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Well'll be

All those blood sacrifices make a lot more sense now, don't they?

< faggot
< fasces

Kinda reminds me of this.

What came first though, the caricature or the jew itself???

Back to half, faggot.

Does it look like I was the one writing it, you hooknosed rat?

I think this is proof that the Jew is a primordial evil creature that existed for much longer than we think. Maybe those Hyper-Fingolian stories had a grain of truth.

Back to red, it.

>(((It))) is afraid.


Oy vey!

And our ancestors made it even there, to purge the kike.

All the more reason for a real holocaust.

Imagine how inefficient a fake one was if it was how jews were killed? Now imagine how thorough, swift, and efficient a real one could be. Just how decisive and great a real holocaust will be and how peaceful the world would be without jews.

The Jew, being the shadowy, tricky and elusive creature it is probabbly faked the holocaust.
Oldest trick in the book: fake your death and let people drop their guards with a false sense of security.

Check the catalog. There's a thread with resources on the holohoaxes. You should probably start reading.

His symbol was faggots.

I knew we was world-spanning kings before some sort of calamity, but I didn't know that we were hunting the anti-race all around the world.
This bread was very fulfilling.

Kikes and Aryans have been enemies since the history before history. The reason Jews have been covering up and destroying this history is so that we don't discover what they have done. Jews are behind the Younger Dryas event that destroyed the World Wide White Empire and they have never stopped trying to finish us off. They don't want us to know our history so that Whites don't fight back as our ancestors did.


Educate yourself so you can hate better you lazy retarded fagget.

You also have about 16 hours of documentaries to watch too;
TGSNT and Europa the Last Battle. You'll have plenty of time since you won't be posting anymore for a while.


gee really?
aw shucks this changes everything!
if only someone had told me earlier!




>Being carriers of (((ideas))) as well as goods …[they] probably helped spread cultural and religious elements…

Ek chuah

If you look into it, the spanish sent over conversos to help build mexico, It's interesting the differences between northern sonoran mexicans and southern guacamalans.

No, we are definitely going to give the Jews the holocaust they demand.

Perhaps we should also give the Mexicans the reconquista they seem so interested in. How about all the way to the latitude we stopped at the last time?

You goys think building a wall at that point would be cheaper or easier?

-the ziggurat style architecture would fit well too. Even if it's not too hard to imagine it being developed independently either.

Don't forget about the North America tribes that talked of red haired giants who came, slaughtered the pubebearded man-eaters who came over before, then left. These were the tribes who also got the (((smallpox))) delivered by kike merchants.

Fuck, were the Mormons right?

Sauce me I wanna read

The Incas also worshiped pale blue eyed gods.

Phenotypic correlation between hook noses and money grubbing? Could be a universal thing in humans.

Mormonism confirmed? Mormonism confirmed.


3 years, all of you are going to be dead or dying. I might be gone from this world but all non-Whites will be extinct soon enough.

Should have just left me alone.