Soros: Trump has US 'set on a course towards nuclear war'
well looks like they're just admitting the plans now

"Billionaire investor and political activist George Soros said President Donald Trump has the U.S. set on a course for nuclear war with North Korea.
Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Soros said Trump is trying to establish a "mafia state" in the U.S. but has failed so far.
The progressive activist said he sees the president's place in the world as "temporary" and likely to "disappear in 2020 or even sooner."

President Donald Trump has the U.S. on course for a nuclear war with North Korea, billionaire investor and progressive political activist George Soros said Thursday.

In a blistering critique of the country under Trump's leadership, the head of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations painted a bleak picture.

"The fact of nuclear war is so horrendous that we are trying to ignore it, but it is real," Soros said during a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos. "Indeed, the United States is set on a course towards nuclear war by refusing to accept that [North] Korea has become a nuclear power."

"This creates a strong incentive for North Korea to develop its nuclear capacity with all possible speed, which in turn may induce the United States to use its nuclear superiority pre-emptively, in effect to start a nuclear war to prevent a nuclear war, obviously a self-contradictory strategy."

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Dead progressive kikes can't advance bad policy

Soros has a hissy fit. More at 11.

(checked for palindromic full house digits)
looks like george is getting a little senile in his old age. hes definitely not supposed to be telling everyone that hes trying to plunge the world into nuclear war, or that hes trying to have trump killed/impeached.

He's been quiet lately. Is this story actually recent? Part of the Q-LARP suggested that something Q predicted Trump would say was the reason why Soros was quiet.

the world economic forum in davos has been going on the past few days. this happened at that event

They're doing that thing again where they blame an innocent opponent for their crimes.

I should have highlighted this line
"The progressive activist said he sees the president's place in the world as "temporary" and likely to "disappear in 2020 or even sooner."
if that's not implying assassination I don't know what is

it was posted about an hour ago

That get. . . wew

I don't understand. I have been reliably informed by /our/ shills that Donald Trump is a kike puppet. They even had pictures of him touching a wall or something. Why would mega-kike Soros be trying to spook people out of supporting the world-famous Russian-Jew slave Trump?


/© h = © k = d/


Just die already you old decrepit jew bastard. The day of his death should be remembered as National Holocaust Memorial Day.


You are aware that israel has come out publicly and attacking soros and soros has done the same to them? Are israel /ourguys/ because of that fact?
Simple as fuck anons like you are what are killing this board

let's hope so

One world goverment that's what he's implying.
Any nation with a identity is absolutely haram in Soros' book.
No sacrifice is big enough to get there as you're not one to make said sacrifice.

That's threat.

He's talking about us here:

The addictions are our memes and operations like IOTBW. We lure them in with giggles and feed them nazi ideology. It's not natural at all, all engineered.

The kike pope said something similar, funny how he's doing talks on fake news, if it wasn't already obvious how controlled he is.

Guys we are winning so hard currently I need to take a moment to catch my breath. Seriously I'm laughing ever since the SHITHOLE
Things have escalated massively ever since.

If you're at home, pour yourself a drink raise it up and toast to 8/pol/, Trump and Kek as I most certainly will.

It just amazes me how nobody has crowdfunded enough bitcoins for this to happen.

Translation: "If Trump doesn't start obeying us we're going to start nuking the goyim."

I feel you, bro.

There is no conceivable way there would ever be a nuclear war with NK. "Worst case" scenario we nuke them and they become out bitch like Japan before and while resigning themselves to making anime and ceasing to breed out of the shame of overwhelming defeat.

Recap so far

Can we add The Vatican to the list of places to nuke (maybe even in place of NK?)

It's as if you've never encountered the concept of D&C, user. Obviously, Trump is the enemy of the white race, because roughly 1/3 of the world's Jews think he's based, unlike Clinton, who enjoyed universal (((support))). We should all hate him, amirite?

Remember, everyone – if you fight the Jew, you're working for other Jews!

Highly advisable

I smell veiled blackpill here and implying

Nevermind I'm retarded in 1 AM
Polite sage

Highly advisable



Where the hell are you, Izhevsk?

This is a fucking threat. The SS should be interrogating him right now.

Democracy comes in for a lot of abuse on this board, as it probably should. I remember being shocked when Dr. Pierce would rail against "this democracy craze." As bad as it is, however, the danger of a non-democratic system is that eventually somebody like this winds up in charge of it.

Not that anybopdy cares, but my own preference is a kind of hybrid between Athens in its Golden Age and a Starship Troopers-style meritocracy. Except no votes for women; that goes without saying.

Soros kvetching aside, I was under the assumption NK nukes couldn't even reach the US? And even if they could, maybe 1-3 at best. If anything they would nuke SK (who gives a shit) or US military bases in the pacific (meh).

what kind of idiot loses a billion dollars?
t. Hillary Clinton

Soros always looks like he's got both feet in the grave, so why doesn't he just die already?

Soros kvetching aside, I was under the assumption NK nukes couldn't even reach the US? And even if they could, maybe 1-3 at best. If anything they would nuke SK (who gives a shit) or US military bases in the pacific (meh).

This snake is almost 90 and yet still has enough venom to poison half the planet. My grandparents are 90 and they can barely walk or talk. Moments like these I stop doubting Holla Forums talks about child blood transfusions.

They're not even bothering to hide it any more.

We were always going to hit this stage eventually. I get the sense that they wanted to slowly poison the world with racemixing and other degeneracy until the various countries voted for the World Government to thunderous applause. Now they're genuinely concerned that their plan is going to collapse so they're rushing it. You'll get World Government whether you want it or not, goyim. The Chosen People know better.

Reminder Wayne Madson = kike lover.

Lets put it this way, the closest states to nk are hawaii and commiefornia, whose loss would be a boon to the world.

If you think that the fat gook will actually do anything to compromise the status quo, I have a bridge to sell you. Dumb and childish as he is, he knows that the moment he as much as farts loudly in anyone's direction, the world will steamroll him and his private little empire.
I am amazed that for so many years, people have been scared of the Kims. They are no different from other Orientals - to them, everything is about face. The fatso does not want a war, he wants to sit on his throne sipping whiskey and have everyone (including his own generals) think that he wants a war. No Asian in his right mind would give up a life of unlimited power over his subjects, especially if there is an inevitable and humiliating defeat on the other pan of the scales.

wtf I love universal morality now

The Norks theoretically have the ability to barely hit the US. But is right.

epic check
We all know that soros will be fellating moloch long before he sees Trump gone.

Just like Gaddafi.

Hey fag you act like things can't be done in sections. Do you honest think the kikes invaded every institution all at one balls out NO because that's not how shit works so from what I see Trump is done millions time more than your ass ever!

Consider starting a new thread for this. More anons need to know about it.

This guy gets it…

I was having a hard time believing that was real, but alas:

Unlike Gaddafi, Kim does not serve a beneficial role. He is a literal king of the dunghill. But waging war against him would be a pointless waste of time, money and lives.

I'm kinda shocked this decrepit vampire hasn't already been dealt with. Frustrated, tbh.

Upon a bit of further research, this appears to be the Italian article that jewsnews is referencing:

This decrepit vampire is barely a threat now. It's his hellspawn that we have to worry about. Two of them are already groomed as heirs, and very little is known about the other three, but have no doubt that they will amp the kikery to the max once their daddy croaks.

I suspect the young chink hotwife will be running away with as much of the vampires money as she can. Jews getting out jewed by chinks would be fun to watch.

He wouldn't be a top yid if he did not have a shitton of legal contingency measures to prevent that. And if all else fails, she can always have an (((unfortunate accident))).

No, you use biological weapons on the vatican so you preserve the art.

From the same site:
Puerto Rico names the Jew

Soros is getting desperate with the death of Moloch. Where's your god now? We now where ours is. Amongst us in the dubs is where Kek dwells. Your god is a relic.


Checking you too fine sir.

Well, I'm convinced.


Very nice.


Well that checks out.

They're not wrong either. They're in debt up to their eyeballs and it doesn't look like they have many options except beg the U.S. for more gibs.

Unless Trump actively intervenes they're pretty fucked. Even if he does they're probably still screwed because their citizens are addicted to gibs.


gibs self corrects when left alone.

checked it

I don't see how the left is so quick to resort to gibs. Don't they ever worry about the gibs running dry one day? Don't they worry about the masses they made dependent on them starving because they were never incentivized to learn to care for themselves?

now you know the end goal user

Anyone have a link to the speech? Was it recorded?


No they don't. The gibs are a means of control over a population and makes it much easier to get away with corruption.
If the gov is giving you $3000 of other people's money you're less likely to care if government officials are pocketing money on the side or engaging in any other corrupt behavior.

Take a look at this bullshit.

The archive is slightly fucked up for me but you only need to see the headline to get the idea. This is what the left is about, control and enriching yourself off the back of others.

Also that stunt they pulled likely means any future aid (if there is any) will be severely limited and extremely controlled.

Jewjitsu 101

Parachute this faggot into NK right before bombing begins.


Since when does Soros care about collapse anyway?

I heard an interesting story from an old Eastern European woman about this cunt. Something that after all the talk about him lately among the Right, I've never heard mentioned elsewhere. The old lady had a soft spot in her heart for old ballsack-eyes. She explained that he spent much of his youth on the end of a fat Nazi dick. She said he had to do it to stay alive. Interesting if true, especially considering the kinds of things many globalist elite and their butt-boys seem to be into these days.

user, you know that the National Socialists weren't exterminating kikes right? So the lady's story is bunk, soros just likes the cock carousel.

I think Q is right about North Korea. It’s not what it seems. It’s an outpost for these globalist kikes. They use it to scare us. I hate to bring up Q posting here but I think everything up until Trump returned from his Asia trip was legit. Brink of nuclear war when he has brokered peace talks finally. Soros you deserve to die 1000 deaths. Each taking a week.

G.Soros Shut the fuck up.

Thoth has shown he is active

Speaking of being "self-contradictory"

Oy vey Goyim just accept that NK has nukes or else they'll start building nukes!

Checking Keks orders. soros will be shut up soon.

Soros lives in a pool of blood.


I’d take unpaid time off, no I’d even quit my job, and it’s a decent one too, if it meant I could torture his son to death in front of his entire family. And no I don’t think Soros is even at the top of the kike shit heap.

(checked, impressive)
Someone seriously needs to put a bullet in this filthy kike's head, i am sick of this piece of shit still breathing.

I second this, even though i would be happy enough with a public hanging of this asshole.

Hillary Clinton is the most prolific and vicious serial killer this planet has ever seen.

Sorry but I think Communism is the biggest serial killer of all time.

If by communism you mean kikes, then yes kikes have killed more people than the Clintons.

Projection as usual. The criminal mafia state already exists and Soros seeks to retain it.

Reminder that this cuck spent billions to prevent a Trump presidency and failed. His predictions are as worthless as the 2016 election predictions.

Cry harder, you impotent hook-nosed little sewer rat

The problem is that this wont be the "Collapse by Soros (TM)" and that is why he's changed his narrative; he is a (((***))) after all.

The kike lizard will be dead within a fortnight
Check em dudes


Precisely what I meant, thanks user.

Jews still envy this level of shutting it down (if Hillary is really a gentile)

Do kikes and jesuits work together? Thinking the black pope shit is ringing true about now.

why is this stickied?

Because Trump went back in time and started their work on the project right? Even discounting the obvious reason -KIKES- all of this was set in motion by people long before he was grabbing pussies.

Peter the Roman. They haven't murdered Benedict yet have they?

Plus we know quite a bit about his early life because he was schooled under a false name in Switzerland. Reportedly he was shy, liked cheese, got mediocre grades and was a fan of basketball manga in addition to basketball itself. So he's basically a NEET that ended up running a country and personality cult. Not exactly Doctor Doom.

I answered my own question it seems. Apparently Ignatius Loyola was a crypto Jew.


he's sitting on a trillion dollars of rare earth mineral deposits.

Soros avoided concentration camps that were rumored by kikes to be death camps by getting dicked down by a guy who worked for the nazis confiscating kike property who hid him in exchange for sexual favors.

These people need to be destroyed in every concievable context.

Something big must be going on at Davos if (((someone))) felt the need to spam the catalog with shitty bait threads today.

This. All the 4chan rapefugees are dumbing up the board.

Nuclear war? With the norks?

More like a nuclear three and a half minutes.

At the rate we are going, I'd say good Ol' George could get some *cough cough* influenza in the next 4 - 6 weeks. Let Kek choose the agent. Last digit of your post O is flu

Dubs give him mix of all 5 along with common cold.
Let's roll

Spic argentinian monkey is nothing but a profaned nigger lover pope.

Nukes ain't real

Guy asked a pretty simple question. If you can't answer it then perhaps you are the one who is simple.

you ain't real

That quote though. Wew.

Everything written here is product of imagination and falsehoo. Only a fool would take anything written here as fact

He just caved on DACA. How can you fags still be this upbeat about the guy, this is delusion level ridiculous.

Absolutely, the society of jesus, the catholic church, kikes, and the freemasons are all parts of the same thing. It's like the story of the blind men and the elephant.

I don't take kind to Gyorgy circumstantialy threatenig Don.
SS should know this.

Secondly, I think it makes it open.for us to return the favor and set him some dates

Go away now. This is your first and final warning.

Post proof or don't talk about it user.

If you really don't think that the zionists and globalists aren't working together than I suggest to lurk on redpill threads, /polarchive/ and older archives in general.

It was actually much worse in 2017 I find, it feels like a lot of shills have gone or changed priorities.

Always the same fucking mistake.

Set some dates for his son alexander soros because he seems to be a huge faggot.

Choke on cum. Trump cheerleaders need to go. Being a better alternative than Hillary is literally his only selling point. How about instead of fellating him like a bunch of sluts in heat you use that energy to put his goddamn feet to the fire.


Nobody knows but would hate to see kike-beating pope get iced by fag petrus romanus. I always thought last one would be huge boss, not silly argentine shithole fuck. Sumpin fucky up, though.

Nah wait: hrc's grandad was a fuckin Rosenberg. That's why she gets the shekels and 9000 level frag count but everyone hates her. She a kike dyke.

Checked that is about right.

Nuke the Koreans.


The trips demand it.

Well the cabal he's leading controls North Korea so I guess he'd know.

Underrated post

Literally all the world's problems would disappear if someone nuked Davos right now. QQ


Francis is the Black Pope. Benedict still lives and will return as Peter the Roman.



checking this as a sign of Soros on the downward spiral

So uh. NK nukes guam, US retaliates when?

Won’t happen.

dubs tho

plus fuk guam gas the koreans gook war now

Go chew on some foreskins.

beware the ides of march right?

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't creating one world government one of the things the anti-christ was suppose to do? Why would (((Pope Francis))) want to do that?


filthy jewish jesuit scum that's why



We are ready for you, little bitch Kim.

And how about instead of jerking yourself off and clucking on like some faggot hen - you use that energy to put his feet to the fire.

No shit. So are the ilumbrade and the assassins.

There's few things more anti-christ than the Pope or Talmudic teachings. There's other things you have to understand, there's the spirit of the anti-christ and the actual physical embodiment of it, second and important to discern is Baal, Satan, Lucifer, whatever you want to call him is actively trying to copy and co-opt Christ. It's easier to mimic and replace than it is to fight head on, you should be used to these sort of subversion tactics they're played from the bottom all the way to the top.

Hence the Greek word Anti. Meaning near or close to in appearance. You dirty (((catholic)))

Moloch is dead.
It's only a matter of time now.

Going to have to try harder there fuckface

So translation: the jews.are using the norks to start a nuclear war so their mafia state can take take total control. Got it.


Use blister agents on their sodomite asses, they wont destroy all the artifacts.

Faggot got triggered.

This thread is filled with no shit you don't say.

Don't they get free university too? And some sort of stipend or some bullshit.

Israel is run by Jews
Soros is a Jew
Trump has many Jewish advisers including his own daughter.
I know it’s hard to stomach, but Holla Forums has never supported Israel or any Jews. We supported Trump to stop Hillary from starting world war Three with Russia and hopefully get deportations and a border wall. If Trump does something that betrays the nature of the board, he’s gonna get some shit for it. This is Holla Forums, not r/the_Donald.

Technically every thread is if you've lurked or know enough, it's not all about you being a smarmy knowitall asshole it's about getting the word out.


This is total bluster and fear mongering for the good goyim who believe this fat hook nose rat. He wants to hype up fear against north Korea having nukes because it secures them from kikes forcing a usury debt bank on them. At the same time he wants to hype the trump derangement syndrome to max.
North and South Korea are holding peaceful talks and are making good progress. Also China and Russia are negotiating (unsuccessfully though) with dprk.

Kikes btfo this is our century and you are going to pay for everything you've done. The ghosts of germany, Russia, Palestine and every person who ever died or had their life ruined by your usury call out to us, the living, they are crying out for justice and we heed their call.


Checking those digits for Soros finally losing it for all to see

Story checks out with those dubs. soros is confirmed bottom for eternity.

April 17, 2021

Fire rises I guess reluctant check

We are seeing things that were never meant to be seen.

the pope is a fucking multi culti, anti white jew tbh fam

At the root of every evil is a kike. If you don't understand that you need to fucking lurk, torpedo. But the user you are responding to is a fucking moron who doesn't seem to understand why one group of jews would appear to be against another group of jews. Even if they are actively competing with each other which they only do so for appearances both groups are against us. Feigning to side with israel is a fairly smart strategic move. While israel is a huge problem and has agents actively working against us within our borders they are also surrounded by muslims who could be very easily psyop'd into zerg rushing israel.

The "international jew" however is infested within our borders and of the two different groups of kike they are the ones that pose the most significant immediate threat to us.

I pray for it every night.

Yeah, these are threats. These demonic faggots need to be dealt with ASAP.

Das Rite

I’ll pray for it once I’ve found a place that will actually sell me a stock of potassium iodide for my family…

Yeah I know, anti-christ, anti-white.

it's why I've hated the Catholic church for forever, preferring non-denominational and orthodox teachings from scriptural and historical witness. Go call someone else a kike loving pope slonging faggot you're barking up the wrong tree user.


Dude, why the fuck are you not buying literal buckets of the stuff online?

Like I’m going to trust some random chink website (or chink-sourced western seller) to give me potassium iodide rather than potassium chloride. Or worse, potassium arsenite. All the “pharmacists” within 40 miles of me don’t even know what the fucking stuff IS, either, which is rather unsettling.

fucking plebs, the pills have poor bioavailability, the best protectors against radiation are natto and seaweed

I'm pretty sure powder city or whatever the fuck it's called has a bulk deal on the stuff because fucking no one by crazies and us buy it.

Do you have any idea how much of that shit you have to eat to get a dose? You could skip fiber supplements for weeks and it has fucking arsenic in it.

Trump curse incoming
bye bye georgie you piece of shit
you just fucked youself
we'll all be very glad to see you go
and as you die,I hope you realise
that all the plans, all the evil shit
everything you did, was for nothing,
because no matter what
We will WIN

See, that’s exactly it. Thanks, anons. I might be able to root for the nukes after all.

No wonder the nips bounced back so quickly…

Tell me that's not a veiled threat.

BURNT AT THE STAKE? FED TO GATORS (ALIVE)? This one needs to suffer lads.

Fuck off back to half.

Kill yourself before we get to you hebe.

Eat shit kike, you're going to burn for eternity.

Superior order of the society of jesus isn't the same thing and it doesn't mean shit. He's already exceeded that and was declared pope.

Amazon nigger.

It's called a narrative

Death aint good enough, what needs to happen is the reveal he played both sides in ww2 and all his assets taken so neither his chink or hellspawn get a lick, which in turn prompts his hellspawn to rat out the kikes for sheckles.

Can't you just DIY it? If you're paranoid not to trust FDA-approved.

Checked. As much as I want him dead, plain old age just isn't enough for the likes of him.

Four ounces, prepared. A side salad's worth.

They studied natto and its protective effects on the thyroid before the war even. OFC every 56%er knows that Riken had a bomb program too.

Hes a kike to surpass all others, well maybe not the rothchilds, playing both sides in a war to amass wealth and get away with it if I was the allies I would have stabbed him in the back and framed him as an antisemetic self hating jew and divided the wealth amongst the people who were starting the un up, but I guess the british lost all ambitions during ww2. I want to see him and all those connected to him to fall into a dispar that not even suicide can fix.

You might be right about that.

Your grandparents have probably spent the last 25 years since they retired rotting in front of the boob tube, watching CNN and waiting to die, they have no purpose. Living with purpose, and staying mentally and physically active in old age is the difference between being a genius level iq kike playing with the fate of entire countries, like Soros, and being a vegetable like your grandparents, like my grandparents.
Sloth is a deadly sin, indeed.

First, we’ve proven scientifically that young blood can rejuvenate old tissues. Second, where did you think the myth of vampires sucking young virgin blood to get immortality comes from, user? Jews have been sacrificing Christian children to Moloch and drinking their blood for millennia.


No. a typical dose of iodine sufficient for blocking absorption of radiation is between 120 and 180mg for an average adult.
for every ten grams of hijiki there is about 4700μg of iodine, that means four ounces is roughly 50 mg of iodine. At the very least one would have to eat 12 ounces of the stuff in a single shot and they would have to do that every day that they were exposed to radiation.

At that point they would almost certainly be at risk of arsenic poisoning


If you eat it several times per week your thyroid will already be at max iodine capacity. Don't you know how anti-radiation protective therapy works? You can actually block absorption of harmful substances by building up benign ones.

A side salad of seaweed 2-3x a week will ensure much better protection than some poorly absorbed tablets.

I find it funny he accuses his opposition of what he is doing
Also I still find the fact funny that he spends millions trying to do something Holla Forums does for free and failed.
Ragtag coup of autists are compotent than kikes hooked on to liquified shekel IVs and adult diapers.


Anyone that says this that chooses to live in a white neighborhood is full of shit. If they didn't care why wouldn't they choose to live in much cheaper brown neighborhoods?

You know, it's funny. The british trusted the jews, and gave their world hegemony in exchange for destroying their racial brothers in defense of jewish banking interests, and now their empire has been reduced to a few loosely-joined countries that don't like each other that much and may soon part ways.

Karma sure hits hard.

hahaha i remember when the media tried to make this out to trump has dementia, trump looks like some angry mafia dude from the 80s.. israel? what the fuck is israel? i don't know know israel.


he literally snubs and ignores what is supposed to be the most powerful group in the world. this clip should not be overlooked.


Soros is just pissy that the North isnt going to be invaded or taken over now. The only reason the US even gave a shit about the korean conflict is because it wanted the northern territory which shares land borders with china and russia. Too bad the north and south koreans are still all koreans and dont want to kill each other. They love their peninsula and race more than they give a shit about the will of a foreign nation

Not likely, and it depends on what you mean. At the present it probably means a return to pre-Obama footing in terms of tension. It's probably a long shot to think that we will see a return to the Sunshine Policy days of the 1990s and practically one in a million that shiny day, reunification.

Though I will say anything can happen I guess, the whole of SK was under a witch cult's power (or that was a cover for something even more nefarious) so anything goes. I hope those butt fuckers in the SK military who have seen subverions grow a pair and get their shit together for an all out war on the leftists or else the whole place will be China 2.0 inside of 10 years.

You sound knowledgable. But what is the will and desires of a bunch of chinks and the rest of the world compared to a billionaire super-genius nazi cocksicle like Ballzack?

He called him "father".

He's fake and gay. While the broader mass of Koreans probably all generally yearn for reunification, the whole point is reuniting the relatives and this is pretty much impossible as they're all boomers or older now. The desire to be able to reunite families will fade as people who personally knew one another die off so it gives a sense of urgency to the whole thing.

For a long time they did a sort of carnival thing where South Koreans could arrange to see their relatives for a nominal fee and go a park near the Joint Industrial Area and do that but I think they shut it down a few years back.

Can you honestly look at that face and not instantly spot a kike?

Has that crazy feminist cult been stopped yet? Last I heard they had forums showing photos of baby boys killed and were running rampant in the media.

Well they removed the Prime Minister lady but I doubt it. For one she's apparently under a luxury prison stay (saw the blueprint of her cell) and for another, she's always accompanied by those cloaked mistresses she has, even now.

Probably there are incredible battles being waged behind the scenes but who knows how many members of the public and minor functionaries and up and comers they've subverted. The whole thing is insane.


I wonder what it's like being born to a mud race. I can understand why spics and poos aren't troubled about mixing; what the hell do they have to lose? As for Jews, they're lying. Jews are hard ethno-nationalists, no matter what their public opinions. "When a man is lost to Judaism, all of Judah weeps" is something they're all taught when they start Hebrew school at age 3. Their mothers threaten to kill themselves if they marry a shiksa. It's a front.

Unfortunately, this is a bluff the Jews are ready to maintain until the Philistines literally are upon them, as they go to their graves in the post-Helter Skelter world they've created by killing the whites, the only race smart enough to see through them but dumb enough not to gas them.

As a white man, I sometimes feel like I'm the only passenger on this sinking ship who has any cargo worth saving. Reliable space travel cannot come nearly soon enough. We just have to make sure it becomes self-sustaining and whites-only. Then, 200 years from now, English will be spoken across the galaxy's first (and only) Type-II civilization, while niggers take turns wearing the Pope's old hats and casting spells over the cannibalized bones of the last Japanese.


"blumpf is a kike!" shills btfo once again.
He's not under (((their))) control. He never was. And (((they))) are getting desperate at how much of (((their))) work he's undoing.

Fuck off back to Israel

Like with guns and the 2nd, from our cold dead hands you bitch ass nigga.

You have to leave now. This is Holla Forums, not a porch in Detroit, and you have to leave.

Remember, two Rothschilds have had spergouts on Twitter about Trump now. What in the actual fuck with this timeline.

Typical two-faced Soros at it again, says one thing in public, means another. This idiot bet against the Trump economy, I mean how stupid do you have to be to bet against the US economy once Trump stepped in office after 8yrs of retard Obama, it's almost a given the stock market will rally with a business friendly president after especially one that was inexperienced on the economy and not business friendly. The retard Soros ended up losing billions. Reality check, the north kongs want to stay in power, if Kim commanded a nuke strike he'd probably get a bullet in the back of the head by one of his generals, I doubt they all want to get vaporized, which will happen. Soros is just a shit talking amateur.

It's two-faced middle eastern bazaar bullshit, really laughable when you figure out how these guys think. The reality is Soros funded Hillary and a bunch of shill to manipulate the public, it didn't work, so now he cries, typical tactic by these people. What has Trump done to even begin to fathom he's establishing a mafia state. Soros in other words is a butthurt retard.

Cuck of a pope, submitted to Religion of Cuck™ already, washed and kissed their feet so word can spread the head of the Euros church pays tribute and is showing submission to Religion of Cuck™d. The pope is a sick degenerate who probably blows loads knowing what he's doing humiliating himself, there's no other possibility.

Don't worry guys,
Qanon will deal with him for us.

Because the q larp is nothing more than a fucking larp you gullible braindead fucking retard

to be fair, our memes are alot more organic than lefty garbage

Implying China and russia don't start shooting nukes after US or NK launch or that the jews don't start another world war via a false flag (ie israel nukes russia/china blames US)… Sampson option?

He is hated by all Christians including Argentinians which is why he doesn't visit that country. Also pretty sure he took part in an indian pagan ritual which is heresy & he defended a pedo. The pope is a joke to the point where I think he was appointed to piss off the remaining christian holdouts into abandoning their faith.

i just checked the timezones, he might very well be in israel.

in b4 soros is tracked leaving davos and is never heard from again.

(((They))) also set the so called 'doomsday clock' to 2 minutes to midnight
It's literally a kike propaganda scheme at this point, they should rename it to the "shit on Trump for everything" clock

This isn't a concern, this is a threat.
Chin up, boys, and stay sharp. I don't think there will be a nuclear happening, but they're up to something as usual.

Soros won't even be alive by 2020…

Every Pope prior to this one would beg to disagree.

St. PETER disagrees.

Stop being faggots. Trump's playing chess. Democrats will never accept. By doing this he divides them. Illegals want the wall so they can stay and SJWs despise the wall. They'll never accept this and it causes chaos. It's fucking genius. Kill yourself if you don't get it.

not yet, be patient my friend, you cannot force dubs. kek will show us when the time is right



Illegals showed up at Chuck Schumer's house a couple nights ago and had a protest.

This is just brilliant.

This isn't worldstar, nigger

Can the US please add the Vatican to list of places that need to be nuked and either be rebuilt or salted?

has anyone noticed how everything starts with 111…

We have to secure the documents and artwork intact, user. The Vatican gets the neutron bomb treatment.

yeah, the Vatican probably has a lot of secret documents,loot, & art they stole from Western civilization.

posted on test because Holla Forums keeps giving me "this file already exists" errors.

If you meme it, it will be, user. It is an ancient tradition of magic that has worked for me quite well. Meme the future. Meme soros entering his deathbed.
For Kek
For Hitler
For the Sangraal that gives us the blood memory. Soros must die!

I hope not. What would we do if we ran out of fresh smug anime girls?

hear me out anons. hear me please! we must meme into existance a disease that only attacks cucks. only the evil shall become sick. its name shall spring forth from unknown words and it shall only attack those who are evil. not one evil person would get sick, but all of them. MEME IT.

we do not believe in miracles, we know in them.

Not being subtle, at least…

What an enormous fucking hypocrite.
"Either give up your Nation, or we'll push you into war."
Soros: spiritual loser of the goddamned yuga.

It's this Eldritch kike who is a short-lived phenomenon. Chances are he will hit the bucket by the time Trump's term is up. The Kali-Yuga will end when it's dark children have been annihilated.

They work together you putz. The elite and the ruling class are virtually all inter related through blood. The differences of government are often just an illusion as they work together behind the scenes. See military industrial complex.

Near Moscow

Welcome newfag, shit's way worse than you ever imagined and you can never leave.
(((Jeff Bezos))) owner of (((Amazon))) fronted the money for this. Just imagine what they do behind closed doors, also think of this as normalizing kike vampirism. Also this

Since when is waging war ever been a waste of money for kikes.
Kikes make lots of money from war which is why it happens so fucking often.

Kek, sounds like a lucha libre villain. Pic related


Kikes won't push for an American war with Best Korea until Israel is safe from Assad, Hezbolla, and Iran. For all the rapefugees from halfcuck, pics 3, 4, and 5 are your new allies until the kikes are exterminated. We need to get dox on Gyorge's camera shy kids before he dies and they all shapeshift.

I honestly don't know how they know Kim Jong-Un is distributing Mein Kampf in NoKor when they can't even accurately know who is and isn't dead there.


NK/US war is pure larp. No leader will risk the death of Seoul's inhabitants on their wiki page.

P.s. reason for larp is to justify MIC spending boogeymen.

to say nothing of the library and liches and wights they keep locked in the basement

Though occam's razor dictates that's just the (((media))) making him a boogie man; we still pray every night he nukes the piss out of SF. Plus they put out some funny propaganda.

Very true. Plus the economies of the US, SK, Japan, Russia and China are so codependent no one can afford to let one of the others get nuked. The coalition of missile defense around NK is probably beyond imaginable.


thats beyond retarded

Wait. I always thought all of that hilarious North Korean banter was troll accounts. They are fuggen real? MFW

You're the retards who created Israel and robbed Europe of its gold, imposed communism on Russia so that they quit WW1, and genetically bred jews to be the schemiest, dirtiest bankers alive.


The vatican should've already been cleansed 500 years ago.

Of course, the pope already wanted a one world government under the church, which lead to many terrible wars in Europe such as the eighty years war and the thirty years war.

I support your memetic virology user.
But we have such a disease already. HIV. It only attacks those who use IV drugs (degenerate) and those who fuck them (degenerate).

Face it guys AIDS is the most Holla Forums virus ever.

They're called strigoi if they're in Rome, user.

Is this his prelude to blaming on Trump what he plans to set into motion himself? Feels like it.

Trump live at Davos now. White House stream.

Gooks are worse than chinks at this point. At least chinks are somewhat nationalistic and not pussy-whipped cultural marxist degenerates.

Eurocommie Klaus: Why you focus on cutting taxes?

>Implying (((they))) would allow stupid goyim to destroy what they see as (((theirs)))

Oy vey, all you goyim need ta give up ya sovereignty right now! We need world government immediately ta stawp the nucleah hollacost! Everybody is human bean goy, fuck borders an shiet.

Nice engineered memes you've got there schlomo.
2000 of those memes were posted at almost the same time a little while ago.
You're gonna hang too on day of the rope you d%c motherfucker.


lol I made tht meme up! AMA reddit!

Not quite. The addictions are the post->like->dopamine feedback loop found in facebook likes and twitter retweets. That establishes a communication channel. Your memes are riding that carrier wave and jamming the establishment's transmission.

Cryin' Chuck
Sore George



he's such an asshole he has to talk while everyone else tries to eat
thanks for the webm user 10/10

he sounds like john f kennedy tbh

So i noticed that the (((media))) is reporting on the Soros comments like wildfire. If you needed ANY proof of who controls this house of cards but you dont believe its' (((them))) then I dont begin to even.



The vatican played a huge role in allowing the moors to invade europe. And 1066… "William the Conquerer"s father was known for having a thing for fucking kikes. His real name was William the Bastard. Prior to his invasion of Britain, Britain was the only part of Europe where the kikes were entirely banned. And not just banned but HAD NEVER BEEN ALLOWED. The war of 1066 changed that. The first thing he did after he secured a foothold was order the delivery of thousands of kikes onto Britain's shores. The vatican helped him raise his army.

Not gonna knock all Catholics, but Francis is a Satanic Jesuit.

Gotta admit, I have mixed feelings about this.

Read Alfred Rosenberg's The Myth of the 20th Century. He describes how Catholics tried to fuck with and subjugate Europe since the Holy Roman Empire.

Even christ said the only way to the father was through him yet the catholic church maintains that separation and control.

To be honest, he started quite badly IMO, but seems to have converted. See his recent tweets:

I'd say, give the man a chance. In any case:

Baby blood from goyim.

No he had his chance and proved he was against the human race.

Would North Korea even be susceptible to this? They seem pretty willing to do what it takes to refuse Jewish gibs, though they rely heavily on China.

This, and make sure you use something that doesn't cause messy deaths.


No, they mostly understand not to feed the wildlife, but don't see how this translates.

"Don't rate the man by how he starts, rate him by how he ends". His previous comments were surely alarming, but everyone can repent.

You mean what they were doing the past several decades in which they continued to consolidate power and build nukes?

It's really simple if NK wants actual peace. Disarm the nukes, stop pointing guns at worst korea and just let people run their own countries. Without a (((threat to worst korea))) there is absolutely no need for the US to be there. We're literally babysitting.
If Kim acts like a man, steps up and acts right, Trump will have no problem leaving him alone.
Kim knows propaganda aside, the US has kept out of their shit until they begin acting like niggers. I'm not talking sanctions because those are worthless when we know they still get their shit from china. The US could roll over the country with little effort. There was literally nothing to stop us from dealing with them when they were making threats against us except our grace and kikes using the worst gooks as a shield to prevent action. China be damned. The most they can do is ching and chong a bit because they would do the same thing if anyone was threatening them. The (((issue))) that keeps being brought up to keep us from doing anything is MUH BUFFER. As long as kikes aren't involved there is no reason to stay once business was handled. Even so, fuck china, they are the last people to chitter about encroaching upon territory etc. Pretty sure Putin doesn't put up with threats either.
If it weren't for jews constantly sabotaging everything the world would be much happier. I just want everyone to stay the fuck in their own holes.


Sounds like he wants to nuke us. Pure evil…



He knows Trump will lose in a war against China because our military is composed of retarded monkeys and tacos who joined to get out of prison time. The better strategy is to keep trying to poison him or wait until the Kims die like Castro. Then put a Lyndon Johnson in there to start fucking everything up.

The chinks haven't won a war in 400 years, no one has body armor, and they don't feed their soldiers anything that is legally considered edible in the West. You're retarded.


America never won a war either. France beat the U.K for us in the revolutionary war, and Russians beat the Germans in WWII. China is the closest thing right now to the NatSoc Germany that nearly conquered the civilized world except it's 10x bigger. There's no way the Rothschild empire beats China with its cucked U.S./E.U.

Great shilling angle you got there, moishe

Don't forget to call somebody out for using ad hominems in another thread, McGoy.

Chinks have a 3 class corrupt microcosim of globalism with the classes being: gods chosen aka the .1% leaders, the chosens attack dogs aka the military and slaves aka everyone who is not part of the first 2 criteria. They are socialists, but not nationalists.

Chinks would not win, nor would america, the kikes would play both sides to weaken both then gain control over both.


I don't see anything there that implies he has repented at all.

I doubt it The current Chinese leadership seems aware of jew tactics.

Well, we have two classes: violent useless shitskins and cucked whites giving their lunch money to not get beat up in riots.

exactly. these "right wing" jews and civic cucks are lying to themselves and deep down, they know it. saying they dont care about race are not only coping, but want a soft stance for maximum shekels and e-fame. the same reason big business is pro multiculturalism anti white bullshit, because they are afraid of losing sheckles and influence. pro white business and leaders have to start from a smaller movement and they are just to scared to go through it or they are just massive cuckolds. EVERYONE cares about race no matter what they say.


Hope they EMP North America!

>(((((Soros))))): Trump has US 'set on a course towards nuclear war'
(((((Einstein))))): Hitler has Germany 'set on a course towards nuclear war'

And how did that work out for the west.

The current Chinese government is ROTHschild central.

This, the jews own china since mao and much earlier.

(Checked) also wheres the original documents with these leaks. Were they the original ones im forgetful and my brains mush from work. Does an user have a pdf or folder with them compiled?

You're also making the mistake of assuming that the chinks (and likewise other races) would detest and fight together to fight jewry. In fact, some of them might even want to emulate it.

That is a really weird emperor pose.

All those assless pop starlets are just one dose of anti-depressants away from murder in the name of equality. Ponder on that.




Why didn't the U.S. just arrest him during Davos? He's been involved in enough terrorism funding that it could be justified as an Abbotobad raid esque action.

Kikes run the world. The whole fucking thing. Point out kikes own the newspapers, you get kicked off Twitter. Reveal literal national security secrets of the CIA and NSA? You get to stay.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

< why are ops banned?
This is a CIA site. Typical arrangement. But soon we'll have good sites, and good machines, free from the kike.

Oh slimy, wart covered one.

I don’t see nukes flying outside of a mossad type operation where a shortbus nuke is lobbed 60 kilometers into the south just justifying (((NATO))) to roll into NK, Russia and China.

It looks like is dead, but there is probably a torrent somewhere with these file. I don't have them all saved.

kikes control literally the world. :^) This includes the CIA. They control the CIA and are using it to kill whites. The #1 task of the CIA is to kill all whites, at the behest of the kikes.

dcleaks had their Twitter taken down. See, here's how it works. The kikes are in command of the whole of the United States.

How do you think they make so much money? They cheat the system, get special favors. They are clearly without any talent!
I did find these, though.

There's literally nothing there. You won't learn about the kikes from their English writing - you have to find their yiddish writing.

Untrue. The kike has such a distinctive style it's unmistakable once you know what to look for.

I wonder whether the user who capped my "Spot the Jew" posts a few months ago is still around. It was instructive, but too long to do over. Pic related.

You can observe their manipulations, but you cannot see their true intentions. They won't spell it out.

a heavy presence of 22 gets

reply 1/2

reply 2/2

That's 202 after KEK's name (the prefix is the Egyptian for the Ogdoad, for some reason not documented, "DN?").

What are you talking about nigger?


Web images. I don't have scholarly copies of archeological photography of the various pyramids. These are closely guarded by academics.

But it is plainly legible, if you can read hieroglyphs.

It's literally just your usual liberal claptrap.

You tourists need to at least try to not act like niggers.

So it says:
dnDba - Ogdoad
kk - Kek
(I don't know this one)
signifier of a god

Checked. Fucking fine. Yes, it is a shit image. Thanks for your copy.

waaaait… another CIA agent? Here:

These CIA agents have been overrunning the place!!!!

It should be added they are NOT attacking lxftypxl.

it's called controlled opposition. What Soros is saying would happen under Trump is going to be what happens, regardless of Trump. Trump is just an outlet for feeble minded leftists' angst. Just as he's an outlet for nationalism that's brewing. As long as the "left" and the "right" are focused on each other, those who pose the real threat are ignored.

CIA agent:

Their big attack is on Trump, trying to fracture WN cohesion, sow doubt, start fights, that kind of thing.

Note how there's no argument, it's just the seed of doubt, and a lack of caution. Too cock-sure, that's for certain!

Davos is in Switzerland

Holy KEK!

Oh boy.



makes sense now

Progressives complain about Trump using 2nd Grade Vocab yet Soros talks like he never read a book in his life. He doesn't have the right to dictate how people run their lives if he doesn't use a more complicated lexicon, can use creative phrasing, or point our historical relevancy.

Yes I'm saying Soros probably has double digit IQ.

We are kicking the liberal world order to death. The pain is starting to show.


Just look at your own state you kike shill, you know what he means.

You're fucked and you go to bed afraid and we all sleep like babies.

yes i noticed this too

That second webm though. I was not prepared for those feels.

Of course the more sensible posts do not have any replies.

He's intentionally using emotional, simple English to address his neo-bolshevik drones.


They're autistic spergelords who can't see that Soros is removing his support from Faceberg and Jewgle because Trump made the CEOs step down because they're traitors. Soros is mad he can't use these services as he used to, because people are watching and it's going to be a hot issue when the public learns.

Yes we know to beware of kikes though.

he dindu nuffin

Oh, here man, you should have the full version of that.

Sounds more like keeping up the image they've done something about it.

Yeah the stories were pretty shocking. Feminism unchained. I'm not sure how a country could recover from crazy shit like that.

criminally unchecked
And underrated post.

Let me guess, he's a heroin dealer too because he didn't torch every poppy field yet?

Don't forget that the guy was a kike himself.


We still occupy Afghanistan and it's still the number one exporter. Don't get too exited about that wall until the tunnels all get imploded.

And don't forget that he liked it.


He's fearmongering to try to produce exploitably negative economic events. Soros is one of us - a troll. Don't feed him. Just turn the page.

Soros is one of us and ignore him?

Pol is not trolls you cockroach. And Soros isn't either. What he has done is unforgivable.

Soros has committed multiple acts of war. He will pay and so will every parasite cockroach like you. Fuck you. Fuck you right up your fucking cockroach ass.

What the fuck is wrong with mods allowing pieces of shit like you to post on here?

I personally would love to kill you slowly for posting shit like that. Slowly strangle your piece of shit cockroach nigger ass.

if you don't think this is headed for war, you're highly, highly mistaken you fucking turd.

I have never seen Soros act so desperate. He actually went to Davos to name Trump and peddle conspiracies. He is like a cornered animal right now, and that's what also makes him dangerous.

Trump Rules til 2024

EMP: Make North America White Again!

Here's a super important story that the shills were attacking in force:
Now is the time to buy a P900, and a good pair of sunglasses, maybe a lawn chair, if you live in the West of the US. You may well see aircraft that don't exit.

Air Force presser:

The U.S. Air Force kicks off its largest three-week premier air-to-air combat training exercise, Red Flag 18-1, beginning Jan. 26 and will conclude Feb. 16.

Base officials want to remind Southern Nevada residents will notice increased military aircraft activity due to aircraft departing from Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, twice-a-day to participate in training exercises on the Nevada Test and Training Range.

“We’re trying a few new and different things with Red Flag 18-1,” said Col Michael Mathes, 414th Combat Training Squadron commander. “It’s the largest Red Flag ever with the largest number of participants, highlighting the balance of training efficiency with mission effectiveness.”

While Red Flag occurs in multiple iterations annually, each one has a unique training purpose – 18-1 is no exception.

“Red Flag 18-1 primarily is a strike package focused training venue that we integrate at a command and control level in support of joint task force operations,” said Mathes. “It’s a lot of words to say that we integrate every capability we can into strike operations that are flown out of Nellis Air Force Base.”

The training offered during Red Flag has prepared armed forces for future engagements.

“Red Flag remains a great mix of heritage and future potential,” said Mathes. “We are very proud of our heritage with the way that red flag had improved survivability and readiness over the years. We look forward as we continue to grow readiness through integrated training as well as improving training efficiency.”

The exercise typically involves a variety of attack, fighter and bomber aircraft as well as participants from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Air Force.


Posting for those legitimate newfags who need to get up to speed.,-Alyssa-Milano-plan-Trump-counter-events

The Left/communist/international socialist Financiers are energizing a new offensive this Spring in typical commie thought fashion.
The News papers which are almost 100% left wing have been writing fake news hit articles about anything that they can drive into the minds of John-Q normie that will make Trump look bad. They do this on every level.

They are rolling out dried up actors Mark Ruffalo and Alyssa Milano as if some celebs will help their political agenda. The strategy they are using is to pound the middle ground with the ((($$$))) until they can sway enough to vote left NWO style again.

We don't have much time left. Trump will most likely be a 1 term president and if a NWO candidate runs and wins - we are headed for an assured police state the likes that will make the UK look OK.

We MUST not lose.


some mashup cherrypicked implications that argue that the two party (controlled by the same people) undirect representatory "democracy" with countless "bureocratic modifications" of the (((USA))) isnt that bad for goys and that you can now support the ZOG because it has a face you like

I have no clue how someone who has earned so much money can actually say something that's so statistically unsupportable.


They're called lies.

Have you seen this bozo lately? Fucker knows he's utterly fucked. He's just spinning a narrative to save his own hide and not alarm the massive organisation of underlings to panic and stab him in the back. ALL the top shakers know of the shifting order, the ones below are kept in ignorance to prevent complete collapse

forgot picture

A wise assessment, he's making a big fuss to continue the charade that he still has an ounce of control so his room temperature iq, dyke-haired peons don't panic and blow the lid off even more of his operations to the normies.

He didn't earned anything, everything he has was handed to him by the Rothschilds.

I'm beginning to think that he's just an IRL shitposter. Maybe we should try to get him to say that parents should eat their own babies to get superpowers or some shit; could help us with our spic problem.


The best way to predict an event is to cause it.

No, he is such an asshole that the others keep eating despite his rotten, decaying decrepit kike ass kvetching on about Coudehoven-Kalergi's plan going down the drain.

Gundam has the 1 Year War, we'll have the 1 Day War.

The devil literally says

Yeah ok, I'll listen

This DOES however, mean that Trump needs to be careful and watch his back

I hope visions of little green frogs haunt him in his bed as he tries to sleep.

Remember some years ago, when it turned out that China was the country with the fastest growing anti-semitism?

Yes. and they don't like it.
Neither does Putin.
…So, when Trump said that (((China))) was artificially manipulating their currency…
…You don't think that they are working behind the scenes to take them down?


Weaponized autism… now we are reading hieroglyphs…

The U.S. is morally obligated to conquer North Korea, China, Iran, Syria and Russia.


Afghanistan and Libya sure are lucky they never got nuclear weapons.

must be why theyre threathening the dollar as a one world currency and (((US))) global dominance and supporting israels enemies

Libya is an oil rich country and afganistan is a key stronghold in central asia with massive drug and mineral production.
also the taliban surrendered dozens of times but the (((US))) needed an enemy

Trump is just eliminating Sackler's competition.

Observe the first three replies to , guys. Same style of two lines of green-text and all (1) in this long of a thread.

You put it too well.

Shill BTFO'd

You know what would be funny is if they hit Hiroshma again

wtf I love poppy fields now

The idea of using Pepe to our advantage may have come a long way guys.
Btw the guy looks like Anthony Hopkins

Put him in the fucking bog already.

Ja Slowian. Moje ludy cierpili jak zadne iny. Smierc dla komunisci, smierc zydom. Wabyj siebie kurwa ludskosc

so its OK to be a commie if youre working for the ZOG, but not if against?



Swift fucks niggers. Until you can prove otherwise it's garaunteed she does. Girls with her eyes and body always want niggers to seem sexier to their friends.

Even in this stickie I must sahgay, for this statement has nothing to do with the thread and I acknowledge it.

I did not sahgay and I also seemed to have irresponsibly used plebbit spacing. I must now commit sudoku.


discord gg/CFP44ZC


Have some OC faggots and make your own.

He's listening.


It could be taken that he believes that there will be a one world nwo gov that will no longer require the role of president of country. Or it could be ol soros has kangaroos in the top paddock….he is old after all.

Goddamn this stupid fuck. You either nuke them now when they only have a missile or two, or you wait until they have hundreds of missiles and can make ridiculous demands while threatening the whole world. There's no contradiction there. Only the former is rational in the current situation.
People need to understand one fucking thing very fast: Not everyone in the world thinks the same way as you do. North Korea does not care about MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION, they are FINE resetting the board, because they assume some Norks will survive and can then rebuild and compete with America, et al from a leveled playing field. Destroy Norks now or make Kim Jong king of the world….

Kikes play one side or the other and the middle, kill them all and let God sort them fuckers out

Soros speaking on any matter is bound to turn more people to our favor. The fact that he's deemed "progressive" serves to further poison the movement against youth appeal.

Fuck this faggot.
We're rising

Shouldn't that shit be illegal?

So like Germany in some ways, at first trusting and respectful, less autistic, bigger, with bigger balls, and already has the biggest and best nukes around. The parallels are stark obviously.

if youre talking about (((modern))) germany yes

kill yourself

kill yourself again

you mean


Now, why should any of this worry me, again?


why should it even bother anyone?
NK wont do shit because they arent stupid.
burgers wont do shit because theyre scared of china.
but the burger media keeps pretending something big is happening because the US needs to extort the far eastern countries for (((security))).
In reality this big "its happening" bullshit has BEEN "happening" for over half a century and the US always bitched out, noone got killed and it all repeated itself in a year or two.
seriously, newfags that post "korea happening" threads should be banned for spamming the catalog.


Look everybody, the turkroach mod posted again.



Panic sets in

a really dumb fucking way to start a war which everyone will call you out on.

@DPRK_News is said to be a joke account, unfortunately

it is a fake account. the NK media are still supporting the idea that NK is the only legitimate korea, while the south is just under occupation.
So putting DPRK acknowlidges a difference between two legitimate states