Heathers Reboot

It seems the new reboot of Heathers correctly identifies the SJW crybullies, and the usual suspects are throwing a fit over it. You know what to do.


They're the villains, user. Watch the trailer.

you sure the bad guy isn't the white "domestic terrorist boyfriend"?
that's kind of how the original went

Possibly, but the movie still represents the leftist swarm as the bullies and holders of social capital due to their support by (((administrations))), and the normal white kids who haven't sipped the koolaid as the social outcasts. This is something that could never have been shown on film even a few years ago, and that could make this movie important depending on how it turns out. The fact that tumblr is throwing fits over it and youtube is likely fixing the like/dislike ratio is promising.

"SJW bullies" will be protraied as cunts but as forgivable cunts, while the white alpha dude domestic terrorist boyfriend will end up being the real evil. I won't be surprised if in the end the SJW cunts will be reversed into being 2good" after all to make the audience agree with them towards the finale where whitey terrorist goes bonkers. It's typical kikewood trickery to reverse good and evil as the story progresses.

It's also meant to draw the anti-SJW/conservative types to watch this to make them rethink their current ideology at the end of the movie. Look at the comment section, hook line and sinker.

Perhaps you're right and I didn't think into it enough… In any case I'll keep an eye on it to see how it turns out.

JD did nothing wrong.


They getting the Jumpstreet treatment?

You mean quiet nerd who kept to himself until someone fucked with him and then got betrayed by an oven dodger?

Heather is a Heath.

those comments.

Are they that different from this board? Let that sink in, Holla Forums now reads like jewtube comment sections. That's the level of discourse we've sunk to as a result of the alt-kike, neo-con, civnat /r/the_zional invasion.

No moshe, they are finally beginning to read like Holla Forums. stay mad.

He's right though.
Looks like a bunch of faggots saying their ebin maymays off-site to me… as usual.

half chan Holla Forums is less pozed than this jew controlled wasteland right now. Isn't it blindingly obvious what's been going on?

Here we go with that nu shit. Figured + wasn't working, neither was alt, so apply another label to D&C Holla Forums right? Fucking kikes will never win.

It's a normal part of imageboards.
When you're new, you think everything is as it should be. Meanwhile, those who have been around longer have gripes about how things are different from when they were new and thought everything was perfect.

Eventually, you get to be the older user who thinks everything is going to shit… when, really, there have been dozens of generations of anons before you who have thought the same thing in their time. All were right.

This board brought the Internet a better dialectic method to dealing with SJWs and liberals. Argue your position with facts. When you have the upper hand, humiliate your opponent and cause them to lose the support of the crowd. The approach is meant to strip the opponent of their emotional support making it easier for those in the crowd to arrive at the truth. Youtube comments are not something to complain about. Users of other sites have witnessed people get btfo so hard that it has left an impression on them. Consider those comments the fruit of your labors.

you are the definition of a newfag not just to this board but to the entire internet if you think jewtube comments haven't always been like that. It was even more prevalent when you could just make quick throwaway accounts instead of being forced to use a google one.
Seriously how are you this wet behind the ears?

god bless you Mel

the hollywood kikes have killed franchises, ended careers, alienated diehard fans, bombed at the box office and lost god only knows how many shekels over the same degenerates "spoofed" in that trailer. what in the fuck makes you think they suddenly had a change of heart?

I wonder how much of it is a tantrum in response to people having more access to being able to make and fund their own projects WITHOUT kikes if they so choose. The net raped them in so many ways.