Vote no to changing the date !

Channel nine are doing a survey for changing the date of Australia Day. It currently sits at 79% NO but it should be higher. Vote and share.

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Just curious, but did the aboriginals ever even bother to fight for "their" land? I'm not Australian so I don't know too much about your history, but I don't haven't heard about the abbos doing much of anything to resist evil whitey besides getting piss drunk and guzzling gasoline.

You’ve pretty much answered it your question. They are worse than niggers

i think there was one time a couple abos killed some settlers, then the settlers came back and wiped out all the abos in the area

Good times. Like when a mountain lion kills a hiker, and we kill our way up the hill to get at them.

Abo hunting was legal long time ago and the abos were hunted down like the animals so the anons will find a list of Aussie massacres on the internet. In the olden days, the Native Police Force used to raided the abo camps and murdered the abos frequently.

Carn m8 its current year

Ironically they have had more history of freedom in thus country than many of the people who were settled here even in the colonies.

I don't get this change the date bullshit. What difference does changing the date make?

So Aussie police used to act the way nogs accuse American cops of acting?

Yeah I'm sure they totally did it for ((( no reason at all.)))

It's a chance to fuck up something normal people like. Same reason a cat shits in your shoe. If the kikes can disconnect Australians from their history, the Aussies will be easier to harvest shekels from.

All is not lost, however. From Wikikike:

Shit like this is why I love Aussies.

Sort of yes and they are encouraged to kill them many as possible with no qualms about the way they handled them. It's death squads hence the reason that there is so few abos today.

There were never a lot of them.. They're hunter gatherers.


enough said yeah?

I think we should vote to change Australia Day to Aboriginal Day to honour the millions of Aboriginals who dies as a result of colonization. They are the real Australians.

every day is aboriginal day at centrelink

Aboriginal land ownership claims seem to stem around the idea of "living with the land".
Yeah well I live with the land too but I don't own it. Fuck you where's my gibs?

Are you trying to fan the hatred of fire further in order to ignite a race war?

No there is a lot of tribes that went extinct.

I am meant to reply to .

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heh cunt as an aborigine i don't care. you aren't a real australian.

Purely a western concept brought over by invaders. There are no real Australians if the occupation wasn't legal.

Your people failed to invent a vaccine against the diseases so the mother nature took care of your people.

So to recognize yourself as Australian means you recognize western rule. In other words Abos can get fucked.

Fuckin hell, how many times do we have to tell Kev?

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No matter how many we told them they will never listen because their brain is filled with the huffs and drinks. I still find the video funny. I am sure that the cars didn't stop because they thought it is road bump.

funny because in 20 years i'll laugh at you cunts like i laugh at you now when you tell your chinese overlords they aren't real australians. but me still the blood of kangas will flow through my veins you can't colonize that.

Obviously trolling, Abos aren't intelligent enough to use computers.

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Which is exactly what I'm saying, it's basic anthropology 101. Hunter gatherer societies cannot sustain long term population growth - their source of sustenance is too unreliable. You can look all this up too.

this abo is and you probably paid for it thanks for paying your taxes cunts.

Maybe if you're lucky they'll teach you how to make a wheel.

but they do;

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When the continent was first settled, Governor Macquarie instructed all colonists to do minimal harm to the local fauna. There was still violence, of course, which you can read about by searching the Frontier wars, and tons of abos (something ridiculous like a third of their population) died off because of the flu virus. But in retrospect, the white settlers were far too kind to them. We'd have been better off wiping them out completely, because their status has been exploited by kikes as a fracture point in Australian society, just like the US nigger population.
As for abos themselves, they're for the most part a docile species. Abo social problems are limited to poverty, welfare dependence, and petty crime. Genuine activism is rare, because they're not smart enough to be able to engage in it effectively for themselves, and are generally not motivated enough to care about much more than staying warm, fed, dry, and inebriated. Activism comes primarily from the population of quadroons and octaroons (now legally classified as abos so that we can say we have abos graduating from university), as well as the usual suspects: their (((white allies))), the media, nihilistic hipster faggots, and well-meaning white Australians trying desperately to absolve themselves from the unrelenting barrage of white guilt we're bombarded with in this country.

Interesting very few people know about Truganini, the last coon of Tasmania.

For all the shit they get, the knew how to get rid of feral animals, the two heads probably made spotting them easier.

how fucking dumb can somebody be to consider aboriginals as human

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Abos should of just been completely wiped out.
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Hey, that's my OC from like 4 years ago
The source is Lloyd DeMause's "The Origins of War in Child Abuse"

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Oi cunts, wanna know something funny. I teach migrants multiculturalism kek. each new wave of migrants gives less of a fuk each year. I ask on day one " what is Australian culture" they um and ah then say say, beach, sport, bbq, beer…..they never say aboriginal culture. These stupid fukn leftists scream for diversity and yet it's actually killing indigenous culture at the same time lol. muh diversity muh multiculturalism muh diversity is our strength muh refugees. ffs change the date ffs it just lessens the fukn acknowledgment of indigenous culture even more. Abo's need to be redpilled to protect their culture cause the new arrivals don't give 2 fuks.

This cunt was at me local yesterday talking bout changing the date, I said whats wrong with cultural enrichment cunt, diversity is our strength according to you fuckwits. His tranny g/f told me to fuck off so i flicked me ciggy at him and threatened to glass him, he pissed himself and left, dumb cunt.

You've never been out to some of the towns outback huh? I've seen walls painted red with blood and hundreds of abos on each side of the road throwing whatever they can get their hands on at each other. Fucking child molesting, inbred, drunk, fucked up, permanently 1 second away from violence sorry excuse for a hominin.

They're docile with respect to white (i.e. civilised) Australia, where their population is sparse. Intra-abo violence is definitely a thing, though; particularly domestic abuse. Like any race, if a lot of them exist in one area their racial character tends to fully assert itself.

The intertribal warfare that still goes on in NT is fukken nuts man, and don't get them started on koori vs noongar



They are tribal by nature so what do we expect from them? Nothing anything is useful to us.

I don't think they even understood what was going on. I don't think they do even now.

That's the book Moly cites every once-in-a-while

This post embodies the reason why Australian shitposters must survive.

The solution is to vote major parties to the bottom to reduce the seats. I am aware that might result in a hung parliament and minority government.

That's the AFP strategy. They're the only real Aussie nationalist party out there that I know of. Too bad they don't run any candidates in my electorate, though.