school.

Good luck faggot and happy hunting.

This is the only answer:
If their actions are in any way officially sanctioned by a school official, report said official to the DHS, too.

this user knows whats up. if possible, join them and get all of their names and numbers and as much info as possible. when you go over to people's houses for "meetings", steal everything you can. try to get nudes from the females. intel gather and then drop all that info to DHS and the local police, saying there's a left-wing communist group talking about violence and are selling drugs to get money for weapons. Plant some weed on them, snitch, and watch everything burn.

Pretend to be one of them, and gain their trust. Once you're "part of the group", start posting shit and spreading fliers at night about how the groups is going to commit violent acts of terrorism, and give specifics about a plan that you hatch up. Afterwards, call up some alphabet soup agency and report them, while sending in specific fliers and posts that "they" made.

You obviously join them and feed the information to your local fbi office due to your fears about domestic terrorism

Join and record their addresses, phone numbers.. etc.

You're not allowed to post here if you're under 18.



Keep OPSEC, they will send faggots to rape you if you’re not careful.

I don’t know how good of an actor you are, but you could try entering them and find out what you can. Come back to this thread and post results like that user who took an antifag’s cell phone (which was mostly shitty memes. But I digress). Get as much info as possible, and gain their trust. That way, you can report them to feds if you want, but if not (feds often protect these guys) you can blackmail them or fuck with them from the inside, they’ll never suspect you. I suggest going in with a friend.

Most antifa cells operate out of schools, as in colleges, OP is probably in college.

Try to redpill them, many of the people who became NSDAP were former commies who saw the error of their ways.

These people are not the commies of the thirties, these are zombies, indoctrinated from a young age. For ninety percent of them there is no hope

They hate MyBoadrersMyChoice. When they sperg out, it gets attention and then most people are like, "what's wrong with borders?", "those people are a bunch of insane tards".

Just tag their info with radicalism in democracy = treason, and ideology is giving up rationality etc…

Most kids at school are there to create a future, it's the losers the left, and religions, want. They want the weak, and so you have to tell everyone what they are offering actually makes them weaker as well as society.

Yuck. Just ignore them, they always manage to fuck up by themselves anyway. Don't make contact like everyone else suggests, do what you can with out being noticed.

I'm no underage b&, you nog.

is correct.

last post was meant for

The obvious answer is to rent a scenic helicopter ride for them. The most realistic answer is to gather as much information about all of the members and organizers as possible and report it.
If nothing comes of the report, default to option 1.

Look at the newfags thinking fedniggers will go after their useful idiots. "Report them" what cuckery. OP form your own cell if you haven't already hurry up faggot you're behind then proceed to action. Don't take needless risks with yourself or your men though. If you need more direction than this then leadership isn't for you and you may want to continue as an auxiliary propagandist or a similar support role. Use your brain.


Read reporting them is one of the b est things he can do. Form his own cell? And do what, assault the antifags at their meetings? He’d get hard time for that. It would definitely Scare some of them, but it might only attract more people now that “literal Nazis” are running around attacking people. It is unlikely the FBI would do anything. Better to collect info, sabotage them from the inside, then make all the collected info public.

If you don’t report them, do what this guy says

Obviously report them to the school and police. Say that you've heard rumors they plan violence and possible bombings.

Create a fake, over-the-top, joke organization. Get some other faggots to goosestep around, offer cookies to antifa if they spill the beans on Anne Frank, etc, the idea being to show other people how ridiculous the antifa are. Make sure it's obvious that it's a joke though.

Use cheap RC planes/quadcopters with FPV cameras, small explosives, and hard plastic shrapnel. Plastic so they can't find the shrapnel with a MRI.
t. not CIA

While you're doing that, go to a meeting and claim the group has been infiltrated by a snitch so nobody trusts anyone else.

Oi vey

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How old are you, OP?

I was wondering why the rose and cross in a leftist organization then I saw its a private Christian college. I went to an Adventist high-school and so I can think of no way of attacking through the racial side because as there, it was diversity city but you can take the angle of the left hates Christ and Family Values. If you can get the leader to not put Jesus above whatever social justice cause she has thought of then your fellow Christians will see her as not one of them. Best of luck protecting what you want but I can already imagine what it'll look like in a few decades.

Come now user, that's not very creative. When I advocated forming a cell I had more a more subtle approach in mind. It's the little things. A note here, a spy there, a door left open, ect. Assaults don't have to necessarily be physical. A cell allows one with planning capacity to accomplish multiple goals. Not only for operations against enemies. It is useful for propaganda dissemination and information gathering as other Anons have suggested.

Go there and ramble about the jews, but call them "porky". Then when they ask for any personal information about you tell a story like the copypasta about a militia that had was gradually infiltrated by different alphabet/police agencies until one busted a meeting and they all found out, then brushed it under the rug.

How many of them know da wae?

We must show them, not just at your school!

Also, Johnny Rebel's Send Them Back To Africa on cheap mp3 players and speakers flung up into some trees at high volumes in black neighborhoods across the country must be organized. Requesting new thread for this as a stickied Operation.

Really though, a small dedicated RWDS sect could pose as a "lefty-cell apart of a larger cell" and in "order to iniate contact we have to take you on a ride to go meet our leader" and if you even have it automated, say have them sit in a seperate section with the doors closed off or something, could automatically eject them by control, then you can even take a fairly large group along with you, really anywhere as long as it's a good enough height. Like it's programmed for the pilot / front seated people to press a switch and the doors open and the seats slide out real quick. If you had the money.

This is an opportunity. ENCOURAGE THEM!
All you need to do is give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.
And thats what we will tell the police.
They hung themselves.
And then set themselves on fire.

One word my friend: Pranks. Prank the ever living shit out of them.

Convince them to carry out an act of vandalism and then call the FBI right when they're at the location doing it. Or tell them that you have to hammer bullets before loading them to shake up the black powder.


ANTIFA are really easy to fuck with since they are made of paper. All you do is get the photo of one and make a flyer and on it say "HOMOPHOBIC NAZI!"

It will cause that asshole's "friends" to turn on him. Repeat process.

Good old Anons special floor cleaner

Make sure you reference Columbine a lot.

Mention that they call their faggy group a front. That’s very paramilitary sounding. Tell others too. Shill against them.

tbh, all you antifas are going to be rounded up and executed before the next presidential election.

Trips of truth.

System Engineer here… Youre always being tracked by some program now.. The only saving grace is its still somewhat disorganized on how to use that information. You can bet my ass its being collected though.


This. Join their group and screenshot all their call to arms posts.

Go and fight them

Time just ran a counter meme cover. Sage for off-topic. tl;dr, (((they))) noticed.

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Let them figure this shit out on their own.

ok antifa you dont need to whine, we put you to sleep gently

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