AFD politician converts to Shitslam

Andrew Anglin cucks out for Mohamet and the Koran after AFD leader converts to shitskin invader religion.

Andrew Anglin cucks out:

I see nothing wrong here. Religion of Cuck™ is right about pretty much everything except for race.

ah, perhaps he received death threats from Religion of Cuck™

dont forget the parts about barbaric hedonism
and all the other parts

GTFO pedo. This is just a typical subversive move our enemies have used for decades. Have some retard get in early, climb up the later, come out and do or say something contrary to the mission, cause division and or create an embarrassment.

Hitler wished Muslims won the Battle of Tours. Both Christcuckery and Pisslam are invader religions but only one glorifies weakness and being a passive bitch.

Death threats from nigs sent by jews possibly followed by a bribe that must have sounded very generous after the nig meeting.

One of these is not like the other, headline writer.

Do people still defend that fag enabler?

well maybe hedonism isn't the right word, but it still encourages people to invade other countries if they want women
thats a bad reason to invade other countries and Religion of Cuck™ encourages the >muh dik line of thinking

Name them.

Religion of Cuck™ only allows sex after puberty, which is not pedo by definition.

Anyone who ever argues against Religion of Cuck™ always reverts to liberal arguments, like defending feminism and so on. Because Religion of Cuck™ is literally everything far right people want except for the shitskins. That is also why it is self-defeating for far right to oppose "Religion of Cuck™" rather than opposing shitskins in general, since you end up shooting yourself in the foot and having to side with liberals.

how did it beat Religion of Cuck™ at Tours (and many other battles) then?

That's good. Conquering your enemy and stealing their women is a good thing, aside from the race mixing aspect. But if you had racial laws then it would be good, proving the point that Religion of Cuck™ is right on everything except for race

Because Germanics are superior to goat fucking Arabs. But that is despite Christianity, not because of it.

christianity is actually a -20 handicap. Still we are beating them without the gloves off.

what were they fighing for if not Christianity?

Do you seriously want to worship a rock inside a silver pussy 5 times a day and become a “slave of allah” and be murdered if you ever want to leave the cult of mohamet? Submitting to shitslam is the ultimate cucking to the Arab subhumans that are currently invading us.

It’s also practically a guarantee a brown skinned ugly goatfucker will marry your daughters.

nah, it is actually one of the most interesting tactics.
You learn their "rules", and then you keep them bound to those same rules.
Every empire that followed its own rules to the letter has perished so far. This will be no exception.

Source: 6 years of policy studies.

Who cares if they fought in the name of Christianity? Unlike Religion of Cuck™, it wont make you uncaring about your life in the sense that you're willing to blow yourself up (that is to say, it doesn't give any bonus stats, such as Religion of Cuck™ does with the +crazy/uninhibited stat). What is clear is that, due to genetic (i.e. cognative functions + scientific advancements -> stategy) superiority, they were able to stave off the arabs.
Talmudism gives you a +I'm a sneaky fucking rat who doesn't care about others stat (tl;dr selfish stat bonus), Religion of Cuck™ gives an +unihibited (willing to do whatever it takes), what does Christianity yield in the matters of war and subversion?

I would imagine they cared a lot, torpedo
they went to battle so they were prepared to die
obviously they weren't atheists

By that logic why not just become a kike?

So what's your ingenious idea, that we all convert to pisslam and then try to undermine it (lol) from within? As if this would somehow help in propagating the white races? Religion of Cuck™ isn't an empire, dummy. It has shown that it's perfectly able to persist despite its followers not adhering to every possible rule.
Because Abrahamic religions are always self-contradictory, thus allowing nearly anything to be carried out in their name and be justified through some passage or another in the disjointed, rambling collection of aphorisms and desert fairytales that comprise their holy books.

Exactly, why not ?
There are infiltrators in the masons, NSA, FBI.
They are everywhere, but you'd never know..
Working in the background.

Besides, it only costs 3 cents to end a terrorist life.

Obviously the AFD is trying something out here. Or the moslim tried to hide his "faith" from AfD and was somehow spotted at a mosque or some shit.
There are always more explanations possible.

Ok Ivanka…

I believe this guy was a plant designed to embarrass the party
a time bomb if you like

(((they))) are doing it to alt-cuck in the states with all the cringy faggotry and literal jews
same with all the ziocuck infiltrated nationalist parties in Europe

Pagan mercenaries and illiterate ex pagan converts who couldn't even read the bible to see what it's about. Christianity has only become increasingly cucked as literacy increased. The current state of the west is not a perversion of "true" Christianity as practiced by illiterate peasants, our current state is the natural conclusion of Christianity.

most of the shitskins they were fighting against couldn't read either

Remember when Sperglin was pro-ISIS?

The opposite of this is true. Literacy has only brought about a hundred different heresies because most people only barely read, and so you have a million different half-informed interpretations.

Having a well-read caste of monks who were versed not only in Christianity, but in Greek and Roman philosophy and the history of the Old Testament brought about a wholistic view of Christianity that laid the entire foundation of Western civilization. Christ was not an absolute pacifist, he used violence when it served his purpose.

Medieval Christianity was far more 'Christian' and based on a far sounder bedrock of philosophy and theology than modern 'Ameri-Protestantism' which is based on absolutely nothing but radical individualism.

Hello Ismael /Ismail
Citation needed


He's referencing "Table Talk", which is a fake book published by traitors and opportunists after Hitler was already dead.


The amount of shilling and subversion that happens in the U.S. is nothing compared to what's happening in Germany. They will flood every rightwing opposition with people like this to create bad news and dissent in the opposition, while raiding and jailing as many people as they can through law and also harrass them with threats through lefties and muslims. This guy was either bribed or sleeper cell from the start.

who would that enemy be then if you are against race mixing? have the white race destroy itself in even more fratricidal religious wars?

Religion of Cuck™ needs to be purged from the white race because they have adopted the mentality of shitskins and see them as brothers.



Really? You don't know?

Regardless of motive, he resigned and that's that. If he had remained/party leadership supported him, that'd be another matter entirely. If he wants to be a muzzie, he'll get deported like one.

jesus… I've seen car wrecks before, and the face I'm making is worse.

Oh look MIDF has arrived.
You are literally getting cucked by israel right now and you expect anyone to take you seriously?
Me strong, pisslam strong.
Fuck off