Trump Open To DACA Amnesty And TPP In 24 Hours


What is even going on anymore?

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If he does this we know he was a (((plant))) all along. Maybe hes just saying that so he doesn't get assassinated while he is in switzerland though.


Read as: if we can keep our jobs, tarrifs and resources we will sell to other countries at a slightly reduce premium as long as they also sell at rock bottom back to the US.
How fucking dense can you be at this point.


Yea, thats not what the TPP is shill. Its one world government. Its putting an international court over the United States and its laws.

How fucking dense can you be to support a large trade agreement set up by jews and millions of sealed pages you are not allowed to read with shit like internet censorship and a small group of unelected bureaucrats from many other countries controlling our trade, immigration, and internet copyright laws aka tools governments use for internet censorship?

A president considering it is scary in itself! Vecause the TPP commisiion can change anything they want in the future.

There are going to be a million bullshit headlines until davos. The board is going to be spammed to shit. See you guys Saturday.

Until Davos is over.

You posted objective fact, but the fact hurts feelings, therefore you are obviously shareblue. (this is what faggots here will actually say)
Everything’s coming crashing down. We didn’t push hard enough. We held no one accountable. That’s what’s going on.

How about disscussing, tracking, and making sure this agreement never gets fucking passed ever. Maybe Trump is trying to wow somebody to Davos and planning something else. He probably wont go through with it. But the TPP is fucking serious.

Take those black pills out of your collective assholes, you tards.

Keep fucking that chicken, kike.

Because real anons are probably less than 10%, so any good ideas we have get used by them or shut down.

Well none of it should be sealed then, unless you're saying it's going to be so good ordinary people can't see it, lest it melt their minds with its fairness and simplistic beauty.

How much do pro-TPP shills get paid?

Just because you saged doesn't make you glow any less.

Ill trust the TPP if I can fucking read it.

What part of this so far nonexistent renegotiated TPP is sealed? How do you even seal things that don't exist yet?

Honestly, who ever started the blackpilled meme was either devious, or didn't know the consequences of it. After all, it's true that being completely pessimistic is idiotic (by drowing in sorrows and not thinking–key: not thinking–one is being idiotic), nevertheless, being blackpilled in the sense of accepting things aren't going perfectly is completely legitimate. I.e., being optimistic and believing things will "just work out", is idiotic. If there is a perception that something might not go "our" way, something should be done about it. It doesn't do any harm to "do" something.

The TPP does exist.
The countries that were involved are still negotiating it without the United States.

It does exist and the people are not allowed to see it.

Concern trolling is nothing new.

Probably about the same as the other shills, though they all suck at their "job".
At least they tried something new, mixing TPP with Amnesty Don.
Shame it's still shit, but what can you really expect from a bunch of retards.

But, see? How is concern a bad thing? I understand if it's founded on something baseless (or unrealistic), hence being called "trolling". However, if the concern is well-founded or conceivable, is it not proper to show concern? He who sticks his head is the sand wont see the bullets flying towards him.

But the TPP that has been renegotiated to fit Trump's requirements does not exist yet. For all we know it not being sealed is one of his requirements and otherwise someone will leak it again anyway.
People are running around like the kitchen's on fire when the stove's not even been turned on yet.

Trump isn't Hitler.
No man deserves 100% implicit trust.

Ok guess I shouldnt worry about this then. I should just not pay attention to anuthing our pres says especially a deal that could break the fucking internet.

Because it isn't for the purpose of education as we already fucking know what is being said and have it worked out. It is literally to act like a cunt to your supposed allied. It is just to fucking SHITPOST and divide whites, kike.

>He just let's (((their))) negotiators come in and get dicked around for a couple weeks before saying that the opposition doesn't want the deal bad enough

Trump's strategy on DACA is "Sure, I'll give you what you want, provided you give me (list of things the Democrats can't agree to without getting themselves primaried)." You should have figured this out already. There won't be a deal, and DACA recipients are going back.
A "substantially better" TPP may not actually be TPP in any of the ways that matter. There's nothing inherently wrong with making trade deals with Asian countries, so long as it doesn't hurt American industry, isn't used for a kike power-grab in areas like IP law, and is readable by the public.

What are (((trade councils))) user?

Where have I implied otherwise? The only thing I have said is that nothing has happened yet, and nothing will happen unless the TPP deal changes at least somewhat for the better, and we won't know how much that is until it happens. Screaming about it is baseless fearmongering until more information becomes available.

Mrs. Kusher seems to think differently and we all know what daddy's little girl wants she gets. If Trump wants to "trade DACA" for "The wall" he is selling us all out. People seem to forget that mexicans have 4-10 babies each.


Checked for truth. He's making them play their cards before he commits to anything.

They are pissed they can't get us to turn because of this. They will start in about the visit with Bibi soon.

The man just said he would be open to it, but you have some kind of fantasy where this actually means he isn't open to it.

Your autism must prevent you from seeing any nuance. Trump is saying he would set a deal that doesn't fuck the American worker. His track record backs this. Now fuck off Shapiro.

Not quite, ends the diversity lottery, along with 25 billion for the wall, Democrats will never give up their diversity lottery so this is not going anywhere. Quite a masterful move on Trumps part.

that's the beauty part too, no one knows what the deal is until you've been signed into it

The process itself is suspect, saying you're open to it is a bad idea on any level really. It's just got a stink of corruption attached to it.

Did I ever say he was? No I didnt. I dont know about you but I know a lot of people the TPP was going to fuck over orginally. All im saying is to track how this plays out if so. Also if you trust an agreement you cant read and put your full trust Trumps finnacial appointees your fucking retarded. Follow what he does closely.

You sure showed me. I would get it if I posted in an asshole manner, but I merely brought up the truth. Also:
Bullshit. With regard to general ideas sure (e.g. anti-kike, anti-Religion of Cuck™, anti-immigration, etc.), but with respect to specific events? Hell no. Otherwise, most threads would only hold a single strain of thought. Neverthless, some threads hold multiple viewpoints. You might claim "that's the shills". Ok, sure, people do shill here, but I doubt all of them are. For, if one waives all other viewpoints as shilling, one gets into the misguided viewpoint that only what they see is correct.
This describes you tbh.


This has all happened before.

thing thing witht he TPP is, if it was really about just organising tarrifs on imports/exports it really wouldn't be such big shady deal

Things people dont realise we need to fully control our tarriffs. TPP is dealing with countries with cheap gook labor with long hours and cheap fuel, no government regulation of manfucaturing. We have high minimum wage, unions, expensive fuel, and regulation out the ass they dont.

Don't forget TPP means open borders. Unlimited work visas for any country in the TPP where the invaders get paid the wage they would make in their country in the USA. This means the US standard of living would have to fall to make that of other shithole countries.


sure wish white families would do more of this, but that news a few weeks back that white births are on the rise was nice to see

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corporate courts too ? nations getting sued for billions/millions ?

Remember that the US considers jews, Turks, Arabs, North Africans [including Sudanese], Afghans, Uzbeks, etc. White.

Commit suicide.

it's puzzling to me how China fits in to the TPP.

it almost feels like they're behind it somehow, but aren't included in it

Exactly, if the trade would be 100% even 50/50 with the US it would be a bad deal for them for shits so cheap there to make shit, especially other cheap asian countries.

I really wish we could get back to facts and discussion based on facts instead of speculation and heresay. All the newfriends from the election are more interested in cheerleading for Trump and partaking in a cult of personality more than anything else. Trump seems to be /ourguy/, but that shouldn't shield him from criticism.

We have to be very clear that Amnesty and TPP are political suicide for him, that they are not what we want at all.

How the FUCK was this on generally disclosed to the public. Fucking disgusting. War is upon us. Fuck this shit.

Keep kvetching kike.


on not

Just for the sake of tit for tat, I'll also call you a kike, however I'm more than likely right since you are either illiterate or incapable of following logical reasoning. After all, that higher IQ of yours is only useful for being a swindler, not thinking logically.

Its especially concerning our secratary of commerce (((Wilbur Ross))) worked at Rothschild for years. He bailed out Trump in 1990 while working there. He was also involved in many shady rustbelt dealings at his own firm before he got inaugurated.


Do you realize how obvious you are, CIA nigger?

Seems you just heard of the TPP today. TPP censorship works through terrible DMCA piracy laws like having to pay for hyperlinks to publish to your site potentially killing internet archival sites and pictures on imageboards. Fair use would cease to exist.

Escalate Protections for DRM (aka Digital Locks): It would have compelled signatory nations to enact laws banning circumvention of digital locks (technological protection measures or TPMs) [PDF] that mirror the DMCA and treat violation of the TPM provisions as a separate offense even when no copyright infringement is involved. This would have required countries like New Zealand to completely rewrite its innovative 2008 copyright law, as well as override Australia’s carefully-crafted 2007 TPM regime exclusions for region-coding on movies on DVDs, video games, and players, and for embedded software in devices that restrict access to goods and services for the device—a thoughtful effort by Australian policy makers to avoid the pitfalls experienced with the U.S. digital locks provisions. In the U.S., business competitors have used the DMCA to try to block printer cartridge refill services, competing garage door openers, and to lock mobile phones to particular network providers.





Don't interact with that guy. Hes an obvious shill.



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Did you know jews don't even go to Hell? They just rot to nothing in the earth, as if they never even existed.

Blood is thicker than water; the wishes of my own blood/family have more wisdom than of some people that never been inside the White House.

Still not the deportations we asked for though.

Do you trust Kushner or Ivanka? No? Do you trust our secratary of commerce (((Wilbur Ross))) whos worked at Rothchilds Investments for twenty years, backed (((NAFTA))), and supported (((Jeb)))?

You obviously do not understand.
Trolling is a fisherman's term that means to travel and cast bait.
When you are called a troll it means that this is obviously not your stomping ground.
You proved that you do not belong by doubling-down on fake concern rather than denying that you are trolling.
If your concern was a real you'd've called attention to it it anywhere else and staked your reputation on it.
If you needed user's help you'd've have explained the problem in memes and made a call to action using military language.
Lurk moar newfag

The only thing in your post I'll disagree with is the
If you're referring to other sites/real life, absolutely, but when you discuss things on here, there is no reputation to stack (due to the anonimity).
As for the troll thing, I'm merely trying to distinguish between those who are sincere in their worries vs. those who are shilling. Even if the perceived conclusions (i.e. a post about X) is the same, the premises taken to write the post are different (one is natural, and one is bad).

Why is he even considering this? THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN. We can not give these fucking spics citizenship.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing blackpill shills get btfo.

You forgot to post your worried anime girl.

Why would he? Anime girl posting/smug posting has been co-opting by the t_D fags. Also, his reaction is natural based off of the news article. The question is merely how accurate the news article is. In short, "what are the sources for that article would be the proper reaction?" as opposed to your dismissal of his post as some sort of concern trolling.


keeek I think this kind of pics has a huge potential

I was about to go for a fap and instead read that

Because "these people are gone, first hour I'm in office, it's a promise".

Fake news.


It's a lot of the same old:
You'd think that Trump approved DACA 17 times already if you followed those threads.

what's the flip side ?
you'd think Hillary was in guantanemo 17 times already if you followed those threads

fuck off back to reddit cunt

"Trump is a cuck", and yet Scumer's cock remains unsucked. Funny that.

This thread right here needs some sort of award for being the shilliest ever

>b). Can TPP ever be 'better'

TPP is bad news, however you look at it.
WE need to set our trade deals, separate from any (((International))) consortium.

What are the chances a handful of them are Hitler's descendants after he came to retire in Latin America?



I thought most jews lived here, not in canada

It's literally fucking nothing

Are you a negotiator or at the very least a self made billionaire?

You don't enjoy breathing do you?

That's what you people said about ending net neutrality

I'm not panicking, Trump has a tendency to say lots of thing. I'll save being rustled for if it ever actually got signed into law.

He called them Aryans, and he came to retire on Latin America, and there are millions upon millions of ww2 German descendants

>esoteric humor or should I say tumor?

here is an Aryan brazilian town that Mengele made through twinning


STRAWPOLL: Do You Support the Trump Administration's Immigration Proposal?

Only 1 vote per IP allowed.


I'm willing to entertain evidence to the contrary if you have any.

Trump has been saying since the beginning of his campaign that he's open to renegotiating trade deals as long as they're favorable to the US. Why are you surprised? The fuck you on? Is there a problem with a President actually following through with their promises for once? And Trump's demands for DACA are too high for Liberals to agree with, so you're stressing over nothing.


Now it's two walls you fools. Keep pushing. Plenty more shaft if you want it.



Obvious Shill Thread

t. DJT

JFYI Sakurako poster is a goon from the leftist board >>>/4chon/. They are attempting to shift the narrative. Ignore their blackpills, ignore their anti-Trump shilling, report threads and hide.

Stay strong MAGApedes.