ARCHIVE.IS SHUT DOWN has been shut down by Gamergate troll complaining to registrar over hosting of "illegal content"

Other urls found in this thread:

I feel another Joshua Goldberg on the horizon.

Archived the thread for posterity.





any updates?

Curious on who got the Hitler quints?



Posting from Switzerland and is redirecting to twitter
Also it's impossible to view any natsoc YT vids and some websites critical of kikes here
Switzerland is more heavily censore than Goymany right now ngl fag. Try it. Try a Swiss proxy on your vpn

That may be your problem, lad.

Even faggy shit is banned here.
The woman in control of the judicial oversight committee for banning stuff is a jewish lesbian
Also the banks are here as well as lots of jews

This might be due to some faggot archiving the Holla Forums rule discussion when someone dumped CP


what a woeful chain of digits

Do you haz syndrome downs?

fuck i absolutely destroyed someones life with this website today.

It's not shut down. It either went offline briefly or OP made it all up

No. I said when I type the trl in to the browser it redirects to this
Might not be the same everywhere
I'm in Switzerland and the refistrar is Swiss
Try a Swiss proxy and see for yourself instead of whining like some edgy n00b techtard

*registrar seems to be under attack
(((they))) are panicking bigly

ALWAYS save the zip file from Offline!!! I've noted some of my links are gone, like out of my bookmarks gone. Keep any potential damaging pics offline as well. Pics disappear too. Back up both. It's proven that those clowns who glow have access to do that. clones when?

It's still up and not going down any time soon

Exactly. I very much doubt (((they'd)))) shut down such a valuable resource.



i opened one achived thread and i cant view images wtf?