CA Gubernatorial Debate

A "latino community foundation" is featuring a debate with dems/reps for CA Gov. It is at UCLA and obv. a very leftist, pro illegal crowd. The two Reps are both against illegal immigration, pro wall and will say so. Potential for happening: guarded. Starts now

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Its been in all spanish

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Thats in fucking spic you cunt. I don't speak spic.

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That's the state we're in right now, unfortunately. Most fast food restaurants outside of the hills have their menus in both English and Spanish now.


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The ones mixed with mayans/amerindians are not.

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Okay, I looked into these fags.

Mr. Newsom, who I am a bit familiar with, seems like the obvious win with the leftists who see past color because he is a degenerate, has a broken family, and new family is jewish and supports the existence of "gender" illness. The man is well spoken and considered, and can be seen on Bill Maher and other such programs.

Mr. Allen, who I am not familiar with, seems like the Holla Forums choice because he appears to be a decent man with a single family. He is pro 2a, pro law enforcement lol, officers, anti taxes, and for limited government.
The real issue here is his pro jew invader position.

Only elect those who support
From the Pyrenaei the Rhenus.

It's weird how, whichever candidate loses a democratic election, the Jews can't help but win. I'm starting to think this isn't entirely coincidental. . .

The future of Cuckifornia

If you were being sarcastic well then :^)

(((They'll))) win anyways because CA will likely end up with two leftist gubernatorial candidates anyways thanks to our kiked system. Two candidates with the highest number of votes go on to the final round, not the democrat and republican with the highest number of votes.

I'll still be voting for Travis Allen. Damn shame about him being pro-Israel, but I'm not sure you can be an anti-Israel politician in America. I dream of a day when politicians can freely name the Jew.

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I live in this cucked fucking state. No AIDS yet, but Gavin's fag friends are probably working on an airborne delivery system. :^(

What I don't get is how all these anti establishment and anti corporation leftists keep supporting the Democratic corporation instead of some independant candidate.

Invaders from the Iberian peninsula.
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Spaniards and Portugese had the celt raped out of them by moors (after being raped by romans first).

Few things:
1) Independent candidates are three-legged freaks in domestic politics. The Jews have convinced everybody who watches Talmud Vision that a third-party vote is a lost vote, and so almost nobody does it. When they do, the (((system))) sees to it it's for a Jew named Bernie Sanders
2) The California Republic is a one-party state like Mexico. Our Republicucks are exactly as degenerate and fallen as the Dems, and they're all thrilled to gobble the crumbs left to them. Rugged individualists, don'tcha know.
3) The ruling cabal here is half spic. Spics are dumb enough to think Democrats talk their line because they like them, but smart enough to vote the straight spic-ticket every time. Unlike whites, they prefer their own dirty, unintelligible, child-fucking perverts to a based white. That alone means a permanent Democrat supermajority, which is why our grorious readers are ready to start a terrorist war to save their precious spic voters.
4) General poz. You know that Jew shit you hate in movies and on TV? It's made here actually in Toronto, but the companies are here. You know how Google, Twitter, Facebook and the rest are permanently at war with all that's good and holy? Their headquarters are all within walking distance of each other in San Francisco. That kind of intense money-concentration, combined with all the incentives to keep importing half-smart demi-apes from Ecuador and Pajeetstan, COMBINED WITH a complete and total immunity from consequences in zillion-dollar mansions in Malibu and Orinda, means the ruling junta is absolutely out of touch and will carry on fucking us all until we take matters in hand and get the violence started.

If you ever questioned how bad democracy can fuck over a place, look to California, where "we" just democratically voted to force ourselves to get background checks to buy ammunition.

After the moors came the Germanics from North Europe.

Poor point. North African peoples always went to Iberian Peninsula.
Central and North Europe too. Iberian peninsula was always a place where North European, Central European, North African and Mediterranean people met and bred.