Jihad declared on toilets

The Religion of Cuck™ic sect "Dawoodi Bohras", previously known for cutting up a 7yr old vagina in Minnesota, has declared a jihad on toilets saying that we should all shit like it's the 7th century:



All cultures are equal, but multiculturalism means we all have to squat.

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(Yes, your eyes do not deceive you: In both videos they're destroying a toilet you can squat on. Hundreds of years of inbreeding, folks)


Not surprising, muslims are exactly like pajeets.


This cultural appropriation of Indianian culture is terrible.



Mad mo and his merry band of goat fuckers will not tolerate the shit of the shitters!!!!
Plalfla snackaroodoodaloo

There should be nothing but a hole large enough for a decapitated head, infidel.

OK, I admit: my disgust level rose



Have they bothered to do a disease correlation at all?


Locations with muslim invaders and mexicans are having Hep A outbreaks.
Coincidence or primitive shit handling and non existent hygiene practices?

Almost a billion (888.8 million) defecate if add it all up and that just 2/3s

That's 3/4's of the population that defecates openly




Heard squatting is healthier on your prostate.


This is just 2020D chess to get pakistan and indiastan to merge and be peaceful

The intense ramming yours takes probably doesn't help much

What kind of logic is this retarded garbage? They should destroy and ban hammers first, then try to destroy the toilets. Didn't hammers come before toilets? So sand niggers just like smelling like shit?

I was talking with the guys from work and they swore that men have a "g-spot" near their prostate

I bet they were glad you were there to give them the answer.

Fucking kek, thanks for the morning laughs

The funny thing is that most Dawoodi Bohras are just muslim pajeets.

But you saw how your country was overrun by niggers and other subhumans so why would you want to live long enough to die of Cancer? You should be seeking the glory of a martyrs death like these guys do. But instead of for some pedo you do it for your race. I know that's how I plan to go out.

I'd imagine some 'westernized' muslim kid trolls the shit out of his people by memeing them into thinking toilets are bad and unhygienic or whatever eventually making them shit outdoors.


add word filters. Unfunny and forced. Mods can't can't meme.


dead ….. uhhhh… dead street squat shitters…. can't poop?

for fucks sake just bash the bottom and break off around the screws and remove the toilet they are probably so fucking dumb they dont even know how to remove it and so bash the top and will leave it there and go squat outside

checking number two poopoo shithole dubs

lol thats what I thought too

Could your boomer parents have ever imagined that not only would their children turn into Hitler-heiling, frog-worshiping, anime-based masturbating NEET national socialists, but that they would also be the vanguard in defending Western sanitation values from fucking Saracens?

Who cares?

This is your brain on Shi'a.


I never did figure out if this was /fit/ being a bunch of faggots or just an extension of their intense desire to squat.

why the hel does the muzzie in the first vid looked dazed and or blind after whacking the toilet… is he blind or just terribly inbred?



unironically a Shithole Jihad


Stupid fucking sandniggers.

he's doing gods work. it has that effect on you

Excuse me but what alternative is he proposing?

It wasn't easy. Takes a toll on ones body and mind.

A box model is probably expensive. Why not use stool for feet?

But squatting is healthier. Squatting fully relaxes a band of muscle around the colon allowing for proper flow, while sitting only partially opens, causing difficulties.

I bought a pair of squatty potties from costco for 25 bucks but am beginning to regret this as I do more research.

naturesplatform.com/faq.html#footstools for example tears apart the squatty potty in diagrams and makes a pretty decent argument that your feet need to be on the left/right of the bowl, not in front of it like the squatty potty does.

Other alternatives




More expensive of course. One thing I like about NP is they give a guide on how to make your own with cinderblocks naturesplatform.com/images/concrete.jpg for those who surpass their 300 pound weight limit, but it seems like something anyone could do. I plan to do this if living alone. I'd get shit from my mom if I did this now though. The last Sandan-Evaco folds out of the way pretty nicely.

Nice get.
Thanks for the links, the more and more I learn about the human body the more I realise we need to live as Nature intended e.g daily exercise, squatting to shit and the fascinating "We Want to Live - The Primal Diet", a book describing a raw omnivorous diet rich in eggs, dairy and met. I can post the pdf is anyone's interested.

TBH, those squat toilets feels a lot better than seat toilets.

They were destroying squat toilets and are presumably openly defecating like it's 600-something AD

Please do. I tried loooking for it about a decade ago after reading "eating awake" by Mo lohaus and never found it.

I never learned to link to /pdfs properly.


He has another book, one dedicated to recipes and meal plans, but I couldn't find a (free) pdf.