STRAWPOLL: Do You Support the Trump Administration's Immigration Proposal?

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Sage'd and reported

An interesting start.

ask me when the final version is on his desk

Hello, newfag.


2 options is not enough, it should be:

because I can see a reason to vote no from both side of the issue.

So just vote no.

I just voted, but it looks like those anons claiming Trump was nothing but a pressure valve for disgruntled whites was right. They blew off some steam and now it's back to cucking out to illegals and marxists.

Should end immigration entirely and remove existing third world parasites within U.S. borders, but we all know that's not going to happen in any scenario short of a violent coup. Too many people in government are advancing white genocide.

That said, practically anything is better than taking in fucking Obama-era quantities of trash.

I don't want amnesty, but even if this passes, it would not happen. They would all get kicked out on technicalities or for committing crimes.


I'll never get tired of winning.


Tell me how your plan works out in the long run. Although mexican/illegal women sometimes commit crimes (beyond being illegal), most don't. They just leech off of the system and have a bunch of kids (either mixed subversives, or hispanics like themselves). As a consequence, lets say within 10 years ALL, yes ALL the illegal men commit a crime (thus deported). Hell, lets even say 50% of the women commit a crime and are deported. What happens to the remainin 50% of women and their 100% of kids? Lets say they have kids right before this 10 year thing happens. Those kids aren't committing crimes from ages 0-10. Therefore, they'll be staying, i.e. their next gen of legal spawn will exist. Ultimately leading to their mass reproduction (sort of like how we took in some refugees from x y and z places, but now those groups have growing populations in the U.S.)
If I have understood something wrong about the proposed 10 year immigration thing, please point it out, otherwise tell me how you'd deal with the above (resulting) situation.

Oh ye of little faith. Check em.

I have no good answer for that. RaHoWa would be the meme answer, but I just don't see that happening. My thought about the proposed deal is that it is not perfect, but better than what currently exists.

Its the patcher of politics folks.

You're probably just shitposting, but, in the off chance you aren't, I don't care if one "thinks" he has it all figured out. It's a legit issue, and one should wonder what his solution is. If he has it figured out, i.e. there exists a solution, then we should be able to find it out or come up with it.
If I wanted to stick my head in the sand and have faith, I'd turn to religion, not politics.

Hello, newfag

Whoops wrong thread.

Bwumpp is ebil goyim, having a nuanced or even having a positive view of him is no longer on noopole

The law already says to deport people who are illegal, but they don't do it. Do you honestly think they'll start now?

What we have right now is better because they're ILLEGAL AND HAVE TO BE DEPORTED. No daca, no wall, no deal. Just mass deportations. Trump needs to grow a fucking spine and do what the law demands of him.

I wonder how many pro-amnesty votes came from this cadre nigger IP hopping?

It’s the best we are gonna get.

No, it's not. We have it better right now you kike. Enforce the laws on the books.

You are right. Maybe I have been thinking about this more from an optics position. The dems would never accept the deal and Trump gets to look like he is trying to work with them. I support the political positioning. But you are right, they have to go. They will be a great boon to the shitholes that they go back to.

Oh, look!
A data-mining/gaslighting thread!


A master negotiator will convince his opponent that in the end they've won something when in reality they got taken for suckers. What anons don't realize is Trump hasn't been negotiating and trying to manipulate the Democrats with his back and forth stance on DACA, he's been negotiating with and manipulating his own supporters to come around to the idea of giving amnesty.

Everyone naturally assumes he's trying to make the dems believe they can't get anything better so they'll be forced to compromise, but it's his supporters who keep compromising because they think they can't have it better, the dems haven't moved an inch with their demands this entire time. In reality Trump could have, should have and promised to deport illegals, but he didn't because he never had any intention to.

Reported. Kill yourself.

Simply make it so DACA recipients are ineligible for welfare.


WTF I love tiny sample sizes now

Very natural

This. He's trying to weasel his way out of having to deport them. Democrats took DACA off the table and he put it right back on.

Ok, that'll deter their level of leeching off of the government (we'd also have to get rid of free stuff from schools and such). The question then is, would your proposed solution deter them from procreating en masse? Is the lack of welfare a sufficient deterrent such that they would die out? There are two approaches to the immigration issue: get enough moderates/civnats such that you can push strong immigration reform and such and hoping the remaining die out. The other is by a miracle, have people so far right that after some immigration reform they'll be willing to retroactively remove DACA and send them out (I honestly wonder if this is possible. Maybe too much of the jew has seeped into me, but imagining people in the CY+3 through +currentRegime saying "Lets get rid of all (including legal) nonwhites" just seems out of place).
The reason I don't believe it would be a sufficient of a deterrent is that, even without welfare directly, our system is such that you can survive pretty easily. One would have to also bar them from employment (but still, the issue of their kids would remain. You'd really have to define their lineage as non-citizens. Same with refugees. You're lineage starts with illegals, your lineage here ends illegal. Your lineage starts refugee, your lineage ends refugee. Of course, in the case of nonwhite legals, just gtfo).

Also, he said he might extend the deadline from March to June which if he does he will further prove this.

Stop being faggots. Trump's playing chess. Democrats will never accept. By doing this he divides them. Illegals want the wall so they can stay and SJWs despise the wall. They'll never accept this and it causes chaos. It's fucking genius.

So you're saying hes divided them by a wall

In what universe is this a simple yes or no question? Holy fuck I hate these threads.

Actually DACA found itself naturally and organically on the table. It's like a self-sustaining meme.

in this brief fleeting moment I have captured the reality of the situation. God bless

Bumpin for the CACApedes!


What is the point of this data mine again?
Sage until I get a adequate explanation.

You need to lurk for 2 years before posting

We don't need a fucking deal. Let DACA expire, kick the 1.8mill or however fucking many there are out, and fund the wall as a stand-alone issue. Deals only benefit the fucking globalists

but it won't expire
t. (((9th circuit court)))

The MSM is already embolden running even more BS human interest stories, buuuut less anti Trump stories this morning for some odd reason…

Let's see what liberals think?


Looks like No is winning.

That sample size is tiny though and one strawpoll, though.
Still not that important


That's part of the optics going on now. Democrats bring DACA to the table, shut down the govt, fail, and rescind their offer. Trump brings DACA + his terms to the table. If Democrats refuse, it's now the big bad Democrats who refused to help the illegal kiddos. OPTICS. If the Democrats don't agree, DACA expires and it's their fault people get deported. OPTICS.

Democrats are only saying no right now so they can come back and say yes when it's down to the wire. They get a magnificent deal that gives them everything they want and more and Trump gets meaningless garbage. Trump's base which more than half of are sycophant nut huggers will cheer this on as some great victory when all they achieved was their own death sentence. But hey at least they triggered those liberals, isn't that right my based DACApede?

Almost half the people on this board are cucks and shills

"Yes" and "No" to the question is too ambiguous to even gather data of any usefulness. This poll is purposefully misleading because it will probably get used for some talmudic Atlantic piece to justify "ze american pooblic wants niggers, goyim!". Obvious (((strawman)))poll.

Confusing that they wouldn't keep the original color scheme of these portions
This is a conscious alteration by the people that made the algorithms for the graphs. No one is going to believe this craptier poll.