Senate candidate makes feminists lose their shit

So a senate candidate basically wrote a long shitpost against feminism and now cunts are 10/10 assmad moreso than usual anyway. Pics related. I'm sure this guy is a probably a civnat faggot, but this isn't about the candidate himself, it's about how far the overton window is sliding against feminism. Holla Forums can probably exploit this or at least have a giggle at

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it. wew fuck me

Why are kikes and their pets so fucking stupid? They want to pretend to be smart, yet they speak like that, like a walking parody. For fucks sake.

Checked. Baby steps, fending off lunatic harpies is a great start.

That's some next level shitposting right there.
Can we get more info on the guy? Is he really civnat?



And there you have literally the best argument available to progressive fags. Advanced techniques include "Are you kidding me?" and "Educate yourself."

We must seek these faggots everywhere they speak and invite them to discuss their ideology. Ordinarily I would call for violence, but a stabbing would be too dignified for them. Just ask three or four questions, or just make a statement that doesn't start by assuming all of their premises, and they fucking crumble.

Well, good luck to the man.

Would be smart to support him, get him into his senate position, make it cool and hip to say that sort of shit that should be normal.
t. Fairbairn Sykes

No, we are. The correct response is the one Trump discovered: "Eat shit, fag. Winning is better while you cry."

You're dealing with a civnat, "No they're the real X" is normal for them.

And this is why we ultimately can't be reconciled. WN starts with a certain self-respect, and whingeing like a Jew when you're accused of muh-bullying/racism/misogyny is beneath a man.

That is some top notch shitposting. Was that off the cuff? wew.

At first I thought that was a mispoken but I think whoever transcribed that wasnt sharp enough to consider adding a comma before and after that

If Im not mistaken I believe this man just pushed the limits of what a shitpost can be a little further. I believe he just called them gables, i.e. niggers.

One day soon, someone is going to suggest that hitler did nothing wrong and that the holohoax never happened but it should have. And some stupid kike will amplify it thinking it's outside the window.


**anyone have the Iowegan version?

Watch the shills come screeching telling us not to vote for him

Kek. They're literally a parody of themselves at this point.

Well. this civnat boomer faggot will have my vote so long as he's not literally running against Hitler reborn.

This motherfucker cuts right to the bone.
11/10 would patriarchy with again

Mojack feels pride in his Misery

I said the same thing and I hope Missouri receives his message well. He may be a civnat but you gotta take what you can get and if this guy is put in a position to roll back shitty feminist policy and advace traditional lifestyles as a positive alternative for women , that's a fucking win.

the less dindus we get, the better.

Holy shit that's based.

>(((Sally Kohn)))


Sally Kohn is the only man in the world to ever do "Blue Steel" without any irony at all.

Courtland "Don't Let Your Daughter Be a Dyke" Sykes

Women on suicide watch!

Wow just wow. You’re entirely correct. Wow, just wow. We’re so feminized that this is what qualifies as a rebuttal now. Women need this even more than we do.

Sorry for previous shitpost. Just have to also add that this is remarkably well written too. Definitely better than someone just saying fuck feminists.

Top Kek, this guy has earned my support.

No one likes a bully.

Wow, another intolerant (((feminist))) raging against the idea of societies full of women who didn't waste their lives experimenting with all kinds of degeneracy. In 2018. Just wow.

(((feminists))) are not women, they forfeited their womanhood in order to fuck niggers and act like deranged whores in general.


The 2018 midterms are looking good, a couple more election cycles and we will have full national socialist candidates.

Is this heresy or is it allowed?

Thanks for the Jewish opinion, Rabbi. Holla Forums is a process, and learning to unkike your instincts is the big job during that two-year lurking period.

To find out why you're still talking like a kike, listen to this.

We don’t have a couple more cycles. 2024 is the last chance to deport nonwhites.


I stopped caring about the future of the country. My hope lies with balkanization, through which process an ethnostate can be created. The antagonization it would require to push enough whites far enough right to remove non-whites would be so much that it would fracture this country and destroy it. There's too many of them now, and we'll never be wholly unified against them. We can however have millions of whites against them, and their mere growth in politics and inherent tendency for in-group, and thus anti-white policies (Detroit), will push whites to the right, and when we reach our limit and push back hard enough, the whole house collapses and we'll be so strongly unified we'll be able to make the country we deserve. All I care about is the survival of our people, not this country or our standing on this planet. It can't be saved. The most interesting thing however is the nuclear arsenals (and the labs housing every plague, virus, and disease known to man, and some we don't know about publicly) of countries like the United States and France and the like, which are rapidly browning. What will happen with those? France won't balkanize, but a European country also has a higher chance of having a genocide/mass deportation. Although that won't be true in two more generations when they're all ingrained in the population as real Europeans, like they're now ingrained as real Americans. It's a hurdle you can't get over. You have to destroy the hurdle and make a new way.

cry moar faggot

So “give up more of your land, goyim”. Got it.

What your dumbass has is terrible reading comprehension skills.

Are you a fucking retard? Do you genuinely think the US is going to become one coast to coast ethnostate? Grow up - you're going to get what you get, and you're not going to throw a fit. The only universe in which that actually happens is one in which you hold the entire nation hostage with nukes - which I don't see happening.



Its not knightly or good statecraft to be a bully.


You own a fedora don't you faggot?

Who's land? Because it certainly doesn't belong to white people, it belongs to the anti-white zionist government and the jew companies that own the whores in Washington. This "country" is nothing but a large economic zone with the bare trappings of nationhood, and there is no conceivable reality where white ethnonationalists take over the contiguous united states with it still BEING the united states. Balkanization is inevitable and that would necessitate smashing the state apparatus.

This is a good summary of what will have to happen for there ever to be a white ethnostate on the North American continent.

"Thank you for your feminism"

This man understands that it's best to keep the opponent on the rear foot. It's why lefties always hurl accusations, they are keeping you off balance.

What's going on here? Is that a boobskirt made of cat food tins?

So unless I'm missing something, all the guy is saying is that he expects his wife to make dinner, yeah? That's the only thing he mentions expecting of her? And that's enough to send these subhumans into a rage. That's how fucked our society is right now: simply saying that you want your wife to make dinner is this big of a deal to everyone. Fuck.

Sweden also has such programs, so we will soon have an answer to that question.

I’ve never seen any on skates but I pass them all the time in a fucking herd of bikes. Next time i pass their monastery I’ll snap a pic. They literally roll into that bitch 250 deep. If you’ve ever seen the scene from trailer park boys were Ricky has to dredge the lake for bikes, that’s what it reminds me of. So many fucking bikes.


nevermind, i'm retarded.
have some rockwell


It's funny that he's pissing off hamplanets and harpees, but he is still buying into muh woman's rights, albeit a much less cucked version. He'll be a fun sideshow, but he won't win the nomination, see >>>11199978

I fucked up the crosslink.

pic related
has a ring to it…

NOOO NOOO! Theres no such thing as overton window, its either Hitler or nothing :^)

Yea. Knightly.



We should have a Rockwell thread sometime.