Yid digs up bone in backyard, "rewrites" human evolution



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This has great backfire potential because it's another nail in the "we all owe ourselves to mother Africa and its people" narrative.

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so now we know when the first human came out of Africa. Do we know when the last one left?

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Its not "ground-breaking" news or rewiring history.
human remains dating back millions of years
Are uncovered in Europe often enough, but oh god forbid dont bring light to it, studying this will get you on the blacklist goy.


Cro-magnon is and always was a distinct species until the neanderkike raping. The kikes continue to hide the fucking truth. Whites have been here EONS and they fell through environmental disaster resetting the race. Behold, whites continue to pull ahead at every turn. Why? Because we've done it before. No more of this bullshit taught by kikes. Every scientific institution is crawling with them and they have corrupted it all.

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Isn't this a step toward admitting that genetically we're different from one another depending on location? We may have some DNA in us from other groups, but those groups only existed in certain areas. Couple that with tens or even hundreds of thousands of years of independent evolution separated from each other. Sounds almost like, under the facade, they're admitting we're racially diverse, which opens the door to a whole new mainstream perspective to counter the "we all bleed red" idiocies pushed in universities and media.

OP, you're stupid as fuck. This hurts the kike 'our of Africa' narrative more, this is GOOD. 100,000 years more of whites evolving separately, it helps the argument of divergence between races

I feel like this is as good a place as any.
Not even in Iron Age samples.
Look it up.

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Forbidden Archaeology thread?
Forbidden Archaeology thread.

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What about that tooth found in germany that was 9,000,000 years old? Older than the 7,000,000 year old skeleton in africa.


What happened to the multi regional theory? And didnt the scientist that invented the out of africa theory lster retract it due to new evidence?

Meanwhile people forgot that fossil that was found in western europe that proved that European aren't monkeys from aperica,
Now that a bone is found of Israel it suddenly changes everything.
Does anyone remember that tidbit?

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Jews always trying to tear down identities and historical records to rewrite and control the destiny of non Jews.

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evolution is bullshit. no matter which method of dating you're talking about, they all make huge assumptions on the side of evolution. they use fossils to date the geological column and the geological column to date the fossil. complete bullshit.

it is impossible for carbon 14 to last more than 100,000 years. i guarantee you if they check they'll find carbon 14 in those fossils. they're finding trace amounts in many dinosaur fossils now that they can test for it. even crude oil and diamonds.

a freshly killed seal was carbon dated to be 1,800 years old. living penguins were dated to be 8,000 years old. one part of a frozen mammoth was dated to be 40,000 - another part was dated to be 26,000 - and a piece of wood immediately beside the fossil was dated to be 9,000 - 10,000 years old.

they have no idea what they're talking about

Some people will actually trust these kikes.

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Boy you guys really have no common fucking sense. The Graecopithecus remains provide proof that mans earliest ancestors developed in the Mediterranean/Balkan area. This makes more sense than OOA because the region they point to was wracked with constant changes in climate and biodiversity. This isn't conducive to the formation of a species, and contrary to what you might think, encourages specialist behavior in a population since the ones that "play it safe" are less likely to die out. In a stable climate we see the opposite, more divergence and interesting roles form. A good example is the time of the dinosaurs, huge amounts of biodiversity across continents with roughly similar climate and vegetation. Of course this is up for debate but that's just the conclusion I run into when I study geography and paleontology. Granted i'm not a professional but i've been fossil hunting for a long time.

So we can fairly reliably say that humans originated in that Mediterranean/Balkan region, about 8 million years ago. Now what does that tell us in connection with the remains they found in Israel? That tells us that at some point shortly before or maybe during the last ice age there was a migration of hominids into the African continent, and not the other way around as researchers had speculated. If we look at the remains of Australopithecus, which are about 4 million years old, we can come to one of two conclusions.

1.) the population is a break off group from the one in Europe
2.) the European group died off which would allow OOA to work

the first option makes a lot more sense in conjunction to what we know. So really this find is more startling because of what it implies. Not that we're all secretly Jews, but that Sub-saharan Africans are in fact, a subspecies. The running idea was that Homo Erectus migrated into Europe and became Homo heidelbergensis and later Homo neanderthalensis. Instead this paints the picture that the Homo Erectus line formed separate from the African groups and the amount of admixture was reversed, early man went into africa and mixed with those groups instead. The original opinion was that early man interbred with neanderthals, which is certainly true, but it's that admixed group in all likelihood moved on from there. That's the exciting part. Now i'm sure you're thinking

Take the llama for instance, it looks nothing like a dromedary camel, yet the two can produce healthy offspring through fertilization. However due to millions of years of divergence their body shapes are incompatible. Humans are a comparatively young species so that level of divergence didn't have time to take place, we have roughly the same proportions and genetic make up, allowing offspring to be viable. We have the physiological evidence, bone structure and genetics, and now we have the paleontological evidence, remains that show a a definite path of migration. I'm not arguing a supremacist view on this, but from a historical perspective this is really fascinating. You can take this however you want though.


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