Shareblue Has Been Banned From Reddit

And there goes Brock's $6 million dollarydoos. Press S to spit on David Brock's grave guys

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Wow who would have thought


Going to kill myself for visiting reddit. brb

Reddit is cancer, but that's probably shareblue sockpuppet accounts kvetching and not actual plebbits.

David Brock aka Slappy the Dummy?

We oughta expose the Deep State to the U.S populace.

Good good. It seems our sleeper mod team is working well.

Two threads are instantly up about reddit banning shareblue when most news worthy events aren't even posted on this board at all yet alone in the 1st few hours, let alone still in two different thread.
It's almost like this board is infested with faggot /r/the_zionald neo-con posters that have a throbbing hard on for shitting on liberals but are in love with jews.

If you've noticed, shareblue has started shilling on here again. Now that they got banned they have to come back here

OP from the other thread here ( )
Look at the post times, they're 2 minutes apart, I would have never posted that thread if I had seen there was already one in the catalog

>the full force of shareblue has shifted it's focus from a subreddit that has 3million subscribers and a site that has 18million unique visitors a day to this board that has 100-200 posts at peak times an hour.
you zionald posts are insanely deluded.

You just outed yourself.
Your multibillion dollar AI neural nets do not even compare to the efficiency with which any one of us spots you.

Yeah, we had a pleasant few days without them.

Who cares, this faggot is already dead. His butt buddy will see him in hell.

They just keep using sockpuppet accounts though.

Wouldn't plebbit mods know all about the sockpuppets though?
It seems unlikely that they weren't in on the basics of the whole shilling against muh Drumpf.

It's a limited hangout operation, most likely. I doubt it affects shareblue's operations on reddit at all except for the "official" linking.

From /r/politics, not "Reddit" according to your picture.

And then those sockpuppets will not post their articles since the domain is banned, right?
Did we get a new shipment of people who can't read recently?

Don't think they care, they probably just banned them because even the most cucked of their retards started doubting if shareblue really fits their "fair and balanced, right side of history and truth"-image they have in their own minds.

/r/politics was the first place to fall under total shariablue control and where they were strongest/loudest.
I find it unlikely that the other subreddits working with them would remain untouched.

Are you certain they're not just saying this to mask their shilling?

Good, kick that shit show of rapists to the curb where they belong.

You're not wrong for this being a desperate move on their part, but I'm pretty sure that even the betas on plebbit know that the political subs are complete and total thought-controlled echo-chambers that leave no room for argument.

They are not helping matters by censoring these betas. These were the same dudes that whined about censorship when the jailbait sub was banned years ago. That same chaotic beta spirit is still in there, hopefully, ready to unleash another beta uprising.

why are you shitposting on 8ch when you need to be looking for a new job?

but muh bathed negroth

I don't think negros bathe user. In fact i'm 99% sure they're the target audience of fabreeze

AXE was my ghetto highschool's "shower-in-a-can", thankyouverymuch.

Went on reddit once and it seemed how everyone commenting in threads were typing like they had some sort of ego complex. Aka bunch of fags.


Copypasta time.

There is one main difference between Reddit/Voat and Holla Forums: equality.
On Reddit/Voat, you are forced to make a username to contribute. While you don’t have to connect it to an e-mail, you have to do so to comment more than once per few minutes. So, really, you have to connect it to an e-mail. This creates an identity that a user develops over time and craves to make “important.” All the individual identities on Reddit/Voat crave one thing: Upvotes–for comments and posts. This means that a Reddit/Voat user is willing to sell a part of who they really are in the quest for more positive votes. This identity is no longer a true representation of who they really are (were). It is a pseudo-reality that only exists in the world of Reddit/Voat. Their ideas, comments, postings, and even language has been influenced and changed all for the sake of the coveted upward pointed arrow.
Holla Forums is void of this. I can be who I want to be, post what I want to post, and say what I want to say without having to think about what you fucks think. Your opinions don’t do anything. Holla Forums has given other users no way to devalue my identity. Reddit/Voat, by its nature, explicitly gives other users a way to devalue who and what you really are, what you really think, and what you really want to say. Reddit/Voat, while claiming to be for “content,” is really against it. One poster on Reddit/Voat even showed a part in the basic coding of Reddit/Voat’s popularity system where votes over time earn the “front page” status quickly. What gets looked at more over a short period of time: the interesting post about something everyone should know, or some stupid fucking cat? The cat, because it’s easier to see, easier to read, and easier to process. It’s a joke.
Sure, Reddit/Voat has some positives, but it all boils down to this: Reddit/Voat allows other users to have the power to alter your way of thinking for the sake of favor among them. Holla Forums does not. Oh, and one more thing. Reddit/Voat’s administrators censor and delete anything with which they do not agree. Not only are other users altering your beliefs, the site owners are, as well.
Why do I hate people on Reddit/Voat? For one, because they’re annoying outside of Reddit/Voat. Who among us hasn’t had someone ask us if we “go on Reddit/Voat” like it’s some kind of secret club website? Or seen people noticing each other on Reddit/Voat like it’s some kind of accomplishment? It’s annoying when people like things that are shit. Same reason it’s annoying that people like The Big Bang Theory. They’re huge normalfags, who brought our culture to the mainstream and the mainstream killed it. There are way too many females to allow for funny or interesting content. Just look at r/wtf/. Reddit/Voat is a website for pussies. Too many “as a woman” comments. So many feminists.
Try getting involved in the discussions. Try going against the tides of upvotes on posts that are of terrible content, but still somehow make it to the front page. The up/downvote system is simultaneously what makes Reddit/Voat both interesting and mind-numbingly terrible. It boils down to a shitty, extreme left community where most of the users just whore for fake Internet (karma) points. Nearly everyone on Reddit/Voat suck the dick of anybody who agrees with them while simultaneously shunning anybody who says anything that might possibly be misconstrued as offensive to anyone else. The place is like a children’s playroom with foam on every corner/surface to avoid any possible injury. It’s a big echo chamber–the popular opinion rises to the top and any dissenting opinions are buried. The comments, man… they’re so hokey and obviously hiveminded.

That explains it, everyone wanted top comment. Damn I miss the days when Youtube wasn't owned by google, and seeing that -20k comment that were 100% spot on or just generally trolly. Fuck google, fuck reddit too.

Damn, that man is sweaty. Looks straight out of one of A Wyatt Mann's faggot cartoons

>You should not hide your affiliation to your project or site, or lie about who you are or why you like something… Don't use sockpuppets to promote your content on Reddit.

That's a real shame hahahahahah I'd say eat a dick, but the jew behind it already does. What sort of incompetent fucks… it's that fat, gay retarded nigger that people always post here looooool. The jew probably thought he was being slick by saving a few shekels and hiring retarded Tyrone. Ya'll got some splain to do now boy hahahaha. The wins just keep coming.

Fuck off back to reddit cancer. You're worse than shareblue.

Wow it finally makes sense now. Shareblue is a redditard meme.



because spitting once isn't good enough

checking fpbp

that means they're increasing efforts here


Does anyone have the graphic poster with prominent democrats telling brock "thanks for nothing" a dozen different ways??

You don't need to care about your internet points. You can fire off shitposts with glee, making a new account once every few days (In fact you'll need to if you're doing it right).

We need to send these fags all the domains owned by shitblue to make sure they're not on any whitelist

Reddit only excepts kike approved email domains.

Absolutely right on that one. Day before yesterday was fine, and yesterday was a complete mess of repeated one-liners, etc. I guess you can't get quality when your heart isn't in it, so they just go for maximum quantity, like always.

Man that thing disappeared quick. I posted it a few times and it got great keks. Now I can't find my copy. I doubt it's been remotely deleted but it wouldn't be the first time. Before changing machines I've had whole folders and text collections disappear on two devices. Only effected areas were ones with politically sensitive material.

Fuck Shareblue, what reddit has done most effectively is create a wall between being able to redpill on the kikes to those who would be most susceptible.

T_D is a great success for (((them))) in dividing the right into a kosher movement for Trump. Severing the success and influence from Holla Forums in the election, they cannot meme afterall.

To summarize the post, Reddit and Voat create a false consensus and promote pluralistic ignorance.

Willth WILLITH!!!! you never had pussy oh Willith yu fat fuk what does cock taste like Willith? WILLITH?

I'd likely wager that they send their best here too, imagine that. The shills we get are the cream of the shitcrop. I bet they brag to all the newbies, "you gotta really be skilled to get into the heads of the dudes at 8/pol - don't even think about going there until you're ready kid or they'll fuck your mind up" Time to rev up those gore folders boys. I've noticed they have an extreme reaction to the recent cartel video that is pretty hilarious.

So they banned the name but the practice is still there.

It still does not uncuck the userbase, Every plebbitor is a left leaning parasite bordering on full on lolberg,

>>>Holla Forums is that way shariacuck

Pick one. Just lure them to come here instead of getting banned.

Sounds like that leaves the following for Shareblue:

Didn't sharia blue/crew/media matters BUY /r/ politics? I remember an user sharing that info. I'm sure they paid off multiple mods and B/O's. There was a dig a while back on the /r/politics mods anyone membah?>>11189043

classic evergreen

Had to make a new email recently after yandex blocked mine. Only found one out of a dozen that did not require google shit or phone number or both.

It wasn't removed. It has nothing to do with reddit admins. /r/politics is a pleb subreddit moderated by plebs not by reddit admins. The only reason the sub got popular is because it was default and everyone that made an account was automatically subscribed to the sub.

Twitter/reddit anything requiring this authentication is fucked. Supercomputers forensically examining everything.

Apparently, not many people remember the Reddit leaks that happened towards the beginning of that whole shitshow that was the exodus from halfchan.

Moves like this don't happen without Reddit administration being fine with it. The larger subreddits and most of the fan-favorite ones basically form a cabal of what I can only describe as the Super Best Friends Club.

Let's say an event like Gamergate crops up, and you happen to be a moderator in control of a middling-class subreddit that's dedicated to some stupid offsite shit, like that Mother 4 fan project that recently got renamed and subsequently disappeared. One of the major players, like the moderator for r/gaming, will inevitably approach you and an exchange like the following will likely occur.

You'll notice that this wasn't actually an exchange, a dialogue, but a one-sided suggestion. Your options are either to shut it down, or never get those sweet, sweet front-page clicks when your stupid offsite fan project is completed.

And that's why it doesn't matter if the moderators of r/politics or the admins of Reddit itself were the ones who removed them from the whitelist. They're basically the same entity.

Watch the leftist echo chambers like reddit, WaPo, etc..
They are trying to reboot their credibility right now, so they can push more fake news. The goal is to bring dissent back into the fold.
Shareblue is not gone from reddit. They'll do the same thing they always do- change their name.

This is a reddit-tier answer if I ever saw one. Don't use this logic- it's bullshit, and it only works on those who can't think for themselves.

This is how i know you faggots are not from here

Keep backups, prove it, and expose those kikes.

No lolberg would like plebbit.

>plebbit forms a (((cabal)))
Gee, what a surprise, seeing as how they're owned by kikes and promote kikism/wordism/leftism aka kike schizophrenia.

Why did you think that you need to explain namefagging to "us",also:



shareblues / ShillKILLER:
1. If you find the thread suspect with usual played out attack vectors sage, inspect and report it if your suspicion is confirmed
2. once wider consensus is reached report OP for the second time and the first user bumping it after
REASON: is always Shareblue
It doesn't matter which group it factually is, what matters is they are the most funded group paid to attack us
this is an
IS09001 certificate Holla Forums standard for disposing profesional hostile disruption
We have a great moderation team but we need to both lessen their work load and make it easier for them to do it.
Standardization ensures more efficient use of resources with minimalizing attack vector uptime.

courtesy of Holla Forums Center for Shill Control And Disposal

Name: Lloyd Oliver Willis
Age 39
Occupation: Research Fellow at Media Matters for America
Location: 8515 Flower Avenue
Takoma Park, MD
Phone: 202-492-3175
Email: [email protected] and [email protected]
Usernames:oliverwillis , owillis , OliverWillis1977
Social Media:
Google+: OliverWillis1977
Ollie, you have no fucking idea what hell you managed to open.

< Banned
< 1 year after the fucking election
< oh, they totally can't form a new shell company in time for 2020

From what I gather youre trying to provoke someone into killing him by putting the blame on him, I dont know why you picked him specifically when you could just be pushing Brock. I guess Brock is seen as untouchable, so you picked some low on the chain nigger. Really, this is pointless, hes some random nigger. A pawn. Go after the rooks, bishops and knights if you want to disarm the queen and king. Not pawns.