Melania Visits Holocaust Museum After Canceling Trip to Davos


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wtf melania is a zionist now

I like how they use jew gravestones as a commercial money maker.


thots gonna thot

4D chess


I wish the US never existed.

Wew. This is almost verbatim what Trump wrote for holocaust day.

So to go against Trump is to endorse the holohoax? Smooth one, kikes.

The blackpill always gets pushed hard when the kikes feel extremely threatened. It must really fucking scare the shit out of them that even normalfaggots are starting to learn how to autistically read between the lines.

Based zog emperor

Don't do it, goyim, I warn you.
Don't look into proportions of Jews in highest echelons of the Bolshevik Apparatus
and don't you EVER look into article 19 of the london charter!
Ignore attached picture.

Very good point. I guess I'm a magapede now.

Don't blame me for wanting RWDS TOMORROW and Washington blown to dust. Don't try to tell me my anger is not justified. The closer we get to total chaos, the happier I will be. The US can go to hell. Everything can go to hell. No kike should be left alive.

Top Kek, your DACA bulls are going back, Holla Forums.

There is no cure for what Holla Forums has. You would guess that after being is such close proximity to the truth they would change their ways, but no. They never learn. I wonder if it's out of self-hatred, or something else, that they do what they do.

International "Holocaust" Remembrance Day is every day.

~6million Germans were killed.
Look it up.

I saged with a sarcastic fucking meme post you insufferable turd.
Agree with the rest of your post tho.


I think the wife knows

Shareblue again.

Still can't come up with anything remotely creative.

What is diplomacy though?

never change shareblue.
Your idiocy makes it incredibly easy to spot and bell you

Honestly bros stop taking this b8.

You're smarter than this.


Cuckblue is gonna try and make this Trump touches the wall v2.0 but the reality is no one cares what Mrs. Trump thinks.

Can you imagine how bad life must be when your best two days at work was when that Syrian airbase got hit and when the president touched a wall in Israel?

Top Kek

trump just sucked kike dick hard today as well. basically gave israel everything they ever wanted, but the good goys on here will tell you it's a 4d chess move and when you give jews everything they want you win!


there's plenty of other proof that he is in bed with the kikes if not one himself, without bringing in the wife

you'd have to be a fucking retard to vote for him again. he's still shilling for amnesty for fucks sake

He also waited for the GOP to cuck out for DACA this Monday. Instead of that, the dems cucked out. God, the state of his mentality during that time.

like clockwork. Thread critical about anything related to trump is incessantly spammed, shilled and derailed by this kike kushnerbot.

How goes it, fellow nazi?

really makes you think

Not shillblue. I just think any news of the nose is relevant to Holla Forums. Doubly so if it also involves Trump.

Only a fool doesn't pay attention to what the enemy side is doing.

Trump was shitcasting with Bibi today too. He said a lot of crap that the shills are going to latch onto so be prepared. He's pushing for this shit to come to a head fast.



Taunting dead jews is a better use of her time than being molested by live ones in Davos.

It's because of kikes like Greenblatt

Baron just had to catch 'em all.

Planning for the real hall of cost?


Why doesn't my town have one of these. Oh wait, it does.

Interesting. What did she mean by this?

I was thinking the same thing.
As much as Kikes might seem to be pulling the strings, we can still turn their narrative against them.


The amount of denial ITT is sickening, but what else to expect from nu-Holla Forums? bunch of kike loving trump bootlickers.




like these guys come out and say that oh my the poor jews when clearly they are white supremacists. and not only that but they miss out on the greatest economic freedom nation in the world for the biggest global elite gathering in the world

where do i get your eductaion

Yeah, you really needed to bump a week-old thread.

when its important to me that something is getting slid i will do as i fucking please you cock sucker


Where was this taken? Have any of these cucks been identified? One of them looks very similar to someone I knew

Excuse me?!

Jews hate Hellenism worse than they pretend to hate National Socialism. To them, Greek philosophy is the very embodiment of evil on earth. That's because the Greeks took an earthy, humanist approach to knowledge that emphasized the body, the mind of man, and virtuous conduct. They also sought fulfillment in what Plato called eudemonia, or "true knowledge (of your purpose in life)."

This is worse than Zyklon B for kikes, who take a legalistic, mystery-based approach to philosophy. God is god, you can never know Him at all, and these 2,354 rules He laid down will govern the exact way you part your hair. It is written!

You can see at once that the Greek approach liberates and empowers men to face their world in a rational, object-oriented way that eventually leads to space travel and the understanding of man's place in the universe. The second, Semitic, approach leads to the Chief Rabbi getting to put his big nose up your 3-year-old son's asshole with impunity. Do you even wonder why the Jews still hate the Greeks? Remember it was (((Henry Kissinger))) who partitioned Cyprus and gave half to the turkroaches. It was early Jewish Church fathers who turned the Greek word for knowledge, daemon, into something that meant evil spirit. Look up the origins of Hanukkah for the first real confrontation between these worldviews.

In fact, it started before even that. If you read the Book of Isaiah, you can read disgustingly servile paeans to Cyrus the Great, the Persian king who was a patron to the Jews and perhaps the goodest goy in all of history. When a Greek upstart – Alexander – came along and fucked Persia into the dirt, the Jews were unbelievably pissed off. From that point on, they would never be anything but trouble for the superior Mediterranean people who were doomed to rule them.

They got their revenge eventually. The fall of Classical civilization left Jew-worshiping scum in charge of Europe and set the stage for a nice, fun cultural enrichment from the Jews' fellow Semite hooknoses.


Yes guys, just outright racewar on the kikes is the only way the president of the USA could possibly be useful to our interests, you know especially if he gets JFK'd

Another muh wall-tier sharenigger thread.
Newfags need to ignore the bait.
He has called the kikes out multiple times.

I'll say it once, and I'll say it again. (((Trump)))) is, and always was in bed with the kikes. There isn't one shred of evidence that supports he's "redpilled" on JQ, or anything related to that matter. The fact that he himself is not only jewish, but his children are, or married to one is a big red flag. Let alone the muh 6 gorillion virtue signal he tweets.

He even fucking recognize Jerusalem as Israel instead of Palestine. Those who are in denial, or straight up intellectually dishonest by calling people who are aware of ((((trump)))) muh shareblue are just reddit dick suckers.

People keep forgetting that Trump is a stepping stone. Him being so close to the Jews, especially his son-in-law working with RFID chips, is well known. The overwhelming media backlash against him is a good sign but could still be theater to keep us satisfied. Him even bothering with these negotiations with DACA is dumb and futile and only serves to split his base, not the Dems.

is that like the nu-Holla Forums meme we had a while back? will jews ever come up with anything original?