Trump Immigration Plan Released

The White House's plan also includes…
An end to the visa lottery program and chain migration.
A "$25 billion dollar trust fund for the wall system."
"Historic investment in northern border security."
"An appropriation for filling personnel deficiencies" in border patrol and at the Department of Homeland Security.
"Same treatment of illegal aliens, regardless of country of origin."
"Closing loopholes in the system that make it almost impossible to deport illegal immigrants," such as the court backlog or the "catch and release" policy through which immigrants are released while
awaiting a hearing.

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This is the page that was leaked regarding this. Trump is going to get destroyed by his base for this.

What's an extra million, goy? That's not even 1% of this countrys population, why are you getting so worked up?

This all being said, Stephen Miller did say this. It could mean he knows the house will attempt to rework this, like he knows it will never pass.

Fucking sucks, and it's the end for good for California, possibly Texas too. Can we raise hell enough to stop this, or at least hope this is a bargaining position offered in bad faith?


Sadly necessary, because he'll be undercut at every turn.

Never too early to prepare for the chink/pajeet wave our second-closest ally will inevitably unleash.


Better be foolin'. I want priority for based Boers and zilch for spics. They've done enough damage.

Catch-and-Toss when?

We need to end representative democracy right away.

Reagan 2.0 confirmed.

10-12 years for most of which they must be in work or education and can't at any point engage in any criminal activity, be a concern for public safety or a national security concern?
Wow those terms for revocation are hilariously wide and vague.
I'd be surprised if even a few thousand managed to pull that off under a law and order president.


except only one term

What the fuck is Trump thinking here? Why is he so obessed with making a deal like this?

Un-fucking-acceptable. If this passes, we need to think of something to do other than vote, because clearly voting won't work anymore. But what?

I wouldn't worry about it myself. Bureaucratic malaise and liberal intransigence has never been known to compromise law enforcement. It'll work itself out.

I see a lot of yes men shills, disgusting, no comprise, only fire for untermensch.


Reagan fucked up by giving it all at one time. This is over a longer period of time and we get a lot more out of it. This might very well solve the illegal immigration problem for good

Read that
quoted starting at DACA legalization. Only the least despicable spic can fulfill those requirements. Everyone else is going back. Citizenship is revocable.

You could try going FBI on all illegals everywhere and when caught challenge the charges of murder on the grounds that illegals are not covered under constitutional protections. Take the initiative if you want. The opportunity was always there.

He does not care. He won't lose any of his buildings or assets over it. Plenty of meatshields for israel and a nice, healthy increase of non-White aggressors who have been fully indoctrinated in holocaustianity to use as a battering ram against White people who think he's their "guy".

We get millions of amnestied aggressors. There is no reason to make a deal except to amnesty non-White aggressors.


So what happens if this doesn’t pass, and the deadline ends?

Oh, so we're going to be enriched by 1.8 million good invaders. That makes everything so much better. As long as they obey they law and respect the constitution, right?

Not all at once. Over 10-12 years, and only if they have a good paying job, have college experience and didn't commit any crimes. So that removes at least half of them

As I had presumed, the country can only be saved through violence now.

The key here is how vague the terms are.

I mean what is a "public safety concern"?
Or a "national security concern"?
And what level of criminal behaviour is "criminal activity"
Also whats a "public charge"?
OH and best of all "etc"
So they can literally just add whatever they want on.

You will get 1.8 million applicants. But the overwhelming majority of them will get deported over the next ten years before they can obtain citizenship.

you can't be this delusional

this is what Holla Forums used to believe until Trump was brought out to give them just enough false hope

Splitting hairs, administration shill.
At the expense of a White American – let alone shilling for the people working for the economy instead of the other way around.
At the expense of a White American, with plenty of jewish indoctrination and debt [piled onto White taxpayers, of course].
Apart from entering the country illegally, of course.
Nah. Fuck off, administration shill.

You aren’t fooling anyone you fucking traitor.

It's an administration shill. Straight from K street.

Go home SA

Someone who is anti-israel.
Someone who is anti-israel.
Targeting jews instead of Whites.


I’m a proud white man, no spics, no compromise.
Make me me sick you subhuman cuckold.

If he does this, he's done.

How many innocent Whites will be killed by them over these ten years?
Seriously, what's stopping Trump from issuing an executive order for immediate deportation of all illegals? King Nigger did that dozens, if not hundreds of times.

And do you think for one second the Democrats will accept this? Fuck no. Schumer will never allow that kind of funding for the wall.


We're WINNING this fight, why would you cuck out now? Never interrupt your enemy when they're in the middle of making a mistake.

Yes, I do.

No, White America is done. Trump will be just fine.

Because he's not on our side.

t. every side

Changing the subject won’t save Traitors

uhh, no they won't. The Democrats are adamant against the wall. Miller even hinted at this bill may not even make it to the WH. Its going to get tweaked significantly. Christ the amount of blackpilling right now is insane. Did Richard Spencer's goons start raiding again


Yeah, no. Trump's track record makes his positions on White America crystal clear.

Reminder to filter smug anime posters. It's a scripted blueprint for israeli shills.

Exactly, and like I said, bureaucratic malaise and liberal institutional control have never, ever affected law enforcement, and these vague terms will almost certainly not be used against us by the courts to excuse DACA people. Everything will be perfectly fine, just these 1.8 million beaners then no more, total quits, honest to G-d.

He'll be just fine, sure, but he won't be in power come 2020. I certainly won't vote for him again.

To clarify, here's WHY I feel that way:
This can be changed with new legislation in the future. Meaningless short-term concession.
The wall is worthless as soon as those who will defend it are out of power (which 1.8 million non-Whites drastically increases the likelihood of).
Northern border security? Dude, fuck, off.
Again, meaningless.
Absolutely meaningless.
Those loopholes can be re-opened.

Give these DACA fucks amnesty, and there will be no getting rid of them, but all this legislative inhibition shit will be erased as soon as Trump is out of power.

See above.
Sorry man, that's what happens when you lose peoples trust.
I'm watching Trump right now on Faux Jews cucking to Israel, inbetween the Faux Jews discussing his comments about welcoming these mud people ala full civnat faggotry.

with another amnesty demographically Trump can't win in 2020 even if you vote for him twice

He does not care. He will have done what he set out to do – reverse economic policies of previous administrations that were not to his backers liking, reassert zionist control inside the military and contractor apparatus, and do long-term damage to the emerging anti-israel consciousness among White America.


Eh, true enough.

Entirely possible.


He is more than comfortable setting the stage for a hand off to a reliable zionist asset like Tulsi Gabbard.

Didn't Hitler called the mexicans an aryan tribe?

user, I don't know if this should be a front page topic. Is your source on this reliable? I've never heard of

Tulsi Gabbard was endorsed by Richard Spencer

Nothing. Except it would be fucking stupid at this point.

Just fucking wait and see. I wouldn't be surprised if nothing comes of this.

Salty Shareblueing.

Love it

then he better take that portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office down

That was because mexico wasn’t as mongrelized at the time, it was only through the white Spaniard blood ruling it before cartels and cia that it was deemed worthy.
Now they literally send South Americans through our border and their worst more mutt people.
Shut your traitor mouth.

Fuck off and die retard.



very good

very good

vague, but the northern border is far more porous then the southern border, so this could be good for a worst case future scenario

This isn't discussed nearly enough. Border Patrol needs a lot more bodies to truly be effective.

muh raycissm btfo


absolutely necessary

I was expecting a flat DACA for wall deal, but beefing up border patrol numbers, ending catch and release, and ending visa lottery and chain migration will do a lot more good long term. I can support this, it exceeded my expectations.

lol after the Democrats shut down the government because they put illegals over Americans that ain't gonna happen

To be entirely fair…who gives a fuck? If the illegals are all deported the dems can't even win an election.
And as for the judges…fuck'em. They make their rulings, lets see them enforce them.

Regardless of whether not you think i am a shill, the chances of them actually getting their act together enough to stay will depend greatly on whether or not they will provide your country enough value to stay, yes they should all be shipped back but you also gotta realise not all of them are mexicans, some of those are from places like england, australia, south africa etc. A small number yes, but they *are* there.

Although this piece of legislation was definitely birthed naturally and organically from /our/ top negotiators, I still believe that Bannon is working behind the scenes to make this even better. I feel it in my bones!

You tell that to some White family when their kids get raped/killed by Pablo. "Oh, he'll get deported for that, now fuck off and die".

Don't forget that there are strict requirements over that 10-12 year period. If they commit any kind of crime like selling drugs they are getting deported. Reagan didn't offer anything like that. He gave out free amnesty for so-called "funding for the border"

you're still a retard

Now you're being esoteric.

Yeah, shareblue hates spics and mongrelization, or something.


This. It's Reagan 2.0 for no reason, we don't need to give this to them in order to get what we want- now or later. Even if this 1488d chess to make the House shoot it down why bother when you could just hold firm instead and let Dems keep shooting themselves in the foot?

It’s just meinkampfy and the traitor staff, this is why /polk/ is better.

He's still going to cut chain migration, lottery, get the wall, etc. Give a little to get a lot. I doubt these people can even meet the minimum requirements that will be required. At least this is on the table for discussion.

Knowing that Hitler thought of beaners as Aryan, that wouldn't surprise me.

When Trump is out of office in 3 or 7 years the next administration if cucked even harder will fucking change it yet again increasing the amount of spics guarantee it. Hes left a massive loophole in this. With most of congress extremely cucked on this issue before Trump for votes, they WILL backpedal.




There is no reason to give, apart from making America less White. Which is the goal. Trump hates White America, especially so because they are starting to show real fissures in their israel worship.

I’m not @nchor
Holla Forums is fucking compromise and I just feel that /polk/ is better, it’s slow but better and the truth isn’t censored.


Currently Mexicans get the "catch and release" method because they don't use airplanes.

Go get fucking gassed kike


I know your problem, your a spic from Holla Forums aren’t you.


Save yourself a lot of hassle and scrolling and filter this kike fag. Derails threads with spam and shilling, wants his zionist god to be free from an critique regardless of how small or fair it is. Wants you to eat any shit trump feeds you and be happy with it.

Spacey was an esoteric immigrant?

filtered and reported

Them digits suggest that house will kill the plan

Nice divide & conquer, would be a shame if I reminded erybody that Trump will never let us down, & he will never cuck out on daca. The illegals won't get amnesty.

he wants dreamers to come from our country

It took Hitler 2 years to consolidate his power. If you think Trump can just undo everything from 1965 Immigration Act until now with a few signatures you will have to fucking explain yourself.
From where I am sitting, Trump is, at any given time, only a few steps away from being Kennedy'd.
Whites will suffer, you are correct, but they do that anyhow and in a thousand different ways and we will endure.
If you think taking care of pablo is so easy, do it yourself.

In other words, 95% are going back.


Trump is in zero danger at all. That entire narrative is fictional and crafted in tel aviv for the express purpose of selling their puppet to recalcitrant sectors of the population.


It’s in your head mate, that jew Was completely ready for a wall deal and the Dems now more than ever has to make for it to their dem base.
What makes you think the defeated democrats won’t take it?

That's what they said about self-sustaining memes.

imagine being this insanely deluded. don't worry, no chance in hell they kill a ZOG puppet as big as trump.

If you think 95% of all illegals have some record of petty crime, you're a fucking idiot. Their crimes of entering the country illegally are getting wiped off the books. As for holding a job, they have an entire national network with decades-long roots of gaining them employment at the expense of White people.

Almost every single one of them is going to get amnestied.

You will never ever be White, Juan.

Yeah, dumbass, or be in school. Have a kid under 7 years old and they'll be golden; and we certainly can't split up the poor families, goyim! Better just let all of them stay so the kids are safe and sound in their beaner communities.


I'm going to laugh at you again when the media starts kvetching about how many dreamers get deported, ShareBlue.

((( )))
Aryan is not a skin color



Its gets better!
Its not even an 'end to chain migration' - its "restriction of chain migration to 'nuclear family' only".

I am so sick of this cucky bullshit.

The trump kushnerbot shill in this thread are insane. I refuse to believe real Holla Forums anons would support this plan if it was in fact true. Kikes have truly succeeded at using trump as controlled OP if they've got you defended this shit.
trump might cuck

This thread reeks like Oliver's cubicle.fat mixed with kfc, shit and vs bo

I reported him.


The media has been running pieces of that nature for the last 30 years when they've been flooding in at unprecedented rates. Filtered.

Democrats are already coming out against this entire plan. Its not going to pass

Everyone defending it is an administration shill. It is obvious and apparent. It might not even be actual people.

Reagan didn't offer jack shit. He got offered money for border protection, and he took it. Reagan was conned



So do you think the beans can go 10 years without committing a crime?
Or that even if they break the law they won't get deported?


Sauce? I want to believe

Explain how bringing in more immigrant now, for the promise of a wall that can be torn down, and immigration laws that can be changed, is going to lead to less immigrants later. Stop being a retard who argues by using 'dumb dumb voice'

We've been rused, friend. And we won't even be able to point it out here without shills screeching down our throats.

With their illegal entry and everything associated with it wiped off the books? You bet. The overwhelming majority of them, anyway.


He wasn't "conned" he was a jew-owned puppet.

I think the legislation being put forward will do something about the fundamental problem with the spic: they have their white families on our side of the border helping them out. By "promising" citizenship, spics will have no choice but to chose RACE OR FAMILY.

Shills and faggots arrived really fast shariablue must have known beforehand.

Reagan was a moron who just gave them everything they wanted for a mere promise that they will enforce the border. The shills over at ShareBlue keep insisting that actually getting funding for the wall, ending chain migration, and visa lottery in exchange for a decade long program that 95% of the illegal Mexicans will fail is the same thing.

Uh.. what? That doesn't even make any sense.

If a single bean is in school for 10 years– or starts school within the 10 years, their entire family gets to stay. This could get passed TODAY and they'd all just shit out another child and be safe.

None of the measures considered in the proposition are in any way permanent and solidified. If you give those spics amnesty, you're flipping the demographics in such a way you'll NEVER get another decent president.

Is the blond guy the father of the little girls or the uncle? Sorry, I don't get the picture as it's too esoteric.

I'm pretty sure shareblue would piss themselves if Trump let a single mexican stay. "SEE YOU DOITY POL GOYIM, YOUR G*D EMPEROR FAILED YOU, ONE MEXICAN IS IN AMERICA HAHAHAHAHAA HE ONLY GASSED HALF THE JEWSS!!!!!!!"
They're such fucking faggots.

Do you feel alright if I call the cops on your location. something weird is going on I saw a drug trnsaction someone going in with a gun? or do you have to go ro the bathroom first

Look at this pic (white guy is either the father of the girls or the uncle of the beaner in front)

you need to go back to /r/the_zionald.

You read like a bot. Filtered.

but we're not talking about one, we're talking about millions of new ones

Every MSM channel put out the same goddamn report at the same time. It's obvious that this is a prepared push.


I'm missing where it states that, which part is that in?

How low you've.falllen….

How could Trump make those measures permanent?
It also seems very likely that the dems are going to fight this, even if it does give them something they would want, so this whole thing might be completely moot if only for the fact that it showed Trump offering a 'fair' deal.


But you will get plenty of reliable zionist puppets, so it stands to reason who gets to define "decent".


Go ahead and exhaust yourselves by pumping another few thousand posts over hundreds of fresh amazon or digital ocean IPs, I absolutely don't give a shit. You have your kike hymn sheet for this hypothetical bullshit, so sing away, faggots.
I wonder if Oliver lispsth when he sings too.

Next time you self harm, Smiley, mean it.

He can't. Which is why any deal with amnesty of any kind should be unacceptable.
Hey, I'm not even American. It's your country being ruined burgerfags. You're the ones that should be getting mad.

Why? Senate Dems just dropped DACA from their demands. The fight is over. DACA can be allowed to expire in a few weeks and then the deportations can begin. Why willingly re-open the debate?

Are they framing it as him cucking to the dems or is this paper literally Mein Kampf?

I love how everyone gets worked up over this. Just like you faggots got worked up over him allowing DACA for wall. Trump throws out the hook and you niggers take the bait hook line and sinker. Don’t jump to conclusions on what his plan may be. Rather wait a day or so and see how the demonrats respond. I’ll bet they will grandstand and pass up a “good” deal. Trump can come back and say look I tried. Time to go 1488.

I got so desperate so have a bump shareblue


Unless you're claiming that this law is going is going to deport an 11 year old because he doesn't illegally have a job, then education is enough to stay. If lil Jose Jr gets to stay, his family stays because "gotta protect my nuclear bean family"

They're framing it as a cuck and that's how the shills are pushing it. Undermining Trump's base is goal #1 for them and has been since inauguration. Keep in mind he's closing Davos on Friday. Of course they're going to nibble at his base as hard as they can while he's busy overseas.
God damn I'm so pissed that the military doesn't have a few good intel officers to accidentally drop a JDAM on shareblue's offices.

Seems like a good compromise to me

We live in a democracy, after all. Compromise is part of the game.(Shareblue Astroturf (they'll use at least 100 IPs in this thread, have fun))

This right here is the cause of what the user noticed that reported fuller college classes of all varieties of niggers on the east coast.



Looking through the requirements to not get kicked out of the programm and the country it is incredibly tough, for a non-white.
IF the amnesty is eternally tied to the requirements, then local law enforcement and Holla Forums could make sure only a couple thousand ever get admitted.

millions of breeding age spics is just chess I'm sure, I trust that all the guarantees will be ironclad and not ZOG lies like everything else


That's right, fellow nazi,

JIDF are here too, every single fucking shill is hammering this topic. Maybe Trump bullied Soros at Davos or something.


The requirements can be fudged and trusting the dems to not fudge them is insanity.
Amnesty should not be on the table. This isn't that much to ask of a president whose biggest campaign promise was "build a wall and kick out illegals".

I understand he can't just go full throttle and sign executive orders out the ass for this, but what he CAN do is stay steadfast in the "no amnesty, give a wall" on any sort of proposition related to immigration. Ideally he'd also reduce the work visa program. But no amnesty and the wall are the things he HAS to stay 100% planted on.


He only wants the illegals who haven't been guided through anti-White and pro-jew American education to be removed.

You look like a large, overweight mouse.

Or maybe we just don't want 1.8 million spics to get citizenship?

Because it won't won't be passed. The general consensus is that Trump's administration will use the DACA rhetoric to get favors with the public all while letting the matter die. They will be punished for crossing the border esoterically and for having had connections as a race to Hitler (remember Hitler called the beaners Aryan).
It's going to be hilarious seeing mexishits get deported, though I wouldn't mind them dying here in the US during Winter, just like their nazi forefathers.

So Cotton released a statement a few mins ago supporting the WH immigration plan, calling it "humane and showing the president is serious about a bipartisan deal", and Stephen Miller has fielded a conference call at the WH with furious republican lawmakers who oppose the hell out of this proposal.

So Trump, Miller and Cotton, 3 of the hardest immigration hardliners on the right support and the GOP doesn't. Really makes you think. When you combine it with the fact that the Democrats will NEVER agree to what is being asked it tells me that this is 100% optics. Trump wants to look like he's fighting for the DACA recipients and that's it. That's prolly what Miller reassured lawmakers in the conference call and why Cotton is one of the only GOP lawmakers not upset by it even tho he's an immigration hardliner.

Do not take this proposal seriously, the game is afoot.

This. End of story.
There is no justification for compromise on this issue.

Wow, super organic.
No shilling going on here.


Soros seemed a bit unhinged to say the least, see

There's also those 2 topics about cuckblue being banned from reddit (ran out of money to pay admins?) so they're likely here.

If he cucks, he cucks. If he doesn't, he doesn't. If people flip their shit on the rumor of him cucking it lowers the chance of him doing so. He should be reminded that the only thing keeping him in office and not indicted by the raving lunatics in the dem party is the loyalty of his base. He hasn't been dumb enough to cuck yet and has only used rumors of him doing so to rope a dope the dems. Don't be demoralized but don't you dare trust him he's a politician for god's sake.

cringe. you're glowing you faggot. using "JIDF" unnecessarily to try and fit in just exposes you. next time consult with your superior before you use a word from your designated list.

keep dreaming, I swear on the integrity of this board that no DACAfag has ever been here



You can even say that it's natural and organic, just like a certain bird (parakeet to be more exact)

Fucking saved!

Also, on another note, this spam and intense shilling both for and against Trump is getting to the point where it makes the board nearly unusable. And the worse part is that the mods take part in pro-Trump shilling in an attempt to counter anti-Trump shilling without realizing the kikes/cucks are using both vectors of attack now.

Seriously, look at this fucking thread

wtf I love hillary now


Reported for 'esoteric'.

I think the work you're looking for is esoteric… and yea, the pro-vs-anti conversations are making this place very esoteric

Well at the moment he is talking with the mountain jews so let us wait and see.
I think Trump is only getting 'soft' on DACA to fuck with both the dems and media while also presenting himself as 'open to negotiations' infront of the normies.
Just think about the shutdown, he screwed around with the democucks HOURS before the bill needed signing probably luring Schumer in with promises of compromise, only to frustrate him into shutting it all down oy vey.
After it was all over the dems' reputation among their spic golems was in fucking tatters and its not even February.

what the fuck Trump?!

nice natural and organic dub

Cuck a doodle doo.

Because the pro-trump kike shills and mods refuse to allow any thread that has even a modicum of rational trump critique thrive. They can't censor because that would be too obvious so they spam and shill the fuck out of it and some anons find it so mindnumblingly retarded that they feel the need to react. Actually read the thread and you'll see it's rational discussion until the "MUH SHAREBLUE" shills shit up the thread. All their posts are spam and they never address any points.

your insecurities are showing

Kill yourself faggot.


this, anyone who is making a racket out of the OP is either a concern shill or not a real racialist! We are the "anomalies" in this world, we don't commit crimes, this is why we're the Super Men

So name one thing wrong with this. These people are hard workers and we need to compete with China. Honestly I'm okay with latinos.


Whys this question being ignored? So much shilling in here by ((())) trying to piss off everyone with their doom and gloom shit. Sad!

natural and organic check em

I remember sage the parakeet

Are you fucking retarded, or just gagging on so much cock your reading comprehension is affected? I mean, Holla Forums never had a complete agreement on Trump, and even people that like or support him don't necessarily agree with everything he does. That creates a vector of attack for D&C. So the shills play both sides.
The only iron laws of Holla Forums are fuck the kikes and fuck the shitskins. Everything else can be argued.

That is not what esoteric means. What even is this sudden attempt to redefine esoteric?

Here's the thing though. Even assuming he's playing politics, it looks terribly bad to his base that he's willing to offer the amnesty. Yes, MAYBE he isn't truly planning that, and this is all an actual non-ironic chess move to fuck with the dems and make them look more and more terrible to their spic base/sjw base, but ultimately, it also hurts him because most people aren't going to see through the game. His base is going to look at him being willing to negotiate as a bad thing, even if independents think of it as a good thing. The right needs their base more than they need independent voters.

ACLU is officially coming out against

Notice how NONE of the shills in this thread will even touch a post that points out how this plan not only allows any Mexican family with a child to be perfectly safe and legal, it actually ENCOURAGES more beaner babies as a way of protecting themselves from being deported

Lol good luck Pablo you'll be deported in month. Hopefully once we get welfare reform they'll start self deporting more.

Now this is really important. This is what the kikes have been trying to destroy for the last 50 years.

report and filter cuckolds


I think it means the spic nuclear family.

Davos ends Friday. I'm waiting until Monday for the dust to settle and to see where things are then.

Good post, our feelings are mutual.

A Jew organization mad about this is no surprise. What they want is infinity niggers/beaners/Muslims forever with no restrictions of any sort. Regardless of any concessions we made they'd still say it wasn't good enough.

Which means the Dems will never support this

You could hand these Jews the keys to the country and they still wouldn't be satisfied.

Interesting thought.
They have like exactly 2 weeks to push it through, right?
Will be hilarious to see Dems cucked this hard just for DACA, while giving up the lotto and chain migration plus 25 bill for the wall.

Plus Trump could frame this as him doing something for the spics, since the Dems fucked up massively with the shutdown bullshit

the problem i have is that Trump is so good at sending mixed signals for "4dchess" that if the Dems call his bluff, I feel the republicans in the house are too stupid to understand this is only an optics game and we run the very real risk of just doing the amnesty

Unless he actually believes in his base and trusts that they will not start screaming bloody murder because of a singular offer.
Said trust in his base would only be increased if they had seen him already succesfully emply exactly this tactic.
Not saying we should just shill for Trump, just that his base isn't so fucking fragile.

Then write to your congressman about it or send Trump a letter. I'm not going to support amnesty for any of the spics, but I'm not going to "dump drumpf" just because some lisping faggot nigger astroturfs this thread to shit.
Every single time, Trump has made the opposing kikes look like sick children, and this is yet another hypothetical thread treated like factual by the same group of shills who have been failing for the past four years straight.
If you want to discuss bullshit hypotheticals, I suggest you prance on over to >>>/cuteboys/ and talk about the biggest dick you may be able to take, you virus-guzzling homo.


I dunno, they've mistakenly placed a lot of importance on getting DACA. If they refuse and it expires, it'll be a massive loss to their voter base's trust in them.

That actually sounds pretty fair tbh
"Path to citizenship" does not necessarily mean those 1.8 million will actually get it

Kek fucking this. Imagine if it passes even and watching those cucked libtards act like they're happy about 1.8 million spics being naturalized. It's fucking hilarious to me. Trump always wins.

but it will

The "there's no satisfying human appetites" meme that Hollywood is so fond of is a creation of jewish projection.

DEPORT ALL ILEGALS. 500,000becomes 1 million becomes 10 then 20. It is a numbers game, simple as that. Deport them all, and remove all dual-language advertising and labeling in this country.

Doesn't this ultimately falls on what actually happens? We have these threads every few days that finally "prove" Trump is a ZOG puppet, only for it to not play out that way in the end. The only thing I've been able to take away from this past year is that I can't accurately judge anything until the hammer actually drops. I think you're right in that these actions anger Trump's base, but that base will be there 100% if in the end his actions actually fulfill their desires.

Hell, "Path to Citizenship" could mean they get deported and have the option to come back legally.

this isn't about illegal vs legal immigration, cuckold

They care about family values more than we care about supporting families, but they are going to be cucked by feminism. So seeing them get cucked in our land is a huge upside.

Never said it was, assmad kike.

Trump is based and these shills are trying to DnC. 2 million spics isn't even that much if we get the wall. Hell I'm for it.


this pretending to be retarded act is getting tiresome

Yeah no, I'm not one of you.

Holla Forums isn't the only group that forms up Trump's base. We get he might be playing politics, but what about regular Johnny Rebel? He isn't going to follow, not necessarily.

We're all in this together brother. If you support the Donald you're one of us.



The shill dares to report others. He states it's not about illegal vs. legal because they all have to go you retard. Both the invaders here illegally and (((legally))) (i.e. by laws that shouldn't have existed) need to disappear for the U.S. to be restored. Obviously steps are steps, but one should see immigration reform as a step/means, not the conclusion/end.


Sorry brother. God Emperor*

I'm calling bullshit. Trump has to know after the election he barely got through, 1.8 million beaner voters kills his chances at re-election. Just like offering DACA a 6 month grace period got the government shut-down, I really hope this is a clever move. Or that his proposed path is so complex that none of those dumb beaners can even complete it.

I realized this is another

Eh, I'm open for a path to citizenship if it means getting that wall. Most of these Mexicans are pretty based anyways and conservative-leaning.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

and they care more about family values than your average commifornian


Can anyone try and prove this wrong?

nice archive

Breitbart is for shills tbh. Turn on Tucker Carlson brother.

Hol up.

If we're amnestying 1.8 million, does that mean we're also going to deport the other 28.2 MILLION? If that's the case, along with the other provisions re: ending chain migration and the lottery… helluva deal, Don! I'll take it.

How do normies swallow this shit? How do they not see?

I wish we could replace California's male feminists and their broken families for their families. At least it would buy the west coast a generation before cucking becomes the new "normal"


For research purposes and boredom I tend to keep an eye on the_donald to get a feeling on where Trumps supporters stand, what they push for and what they reject. All in all while they are woefully ignorant about kikes and niggers they do talk about threats to the white race.
But their favorite topic is and always will be how Trump is trolling, fooling and toying with his enemies. They know his tricks, mimic him even and are dedicated to understanding his plans and supporting him. Trump you magnificent basterd, I read your book!

Ironic shitposting is cancer, it gives a false notion of what the board culture is and leads to the degredation (read reddit-fication) of the board.


What do you mean by this? I've been here since the first exodus. I'm supporting my God Emperor while these anti-zionist shills are in here trying to DnC.

based on the spic and soyboy reaction on twitter it is

An illegal is an illegal, the smart ones did the right paperwork.


Why the hell would we want English illegal immigrants or Australian? They're worse than Mexican immigrants look at Gen Z latino conservative rates.

Easy now, don't blow his cover. He's still trying to keep his Latin American family safe from MOSSAD. Don't worry though, he's planning on making his move soon, and the capital of the 4th Reich will be somewhere in the middle of South America (closer to Antarctica).


Poles BTFO

Yes, because liberal intransigence and takeover of institutions has never been known to affect law enforcement. There is literally no way that states like California would protect spics from prosecution or arrest by police. There is also no way that the vague requirements in this proposed bill will be gummed up by bureaucracy in the next 10 years, and only a minuscule fraction of the DACA spics will ever face the threat of deportation.

What issue is there though with his base screaming bloody murder though? If Trump is really the genius he's claimed to be (with his 4D chess and all), then what would be his default thinking? It would be: "This will seem like a bad move to then, they'll probably earnestly retaliant since it goes a gainst their cause. Meanwhile, to the dems it will seem like … and … In the end, I'll ruse the dems by doing …"
To any politician with a brain (and understanding of normal people), it would be to expect the normal reaction. I.e., doing something that seems bad, will result in the people following you to think it seems bad. He, if he is as good as claimed, would be capable of this foresight.
Just "having faith" only lends to a cult like following which refuses to question actions.

Seriously just bumplock and anchor this thread mods. All of these shills are trying to make our Donald look bad. This is an objectively good thing for America but the anti-zionists are ruining it.


Shill blue has no home left. How long before they begin eating each other?

Kikes on suicide watch now!

Yup its as g ood as dead


Wonder (((who))) is the head of that department

No Gen Z Latina tradwife for you then!

Fuck America. The sooner this tumor collapses in on itself, the more likely Europe will at least survive.

I call dibs

How long do you expect shitspics to be able to stick for the rules? Most of them couldn't pretend to be civilized if their life depended on it.
California always was its own beast that needs seperate slaying, hell it might not even take that long all things considered.
Sanctuary cities aside I think many states will use this opportunity to get rid of the beaners.
On top of that we still have ICE who have already decided to cry alien and let loose the dogs of war.

Meant for

An user somewhere was talking about how whites have a certain amount of social capital accounting with regard to other races that changes based on how they behave. I never had any pity for Muslims, I've run out of goodwill for blacks, and I'm pretty much spent when it comes to the Latinos now too. They have the gall to actually complain that this isn't good enough? Anything but total 100% blanket amnesty for everyone in Mexico, Central and South America is white supremacy? When they aren't even supposed to be here in the first place? They should be lining up to kiss Trump's shoes for not launching them over the border in catapults with TNT strapped to their chests.


I hate this shit,what sane white supremacist would want 2 million spics to get amnesty and stay here.

Just imagine how these people would react if they heard what people like us really want.

Nice. Took a screencap just in case.



The only nationalism that exists is one based on the birthplace of your children.

So I guess this isn't passing the house then

this. Amnesty for one is too many but this does set up everything to work for the long game. I'm impressed about the part about the northern wall because I think that's going to be a huge problem as well

This gives us a chance to breed ourselves back into the majority while fighting off future immigration.

If my child was born in Japan, I would try my hardest to be Japanese. I know that island is filled by xenophobes (hence why they are cucks), but I would raise to the challenge for the sake of my child. If the bitch divorces me, I'm going to North Korea and get a girl there pregnant, then in nationalist furor go attack my jap ex-wife

look at this one

Because Holla Forums knows it's necessary to get the wall.

1. Legalize ~5% of illegals (the white ones from east europe)

1. Deport 95% of illegal spics in country.
2. End darkie immigration forever.
3. End anchor babies forever.
4. Build wall and MAN IT.

For now, in the future the chinese will create (via unshackled bio-engineering) our fucking replacement in this planet. Normal humans cannot compete with lab babies.

Sounds good to me.

damn I checked the wrong digits

ironic shitposting is still shitposting

Enlighten us friendo.

fuck off kike, I would never offer my child to moloch just because he's from another race

The CIA forced the Spaniards to breed with the natives 300 years before the CIA was founded?

The thumbnail makes it look like a Current Year Ghost Busters™ convention.

fuck off

Chinks are selecting their babies for appearance, specifically light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes (which are considered high class in china) far more so than intelligence, strength or health.

Theyre basically making a race of hyper intelligent superhuman Fins.

are you fucking retarded?

So I can bring my aryan qt3.14 to live in Africa and she can give birth to good, strong African children? Good to know.

What the fuck are you talking about? Right now it's just aesthetics, but THEY ARE working on more important traits such as physical fitness and intelligence.JUST YESTERDAY THEY FINISHED CLONING A MONKEY, AND THEY ARE NOW MOVING TO HUMANS.

That's what I want to know. Is this actually a proposal to deport roughly 29+ million illegals?

Look, it's either get some of the most conservative, family-oriented people on Earth as neighbors Mexican Gen Zers or stay racially pure while being ruled over by an authoritarian China.




I know that's a huge redpill to swallow for the uninitiated, but it's obvious family values stand on top of everything. And just like you said, it's a very esoteric subject so I wouldn't be surprised if shills and CUCKS started attacking you.

Dems aren't in control and never had a bargaining chip in play.

is she the damsel of esoteric immigrants?


You're just mad because we evolved an immunity to your bullshit, moshe. We won't turn our backs on whites in Europe and the whites in Europe know that regardless of the bantz.


Mostly they cant improve intelligence because we dont know the best way to do that in genetic terms. Theres no gene you can duplicate or switch on to improve IQ without also increasing mental disorders or getting alzheimer/dementia at 30.

The world leaders in human genetic engineering are actually third world countries because they havent signed any international conventions (serbs, vietnam etc), I have a degree in developmental bio and know people who moved their research there.

Thats why we have to carefully push for that to Trump, be open to such deals BUT GET OUR END OF THE DEAL before giving theirs! Dems arent to be trusted.

Don't forgot the 640 million Whites south the border too.


they can't into sarcasm, user

((( )))
I'm glad (((you))) don't get to decide.

Even considering those to be the two possible scenarios, yes, the second option is best. You can recover from the second. Grit and bear it under their rule, biding time and power, eventually overthrowing them. However, in the prior, all hope is lost, for what would there be left to fight for? The race, no longer pure, would bring to question what cause to fight for.

Again, retarded. You can increase the brain mass. Heck wouldn't surprise me if they come out with 8-9 feet tall super humans that rape our women after killing us.

We can always overthrow chinks and be racially pure afterward, whereas we cant unfuck our genetics if we mix with you trash.

((( )))
Always do the opposite what torPEDOS say. Holla Forums is always right!

I want less anglo in my blood and more aryan (what Hitler and the redpilled officials called aryan)


just filter him

that's one of the most redpilled things posted in this thread

Fuck this shit. The plan is build the wall, deport them all. Anything else is failure.

((( )))

Do you really mean that? You would abandon our god emperor over amnesty for 5 million illegals?


You could try looking at the alternative politics of the Middle East but in a closed Western system where anonymous lone wolves are more dangerous than a unified sleeper cell army.

Newsflash - there's nobody living to the North of you. And if any of them were fleeing Canada to get into the US - they'd be Republican voters anyway.

Desperate nuch?

I just lost the game.


Trump is doing the same trick that Dems have been doing for decades. You demand a ton of concrete things to be done immediately, and in return you offer some vague promises to be settled in the far future.

So The Wall gets built, chain migration ends, the diversity lottery ends, and DACA beaners wait around for 10-15 years waiting to see when they can apply for citizenship. Meanwhile, most of them quietly get deported.

The (((ACLU))) is apparently against it

Is this the thread where r/t_D boomers justify amnesty to DACA dreamers?

Its already sounding DOA. The Dems are pretty much going to be against it.

Honestly, anything they're against has to be pretty good. These faggots think anything short of importing the entire third world, handing them every white woman and our bank accounts, and then killing ourselves is annadah shoah.


kike judges can't stop executive orders you Trump dick sucking nigger.

I expected nothing better from High Shabbos Goy Donald Shabbos Trump

Exactly, user. Trump simply needs to do this
This would easily get every single beaner deported, the wall gets built, complete immigration overhaul, and plenty of salt

Trump has them by the balls with this move and they know it.

Democrats better accept this deal or their little mexishit pets get deported. And when they do, it won't even be all 1.8 because as soon as they commit crimes they lose their only shot for citizenship and we all know their propensity for crimes.

That would be stellar. Rolling this.

Can't wait.

Then it shows how much they really don't care about the DACA beaners.

Either Trump gets what he wants, or Dems are exposed for the faggots they are, using the poor, poor illegal beaners as a tool to keep their greedy, greedy power jobs…

The thing with Trump is to take your first reaction to something he says or does, and step back from it. Then, while others are losing their shit and exposing their true motives and fears, you realize that was the intention all along.

Yeah, that won't happen D&C…

Except for the crimes associated with being in the country illegally. You really do have to be either deluded or functionally retarded to believe more than 50,000 or so of those spics will ever get deported after this amnesty deal. Liberals and kikes have infiltrated every corner of government bureaucracy and the judicial system, and you think 1,800,000 spics will be rounded up as soon as they're caught selling weed in LA?

DACA is a timebomb. Given the sheer cuckoldry of congress, DACA is bound to become law the next time we have a left wing President or an even more kosher House of Reps. Cuck Ryan only blocked Obama because he wanted to neo-cohen trade favors for it and Obama said no. Part of me thinks that if Trump gets the wall and actual border security for the next decade it may be worth it since if anyone except Trump makes this deal, we get nothing at all. We all know we won't be able to vote our way out of the situation (((they))) put us in over the last 70 years anyway. It will put us in a better position for the troubles ahead as the demographic bomb explodes over the next 2 decades. However, the only real option is to nut up and deport all of them, take their names down, and make sure they never re-enter the US. Deporting DREAMers is a start, but we will need to remove nearly all non-white legal immigrants, jews, and shitskins who are US Citizens in name only

It sounds like most will be deported since sooner or later most will break the law and get caught, but after the 9th Circuit Court gets done with it it will be a general amnesty for all illegal immigrants. They won't to have to meet any of the conditions, they'll pay no back taxes, and 1.8 million will suddenly turn into 6 million. Due to the way the US court system works, it is amnesty plain and simple.


Given how weak the dem's hand is at this point, I'm sure (((Schumer))) wants to take this deal … but they can't, they're held hostage by enraged beaners that have literally declared it to be a "white supremacist ransom note" lel. This is a Trump troll whereby he wins over soft support by looking eminently reasonable, whilst the dems are decried as liars and traitors by their own increasingly fractured base.

someone already called it

And Trump just took them as hostages.
Let's see if dems are smart enough to make this deal. This memo hype has got them tripping over themselves so we'll see.
Why is this number always changing when I look it up?

Shut up retard.

Oh don't worry user, it will be at 28 million before you know it. Remember just last week it was 800k.

I think this is what all the shareblue shills wete waiting for, they needed to wait for an excuse/happening in order to get their d&c wedge in place.

Chess is child's play compared to Go. And yes, sweetie, you're playing against the nation with the highest IQ now, not just Israel.

how many anchor babies would a female dreamer be able to have in 10-12 years?

The other thing this shows is that the beaners can't be reasoned with. They don't want deals that limit how much more they can steal in the future. It's really showing both dems and beaners true intentions. Shit like this will show fence-sitters that these DACA illegals aren't the sweet, oppressed little innocents they've been portrayed as. They're greedy cunts that want all they can steal and more, and don't want any limits on how much they can destroy and invade the US. And Dems are just manipulative little opportunistic fuck looking for any useful idiots to vote for them…

Trump is playing chess where both moves the opponents can make are bad for them.

Yea. It's quite strange. It's also important to note that the deadline to re-enroll is March 5. And so far only ~700k active, a a fraction of whatever number is reported.

Doesn't really matter shillboi, because they'd be getting deported anyway


not until you end birth right citizenship.

Why didn't Trump push for term limits and balanced budget amendment when he first got into office? He controlled the WH, Senate,and House of reps.

It's not even a bill yet, just a series of bullet points with a huge amount of wiggle room to enforce more beanerdeath than a surface reading would suggest. E.g. "ensure the detention and removal of criminal aliens" = sanctuary cities/states BTFO, "closing legal loopholes that have eroded our ability to secure the immigration system" and "immigration court reforms" could both mean almost anything, and the path to citizenship is a deliberately long and rocky one that many spics will fall off back into Mexico.

Not that it really matters, since the dems can't accept the deal anyway.

Active vs qualified.

There are about 800k enrolled in the program, but there are 3.5m who qualify.

Go back to reddit, you stupid cunt.


They always get ahead of themselves. Constant roadrunner and wile e. coyote.

So not even a third. And they'll have to hurdle their way to citizenship.

Not with our Jewdicial system.

Don't even dare try fighting birth right citizenship ATM with the current supreme court.

Remember how the Mexican female,and that female Jew voted for keeping affirmative action, when their demographics benefited from affirmative action?

The shills are scared as fuck of this development. They know they've been backed into a corner. This thread is on fire with (1) posts and hysterical speculation / amnesty don retardation.

You really can tell when you're over the right target by all the flak you start getting.

That's not how legislation works retard. What part of 60 votes do you idiots not want to understand?

Japan and Norway aren't giving us any problems right now. Beaners are. Now fuck off back to Holla Forums or whatever cesspool you crawled out of. Reported.

If a single illegal gets amnesty there’s no point in the political process. That’s the cue to start the day of the rope.

check 'em
so natural and organic

Wrong the Donald will turn all those millions of based Gen Z latinos into republicans and win his next term! #MAGA

Yep, and I think it's mostly because the beaners are just too dumb to understand their situation has changed. The dems raised them to the top of the racial oppression pyramid, started sucking their dicks as leaders of their "coalition of the ascendant", and they think they're still in charge. It's especially funny when "activists" continue to proudly proclaim their illegal status on TV like they routinely did under Obongo, apparently not having gotten the memo that doing that under the Trumpenreich causes ICE to arrest you shortly afterwards.

There's no way he could get the Senate to vote on that. Maybe the house, MAYBE.

So.. the average hispanic being able to maintain employment for 12 years seems nearly impossible.
If they're looked at as individuals and not family units. They'd be surefire fucked. A child finishing school for a decade well their parent is deported living in Mexico ain't a massive threat.
Hispanics also have the highest school dropout rate and huge risk of criminal record.
With ideas like DUI's are minor and don't count in their mind.

In Beanerland people drinking while driving is common. In Mexico the cartels control the police and in Central America they don't check anyone for drugs except for blacks. Otherwise the cops don't care and you can bribe your way out of any problem you have with them. Those are among numerous cultural differences between the US and beaner countries that will get a good number of them in trouble when they inevitably try to act like they're still back home, as well as further proving the point to anyone watching that they don't belong and need to get out.

((( )))
Fuck off demoralization shill :^)

Think about the PR nightmare if the Dems refuse this plan.

1st they made it known to pro Americans that they cared more about illegals than continuing gov. 2nd they completely cucked our and pissed off their illegal beaner base by dropping the shutdown and then dropping DACA.

Now DACA is on the table and twice as encompassing as before, and the wall funding etc has also been expanded.

There’s every chance they say no to this. It’s an impossible sell to their beaner loving base. “They didn’t care about 800k undocumented babies and now they don’t care about almost 2 million undocumented beautiful angels!!!”

It would be suicide to not vote for term limits.

Some Mexicans are trans-kikes, bigot


Every single organization called Trump a white supremacist for this offer because it reduces overall immigration.
Deport now.

Why are we even othering amensty for the wall?

Why can't we shove it into the DOD budget and tell the neo-cons they're going to have to eat shit or else?

Hell, throw it into the cext Israel aid bill to smoke out the Israel firsters.

lol, look, another (1)



NOT a “constitutional convention.” We do NOT want a new constitution. We want a “convention to propose amendments to the constitution”, which is a legally distinct body. WHEN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT REFUSES TO AMEND, THE STATES CAN BYPASS THEM. We MUST have term limits.


Because there’s no “we” in government at all.
lol, that’s every member of congress

Trump wanted to go after stuff he thought he could get, instead of having his administration start off with failures.
Trump chose Obamacare repeal and replace….


gtfo (1), the cucks have been calling Trump a white supremacist since before he was even running for president


I hate these people. It's like they don't even know about the 1986 amnesty and how it made California go from red to permanently deep blue, despite being signed by the Republican Reagan..

Fucking kill yourself, dipshit. What’s the thread about? Not the election. Not the campaign. Not the primaries.

Latinos will vote Democrat, look at California.

Hell the Asians vote Democrat.


Oh they know, but those people are RINOs who want the democrats to never lose due to demographics.

There's a theory he deliberately allowed the GOP to fall on their face, failing to pass a repeal even though they'd previously voted to, in order to then more easily bring them onboard the MAGA train. That's a bit "4D chess" even for me though, I think it was probably just a fuckup.


Obama care was designed to implode to implement Euro care.

The RNC never intended to repeal obama care.
Once Trump came into office we found that the GOP didn't bother drafting a proposal to repeal Obama care for the moment we got a Republican president.

So for 7 years all the GOP was doing was virtue signalling.

Holy shit /nu/pol is fucked.

Good, we should probably help push that angle even more. Getting the dems to balk on this deal too would absolutely destroy them.

Could you maybe take five fucking seconds to grasp the context in which the images are being posted? And then go the fuck back to reddit, because you’re the only “nu/pol/” here.

That's the comments section, pea brain.


Thanks based comrade, what would we do without the opinions of these based neocohens?

Not an argument. If anything half of this thread has been T_D tier bullshit.
Reminder: You've all been lured into complacency by a kike stooge.
Reminder #2: democracy won't save you

No it's where the lefties throw yet another fit over losing.

Anyone else notice how the shills are all throwing anime in now to attempt to separate us from it?

Leafland is on the verge of a civil conflict.

Explicitly replied to and refuted your claim, so fuck the hell off back to the_donald.

Wew talk about designated shill shitting thread. All I can see is Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump T_d T_dT_dT_dT_dT_dT_dT_dT_dT_dT_d Trump TrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrump
You shitheads do know that your Divide and conquer shit just ends up with you guys arguing with yourselves over stuff the thread isn't even about?

I got a confession to make.
I don't watch anime

You are an ignorant nigger. Executive orders can be challenged and in fact have been. 1952 and 1999. The outcome depends on who stacked the deck.

I used to back when it was good. But I grew up with Robotech and shit. This new stuff is garbage. But that is beside the point. They are using it to play the "I'm one of you goy" cards and they have really stepped it up. Blatant raids filled with it.

There's an oven waiting for your complaint levi.

Yea. That drumph is TPP thread was pretty cringey.

Well at least it's finally getting fixed now. ^_^ I'm sure this whole thing was just a complete accident though and not intentional at all. :^')

Fuck off jew. You could have the (((perfect))) argument and that cunt-speak will get your teeth kicked down your fucking kike throat every time, kike.

And of course (((nu)))
Fucking kikes.

This is what amazes me: Trump is pretty much giving the Dems MORE amnesty then before, and they're still against it. They are killing their chances in the midterms at this rate.

So heres what we do: Convince them to riot, deploy cameras like crazy.

Would call it "playing the villian" to make the cuckservatives less palatable to minorities and whites too cowardly to do actual good for themselves and even every non kike minority in the world because lets face it, when kikes succeed its at the expense of everyone else

If thats his plan and it actually works, holy fuck, he reversed the democrats image back to civil war times.


as long as the likes of mccain et al are there he doesnt control the house or the senate.

The dems are gonna fluke it.

This, gop =/= trump, who at this point is an independent president in all but title.

the level at which they are/have been fucking up seems almost intentional at this point. Or are they that fucking stupid? They've made it very hard to tell

DAs in cuck states are already declining to charge spics so they don't get deported, what the fuck do you think will happen in the next decade?


A bit stupid, but hoping that their own base and minorities stick with them until they get a compromise aka no wall and full anmensity with open borders if trump drops the wall america may as well be dead.

True, we already have had a case and even liberals I know think its retarded and I live in canada where the spic was found innocent because "He did not know a gun would fire when the trigger was pulled". And not to forget no one is brave enough to clean chicago, the literal international joke city.

It's funny how people just outright ignore simple statistics. I was on 4 /k/ in a thread about nonwhite gunowners and you had people going on about muh based nonwhites will help preserve the sport etc etc. Show them actual voting trends from the previous election, they still try to deny and say it's different.
Another guy in the thread from cali said that one of his mexican female coworkers said she was pro gun, but went out and voted on the proposition to make backround checks on ammo mandatory and didn't even realize what it would do, went out and did it just for muh chilrens. Even the ones that are actually aligned with their interests go and vote the wrong way.

Possible that they were actually literally shills, considering some /ourguys/ were there too. I find it hard to believe anyone would actually pay people to shill on that board though.

Any amnesty will be a failure with or without the wall. I don't exactly know the statistics of how many current boarder crossings we have, but I'd be willing to wager 2+ million legalized in an amnesty would far outweigh the amount actually showing up in the country. At least if they are illegal they can't vote (not thats stopped dems before)

It's like patching the hull breach in a sinking boat and expecting it to not sink even though you haven't been baling any water out.

This is brilliant.

lel that would probably end up legalizing less than 10% of DACA recipients when all was said and done. Also, this immigration plan includes the wall and an end to chain migration and the visa lottery, so it creates another deal that the Democrats will never, ever agree to.

Remember, they're not give up open borders just so they can legalize a few DACA spics.

Top kek. Keep the muzzies in leaf land.


Yup, just as expected. The dems will never agree to this plan and Trump must must be entirely aware of that fact.

Research the rise of militarist factions in Japan in the 1920's and 1930's.
Ikki Kita,
Shumei Okawa,
Hiroshi Oshima,
Toyama Mitsuru and the Genyosha (secret society)
Ryohei Uchida and the Kokyuryukai (secret society)
Nissho Inoue and the Ketsumeidan (revolutionary organisation)…
we can follow their example in some ways.
Pic related is the current Japanese National Socialist leader Kazunari Yamada.


Hitler waved to Jesse Owens in 1936 at the Berlin Olympics and congratulated him, unlike Franklin Delano (((Roosevelt))), who snubbed him.
Rockwell tried to form an alliance with Nation of Religion of Cuck™ against the Kikes.
Spics are literally WORSE than niggers, despite having a slightly higher average IQ.
This "Aryan Mexican" shilling is fucking ridiculous.
Give me a break.

STRAWPOLL: Do You Support the Trump Administration's Immigration Proposal?

Only 1 vote per IP allowed.

I’ll take 1.8 over 15-20mil that are actually here. And we get a wall and end to chain migration and a northern defense system as well….

I called this shit earlier. The democrats are burning their bridges faster than they can build them. Trump throws out a deal they shouldn’t refuse and they snub him. Trump will literally go on TV to tell the world he tried to negotiate. The rats weren’t having it. Time to deport them all and build the wall.

Too many weasel words. It is way to easy to argue the semantics of what is written.

Here is an example of a kike that cries in pain as he strikes you… fuck off

Meaning there are far more details to this not included in the release. It's likely this will turn out to be harder on immigration than this initial proposal. Remember, these are the terms in Phase One of the negotiatons. Phase Two is for the gritty details, and that phase still exists as far as I know.

It's cause people know one or two fuckin' based minorities and therefore and they think exceptions are the rule, nulling any notion of ethnic groupthink. They fail to realize that their dream society is only possible in the context of whites.

That was quick.

Oy the bastid!


Don't be retarded niggers, you have to negotiate and be bi partisan on issues. Anyone with a brain sees this as one of the best directions to take. Any d&c shills running around claiming this is the end or blackpilling are obvious retards that should be ignored.


4d chess goyim!


you should kill yourself

Stop being faggots. Trump's playing chess. Democrats will never accept. By doing this he divides them. Illegals want the wall so they can stay and SJWs despise the wall. They'll never accept this and it causes chaos. It's fucking genius.


This, yet the_cuckold zionist cult are going to be wonder

The proposal doesn't matter faggot because it will never happen
Bitch I have 200 VPNs myself kill yourself

I guess it's still a long-term win, but it would be nice if we didn't need to be culturally enriched by 1.8 million immigrants. Although the fact that it's a "pathway to citizenship" always gives them the option of closing that pathway later, after we get all our immigration demands. It would be hilarious if Tillerson set it up so that most of those 1.8 million were actually white people. The democrats wouldn't even be able to complain about that (though they would anyways) because it reveals how they just care about lowering white demographics.

Honestly this is brilliant.

Shitskin DACAs will break the law within the first two years.

DACAs from not-shithole countries IE Europe and select east Asian countries will have no problem with this.

Instead of banning shitskins directly Trump is basically banning shitskin behavior instead. It's a perfect way to target nigs without explicitly targeting nigs. Watch in a few years from now SJWs will notice that it's mostly brown people getting deported and that they have been had.

10D Chess etc.

not enough

The very section that says that they can't commit crimes already states them as illegal. This 'path to citizenship' is instantly revoked the second it is given, so long one patriotic 4th circuit judge wants (since they seem to be more powerful than god and their interpretation is law)

where in the bill states that they won't have to go back if they have children? It even clearly states 'closing legal loopholes', which is exactly what anchor babies are

exactly this

did they just imply that africans are so fucking retarded that it's impossible for even one of them to enter the US through merit?

Well most of them would be hanging from ropes or choking on gas.
So either way their opinions never mattered.


Is shareblue still here trying to get us to "dump drumpf?"

Keep using that term, it's a good term.


It's too late user, there's too many faggots. We need to make our own lateral thinkers only threads.

Did you call into the radical agenda?

im getting more and more infuriated with Trump. What the fuck is he thinking? Almost all of these proposals won't even take effect until ay least a decade

This is what Trump has been requesting for months. This is not new news. Dems won't agree to it so it is almost certainly dead in the water.

Intelligence is correlated with brain to body mass ratio, not absolute brain size.


There ar ecompanies that specialize in helping woman to cross the border in their third trimester in order to get the citizenship in the states.
While not techincally legal, they can and do contest it and in 9/10 cases win.
It's nuts, and is right. Until that law gets changed, not much will change in that regard.

Link plz.

Trump is not going to get Kennedy'd. Nothing is more guaranteed to trigger DOTR, other than maybe mass gun confiscation. It's a clear signal that voting is meaningless and that they run society, when the only thing keeping an uprising from occurring is the illusion of democracy.

Trump failing to deal with the judges is likely the final nail in the coffin of the republic. They were clearly way out of bounds, and if left unchecked, there's no law that they can't change or block. We're past the point of any peaceful solution.

Executing traitors that aid or support immigration, illegal or not, would solve all problems. Then you could get a wall easily, if you'd even need one after that.

Here's a surprising link to your desired info:
Holla Forumsres/7727793
(I'll admit to not know how to post between boards. My guess it's something like >>board/res/postNumber, I'm just unsure if res is included or not).

If he's just putting on a show, there's no reason we can't do the same.
Trump: Amnesty?
Base: Reeeeeeeeee!!!!!
Trump: See Congress? They say they won't accept anything short of gas chambers. But I can meet you in the middle with a peaceful expulsion.

Because you're a ban evading redditor piece of shit.

dubs may be dubs, but wtf man? I just gave the info. asked. Also, it's primarily because I have no need to post between boards, thus I have never had a reason to learn (Holla Forums, Holla Forums, /r9k/, and occasionally Holla Forums. You tell me why I'd ever have to learn to cross-post).

Its very real.


minimize the scale. In fact, the pro-business incentives in Washington — such as the hope of future jobs lobbying with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce– will encourage top agency officials to grow the amnesty far beyond the claimed size of 1.8 million. The bill does not even set an upper limit on applicants or a cut-off date.

Anyone want to send Princess Ivanka pizza?

Jesus Christ you absolute child you have no clue how the government works, do you?

Fuck off retard

That should remove all of them. They're here illegally and they have to go back. Alternatively, I think (((Chuck Schumer))) already rejected this deal.
>americanthinker dot com/blog/2018/01/schumer_rejects_white_house_immigration_plan.html

I can’t wait for a civil war to end this shit

I've been out of the loop for a little while, why the fuck does it matter whether Chucky "approves" of the bill or not if the Repubs have a majority?



Heh. Shut up, Kikebart. You're just mad about the President beating the shit out of your controlled op Sloppy Steve. There will be no deal, and Kikebart will be left holding the baggage of being Fake News.

Show me where "if" appears in the post you quoted


I'll do you even better, Kikebart. And show the President admitting setting up the Liberals with his alleged cucking was the plan all along.

Admit this now, or continue to enjoy the President running circles around your old and stale narratives. There will be no deal.

Before you change the subject, go ahead and admit you are projecting so hard that you literally repeated nonexistent words.

So let's see, Trump's retarded proposal

1) undercut the much better House bill
2) killed the GOP's momentum after the shutdown
3) brought DACA back onto the table

It was worth sacrificing all this, why? There may be no deal, but you don't seem to realize that Trump wanted this "wonderful deal". Those are his exact words by the way, not some I pulled out of thin air.

Natural and organic!



Ok schlomo time to moisturizer your honker

Pathway to citizenship is an old republican euphemism for Amnesty. It never ends this shit.


Reading this thread really is depressing. The spirit of old Holla Forums is gone replaced by disgusting cuckservatism. Dr. Pierce warned us years ago about men like Trump. After all, subverting movements from withing is modus operandi for the Yids.

Pierce is so brilliant and every user should take their time to listen to every recorded broadcast of his.

None of these are good things. No one even asked for this. White Europeans should be given a pass, but then again white people dont run white countries in the end, only people who need to cater to whites.

This is what a shill looks like, hes probably actually anti-Trump but just wants to make pro-Trump people look stupid.

It looks like democrats refused to accept this deal. I cant even fully comprehend what is going on here.

"We want amnesty for 800,000 DACA recipients!"
"Oh yeah, democrats? We're gonna give amnesty for 1.6 million."

I cant tell which side is more incompetent. This could literally be the most pivotal decision of the 21st century and decide whether or not we become a single party democrat state in the next decade. Republicans dont seem to be aware of the battle they are in (or dont care) and democrats are being overly greedy when victory is being handed to them on a silver platter.

I think you understate the importance of this. At this point I think Im actually going to change my mind and support 1.8m DACA. It will leave no doubt left in anyones mind that democracy is a sham, and civil war is inevitable.
Strive for racial polarization, and you will be fighting white genocide.


Why the fuck are you even posting here if you don’t know that both parties want the same thing?

You need to commit suicide. You’re too stupid to know what a jew is and too stupid to know what amnesty is. Either laws exist or they don’t.

White genocide>laws.
Hillary never went to prison, and neither did Lynch and such. Laws dont exist, laws are control systems for gentiles. Youre anti-white and you better watch out talking like that to radicals because we dont give a flying fuck about laws. Civil war is coming, theres no laws in war, not in this one. The niggers wont be following Geneva. Youre a hindrance to our race.
What we do give a fuck about are people who you cant trust to have your back, which is again what you are.

The shills are at full force today.

White genocide only happens when laws are disobeyed.
Careful. You’re going to get banned for saying that.
You’ll be banned for saying that, too.
Get a clue, dipshit.
Oh yeah, you fucking blackpill? When. Give me a fucking date. When are you going to go out your door and arrest your city councilmen with all your fellow “radicals”? Fuck you, FBI. Holla Forums is a board of peace.
Get a clue, dipshit.
Sure thing, moishe. Try to tell us that when you’re explicitly shilling for THE ONE THING THAT ALLOWS JEWS TO HAVE POWER.


What is the 9th circuit?

Trump even said the whole plan was bait to make the Dems look like idiots.

The oldfags told you all that drumpf was a kike. And what did we get? Mockery; incessant bans; spied on; and ripped off. drumpf wants to give more pablos citizenship than even the democrats asked for, just roll that around in your head for awhile. What if this is exactly what it looks like? What if drumpf is just rolling over for the jewish takeover plot because he was a part of it all along?
Enough already.

It's terrible to see what this place has become. It used to be Holla Forums, now it's kiss the president's It's like seeing a beautiful childhood home turned into section 8 housing for niggers. There's nothing we can do, of course, this site is compromised backwards, forwards, and all the way up the ass. When a chan's mods get compromised there's only so much you can do. But those of you who still support drumpf should stop and think for just one moment about how long you intend to put your faith in a political process that has already stated its express intent to wipe you out, white man.

I knew someone named Pablo who was from europe.

For what?

Notice how all the blackpill shills are ignoring this post.


You have absolutely zero solutions and are promoting white genocide. The UN says gassing kikes is illegal, and guess what, kikes will be gassed. Big surprise, youve been banned before and are going to be again.

anyone who hasn't listened to him should, he gets repetitive but he was basically never wrong about the jews or their tactics. 20 years ago he was telling us about generalities and also actual people who are relevant today. Hell he actually warned us about Trump himself.

Get a load of this retard.

I'd rather have voted for fucking Hillary at this point.(Astroturf)

Criticism of Amnesty Donald is forbidden, goyim. Get the orange dick back in your mouth and call your congressmen to demand amnesty now.

It’s time for you to commit suicide.

Holy fucking shit, learn how to read.

It's like he's trying to lose the next election. not that it really matters I'll probably use this to stir the pot elsewhere. Create more chaos and crash the US plane. That's really the only thing to be done. Everything else is but a distraction. Then and only then can the White man rise and take this country back.

Let me try to understand where you are coming from here, you're saying the people that don't like the bill how it is are blackpilling, but they'll be redpilled when the bill gets tweaked to make it more palatable to democrats…
lol what the fuck ?

this is some special needs level JIDF shit

I'm sorry, I don't speak retard, retard.

Reported. Go back to reddit.

thanks soyblue, hilldawg 2020 for sure

(You) ✓

My choice of death is DOTR. I don't want to die any other way. I'll see you … wherever it's happening.

You guys realize you're being played for fools by your mods right?

Reminder that outrage drives politics and anyone telling you not to be angry about amnesty because of muh whitepills or muh 4d chess is deliberately manipulating the masses to reduce outrage and thus reduce Holla Forums's influence and impact.

In other words your mods are deliberately and meticulously working to reduce their "own" board's influence.

Sad that you guys have lost so much of your higher IQ userbase that you can no longer put these things together for yourselves.

Yes everybody who isn't a libcuck is either Russian or Russian-"influenced" that's the ticket.


So why are the mods banning anyone who are angry at Trump saying he is fine with Dreamers? The bill that Trump said he'd sign has no immigration enforcement restrictions until 2027. I don't see how anyone can be banned for criticizing such a bill or Trump's signalled support for it.

You have zero reading comprehension. Trump's tweet itself is the blackpill. He doubled the DACA number for no reason despite saying many times on the campaign trail that he would do no DACA.

Bullshit, there's more than that. They always downplay these numbers.

Yeah. They know it won't get passed. This has happened what, 3 times now? And you faggots still freak out about this? You guys are the niggers of WN

When is he going to start releasing things that WILL get passed?

Why is this thread being kept alive? The democrats turned down the deal, it was a power play by trump against the shitlibs, painting them into a corner. Now, when Trump gets rid of DACA, he can step back and say "I made you a deal, you turned it down, DACA's death is on your hands". Then following 2018 or 2020 when dems lose even more seats in congress thanks to dropping (illegal) immigration rates, increasing deportations and whites waking up and realizing that leftists wants to genocide them, he can steam roll his immigration changes and the wall through congress without a hitch. Why do people continue to doubt Trump's negotiation skills? He's all about making his opponent compromise so he can get what he wants, and he's done that wonderfully.

Sage because this thread needs to die, shills are trying to keep it alive to blackpill anons who don't know what's going on.

And replace it with decentralized crypronote e-voting.

i think its amazing. you legalize a million, like half wont qualify because idiots, make all illegals illegal again and start full raids. bring 30 million illegals already into the country into 1. also know you dont know english we fucking talk so much shit because there is no excuse

This sounds worse than it is because "path to citizenship" isn't very well defined. If the path to citizenship was "get documented, pass baseline tests to prove you're not retarded, don't have a criminal record, have an American citizen vouch for you, earn $45,000 the first year you're here" then it's not gonna be a problem. Offering a path to 1.8 million people doesn't mean the path has to be littered with gibsmedats.