Documentary Thread

Can we have a good old fashioned documentary thread, any interesting books are also allowed and discussing these books.

Starting off with a classic. The greatest story never told.

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Great story about Rhodesia and white people

War of the Flea - Hate crimes in South Africa

Story about the violence afflicting white south africans

The Myth Part 1: Alfred Rosenberg’s Magnum Opus

The man, the myth, the legend.


Straw dogs.

A damning critique of postmodern libshits, conclusion goes off in a weird direction that I do not agree with though.

Understanding Antisemitism: Why Do Some People Dislike jews?

Underground History Lesson With John Taylor Gatto - AMAZING! 5 Hour Interview!

Goy Guide to World History

An absolute must watch for anybody interested in how Jews became the kikes of today

Hooktube is giving me shit for embedding

Growing Your Face | Dr. Mike Mew


Just kidding interesting no the less

Hellstorm Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany full

why would anyone be interested in a 'white social networking' organization that repeatedly shills Holla Forums ?

“Civilisation” is my fav👍🏼

Bobby Fischer Against The World(FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Chess playing genius who hates jews

ATLANTIC JIHAD The Untold Story of White Slavery

Human Trafficking in Israel

Investigative report reveals the scope and evil of modern slavery in Israel today.

Appeared on Israeli television news programs "Uvdah" and "Mabat Sheni" in February 2006.

Reproduced with full permission.

Task Force on Human Trafficking

The Great Invasion - Documentary on endocrine disruptors

Very disturbing piece if I say so myself

The Jewish Mafia and White sex slave trade in 2014

Secret history of sex in the USSR - Searching for the Truth

Disgusting how they treated their woman.

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This was my contribution, small and badly formatted for this I apologize. Share your knowledge Anons.

Marching to zion

Forgot about this one.

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Hotpocket hates enlightenment

they also ban and delete everything mentioning how hitler is part jew

Holla Forums really is fucked isn't it
Century of the Self
Great documentary on how the jews hijacked american and western culture through consumerism

I had been looking for this one, thanks user

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