DACA deal = Jews BTFO

Want to know why (((they))) are crying about Trump's terms? Let's do the math:

We give up: DACA people (who would have stayed anyway) get to stay, though they will be subject to deportation for almost any reason, the wording is so vague.

We get: End to chain migration, end of VISA lottery, and THE MOTHERFUCKIN WALL.

Chain migration alone has brought in more than 20 MILLION people. 20 million vs 1.8? This would be a great if we only got an end to chain migration, but once you throw in the lottery and THE FUCKIN WALL, this deal sells itself. It's a no-brainer.

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Everywhere I look I can't escape Judaism. Every other time I use google there is some banner celebrating some Jew who fucked western values. Half the time I watch a new TV show and it reeks of Judaism, I look at the cast and it confirms it.

Judaism permeates everything of power and evil in America and the "regular people" somehow can't see it right in front of them. I guess it's what we deserve for being their willing slaves. A nation has the Jews it deserves.

When I saw the trailer for that horrible cartoon Big Mouth I noticed immediately it stinks of Judaism worse than anything I've ever seen. I looked at the cast and it was the most Jewish cast I've ever seen on a TV show. Coincidence? No.

This, also I don't mind giving protection from (((deportation))) to the same people that protect Germans from getting (((deported))) after WW2

Oh, look, the shills are now trying to justify DACA!

Absolute bullshit.
The DACA people must go - and the idea that they 'would have stayed anyway' is ridiculous.
They have to go back.
There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty. Period.

Which can be - and WILL be - rescinded via legislation as soon as Trump is out of power…
… see above…
… see above; also: A wall is only as useful in any way, shape or form, so long as someone who can and WILL defend it is in power.

So, let's do the math, as you say:
We give up:
We gain:

IOW: We gain nothing, and give our enemies a massive victory that will make any and all future efforts on our behalf more difficult.

You won't end chain migration long-term, but once the DACA scum have been granted amnesty, you will never be able to rescind it.

You, sir, are an imbecile or a shill for the Trump admnistration.

Black pills are for fags. If a single illegal gets amnesty and you don’t grab your rifle you’re a cucked faggot who deserves a bullet as well.

Nail on the head here. Really it's a shill for the general zionist military industrial complex who demands non-Whites exist within the borders as a constant threat and bludgeon to utilize against White America in order to drive White flight real estate boom/bust, militarized municipal police budgets, inviting atmosphere for transnational narcotics distribution, and mudrace soldiers to unleash on resistant Europeans and domestic holdouts.

There is no reason to offer a deal. Republican majority in both houses and the executive. The president has complete and total control of all immigration and can restrict it in any way it sees fit. Just deport every single last illegal, deport all of their children who are not legitimate citizens, build the wall, and freeze all new entries. Utilize the newly cleansed population to get an even more hard line group of representatives in power and then do everything you want on chain migration, etc.

The only reason to go through the motions of a "deal" is because you don't want to do any of the above and just want amnesty to commit genocide against the White race in service of your zionist paymasters.

((( )))
don't you mean regime change my fellow aryan? :^)

The DACA spics are the most obnoxious pieces of shit in America. Trump should make an example out of those cunts. Every single one should be deported and stripped of all their possessions so that taxpayers can recover some of the money we've wasted on them.

This deal is bullshit. We owe illegal aliens nothing and we should give them nothing.

>Want to know why (((they))) are crying about Trump's terms?

Because they won't agree to give him the wall, end the visa lottery, or end chain migration. This DACA deal is actually the exact same thing as the previous DACA deal.

DACA isn't happening, retard. Calm down.

Here is an earlier screencap

I got a question. Since the crux of the problem is beaners and illegals voting pattern (assuming they didn't already vote illegally). how viable a solution would it be to grant them a recognized special status, but have them forbidden of voting, and if they tried they would be deported. are people with working visa entitled to government gibs, if no should they also be barred from it?
Also since it would look bad to have them take jobs americans should have a priority. Could they legally be required to pass second in job application.

I am not familiar enough with how the US work at this level of details.

While that is technically a fine deal in a logical sense, no way the democrats would accept it, or even the GOP. It's essentially admitting that different groups deserve different rights and duties. It's the crushing of the Enlightenment ideal of egalitarianism that has driven the slippery slope to where we are now. You'd have to admit hierarchy and differences exist not even just at a racial level, but even within a folk.

I believe there's a thread about such things up now actually. ctrl+f "old gods"

well, on a technicall level, illegals are not allowed to vote no? they came here illegally, 'tis only fair they can't vote if they are not a Citizen, like workers on a visa?

1. You don’t seem to know what DACA is.
2. DACA amnesty is happening. That was already confirmed.


so you're saying that letting illegal beaners vote democrat is fine? channeling my inner Cathy Newman

The issue is that you can't create an entirely different type of group that is neither citizen nor illegal. Again, that's arguing against a fundamental ideal that no party in America would dare go against. All men created equal etc.

I'm not saying they're right. It'd be more than a fair deal considering the USA should hold itself a European nation first and foremost, so they'd already be giving a concession by even allowing non-Europeans to inhabit their lands. To give them even that right is already far more than they deserve. But what I am saying, is that you won't ever get such a deal offered by the current political system.

It's not happening. And when it doesn't happen you will be to busy blackpilling about the next thing that isn't going to happen to be able to muster the agency to realize how much of a fucking faggot you are.

kys you false flagging heeb.


Where? Nothing has appeared that suggests democrats are going to take Trump's offer. If they don't take it, no amnesty.

It's almost is if we're being raided by redditors who worship philosemites and think White genocide is fine as long as the brown hordes don't help get democrats elected.


2. DACA amnesty is happening. That was already confirmed.

Hahahaha, no, you're lying through your teeth. The (((democrats))) rejected this offer for DACA amnesty instantly. They will never agree to give Trump the wall or end the visa lottery and chain migration.

This is literally the exact same ruse that Trump pulled with his first offer.



and they can't take it because:

If they accept the deal they shoot themselves in the foot with their supporters. And if they reject the deal the shoot themselves in the foot with their supporters. I have a hard time believing that anyone who can't understand these grade school levels of logic can be genuine in their commentary.

any leftist ideologue getting her arse kicked, especially by someone like Peterson is music to my ear. and tnx for telling me you are one of those rabid anti-Peterson shill. at least I know where you stand.

Read my post again, user.

can we get an infographic comparing the number of illegals paired with annual abortion numbers?

we wouldnt 'have' to import anyone if we didnt murder unborn citizens



but, aren't working visa foreigners already a different group of their own? is the issue is because they would be resident, and it has legal rammifications?

It is good the democrats wont take the deal, but it's still wrong of Trump to even offer it. He should not have even entertained the idea of amnesty. Even if he was playing politics, it looks terribly bad.

And thank you for confirming that Peterson shills approve of White genocide.

earlobe spacing

Yes, resident isn't the same as a foreign worker. A foreign worker isn't held to have the same rights a citizen has, and that's fine because he isn't your countryman, just a guy doing some services there.

But a resident is, in some respects, a countryman. or at least, he is beholden to the same state that runs your nation. That puts an entirely different spin on things.

Eat a bag full of dicks you fucking faggot. Anyone who didn't immediately understand what he was doing doesn't have an opinion that matters.

Ohhh the leftys are salty. No deal paco, you got to go.

ANY amnesty would destroy the elections in this country.

Nigger, there going back anyway. Durbin just shit himself and denied the deal outright. Quit posting like free bleeding over here.



How much will the wall cost again?

This. I wonder how those DACA people feel now that their own leftist supporters threw them under the bus. The leftists know they won't vote Democrat ever again so that's why they need immigrants, who know absolutely nothing about the USA's in house politics, to fool for more votes. They know they can't fool people in America anymore.

look at this bad goy over here, Mods!?!

Yes, they do. They have the only opinion that matters. The goddamn fucking vote.
There is absolutely no excuse. No amount of politicking or chess maneuvering, that justifies Trump putting amnesty on the table.
No amount of shills on both sides can alter that one singular fucking fact. Trump won his base on hard line immigration rhetoric. If he feigns concession, even if for the purposes of political manipulation, he risks losing his base. We at Holla Forums, and even the fags at reddit, can see through it. But the majority of folk wont.

You know, when the DOTR kicks off, I'm not going to target just any type of kike or traitor. I'm going to hunt down and execute every single fucker that was responsible for pushing an objectively correct stance, using annoying or downright shill tactics, in an effort to muddy the waters and taint that objectively correct stance.

I am going to line you up, and then run you all over with my car.

I have never said anything even remotely to that effect, nice try putting words in my mouth. since you're the kind of autistic fucker that need everythign spelled out for hm, I will indulge you.
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children
also in-group preference is vital t one's identity, and it is highly desireable that the society at large have similar interests and core values, having an ethno-state is a perfectly reasonable goal. How we get there and what methods to use should be up for debate, but just because I don't want to repeat the error of the past by alienating the entire planet by gasing kikes and niggers and would rather to neuter then instead, and drop them all in california and seal the state. but wishes alone does not a reality make, and instead of bickering what an ideal world would be, I will use every fucking tool at my disposal to redpill people, that incluse select material from Peterson to at least have those around me throw up their blue pill.

Why? I'm sure he knows that the (((democrats))) will never accept the deal in a million years. He's putting them in another lose-lose situation right after he baited Cuck Schumer into self-destructing using the same tactic. If Trump has to sacrifice a little PR to destroy his enemies, well, so what.













You said that the biggest problem posed by the browning of America is that the invaders vote for the wrong jewish party. Go back to reddit.

Do you know what amnesty fucking is? It's not a ten year wait period with a flawless record, which sounds like parole, which they violate. 90% percent of the spics will fuck up, and 10% will bail.

you forgot to list one faggot

i was agreeing with you dipshit, just pointing out the state of this board

The thing is, Trump needs his base more than the dems need theirs.

And thankfully they have short memories.

I said the crux of the issue would be how they vote, but that`s only in the short term optics. because if you think having two pozzed party is a problem, having an eternally winning single party is even worse. Insofar as if this don't get fixed very soon, nothing else will matter.
but hey, the USA is already filled to the brim with all sort of ethnic minorities that are ALREADY CITIZENS, so thats an othe rissue entirely. I am focusing here on the specific issue this specific class of people pose, in the most imediate manner.

since removing legal spics and nigger have nothing to do with DACA, I would have assumed you Wise enough to not clonflate the various issues, but seem I was wrong. But hey while you are here, how realistically can we reduce nigger, spics, and jews presence in the USA in the long run?

>Why? I'm sure he knows that the (((democrats))) will never accept the deal in a million years. He's putting them in another lose-lose situation right after he baited Cuck Schumer into self-destructing using the same tactic. If Trump has to sacrifice a little PR to destroy his enemies, well, so what.

Trump needs his base more than the dems need theirs

Dems desperately need their base. Are you not even using your brain?

Their base is DACA. Their base is spics.
Their base is illegal immigrants.
They are shutting the government down over this shit because they will never win the presidency for 50 years once the voter fraud is removed.

Dickhole, amnesty is an official pardon. He hasn't done nor offered anything of the kind. He told them something they have been told all their lives; that there is a process to enter this country and a legal path to citizenship and we will abide by it. Right now, that path doesn't look so good. Why? Because there aren't any laws protecting the fuckers. Darn.

Any amnesty is unacceptable. Or at least, it should be. As far as violating the terms of that amnesty, you can not expect the democrats to not corrupt the process you claim will filter out nearly all the supposed amnesty recipients.
Again, there is not any deal involving amnesty that should be offered. Once the Dems have amnesty, in any form, you've already lost. Yes, they won't take it because in terms of PR they know they'd be fucked, but to even offer it also fucks Trump's and further creates a fracture point with his base that only Holla Forums can ever hope to endure.

No, you weren't. You were shitposting and acting as if agreement with the policy put forth is somehow the same as being a kike shill. I've long argued with a LOT of Trump's policies and I've not suffered a ban yet. Perhaps because I'm not a filthy fucking shitposting.

The GOP relies on it's base more than the Dems, who usually end up getting more undecided on their side because the undecided at the biggest lemmings. All it takes is one little scandal and they'll vote how you want. Dems have used that for decades.

Fuck off back to reddit, you're too stupid to understand.

lol that makes no sense. Trump and the dems both need their bases. And at the expense of slightly damaging his credibility with his own base, Trump has manipulated the democrats into turning down DACA amnesty. Twice. Did you see the mountain of leftist salt when Schumer caved? The democrats have never been on such bad terms with their base before. Their own precious DACA spics are protesting against them. They're fucked.


If you think that the country being brainwashed is the reason all these dems have won so far, than YOU ARE FUCKED.

Luckily, it isn't.
There's so much voter fraud.
So much.
So many catalogued instances.

And when the voter fraud is removed, the only vote farm they'll have left are niggers and spics. That's why they shill for CACA.

I got it. The perfect deal (in this world where perfect just means, not worst): complete amnesty, BUT all of them must be sterilized + end further legal immigrations (bring it down to Origins Act levels) + enforce laws against new illegals.
Obviously, it'll be hell since they still exist in the country, but if steralized, at least it ends then and there. One generation of shit, and you're done. (Of course, this is infeasible, but hey, maybe the democrats would accept it).

If there is amenstity Trump will not get a second term.

Funny, that didn't work at all in 2016.

uh huh, such a good goy

One more question — If they still have voter fraud up their sleeve would they give this much of a shit about spics?

Trump is not the one backed into a corner.

Illegals have no path to citizenship. They already broke the law by even being here while circumventing the paths given to them in the first place. Amnesty is offering them those paths again when, in truth, they'd have them closed off for good.

Voter fraud and gerrymandering. I suppose gerrymandering is a form of voter fraud.

I never claimed any sort of apocalyptic scenario. I merely hold that offering amnesty in any form regardless of reason is going to hurt Trump. I don't want his positioned lessened. Hence why I think this is a mistake.
I'm all the happy to be proven wrong come November and later come 2020.

Because Trump won a goddamn solid base using the arguments he's now forgoing for the sake of luring the Dems into a trap.

that's probably the biggest issue logistically speaking to be honest, any deal made, no matter how strict on paper, will b edragged over in court, in states, at every level possible. we could have only 10 person allowed to stay on paper, and it still could end up being a million…

Or we could deport them all and not give the jews anything.

spics can fuck off back to mexico via a giant catapult

Which is why they should never even be given the chance to fuck with it.
There is no need to offer them any sort of deal. Just let them die.

uh huh


you didn't get the memo?
the number is 3.6 million now
I expect it to reach 5 million by next week

8-12 million minimum

What part of "annoying or shill tactics" did you not fucking understand?

So the democrats can depend on undecided voters except for that one time they couldn't at all. And that's why they don't really need their own base. Sure thing.

Do you actually think undecided voters can make up for the democrats alienating the shit out of their own base by fucking over Bernie and turning down DACA amnesty multiple times?

Where is that article, and does it come before or after this in the timeline: archive.is/9QBVm



We heard the same faggotry 5 times a day for the duration of the campaign. Eat a bag of dicks you egregious faggot.

This is where its going to go one way or the other. A weak society that isn't willing to use violence to secure its existence DESERVES TO DIE! We've long since deserved it and ending chain migration and a wall are good starts, but deporting every mother fucker with ruthless indignation with laws already on the books is what really matters. The wall doesn't mean shit if we're not willing to deploy the entire National Guard to round up and deport these fucks.

Don't care if these countries can deal with taking back 5+ million per year. They've been coming at half that rate for the last 40 years. Take your shit kin back or we start orbital bombardments with our ICBM's wiping out the coast lines so we can drop them off. Or we can just throw them in the middle of the ocean.

If you don't hate your enemies then you don't love your friends and family.

Fuck the wall. Mexico has advanced boat technology and the ability to print fake passports. I want taco shoved physically out of the country, an end to birthright citizenship, and revocation of citizenship if you piss on a bush for the first 10 years. I also, as a taxpayer, voter, and citizen, demand that the slimy cunts who run sanctuary shitholes go to the same ADX dungeon where Barry Mills is sealed up in a box.

I would also like to see at least one openly pro-white politician speak his mind and win an election. Could you imagine a congressman reciting the Fourteen Words on CNN? It can happen, but we have to get fucking serious – Trump is great, but if we're not moving forward whites are going to get civ-natted to death.

Yes, I do. Then again, I could be misreading the situation. Guess we'll see.
More importantly, on a more moral standpoint, I think it's wrong of Trump to play politics in such a manner when he doesn't even need to. He doesn't need to lure the dems into a trap at the expense of sacrificing his hard stance that won him some respect both on Holla Forums and elsewhere. They're already quite gutted, he doesn't need to even feign compromise.

Trump NEVER put amnesty on the table in any sort of fashion during the campaign, unless you mean the comments on having a door on the wall.

what part of death squads do you not understand? why would you be pushing the jew agenda to legalise 12 million spics? huh?

No where in that article does it say that Trump has said he will drop the stipulations of y and z, but it definitely says that the faggot commies will not agree to y nor z. Therefor: its not happening

He didn't put it on the table at all. He said "you can have part of what you want but only if you do something that you will never agree to doing" I.e. he bluffed them into a corner.

I'm not, every single one of my posts has been about opposing even the offer of amnesty on both political maneuvering, and just on principle.
What I AM opposing is your shitposting and shilling that turns that position I hold, which is in my view valid even if others might disagree, with a shill talking point, thus forcing the moderation to act upon anyone with said position, and allowing YOU to keep pushing the illusion the moderation is somehow kike owned, and not merely incompetent and far too protective of Trump.

Because the former is grounds for immediate exodus, and the later is grounds for calling them faggots and niggers. There's a very distinct fucking difference.
But of course, the muddying of any argument Holla Forums has is the ultimate goal of any shill.

>unironically browses (((IT)))
With that line of thinking nothing would ever get done,sub 50 IQ proto-sapiens exist both left and right.This was a good move,but one that might prove futile,i personally do not believe any lefty-nigger that supported Hillary despite everything,will now not support Multiculti bot #47 come 2018 due to this,and honestly i only hold berniefags slighly higher,and not enough to hope they won't vote dem.
With that said,you need to go back.

He clearly put it on the table. It clearly says so in the released papers, and later confirmed by the executive.

lel. Yeah you are, a lot. You might think it's a bad idea for Trump to sacrifice some of his PR to destroy his enemies utterly, but I'd say it's more important to destroy his enemies utterly than to worry about PR.

Oh so now trump giving them an "offer", which they would never agree to, for 1.8 million is him giving them a sweet heart deal for every "daca" spic? Absolutely common core.

He did not put it on the table. He put it on a pedestal entirely out of their reach and surrounded with things they will never agree to in a million years.

We at Holla Forums, and the fags at reddit.
At what point did I place myself in company with reddit, you fucking faggot.

He put it on the table. He clearly placed it under consideration. That he never expected the dems to take it is not in discussion here. It's the fucking principle of the thing that counts.

Trump played them like a goddamn fiddle, didn’t he? They’re so wrapped up in their shit that they can’t see their own forest for the spic-shaped trees. This nonsense is making me physically ill. Someone needs to EMP the country so we can finally kick the deportationsfenestrations off and end this stomach-turning bullshit.


I didn't say it was happening, I was responding to the claim that there is anything which is viable as a trade. There is not.
They must go back.

Nigger, that's nifty and all, but here's the rub you daft cunt: The person I was responding to was suggesting otherwise.

Now explain what you mean by 'anyway'.

And that's just it. If he's killing PR to land a killing blow, fine. However, he's killing PR, and it should be natural that people would react in "WTF is going on?" when it's seen that amnesty (in any form, given the consequences of even a bit of liniance on the immigration problem) is even on the table. Therefore, pushing for people to just have faith in what will occur is foolish. One should hope, but hope does not mean certainty that something will happen, it means "I'm 90% sure, but I'll plan just in case the 10% should occur".

holy shit where do you think you are?

this user gets it

when you type like you are just off the boat, spotted from a mile away.

Whats truly hilarious is that, if they were smart, they would allow it.

Because Trump's deal is a bad deal, from his PoV, and a good deal for them… It seems that the implication going around with this narrative is that Trump has basically loaded a pistol, set it on his desk, and said "Shoot me in the foot with that, but first you have to say 'There are no good niggers and Mexicans smell like taco meat'." and the Dems aren't willing to do it.
Truly amazing, if true, because God damn is this a sweet fucking deal that Trump has offered them, and a truly shitty one on his part.

A civilized board that bans shitposters?

Guess again.

lel, ok

See, now this is where you reveal that you're a newfag. Anyone here would know, regardless of how the anons themselves behave, the moderation solely exists to do two things: its job (someone reports something, remove it), and kill dissenting opinions. I swear, look at this place pre-election and post-election. It was useful in getting a singular concensus on an imageboard such that the mass/egregore could be put to good use, nevertheless it does come with the draw back of removing the chaos element.


They really did clear this place out during the course of that campaign.
I miss the days before the shilling started.

dont forget about the mod mandated nigger dick threads that would stay up for weeks at a time

>still continues mentioning (((IT))) alongside Holla Forums
Let me spell this out for you friend,you do not belong here.
The fact you see nothing wrong with what you typed,spells it out for any user that matters,why you do not belong.

Wow, that is another testament to how kiked the mods truly are. Pornography was one of the worst things ever invented and the Jew has its hand in all of it, ESPECIALLY nigger and cuck porn.

I know you guys are just here to find any reason to badmouth the mods, but really, how do you address the issue fairly? Banning nudity entirely is too puritanical for an imageboard. But porn really is a damaging thing. Not a moral problem, worse. A memetic virus. At the least, clearly jewish shit like interracial porn should be nuked on sight. And it is. I've watched the posts get removed in threads. Mods do better than you seem willing to give them credit for.

You make no sense. I suggest suicide, it's the only way to deal with your rampant faggotry.

Kek I can only imagine what kind of bitter, tear-stained, fat worthless mongrel would write such a thing.

Many people voted for Trump for immigration reform. Remember most people in this country have families that are elsewhere or from elsewhere.

You're such a newfag, it's painful to see someone like you post that shit

I feel as if you are a mod (or new), regardless, that porn thing was just one instance. Although the /sg/ thing with the Death to the jews thing could be deemed "ok" (since U.S. Gov. would've been preferred, but the mod could've just edited it as opposed to going on an editing/banning spree), it doesn't change the fact that there are multiple cases of pro-zionist shit on their behalf (again, if it was to make sure the egregore was focused, I get that, but the election is over, and hopefully that stops).

To you i don't,i can belive that.
No need to be so rustled friend,i merely told you to leave this uzbekistan knitting imageboard,and to go somewhere where your intellect is among it's peers.Perhaps reddit?I hear they're a cool bunch.

Seriously though, just fellate a gun you faggot.

Truth… But I'll say this: It could be worse.

Of course, that your neighbor is a cuckold whose wife fucks tranny niggers with AIDS doesn't make your wife cucking you with an Asian doctor any less pathetic.

It's legitimately the movie "They Live". Things get so bizarre when you start to wake up.

And 99,9% of posters never have either, neither do they have any leadership or organizing experience whatsoever. And have a much lower IQ.
And yet they claim ultimate knowledge and rant about conspiracies..

Stop being faggots. Trump's playing chess. Democrats will never accept. By doing this he divides them. Illegals want the wall so they can stay and SJWs despise the wall. They'll never accept this and it causes chaos. It's fucking genius. Faggots.

There's no point in going through all these mental acrobatics. The "deal" isn't happening and commies will suffer greatly.

This says it all right here folks. If DACA amnesty is granted - that will be the final nail in the coffin of the United States.

You'll get your ethnostate - but so will the Hispanics.

Did a Nigger write that? Jesus christ learn how to fucking speaking English.

Great post. Fuck the /r/the_donald retards. This is NOT a good deal for us.

There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty.

There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty.

There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty.

There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty.

There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty.
There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty.

There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty.

There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty.
There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty.
There's is NOTHING which justifies amnesty.

They have to go back.

t_d is run by zionists

Many Hispanics are white, also you can always claim to be Hispanic from your mother's side.

Put "hispanic" in your applications from now on




I reported you for trying to trick us into putting "hispanic" in our applications so we can fight zog

A word that appears nowhere in the post to which you are replying, which has nothing to do with "if X happens", merely, "what this proposal, as written, denotes".

I reported you for being a non-White shilling for muds.

((( )))
Whiter than you kike! Why are you shitting your pants on the thought of redpilled whites filling out forms with "hispanic" in them.

Checked for
Where else is your family (((fellow White person)))? (Those aren't echo-parenthesis, they're the edges of a tortilla. Because you're a fuckin' mud and that's what you eat.)

This board really gets nothing done.

fucking saved

What are you talking about? Putting "hispanic" in all our forms from now on will be a key victory for our race.

Exactly this

Yeah, the DACA deal, as trump puts it, wouldn’t be bad. That said, congress would be the ones to actually put it together and vote on it.

But the best part is that unless they do it soon, DACA ends and Trump can blame them for not being willing to deal.

Not at all. There was a thread about that not too long ago.

The way I see it, Trump is trying to go for a carrot and stick approach. He's giving them what dems CLAIM they want (which is, protecting illegal second gen immigrants, part of their voter base) but he's forcing dems to agree on losing something they ACTUALLY WANT (chain migration, meaning more gibs more money fo dem brograms and more projected votes, as well as the brownification of America). Since Trump has played the extremist part this far (Repeal or Else) but still needs to get his budget approved, he's forcing the heavy decision on the Dems (if they agree to the deal, libshits will feel betrayed, if they back down to fight for it, illegal aliens will think they're just being used as a bargaining chip).

That isn't to say that Trump is doing all that great this week: Euronews claimed he opened up towards (((TPP))) talks, his administration is threatening Palestine with redirecting funds to (((the greatest ally))) and he's for the first time backed down on some video of the Religion of Piss doing the average Holla Forums BO thing.

To further elaborate, this is akin to the Nixon plan of being as destructive-looking as possible with polarizing opinions, and then out of nowhere being a softie and giving one democratic proposition. If the Chinese didn't accept his invitation, they would have justified his claims that Communists didn't want any world peace nor discuss their side of international questions, if they accepted it they would effectively betray their own country's image of being above the Capitalist pigs as well as having to discuss an American proposition.

Wrong. I've been on this Holla Forums since Gamergate. I only received one unreasonable ban and it was lifted within hours. I just don't see the problem, unless you like "redpill me on" or "is whoever our queen pol" or "is this guy based" threads.

Any illegal getting amnesty is bad. No amnesty, fuck their pathway to citizenship. You all forget these people will still be Mexican citizens per dual citizenship loophole kikes created. There shouldn't just be noise made about immigration, there needs to be loud voices demanding an end to dual citizenship.




I thought you were a shill. Turns out that you are just a retard. You are the dumbest person on this imageboard, quite an accomplishment really. Here, have a smug to celebrate your achievement.

So you're a fucking Mexican?

i point it out to my gf all the time and over time it's turned into her rolling her eyes and me being "that guy" who is paranoid about the jews, but every time she sends a signal that she's exasperated with it, i point it that why do i have the opportunity to call it out literally all the time when they're only 2% of the population. at some point it is inevitable that it clicks.


Bro, did you even read my post?
The point is that you can't end chain migration meaningfully, same with the rest of that shit.

Assuming they did actually take this deal, alllllllllllllll that shit can and will be rescinded as soon as Trump is outta power.
What Trumps actually doing is offering the Dems something that they want in exchange for a bunch of shit that will temporarily be a pain in their asses.

He's putting a loaded gun on the table and telling them to shoot him, but only if they first say some mean things about non-Whites on live camera, and the implication is that they don't have faith in their ability to regain control of the muds after such a thing… Which seems very strange.
I'm inclined to think we're the ones being rused here, and that eventually the Dems WILL take that deal, and they'll act super upset about it, and we'll get a bunch of threads about how BASED Trump fucked the dems…

… but then in a few years, Trump - or whatever cuckservative shill follows him - will lose to a mud person or lesbian or some shit, and the legislature will go back to cucking and rescind all the shit that was done, EXCEPT the 2nd precedent-setting amnesty granted to the mud people.

Important Side Note:
I was banned for 'chronic shitposting' for pointing out some faggot who was shilling for muds in the vein of "B-B-But South Americans supported Germans against deportation during WW2! You should support muds staying in the US!".
Of course, I think it was more to do with the fact that I was pointing out how this shill was shilling across threads, and then called out the mods for not doing something about it, and then pointing out how the mods have repeatedly attacked people criticizing the posting of pornography on this board.

Best part?
They banned me shortly after that post.

The dems have demonstrated over and over again that they cannot think past their next meal, just like the shitskins they love so much. Besides, everyone on this board should understand by now that there is no way to solve the (((problem))) we face as a people through peaceful means. Best case scenario is Trump buys us some time to arm ourselves and organize before everything goes to shit.

Another option is:
- We consider that Brown beings are inconsequential.
- We work to get our way and…
- We get to reclaim White Land, the creation of a White Ethnic State and we free ourselves from (((Juden))) control.


Kill yourself

Is there an OPP for that? Seems like there should be.

It is not matter if they are legal or illegal, because this is just politically correct speech.
The main issue here is that these beings are not from our racial stock.
This has paramount importance because our race, and in our land, is being displaced by other.
It is about our survival.
And it is almost certain that when push comes to shove, we will be willing to go far beyond any reasonable measure to free ourselves from them.


Trump only offered the deal because he knew the Democrats wouldn't accept it and it would piss off their base for rejecting it.

"You could have saved 1.8 million Dreamers! You're playing games with our lives!"

DACA will expire.
Illegals deported.
Wall built.

Fucking This! Q-user confirmed this like a month ago.

really now? then youll have no problem digging up the post where qfaggot said as much


This. A couple hundred thousand beaners maximum is the price to pay for a wall, end to the visa lottery, and far fewer spics overall.

This also is a master stroke because it drives a wedge between the DNC and the illegal aliens, who are seeing now that they were just useful idiots and were thrown away when it was politically expedient for their Jewish masters.

Jews BTFO, and the shills are crying!

Whew, good thing you're just grossly misinformed and amnesty is not part of the deal at all, my kike friend. BASED full retard natsoc is the only way, even if it means total defeat over and over! Right user?