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Jane and Kathleen slept on the second floor where the children's bedrooms were located while Peter (Wynne's husband) stayed in the basement.

She waited like a snake in the grass for an opportunity to destroy a marriage just to satisfy her own vice.

why the fuck would he step down if he is innocent


This is pertinent, what do you suppose we do about it? Do party members vote in a provincial primary or what? I don't know how the process works. But that kooky lesbo needs to be removed from office.

Sounds like his own party forced him out. It's almost like the conservatives want to lose so business as usual here I suppose

I'm honestly just waiting for things to get even worse tbh, the entire government of ontario is complicit and needs reforming. This level of JUST is indicative of complete subversion and signifies a need for top to bottom purging.

Chief of Staff
Campaign manager
Deputy Campaign Manager
>release (((twitter statement))) advising resignation

NDP Leader

The audacity of these cunts.

He's 39 yrs old now

He was 29 at the time of the BJ,she was 18 or 19

He came on to some of his young political party helpers

This will hang him

The other accuserwas 19,he was 35 at the time

The feeding frenzy from the middle and the leftie sharks here in Ont are scary.

There's white male semi-conservative blood in the water

Don't go in the water unless you are female or a saint

Brown or wynne

none of the above

It's like the choice between Clinton or Trump

Do you wanna get fag raped in the ass or mouth

Brown was the mouth choice ,like Trump was

Your syntax is killing me eyes.
Ontario liberals have something to do with this, they have terrible approval rating so in a last attempt they raise minimum wage and I can guarantee they are major players in these (((allegations)))

Yet you're ignoring the fact his own party forced him out and shot themselves spectacularly in the foot. The Liberals (who probably do have some hand in this) don't really need to do much when the senior levels of their opposing party do their job for them.

Forcing him out is probably the smart choice, as having to defend against these allegations while trying to win an election is a recipe for the god damn Liberals to win again. Look to what just happened in Alabama, at least this gives them time to get a replacement with 4 months to go before the election.

Here's a whitepill at least.

Great post for context. It really boils my blood that this material isn't being used by her political opponents to totally destroy her. All it takes is a little civic courage.

Video by an Ontarian reactionary on the subject.

Unless you’re going to elect someone who will split Western Ontario from the east and hold a referendum on (the west) leaving Canada and joining the US, nothing you do will improve your situation.

Fairest amongst thousands, altogether lovely.

The cult did it. He was digging into the Karla Homolka deal.

t. insider

Wynne had dined at the Y with underage girls too.

This faggot orchestrated it.

You’re at the only place talking about it. Media in Canada won’t touch it. Maybe Frank Magazine but they are too cucked to go after Kinsella and Wynne in any meaningful way.

Word is K made his money moving cocaine…

Connection with he Shermans perhaps? He’s connected with the Clintons too.

Most likely.



Eastern Star. Secret society.


Homosexuals just can't resist destroying children to satisfy their sexual vices.

Canadians should overthrow the government instead of continuing to take it up the ass from jews.


Quebec is pretty wise to the kike, at least outside Montreal. Eastern provinces have only moderate levels of kikery and should join the US without much troubles.

Ontario, though, needs to be nuked from orbit.



You mean the Greater Toronto Area.



Doing Kek's work, user. Anyone have the cap of Wynne having to sit in the corner at some muslim event?

No guns, no free speech, no free assembly, no free association. How are you going to do that?

Really wish he'd told all the libkikes to fuck off and didnt apologize/resign. He'd probably win, even in Ontario.

I really don't even care that much at this point though. Just get in somebody who will stop running our economy into the ground.

These are all enshrined in our constitution/charter, except for the guns.

And all suspended by the courts, only one who can reverse it is the courts or the Queen

Nevermind found it.

Again, the insulated ignorance of certain posters only worries me for this province and Canada's future.

Eastern Canada is primarily owned by the Irving family. They've got a stranglehold on forestry, oil, mining and other political matters besides our own. Elections are ultimately decided by them, and their wallets, as our politicians are easily bought out or influenced by those above our social control.

If there's anything to be done, its now, and spreading any information to smear the Liberals could change the outcome of the election.
Talk is cheap. Remember to be subtle about your advances on people. Don't overtly influence them, but gently plant the seeds of fruit until the decision day is near.
Posting shit through Twatter and Facebook also helps influence lost voters who'd normally never consider voting.

There's a damning amount of evidence against the Ontario Liberal government, people have only forgotten about it or grown apathetic against the bullshit they've heard.

And if anyone of us is serious about changing politics in this province, start small like the others have. Create havoc like they have, and play both sides. It's easy to enter parliament if you kiss a few rosy cheeks until they've turned their back on you. The challenge is waiting for an opportunity to slash at them.

Can someone give a quick run-down of Canadian politics for a non-Canadian?

Section 1, the "we may suspend these rights at any time" section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (of the CANADA City of London corporation, administered by the Privy Council).

Quebec is actually the most free place, despite the signage laws, which were written to hold (((them))) from doing too much damage. That's because Quebec is just an ADMINISTRATIVE partner of the CANADA corporation, and the French crown still exists (barely).

Lurk two years before posting

They also were caught importing cocaine from Venezuela by dissolving it in oil, but you didn't hear that on the news. Their influence is rapidly dropping. Remember that speed limit last summer on the Baie de Chaleur because of whales?

It wasn't because of whales.

>That's because Quebec is just an ADMINISTRATIVE partner of the CANADA corporation, and the French crown still exists (barely)
Can you elaborate on this? Is there a real/legal basis to the claim that the French crown persists in Quebec? If I'm even reading your statement correctly

The French crown was adopted by the English crown after the revolution, but City of London shenanigans made it irrelevant because people were using the corporate entity. Then Rene Lesveque came along. There was a big reorganization in 1981 as part of a deal (though Guernsey) but a Canadian Citizen is different than a person naturel du Quebec, and the courts and cops know this (but will deny if unless you get them under oath).

I'm not explaining everything here because (((some people))) use this to try to get out of debts.

This intrigues me greatly, as a Québécois-blooded Canadian citizen residing in another province. If you're not interested in sharing the ins-and-outs, would you be willing to share some hints as to where this subject might be researched further?

Bump of interest

There is a french crown

I'm curious where you got your information from, because I'd like to smear them a bit more whenever I can.

(((Warren Kinsella)))
Wrote an accidentally informative book on Canadian neo nazi movemnt called (((Web Of Hate)))
He's a faggot punk rocker that put out once good record and plays in shitty new bands.

Here you go, user.

Seems the British monarchs had some relatives:

>The change was not acknowledged by the Jacobite claimant Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart. He continued to formally style himself King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland until his death on 13 July 1807.

>He is both second in the line of succession to the Liechtensteiner throne—through his father—and third in the Jacobite line of succession to the thrones of England, Scotland, Ireland and France—through his mother. He is the first Jacobite heir born in the British Isles since 1688 and will be, assuming his accession to the throne of Liechtenstein and upon the death of his mother, the first Jacobite heir since Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia to become the head of state of another country.[1]


While the claim exists trying to acknowledge it in Canada will probably get a "it's treason then" reaction from the Canadian government.

Not the same user, but if you're interested in peeling back some layers and looking into the undercurrents of Canada have a peek into the history of the (((Bronfman))) family



There will be a Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leadership election on March 24, 2018
'Prospective candidates:'
John Baird, former federal foreign minister and MP (Ottawa West—Nepean 2006-2015) and a former provincial cabinet minister and MPP (Nepean 1995-1999, Nepean—Carleton 1999-2005)[3]
Steve Clark, Co-Deputy Leader and MPP for Leeds—Grenville (2010-present)[7]
Tony Clement, former federal and provincial cabinet minister, MP for for Parry Sound—Muskoka (2006-present), former MPP for Brampton South (1995-1999) and Brampton West—Mississauga (1999-2003)[8]
Christine Elliott, Patient's Ombudsman for Ontario, past leadership candidate (2009 & 2015) and MPP (Whitby—Ajax 2006-2007, Whitby—Oshawa 2007-2015)[3][9]
Doug Ford, former Toronto City Councillor (2010-2014) and mayoral candidate (2014)[10]
Sylvia Jones, Co-Deputy Leader and MPP for Dufferin—Caledon (2007-present)[7]
Frank Klees, MPP (1995-2014)
Lisa MacLeod, Treasury Board Critic and MPP for Nepean—Carleton (2006-present)[3]
Monte McNaughton, Critic for Economic Development, Employment & Growth and MPP for Lambton—Kent—Middlesex (2011-present)[7]
Caroline Mulroney, a lawyer and current PC candidate in York—Simcoe[3]
Erin O'Toole, former federal Veterans' Affairs Minister and MP for Durham (2012- present)[3]
Rod Phillips, former president of Postmedia, former head of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, former head of CivicAction and current PC candidate in Ajax[3][9]
Lisa Raitt, former federal cabinet minister and MP for Milton (2008-present).[11][10]
Peter Shurman, former Finance Critic and former MPP for Thornhill (2007-2013)[12]
John Tory, Mayor of Toronto (2014-present), former Ontario PC leader (2004-2009) and former MPP for Dufferin—Peel—Wellington—Grey (2005-2007).[13]
Raymond Cho, MPP for Scarborough—Rouge River (2016-present), former Toronto City Councillor (1991-2016)[14]

Doug Ford


Not Randy?

You can't commit treason against a company with a materially fraudulent charter.

Jean Chretien hates him for riding his coat tales. The punk act (and the coke) is to pick up young girls.

Thank you, I spent a few hours looking for that.

The "Queen of Canada" is a meanless corporate styling with no weight outside the City of London.

Think shaken, not stirred.

Currently he is only a Prospective candidate, we need him to be a Declared candidate,
someone with with a wiki account needs to add him:
In the mean time 'Contact Him, tell him to destroy Kathleen Wynne'
'Anyone with a Facebook? Get on there and tell him to clean up Ontario'
'His Youtube'
'Fire up those twitters Guys'
'His Instagram'

Doesn't mean it won't pretend it's legitimate.

Doesn't mean that it won't pretend and act like it's legitimate.





Fuck off Ford nation. You are not white.


Remember that the Liberals changed the law so 16 year olds can consent to being sodomized.

One point of note about this story is that the guy who first reported on this is now being accused of sexual misconduct himself
globalnews .ca/news/3990263/ctv-has-suspended-reporter-paul-bliss-following-allegations-of-sexual-misconduct/

lmao fag soyboys

Join us lads.


How do we unfuck the budget Holla Forums?

Canada is too big for nationalism. Provincial regionalism or seperatism is the only way to salvage things.

Cascadia, Quebec libre, and shitty multiculti Ontario. No more federal bullshit. No more being led by the whims of metro faggot.

ctvnews ca/politics/patrick-brown-accusers-stand-by-allegations-1.3802657

The memes write themselves.

The fact I am only 3 degrees seperate from that family makes me a bit conflicted, but generally they are pretty much kikes.

Agreed, canada is too fucking big not population wise but land wise to have a strong nationalist movment. The provinces would have to be split up a bit.

Of fucking course.

Welcome to Toronto.

It's real.


Jesus Christ


Make Ontario Great Again




I live in one of the most libcucked areas of this corrupted province. Is there even a point in voting?

Do you have a legal drivers license?


Yes. Every single real vote makes rigging the election in their favour more difficult.

Kill the CIA, Mossad, and chink spies infiltrating our country, hang our leaders (and police) for their open treason, and fix the damage the kikes have done to our wildlife while we're at it. MOGA.

if it gets much worse, there'll be societal collapse and then I hope you're ready to cheeki breeki.

Not surprised. Kinsella looks like a snake. What is his deal overall?

No more fucking wasting so much fucking money on green energy, no more oil corruption and all of the above and we might be able to stop it from crashing.

I wish, I truly fucking wish we can.

I'd like to elect #OurMischling Lauren Southern for an Ontario office.

Southern Ontario is all trash.

lake88 ca/2018/02/19/hillier-comes-out-strongly-against-brown-leadership-bid-makes-new-financial-allegations-against-former-pc-leader/

This. They can only (((influence))) an election slightly, they can't full on rip it out of the people's hands because it'd be caught onto pretty quickly. For instance, a toss-up between liberal and conservative can be tilted slightly towards the liberals illegitimately and still look plausible; the less of a toss-up it is, the less potential there is for manipulation.


voting ford. yup can't wait. CSR Volume 2 baby


You oughta see their fucking videos, this is communist training for children. The comments are full redpill though.

More commie child abuse videos, note the characteristic lively music and bright colors to assotiate this poison with good feelings like the playpark and ball pit at mcdonalds the poison merchant of gluttony and filth..

Forgot embed

could it be???