Happy 'straya day cunts

Happy 'straya day cunts
A little interesting fact you might not be aware of, or at least directly aware of.

Australia was built on the backs of white slave labour.
Prisoners were sent here as slaves for the colony.
Yet here we now have a fully functioning country.
Should totally activate some almonds for you cunts

Only after the aboriginals burned all that pesky outback for them trying to make dinner.

I've started called it "Conquest Day" to counter all of that "Invasion Day" bullshit.


Hoping for cronulla 2.0 out west this time so i dont have to travel far

But heres the question about slavery and race.
How can a group of criminal slaves build a functioning western society when given the same tools to the indigenous they create petrol sniffing and cause 90% of australias domestic violence?

Once you provide a handout and make it clear there is always another one on the horizon, what's the incentive for niggers to do anything productive?

Be honest and frank with me Aus user are koalas dangerous I've heard so many conflicting things.


You fucking austismos
Given as in its a given, given the same circumstances etc…
Try again

Give em enough leaves theyll be fine, nice and stoned, otherwise watch the fuck out those claws will have your dick

Thank you for your information to compensate. Here in Kentucky the grass isn't really blue and there's no chicken farms.

Happy Australia Day, bros down South.
t. Burger

Happy Australia Day lads, from your mates across the ditch. I had an idea last night, for all the businesses at virtue signal (see attached image) for "invasion day" why don't we use our sockpuppets to put their money where their mouths are?
They seem quite happy to profit from the evils of colonialism. Why don't kick up a stink and make them donate all their profits from the day to local abo nogs? Complain about how they don't have diverse hires? why are there no petrol sniffing sub humans working for them?

It's the drop bears that you have to watch out for. A drop bear will kill you if you aren't careful.

Aren't they the same thing?

Hope all Aussies have a great day.
A friend and I were talking about Australia just yesterday and we were trying to imagine what the country would be like today if it started off as a French penal colony, not English. A grim thought.

Drop bears arent kept in zoos nor have they been photographed.


Holy fucking shit that boils my onions

Happy Straya Day Cunts

Let's hear it for Tasmania, the only state that solved its coon problem permanently. While we are at it, nuke Melbourne and Sydney.

koala no, dropbear fuckin oath

mate, stop sucking on the barbie gas bottle.

I like the idea but it won't happen, you should know by know its rules for thee not for me.

will ya look at the colouring on that fucker, he must be one of the elusive NT breeds.

Not gonna lie I cant tell if thats a photo or a painting because them bastards will assassins creed you without warning

Happy ausday auscunts. Thanks for not letting our commie PM take the rapefugees off your hands.

Asking that on Holla Forums is really asking a rhetorical question. We all know what the difference is.

Invasion day implies it was a failure. We conquered this place and turned it from a wasteland into the greatest country on the face of the Earth. It's worthy of celebration for the exact same reasons the left despises it.

Nah mate you look at the east coast fulla convinct cunts and they were shipped on boats against there will mate, yet free blokes with a darker tan seem to fucking fail at the concept of having ago unless its at white cunts for not give'n em a fiver "for the tram ocourse"

Maybe you should actually be asking other people that. Thats the point.

Melbourne is a failure.

Best fucking day of the year. Fuck the lebbos anf fuck the commie kikes in Sydney and Melbourne.

Happy Australia day mates!

Time for the Second Invasion.


Happy Australia Day lads.

Remember to tell any leftie cunt to fuck off.

Have a great day cunts.
t. Burger

One thing bothers me about Australia. The anti-hoon laws. What point is there in living if you can't drift? How do you guys stay sane?

Move to Canberra, there are plenty of streets that are windy and devoid of traffic. :D

I'd like to take a moment, as an American, to tell you Australians this one thing:

I like you.
You're alright.
Never stop fighting.
Death to Jews.
Death to Emus.

Happy OZ day chaps

How's life in the trenches m8? I had to make an unfortunate trip to Bankstown yesterday. I imagine if you tried Cronullaing out that way mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker would bring his truck of peace along.

faggot mods wordfilter confirmed


Thank you my good bro.

Speaking of Trucks of peace, they have closed off a good stretch in Surfers Paradise to install anti religion of peace bollards at a six figure cost to the taxpayer.

sick skids.

aussie car laws in general sound like shit and only get worse the more I learn.

yeah its fucked now, shit was cash back in the 90's - 00's, car scene was fucking huge, summernats, winternats, car shoes (show n shine etc) every second weekend or so, worked shit everywhere on the roads. Now theres no scene, fuck all other than 4x4 utes with nigger rims on them or shitty old silvias/skylines/180's that are falling apart.

try getting insurance on a v8 if you are under 30, its a fucking mission

I'll give you guys this, from what I've seen your rotary scene is great. does it have to do with weird displacement laws or some shit?

t. dorito autist

So was America.

Kek a lot of cringe coming out of the Invasion Day rallies.

Just in case you want a good laugh and you're listening to the Hottest 100 today since Triple Jew moved it away from Australia Day because of "muh black country, muh white oppressors"


JJJ has always had a left leaning audience, not surprising they'd flip out.

my nieces fiance is that guy meme exactly, except he works. He went to prison recently for drug dealing.

Sometimes, they are usually pretty docile buggers but if you get them riled up they will claw off your fucking face. But if you know how to properly handle them you should be fine.

But for the love of god, do not confuse a koala with a dropbear. They look similar, but if you even get close to a dropbear you will spend the next month in a hospital or the next week in the dropbear's intestines.

Fuck yeah cunt

If anyone on this board ever touches that radio station they should be immediately deported to reddit.



Haha, fuck yes! Now this is a day worth celebrating for sure!


Very noice.



I don't know what all the hoo hah is about. 1788 was just the cultural enrichment day? cause diversity is our strength membah? it's just what the leftist cunts call for?>>11189284

That's a really good idea and the sort of thing we should get behind more.Tell them you have Aboriginal heritage and are tired of seeing people claiming to support us to gain publicity but who in the end do nothing. Donate 50% of income on the day or stfu.

Oi cunts, wanna know something funny. I teach migrants multiculturalism kek. each new wave of migrants gives less of a fuk each year. I ask on day one " what is Australian culture" they um and ah then say say, beach, sport, bbq, beer…..they never say aboriginal culture. These stupid fukn leftists scream for diversity and yet it's actually killing indigenous culture at the same time lol. muh diversity muh multiculturalism muh diversity is our strength muh refugees. ffs change the date ffs it just lessens the fukn acknowledgment of indigenous culture even more. Abo's need to be redpilled to protect their culture cause the new arrivals don't give 2 fuks.

I wouldn't call huffing petrol all day a culture

Cause those fuckers can slide like crazy

I hope the future is better, because otherwise your country seems pretty great. Other than having to mow down the occasional abbo who thinks he can stop a truck with his hands.