CNN recommends you invite Jamal to date night, too

Our society is fucked.

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I am so, so fucking tired of this abyssal degeneracy flying directly in the face of the general populace. It's bad enough when it's just a depravity exiled to the far depths of human scum, but to have it pushed so thoroughly, openly, is tiresome.
Enough blackpilling. DotR soon.


Kike free first post.

>Ian Kerner, (((Sex Counsellor)))
This must be some sort of coincidence.

They simply don't even pretend to hide it anymore. They really want to kill off the nuclear family.

This is almost exactly what the kikes did during the Weimar Era.



I'm going to have to invest in rope

Why, good morning there, sweetheart. Rise and shine. How was your cryosleep?
(((They))) wanted to kill the nuclear family and mangle all fabric that holds White society together ever since the Romans sacked Jerusalem, if not earlier.

Fucking kek, they're shooting themselves in the foot more and more. Everything kikes wish for is vanishing just like this. Normalfags barely could keep sleeping with the fuckery of recent times, how did kikes even think it's a good idea to spread cuck shit right now? Are they trying to help us out breaking the conditioning?

A "study" by Dan Savage scientifically proves that pathetic degeneracy is a good idea, and taking part in it will make you happy and fulfilled. Who could have predicted that? Also, can we start drowning them in bogs yet?

>A "study" by (((Dan Savage)))
If he could look any more Jewish, he'd be a dreidel.

What a Cohencidence…

Doesn't that door knob slurping faggot have a show in Disney channel?

The kikes can never be forgiven.

Cuckolding is the work around to allow gays to live under Sharia rule. Think about it, and then you will understand.

lol at this little nugget

What did i expect from CNN?

I was wondering, how large of the percentage do these faggot married couples have in divorce right now?

((Desconstruction))) in action

Probably as high as the amount of dyke domestic violence cases.

So a lot.

Cuck/interracial shit is probably the one thing that makes me want to gas kikes more than anything. I know, I know - debt slavery. But a man can be poor and fulfilled - the destruction of loyal relationships makes me question why I do anything in the first place. I know it's not even the majority of people that are into this shit. It's the fact that it's thrust upon the public consciousness every fucking day that bothers me. The fact that the sweet, kind-hearted girl I want to marry one day has seen hours worth of BMWF propaganda, been told that fucking blacks is "edgy", and is told that being a whore starting in middle school is the right path. It's like the fact that most people have heard the "blacks have bigger dicks" myth. None of it's true, but enough people believe in it that it's embedded in the public consciousness. I'm sick of my enemies being glorified and worshipped.

Cuck news network at it again




Is this real life?
This is just like a joke URL or something that's, right?
This isn't a real fucking thiNG, RIGHT?

jesus christ that picture needs parenthesis around it in Bold 72pt font.

It's unbearable, but that's why they're doing it. When you are doing unbearable things to a kike, remind him that it's why you're doing it too.



For your archives.



that guy is a sick freak

I don't understand how men can do this and live with themselves. Doesn't what they did bear on their minds for the rest of their lives? Doesn't it hang over their heads like a dark shadow? Isn't it shameful.
The same applies to men who "try out" being homosexual. If I did that I would feel permanently emasculated and tainted.
Speaking of queers, is this 2012 video Woes? It's filmed in Aberdeen, a city about 150 miles from where he claimed to be living recently. Look at the way he sucks the cigarette. Look at the mannerisms.
He probably refined his accent for the tubes.


some resemblance but i don't think so

Don't worry so much about money. Worry about if people start deciding to kill reporters. That's a quote

Same mindset of how men can fuck a women that have been with more then two other men in their lives. Same how men can pump and dump women. It's not about settling down its about getting off and moving on.

That's what I thought but having watched it 4 or 5 times, I'm 90% sure it's him.
The profile view is just one we hardly ever see in Woes videos, but when he turns his head you can really see, exactly the same mannerisms. Curious if true, as that means he's faking his accent.

< literally cucks

more, how do they get away with it?


Fucking kikes. Degenerate animals need to be put down.

None of the things you list involve emasculation and taking a passive, receptive role, totally different category.

Their target audience is women, who are already enthused about this sort of thing. The hope is probably that the idea will be seeded in the heads of women who either hadn't considered it, or avoided bringing up the topic due to feeling it is socially unacceptable. The article acts as social proof, cue months of subtle suggestions, nagging and withdrawal of love until the boyfriend acquiesces.

But it dose, you seem like you are one of those second choices.


They get away with it, because they can ban us from everything, our jobs, our Twitter accounts, our bank accounts, if we dare stand up and shout about how odious faggotry is.

Yes goy, don't have sex unless you can find a virgin. Die childless.

I just realized, you're the "losing your virginity as a man is degenerate" feminist posing as a Holla Forumsack.
Pretty silly shit test because it's so easy to pass as no man is going to follow your advice, regardless of your attempts to trigger insecurity. Good luck getting laid, let alone married, if you don't have any experience under your belt.
Unless of course you grew up in some kind of fundie area of the USA, in which case the girl is probably spent already.

So we shouldn't breed with young white women if they happen to have been used by retarded bluepilled degenerates in the past?

My gf has had 14 previous partners. But women aren't responsible for themselves, it's the degenerate men's fault. Are you saying she should therefore never breed and become the mother of a large family?

I envy the user who gets to meet this guy on DOTR.


Don't make one night stands out of good women. Don't make relationships out of one night stands, even if the girl is actually likeable. I fell for used goods once, and it still haunts me to this day. Good for your dick, bad for your psyche.

fugged up my post

I envy the user who gets to meet this guy on DOTR.

< give your babies to the moloch fire
< where they are remolded into faggots
< to feed endless kike desire

I didn't read the comment chain, so I don't know if you're serious. However, if you are, disgusting.

They are trying to push women to have a harem of imported men with a backup provider man that pays for it all. Men help this by sleeping around and allowing women to break down that bond they get from only being with one guy. If you ask any women they will always say "I will always remember my first" this is because women become emotional attached to memories more so then men. So the next man in her life will be the second choice and she will always regret not getting her first to stick with her.
Never said not to have sex but women should select the correct mate before fucking it.

Being a whore is being "experienced", you heard it here first. So glad my trips beat out dubs.

Never said that. You should not turn white women into whores like most men are doing. Pump and dump then leave single mothers.
Add 15 soon user.

Thing is most men are pushed by the jewish "Your a man for the amount of holes you have filled" meme. So many men think that "as long as you fuck something your a man" they have lost what it is to really be a man. Notice the whole "Your a man once you fucked" started out in movies and media.

That's just common sense, and it isn't what the crypto-fem is suggesting.
There is one slight problem with your (theoretically good) advice though. You can't see inside a woman's mind and women lie.
The best men get duped, as man evolved with physical prowess, women evolved in equal measure the powers of manipulation and deceit.
tl;dr you can't know a girl's history unless she's been held captive. Past age 18 any home setup which involves near constant monitoring is likely to be severed due to (((college))) and (((learning to drive))). From that point forward you're operating in the dark. And restrictive home lives are no guarantee of purity either, you can't watch anyone 24 hours a day and teenagers have been having surreptitious sex since the dawn of history. Look up betrothal, the traditional Western European dating system.
You can only work the odds in your favour, you can never be assured that yours is unspoiled.

Feminist, called it with your first post, filtered.

I hear the name Dan Savage a lot when these types of articles are mentioned. Seems like he has a wide reach.

Would be pretty ironic and great if he got suicided by "auto-asphyxiation" like tomorrow tbh.


Gad you filtered me, now i don't have to have an omega like you responding to my posts.

Literally all we need to do is laugh at this shit.
Almost everyone in the entire world views this shit as weird and laughable. Even if they're a progressive soyboy, usually there is a deep down hidden emotion to view this as wrong. Basic logical biology dictates that men view cuckoldry as bad. The very idea that the kikes are fetishizing the act of someone else having sex with someone you apparently love is just weak.

It's laughable for a number of reasons, but we all know the main reason this isn't going to work. Sex isn't just a narrow hedonistic passtime (though the Jews have corrupted everything we thought sacred by now). Only the most pozzed and weakest of men allow this to happen to their girlfriends and wives, it is an outright surrender to the one thing that you should protect and hold dear…
Sex creates life! There is no higher cuckoldry than raising blood that is not your own. Look back to those 'proud cuck' posters in which we memed to Hell and back. Your average normie sees this shit as disgusting and laughable at the same time. This is why 'cuck' is such an effective insult.

And no decent man will touch a thot with a twelve foot barge pole if it is known that she is into 'open relationships'. And no respectable woman is ever going to be with a man who is so weak as to allow that sort of thing to happen (unless of course she's doing him in for shekels)

It's like a bargain sale on Khazars.

Anything to back that up or are you just arguing with emotion?

Our society is cucked*

Thing is how will they stop women from doing this? Men want hole so in order to get hole they try to like what women like or at least fake it. If women get convinced that cucking is the new fad then you will see men fallow along because men put sex over many things in life now.

How is he relevant to this?

These people need to be hung in public as a warning to others.

ffs, CNN literally fucks up everything they do.

I'll admit that it's primarily instinct that leads me to repulsion. However, I will try to list things that might make it "objectively bad":
Supposedly, when one has many partners, it becomes more difficult to form long lasting relationships. I.e., the more relationships one has, the more mental damage the person accumulates. As for physically, supposedly (without the use of contraception) it's possible for the other person's genetics to remain in the woman. Lastly, from merely a cultural point of view, I would wonder how many would be proud that the life long partner (not just some whore mind you, for sharing a whore, whatever) is effectively no different from a woman at a brothel (when I refer to people, I refer to ancestors).
It isn't much, and I will admit myself to not be a collection of science, but 1 for mental, 1 for physical, and 1 for being white with higher standards is what I can give.

It will work on a large subset of young men. The same type of lad who whiteknights and claims to be a feminist "ally".
I know some of us are more optimistic about gen Z but the evidence is out there.
They will do it because they're so thirsty for any female contact.
Here's an example from Reddit (good barometer for normalfag behavior).
tl;dr guy stays with cheating "gf", Chad tells him he can stay if he feminizes himself, bf complies, starts wearing nail varnish and dresses.

where the fuck am I?

Oh boy I wonder how many overt pedophilic tones this will have.

That only happens to women.

Degenerate propaganda deserves our mockery, but doesn't "cucking" first require your wife to be unsatisfied in the bedroom?
Nothing to fear unless you're a soyboy.

We really should have just let HIV/AIDS work its magic.

Problem is if the 1 to 1 ratio is true then if one man fucks many women that many women become whores and cannot make a stable lasting relationship. Now if one whore fucks many men then you have a better outcome based on your idea. Maybe this is why they have outlawed brothels.

That's why God invented hymens. Nature's seal of freshness. It sucks, because I am literally capable of having my own harem, but I'd much rather one kind-hearted sweet girl that hasn't hopped on a thousand dicks before me, and these days, even fat ugly deformed girls get laid. If she doesn't have a hymen, chances are she's probably some sort of demon.

This is true to some extent. Yes, I'm sure there will be weak shits out there who will allow this because pussy is on the table. And this is only another stepping stone on this stairway to poz. But I believe that despite the degeneracy there are still decent people out there.

Women do not think like men do, this is a known fact. Women think mainly on emotion, trust me when I say this… Women *do* regret riding the cock carousel, all these Jewish women who claim to be 'sexologists' or whatever the fuck (you know, those thots who write salon articles about their vaginas) are all soulless and dead inside, this is the fate for women who ride the cock carousel, they become depressed with the shame they feel and thus it's a slippery slope, they whore out more for the high.

Ever heard of the 1000 cock stare? Ever notice how some women have soulless looking eyes devoid of any true life? I don't think it's just a meme, there is something to it, the more a woman acts like a total degenerate, the less their lives are worth to themselves and to others.

Simply put, no one wants spoiled goods, and while degeneracy is a worrying growing trend, I still think there are solutions.

I think a part of the cuckoldry trend is in part due to the taboo associated with it. If that is what attracts women to it then we combat this with shaming them and encouraging decent morals among both men and women. This has been a tried and tested thing.
We must combat the degeneracy somehow.
pozzed niggers

To me it seems the opposite. She's somewhat damaged goods, emotionally. She was dumped by a couple of long term boyfriends who were bluepill numales. That's made her extremely grateful to me, loyal and submissive. I don't have sex with her hardmode nofap and she's even open to the idea of me building a harem with some younger women to impregnate later on, if she can keep the status of my "first wife" and head of the household. But she's tall, blonde, blue eyed and would bear healthy and strong children. I don't see the need to care about previous soyboys using her a bit.

Can be surgically reconstructed, and is being by more and more women each year.
But speaking more generally, most men buy into the meme that most girls lose their hymen by 16 due to exercise.

This late in the story if you're still allowing /yourgirl/ to fuck anyone else but you then there is no hope for you, like in all times before. Either you have a girl or don't, no in between and no can we be friends bullshit. You either progress to have a kid with her or move on to a bitch who will.
I may have dashed my hopes too soon, it looks like they aren't even taking the medicine that keeps them from being wasted away anymore too.

If you give the cervix enough force and it bleeds you should know she hasn't been doing much down there and is probably clean, or into small dicks or something weird like that.

you could combat this if men lead by their mind and not by their loins but in western society men are lead by womens needs. More and more men just don't care how many partners women have had or what "past" they lived because they compare women as equal to them. This is how i know cucking will pick up because I myself have had many opportunities to cuck other men. Because i have morals, i do not give in but many men who do not care about their society do. It makes a division between the wellbeing of other men.

This is also why marriage was made and if a man did not wed the girl he fucked then he would be fined or even hung. This is also where shotgun weddings came from.

Good choice of words, because "seems" is the operative term.
If only you'd included "act" between the "her" and the "extremely". She probably does act this way, because she knows that it feeds your ego. And when I say ego I'm not trying to be a cunt, every healthy young man has a well developed ego, the trick is to recognize when your own high opinion of yourself is being used as a tool of manipulation.
Once the monkey has tasted the bananas of more than one tree, it will never stop trying to branch. If you're lucky then she believes you're the best she can do, otherwise it's probably only a matter of time.
Ok, good larp.

not seeing this on lol

that's a good thing. let those degenerates die ugly and ignorant

We should meme this to use against the left. Some ideas I have are: being a cuck shows how brave you are in world full of alt-right evil doers, diversity is a strength, true love is through sharing which only the left know how to do etc.

My meme powers are weak however. What does the rest of the anons think of this?

This is what should be done to all of these fucks.

The number of HIV cases resulting from heterosexual sex with a low-risk partner is statistically irrelevant.
HIV was and always will be GRIDS, a disease of gays and those who consort with gays.




your trips say outherwise, get to making the memes user.



Blacks and gays, but gays are still the leaders.
"bi guys" are the main vector from crossing HIV over from the homo community into the hetero community.
A woman who has sex with bisexuals is a high-risk sexual partner and should be avoided.

Politics is the personal aggregated.

What facts? You gave opinions.

I'm cracking up, sorry.
Niggers and bisexuals are the bridge. HIV is so rare in straight White men that the CDC doesn't even include the figure in the same charts as the numbers for niggers and women, the disparity is just too glaring and embarrassing.

(((Dan Savage))) is a faggot. Go figure.

This is a good feel

The instinctual behaviour of women is a known fact, you can insinuate all day but you won't convince anyone here. The clock will never be rolled back to the 1950s era where there was no Internet and the vast majority of men were blind to what's going on inside most women's heads.
this thread is a magnet for crypto-feminists

It's even better when you realize just how unlikely you are to catch HIV from a low risk woman.
The number of HIV cases from such a liason is around 50 a year, about the same as the number of people struck by lightning.

It's as if all the taboos and social shaming serve a legit, healthy, purpose, rather than "white people are just bigoted meanies for the sake of being bigoted meanies"

It's time. No life is worth living if we let them heap this amount of shame on our society again and again, over and over without repercussion. If I can't live with their degeneracy then they have no right to life either. They will never stop. Weimar 2.0, 3.0. 40.0? The only way we get to rid ourselves of these filth is through individual sacrifice. How many men will pass on their genes anyway? And isn't that all there is to life? To love a good woman and watch your children grow? They deny us this through constant shilling of degeneracy and we deny them their lives, one at a time.

It's also a known fact that for centuries these instincts were overruled and controlled by men. Average men started losing control in the early 1900s, giving rise to feminism etc. However this has no bearing on the clear fact that, if you know how, women and their instincts are controllable.

Women are absolutely controllable, until they get "bored"

So close. No, men never controlled the instincts of women, they simply attached the penalty of financial and social ruin to acting them out and no, it's not the same thing.
And this is why it not being the same thing matters: there is no mechanism to punish the acting out, in fact it is incentivized.
I've seen this argument over and over again, "I'm different, I have a super power to control women without being crushed by the state". Usually comes from a man who hasn't updated his knowledge of current laws/has fallen victim to ego-massaging and actually believes the "you're so amazing and better than all the other men" whispers on the pillow.
I do actually agree with you somewhat, but you're not being realistic at all. Men who try to do what you're suggesting are 1 phonecall away from lengthy incarceration.

If you don't know how to stop them getting bored, that's your problem.

You understand.

Again, the "I have special knowledge/super powers" argument.

OK I will concede that technicality; you can't control their actual instincts. But you can easily control whether they follow them.

See rule 9 of 12 Rules for Life. It's fucking simple.

I don't get it how some people get their hard on seeing their wife get fucked….

Think of it from a 5,10, 20, 40 year perspective. Remember that our enemy has survived this long by using short, temporary pleasure highs for millenia. In chess, there is a saying that one bad move undoes 40 good ones. In life, all your hard work can be thrown away by an instant of craving a dopamine rush. They use taboo as a way to achieve this rush and destroy everything else.

Do NOT open this unless you are in need of serious rage.


Aren't both bi men and women the main crossing vectors?

please list them, I can only find links to buy the fucking book


taboo is a hell of a drug m8


You really can't.
This reminds me rather closely of the "Sovereign citizen" movement, which claims to be able to get you off any charge by utilizing a method in court.
You're essentially arguing the same thing, an esoteric method/special knowledge by which you can subdue women.
When a defendant tries SS techniques and gets convicted, the SS say he follow the techniques properly, or made a mistake at X,Y or Z point. You guys make the same argument when a man's wife decides to branch, take his kids and asset-rape him in court.
He just didn't know the right method for controlling her, a better man would have kept the pussy on a leash, he's beta, etc etc. The truth is there is no art to control a woman, there are only exceptional circumstances and luck.
That's not to say that no men are in marriages/relationships where the woman appears to be under control and reports that she is under control, and I completely understand why many men in such a situation might wrongly think that their lack of misfortune is down to their own skill, but it really isn't.

They actually can't help themselves, which us why we will win.

Images of David Ley and Justin Lehmiller, as Savage UNATCO? was already posted. Maybe my J-dar needs a checkup but Ley looks like a gentile even if the name is ticking my detector. Lehmiller looks damn greasy.

So lemme get this straight, a jew writes an article citing 2 jews and a spiritual/crypto about how you'll feel better if you let your woman fuck other men while you watch? Am I cracking up here, because this sounds like a comedy skit shamelessly ripping off our memes. Is this real life?

Let me just correct that post. There is art to control a woman, but exercising it makes you vulnerable to losing your liberty at any moment.

I'll admit that it's primarily instinct that leads me to repulsion. However, I will try to list things that might make it "objectively bad":
Supposedly, when one has many partners, it becomes more difficult to form long lasting relationships. I.e., the more relationships one has, the more mental damage the person accumulates. As for physically, supposedly (without the use of contraception) it's possible for the other person's genetics to remain in the woman. Lastly, from merely a cultural point of view, I would wonder how many would be proud that the life long partner (not just some whore mind you, for sharing a whore, whatever) is effectively no different from a woman at a brothel (when I refer to people, I refer to ancestors).
It isn't much, and I will admit myself to not be a collection of science, but 1 for mental, 1 for physical, and 1 for being white with higher standards is what I can give.

I think I saw a video where on a youporn there was a dreidel that you click and you get a "random" video, but it always opens a incest porn or interracial porn.
I don't have it, but if anybody has it, post it, I need it

Someone mind reporting it for duplicate? I fucking copied-pasted the wrong one from notepad.

Remove all kikes from existence.
Healing on each and every front of problems of any sort of nature.

I want to torture these people who produced this filth.

0:13 – The moment when he needed to knock her fucking block off. It would save the marriage.

Liberals are going to start calling each other cucks like niggers call each other nigger.


You HAVE to be discriminating in which woman you choose. Trying to fix a half-feral whore will result in drama (legal or otherwise)… Those social malfunctions have permanent affects.

Look at her parents, specifically the father and his marriage dynamic.
Would her parents be mortified having the police parked in their driveway for a 'domestic dispute'? Do they handle their business like adults or make a show at the dinner table for all to see?

These things matter.

I think you're missing the point.
Great, I have a personal example. I knew a girl whose father was a high ranking Police officer in a capital city. Respectable, middle-class family, herself a brilliant student, polite, cultured, studying to become a teacher. By the age of 20 she had surpassed 300 sexual partners, including blacks. She simply hid her activities from her parents, in the (((modern))) world that is a simple matter.
My point is, although you're absolutely correct in saying that one must discriminate, on what basis are you discriminating? You don't have all of the information and can't hope to have it. Moreover, as you're taking such a sensible approach you won't rush into sex, correct? This gives the woman extra time to probe you and determine your values and limits, and adjust her mask to fit.
You have the right idea, you just don't realize how heavily the odds are stacked against you. Women are as superior to men when it comes to dissimulation and guile, as men are to babies when it comes to strength.
tl;dr you can do your best to eliminate the obvious trash, but in the vast majority of cases you still won't really know what you have until it's too late.

Here's some more rage fuel: this whole series culminates in the soy boy's baby getting aborted by the whale and a nigger embryo being implanted.

Holy shit it's real

I do too, but it keeps my calm knowing that their own consciousness and soul is pretty much destroyed.

And my final word on this subtopic, as the subject is distasteful: until the laws protecting female misconduct are rolled back, relations and marriage will continue to be FUBAR.
And once again, we come full circle to the root cause of the problem, which is not female nature, because female nature has always been there. The root problem is the kike, the kike must be removed to repair the laws and the family unit.

Dan Savage is actually from a large Catholic family in Chicago. He's a very good goy, though. Hardly one piece of degeneracy has passed through America's dying system in the last 15 years without his enthusiastic support. He coined both "santorum" and "pegging" as terms to elevate the general discourse, and he claims monogamy is like sobriety – not for everybody, and it's okay to fall off the wagon from time to time.

That said, and I'm preparing for my ban here. . . He's sort of pro-family, after a fashion. Don't get me wrong, he's a huge fag and he's dead on DotR, but he's counseled people to not throw their marriages away over a single case of adultery and he does at least encourage his fellow fags to avoid toilet sex (and other antisocial shit).

It's really sad that this counts in our sick society, but he's always struck me more as a hedonistic pervert with a deficient sense of volk than as an actively malicious pseudo-Jew. That said, his outlook on life is really fucking up the kid he adopted, who once "came out as straight."

All that said, I say we spring for the soft synthetic-fiber rope for him and schedule a 3-foot drop, rather than hoisting him on piano wire like the rest of the little fag termites.


The secret is celibacy. Sex is women's only leverage over men. And it's something you can take away purely with self-control.

Become a good man, a great catch, who any woman would want babies with. Give her security, love and affection. Let her know she will lose you and all of this if she disrespects you.

Only have sex to produce children. Instant self and relationship control.


What do you mean put it in there? It's so icky! Hey Tyrone, bro, do me a solid? kek

yeah lol and Kurt Eichenwald is episcopal

Yeah, the the nigger and whatever sheboon he passed up for the white girl.

And what do you think happens when she discovers that she can't control you (get what she wants, when she wants it)?
If she's using sex as a weapon, it's because she wants something. If you've immunized yourself to the need for sex then her ability to get what she wants, when she wants it has been removed. Do you think she's going to give up the use of her most potent weapon? Of course not, if anything this will fuel infidelity, it also constitutes domestic abuse for you see, the woman's only weapon being sex is 100 year outdated information. She now has the full force of the state for when sex fails to yield.
Never heard the phrases "happy wife, happy life" or "too expensive to leave"? The "stable marriage" stats are really not that accurate because many unions are only maintained by the ruinous costs of divorce. All of the power is in the woman's hands, even without sex.
Get rid of the kikes and you're right, and everything is fine once again. That's my last comment on this particular sub-topic.

Bruh you're being naive if you really believe this guy isn't a Jew. You got the part about a short drop right in my opinion though.

that's not surprising at all. that corrupt shithole produces the most pervasive commie filth (obama, illary, alinsky, oprah, ect…)

So what's your motto, "dead bitch, get rich?" Fuck off. Shitskin.

Made this for easy normalfag digestion.
Please meme responsibly.

trying way too hard to fit in
literally a remote-controlled drone who I caused to move their mouse to read this


There are already precedents claiming that denial of sex by a male in the relationship is a form of abuse. Also, the wife can use this in court as justification for why she cheated, mean ol limp-dick husband left her cold and alone, so she found a loving partner. turn on the tears and the judge will still fuck the husband over. Why are you pushing a book? What kind of shit is this?

Good job. The amusement is wearing off.

Here's another coincidence.

Submission, plain and simple.

Women want security, validation and affection. They will only use sex as a weapon when they're allowed to (by cucks who put pussy on the pedestal).

Wrong. Having sex with someone 150 times a year fuels infidelity, because they (and you) do get bored. Withholding sex breaks the mindset of sex-as-a-pastime and makes her realise your actual worth to her, and weigh up the costs and benefits of infidelity. Having exciting sex with a stranger vs losing her alpha male baby daddy, security and source of love. She must fear you walking out the door. She knows you can easily walk out the door, because you're not trapped by your need for sex.

Obviously don't legally marry her. And this isn't really a sub-topic, it's the redpill on not being cucked.

Daily BEAST, BEAST style. Zero awareness and the yids are just rubbing it in their faces.


It's been a real thing in leftist bugman hive cities for a while now, although nowhere near as popular as (((they))) want you to believe even there. It's the logical outcome of "empowered" feminist sluts + beta cuck numales, with lower T levels than the women, who either believe the kike propaganda or at least think they have to go along with it to get any access to women at all. Almost always, "polyamarous" relationships are the same thing in practice i.e. the woman gets to fuck whoever but the numale isn't allowed to.

A big factor in the cuck fetishisation of niggers is that most women doing it are disgusting landwhales, which niggers obviously don't care about - especially if the bitch is white, she's still higher status than a negress. Don't believe the (((porn))) narrative.


How can anyone take them seriously?

Did that bird get shit on? What happened to him? Also fuck cuckoo birds, they're loud as shit and scare off other birds.

Lmao simonson over at gatewaypundit breaking the facts that this article stems from a study called "The Psychology of Gay Men’s Cuckolding Fantasies” and centered around 580 “gay-identified men.” CNN goes right in the fucking bog

Daddy bird threw the nigger off the roof?

can you link it or archive it?
Sounds like some good lulz

>fags hate women and want to see (((big men))) punish them

kekd, glad i'm not the only person who noticed

Statistically, it's very likely that any marriage she has will fail. You can't cheat biology with kike "if it feels good do it" ideology.

This is a very good point user, one I'll look into further. It probably emerged in the 1970's, when western media and broader society truly started to become hedonistic.


Weimar conditions lead to Weimar solutions.

Note that it's falling to us by default to let people know it's the Jews, there probably won't be an open Hitler-style figure to do it for us. The good news is we're fucking good at spreading redpills, the bad news is it means we're going to have to work hard to actually get it done. If it's not already obvious, Holla Forums is the next NSDAP. The kikes plugged all the old ways we'd accrue power, but they failed to plug everything and we found the chink in their armour even if only by accident. We mustn't waste this opportunity.

My bad it was the daily caller.

I saw it coming yet I am still nauseated. If only artificial wombs were a reality I could finally justify getting some uncanny-valley sex doll and dropping out of this disgusting merry-go-round of searching for a half decent mate entirely.

Thanks user.
Holy fuck, I wasn't ready for this much blatant degeneracy today..

judenfrei is the way to be

What is the prevailing opinion of the opposite example of cuckholding? I.e. cucked female?


Exactly, in most cases it's a coping mechanism - they try to delude themselves into "liking" it but they're not actually happy, they're just so pathetic they think it's what they deserve. On some level we should feel sorry for them, many could be saved (perhaps some even turned into good Nazis) by raising their T above that of a 100 year old man. Maybe Trump can secretly add oral turinabol to their soylent or something.

Men are psychologically primed to resist cuckholding, because it is disastrous for them at a evolutionary perspective, in that their genes may get lost and they spend huge amounts of resources on children that are not theirs. Women don't care nearly as much as men about physical cuckoldry. What gets them is that men fucking other women means less resources from the man to them. Women are more concerned about emotional cuckoldry. That a man may care for someone or something else more than them.

Irresponsible as fuck and you are further corrupting a white woman, kike. You know that.

Good luck Aids-Chan!

Their heads would explode. kek

That would probably create a blackhole inside their bodies.

I remember seeing this in 2012….

Bah. This is just an online bierkeller with a death's head on the door. We swap news and info, but the organising still has to happen elsewhere.

Women only get cucked for resources, like the other user said.

My path out the wilderness was getting a bicycle, then joining a gym to build core strength for longer rides. Things snowballed. Cycling is a good gateway because its not threatening to lefties, but as soon as you start going any distance, you start being self-reliant and learning to embrace pain for growth.

This is a crucial point. It's nice to fantasize about DOTR and suddenly seizing power out of nowhere, but in reality advancing white interests is a long-term fight requiring organization, commitment, and a lot of normie politics work some of which will honestly be boring. The J-left has always understood this, and that explains most of their successes. Memeing online has its place of course, but you'll have far more effect on the world if you run for local office on a generic MAGA type platform with absolutely no talk about jews or race, then "just so happen" to implement policies that favour whites.

I believe (((they))) refer to this as "the long march through the institutions", and as you can see, up until very recently it has been an uncontested success for them. Time to start marching in the right direction.

I don't even know how to respond to this one. I don't even feel mad, this is too fucking surreal. This got shown on TV? People paid for this? Frankly I'm just confused. The fuck man.

Fuck off nigger. We're winning.


memes have gone too far

Just another coincidence.

netflix ad

Downvote if you haven't already.

Getting involved in local politics as a free agent isn't joining honeypots. user is (correctly) saying that each of us needs to start pushing in the correct direction on our own. We're a distributed organization, we don't need or want a centralized control structure, we only need to start pushing in the right direction as a collection of individuals. I would add not only local politics, but also joining government institutions and climbing the ladder.

Wherein lies the corruption?

Obviously you should avoid soy, but memes aside its estrogenicity is exaggerated, especially if it's been fermented. There are plenty of worse things like stevia (so dramatically estrogenic it's traditionally used as a contraceptive), hops, BPA, and depending on animal husbandry standards potential high levels of mammalian estrogens in whole milk, although that's easily worked around by drinking semi-skimmed instead.

No. Normal people do not like this shit either and it is starting to red pill the shit out of them. Knock it the fuck off with the black pill, what you believe impacts society. All you fucking egregious newfaggots need to learn how memetics actually works. Falling for black pill shit is akin to helping the kikes in metaphysical ways.

Cuckolding in 7UP commercial. (mirror, not hosted on official 7UP channel)

CHEATING nigger.

You can move the goals all you like. We've seen this shit before.

I'm having a hard time believing Wiemar was ever as bad as this other than underage sex workers working the corners. The pedo problem in America is beyond the scale of the entire world at that time compared to just here.

Holy shit, the shamelessness of these kikes. The concept of monogamy is completely foreign to fags anyway, so presumably these fantasies are especially sick and deviant ones.


You're just more aware of it now because of connectivity. Like the church has always had the stigma for a reason. This pedo shit is nothing new.


Lying press!


I just don't get it, I'm a manlet, ugly and generally unattractive, have an unapproachable personality and don't have money, either, and even then, at my lowest points there are two things I have never considered and never will, those being taking some other dude's sloppy seconds, or getting a girl and knowingly allow her to cuck me.
I know myself, so it's kind of amazing to think that there's people out there with a mindset that would push them to do such things.

Also, why are people responding tot he dude who said he knew his gf had fucked 14 guys before him, that alone should have immediately disqualified him of any sesirous discourse here.

All of Ian Kerner's books were published by Regan Books, an imprint of HarperCollins. Regan Books was run by the publisher Judith Regan. In 2006 she was fired from Regan Books and the division closed down after she was accused of making anti-Semitic remarks.
Maybe she just got tired of publishing Kerner's garbage…

that'd be lots of hardwork torturing him


kino revenge torture scene

This can all be disproven by saying
Hes not the exception, hes the rule.




This song will never not be funny.


This. I would really like to know what historic event led to the initial infestation of commies and how they built such a stronghold in Chicago of all places. I get it's the jews and they are in every major city, but Chicago's are uniquely ideologically driven by literal communism.

fucking soul destroying

It still stands for cuckold, it just equates conservatives who are pieces of spineless shit to cuckolds.
(((OY VEY)))

it depends on the type of hop and soy is extremely estrogenic

we are reaching levels of chutzpah that have never been reached before.

I feel like I need Holla Forums's opinion on this
How do I not think of women as jews and hate them just as much if they use all the same tactics

See what they did there? fuckin snakey bastards.

OP, you must be swallowing Common Cuck's second-hand blackpill because now we have not one but two leftist outlets wanting their readers to cuck themselves. First it was the HuffPo "thinking man's fetish" and now this.

When the left gives you ammo you use it. Only leftists will take this article seriously. In our hands it reinforces the idea that CNN readers and leftists are literal cuckolds. Take back your mind and recognize when the left giftwraps you meme material you blackpilled stooge.

add them to the list

all of them

Who do they expect to convince besides those already cucked and getting the rope? Every man on the planet and a bunch of women are having a WTF moment. Reverse it, it's ok to let your guy fuck other chicks.

Most women don't really have strong opinions on anything of consequence, they just virtue signal like they do because they're biologically wired to seek conformity and social status. This makes them vulnerable to jewish propaganda about what the "correct" views are, but equally makes them malleable to adopting your beliefs once you demonstrate your value. So the strategy isn't to acquire a Nazi trad waifu from the outset, but to find a decent non-degenerate then steadily redpill her into becoming one.

no it's an adult bird
my guess is that it probably had a flight misshap acrobatic dogfight with some other bird and hit something hard because he couldn't fly well enough because he got ambushed and divebombed at a water spot and got his feathers all wet
birds are jerks like that

Hey girls, who wants to watch me fuck your sister? You can clean me off after.
god I hate kikes

Maybe I'm old school, but if a woman I'm with goes outside our relationship for any reason, even the slightest transgression, she's gone. No talking, no exploring, get the fuck out. Guys like this need to be tied up, soaked in diesel, then have a lit cigarette put in their mouth.


I'm a freak myself, but goddamn it sissy-boy have some dignity
its gotta be a troll


(((Ian Kerner)))


Diesel isn't that flammable, it will eventually ignite from an open flame once it gets hot enough but you can drop a lit cigarette in a bucketful and it will go out.

Oh…kay? At least they agree it's a bad idea?

Ego is man's biggest down fall and does nothing but self sabotage goy, don't be such a fool and doubting of another man's success just because or your own shortcomings in life, just in the tone of your response to his post you contradicted your own philosophy on all of this.

reality it's better than fiction

Top kek



moot approves of this

user you are doing God's work right now let me tell you, this right here is the path to success, it's literally as simple as being a motherfucking MAN, don't let the fags and shills demoralize you, you're right, i know you, you know it, and others do as well. It's all about self worth and how you imprint that unto your world.



I just want cuck hysteria to fucking die already. Go back to the shadows where you belong, foul demon. I want jews to stop poisoning the collective conscience. Also, Joe Rogan commented on the CNN article on instagram. Luckily, he's against it - which is a good indicator that normies are rejecting this shit.

Rap is auditory cuckoldry. It really is a major problem right now.

They don't need an excuse, imams can't live without their regular boyfucking quota.

try using something more useful you dickwad.

What is reality anymore?

That first image.

My God…….


My sons will be home schooled from my motte and baily in the wilderness. Where the lessons of hard work will be valued. Where reason and logic can remain unmolested by such ignorance.

Only because those moans are for the nigger alone and the cuck would take that away from the nigger by watching a racist show regardless of whether he is watching the nigger or the bitch because of the implied taboo. They are fucking hopeless.

We used to do just this back when we weren't living on Clown Planet.



alcohol, like always, is the answer

When whites start thinking for themselves, amazing things happen.

They are fucking desperate at this point.
Everything I am seeing around me has been pushing back to the traditional family as far as peoples personal beliefs are concerned.
Even polygamory in degenerate circles is waning pretty quick.
Who'd have thought a species with a proclivity for pair bonding cant stomach fucking multiple people for very long.

Put a fork in it already. I don't know what age you are, but if you live in a Western country, ask yourself how many of your friends had intact families growing up?

Some truth in this. The pendulum has swung about as far degenerate or 'left' as it can, and it's about to swing back the other way. Here's to hoping it breaks the damn clock.

Fag master race

One could make the argument if they are into gay fantasies, they are not heterosexual men.

Ok, that's some reall bullshit. One should ask if they consider orgies to fall under the catagory of cuckolding, because I can garauntee gay people engage in that shit frequently (see tribe and shit like that). In addition, there sheer number of partners almost gives the air of cucking (since your partner wil almost always have been used by everyone from there and back).




The fuck? So, if I prove something more general, it doesn't apply to the more specific cases? Sex leads to the release of chemicals in the body the yield pleasure (like a/is a stimulant). And, since people can become addicted to stimulants, it follows that sex-addiction would, by definition be an addiction.
1:30 video where Peterson talks about each rule.
self-help-snake-oil 2018 model tbh. It used to be called common sense.


You're telling me that 40 year old kike movies memes aren't actually true??? Seriously though, this article may be the most blatantly enraging thing I've seen all week. I just wish they would try to put effort into propagandizing, a little care into hiding the narrative because this obvious shit is just insulting.

thanks for the info based user

Cuckoldry was recommended to me by my life coach. At $300 per hour, I think I’ll take his advice over a bunch of goomiegooblers.

I've watched a family fall apart, their values changing before my eye, their new priorities matching nearly exactly what was on the television programing (esp. advertising) they watched during the little free time they had together. You're not the only one, brother.

Ask to fuck his woman, if he says no get your $300 back.


My son is home-schooled via distance education through a state system centering around science and coding. There's still pozzed shit in the social studies side of it but I stood over his shoulder and pointed it all out. He learned to hide his power level very well for a 10 yr old.

I don't care so much about sexuality. But I will say, if any anons here are having problems, some may even seeming psychological or incurable, start lifting. Getting in shape is a huge hack to BTFO a lot of previous difficulties. You won't be worried about cuckholding so much when your GF is offering to bring another girl in to please you. Although you might consider if she's good for you.

I haven't touched a 7up since this ad.




> according to a recent study by David (((Ley))), Justin (((Lehmiller))) and the writer Dan (((Savage))), acting on cuckolding fantasies can be a largely positive experience for many couples, and hardly a sign of weaknes
well gee fuckin whiz

So you become a bull and cuck out the other guy? You're not helping anyone here and your helping this cuck system to continue.

Further a gay man can't be cucked at all because cucking requires possibility of offspring. Since fags can't have sex, they can't be cucked, especially not by other fags.

But Fredericka was perfect from the outset.

Not to mention how such actions undermine the purpose of marriage as a stable, permanent unit, for the sake commitment and monogamy.
His post is full-on muh dick, why bother arguing with his kind.

The basic concept of a cuck is to support another persons burden be it an offspring or another object that requires your time and resource but will not benefit yourself. Yes, the direct term "cuckold" supports only offspring but term cuck is slang for the basic concept of what i said.

Agreed, most likely hes just fishing around since hes so used to that dank fishy smell.

The women in question are probably already on birth control and thus essentially prostitutes.

I have witnessed a marriage with three children fall apart because of cuckolding.

degeneracy.. You don't deal with wholesome women much do you? Any woman worth her salt would find your suggestion repugnant and grounds for divorce. As for lifting yes, but only olympic or power lifting. Body building is vanity and rooted in degeneracy.

Let me guess, it was suggested by a 'friend' who told them that "no one regrets it"

Can CNN and other cancerous news networks PLEASE stop posting shit like this? Every time I go out I see obvious cuckolds walking around like they are king fucking shit because for some godforsaken reason it is now fucking "alpha" to let your wife fuck some other dude because some idiot psychiatrist or feminist propagandist wrote an article.
It is honestly cancer inducing and the worst part is knowing that it will be at least another generation until these useless pieces of shit have been bred out and I will no longer have to look at them.
They are so fucking worthless that in any country other than soymerica they would have been turned into slaves years ago.
Their only saving grace is that they are so pathetically incompetent that they will be quickly wiped out in any form of civil unrest that is heavier than a black friday riot.

Just curious user, what exactly haunts you from you relationship with some used goods? I only ask because very recently I too ended a relationship I had with a girl I met with both of us intending to just fuck and have fun. At the time I thought she was likeable as well.

fucking WEW

Just curious user, what exactly haunts you from you relationship with some used goods? I only ask because very recently I too ended a relationship I had with a girl I met with both of us intending to just fuck and have fun. At the time I thought she was likeable as well.
god damn it I fucked up my post, polite sage

Ah yes, truly the words and attitude of a proud National Socialist, totally not an outsider, nope.

He is also one the most degenerate and abrasive faggots imaginable. He got famous by writing a dirty "Dear Abby" column called Savage Love in hipster mags where perverts would write to him about their jaded, spirit destroying sex lives and he would give them "advice." It was a novelty and shitshow we used to point and laugh at in highschool. How anyone takes this faggot seriously is beyond me.

Certain (((scientists))) have been pushing that the cuck fetish may be healthy and adaptive since sex jealousy increases sperm production and they find the authentic and pleasurable reactions of their partners satisfying. Personally, I think severe emotional and psychological is the culprit on part of men and simple hypergamy on the part of women.

Very sure normalfags will ask "what does being jewish have to do with this?", as they're unable to see the correlation between judaism and degeneracy.

This is likely my late 90s self talking, but I don't believe you.



What's with Burger King being complete faggots lately? Do they need a gimmick like McD's niggercentric adverts?

It was just out of high school, still before I got redpilled. We knew eachother from school and we hooked up at a party. Turned out we actually had great chemistry. It started off as a hookup but turned into a 3 year relationship. I always knew she had fucked around, which was originally why I didn't want it to go anywhere. So I ended up breaking it off, but a few months later we run into each other and she breaks down crying saying how lonely and miserable she was without me. It felt so genuine to me at the time, and I think she meant it looking back on it. So we started back at it.

She treated me really well, she always did back in the beginning. Her personality really grew on me. She could be very sweet, she was a good student, and was actual fun to be around. I genuinely enjoyed her company. Then I started getting comfortable, and eventually it grew to the point where I fell for her.

Her partner count was "relatively" low, for nowadays, and at the time I ended up justifiying her past because of her personality, but at the end of the day it just fucks with you passively. Looking at this beautiful girl who could be the mother of your children, but then simultaneously knowing she was a drunk skank in college. I didn't trust her and felt insecure about myself. It just fucks with you m8.

If any man has the subject of cuckolding brought up, and doesn't immediately dump the bitch, he's not a man at all.

Yes goy, open your relationship. Allow your wife to see other men, it will work well for you too.

Well i assume that the "healthy" thing about is about distributing other male qualities to another entity due to the oxymoronic duality of the current year.

No if your "bitch" brings up that topic you already outsourced your "other" male qualities to something else. That would be the natural correction to sweden yes you nigger.


didn't real scientists show that polyamory is antithetical to civilization? in nature a monogamous relationship the male remains with his offspring while a polygamous relationships the father just fucks off because there is no evolutionary gain in caring for your maybe offspring

Assuming the minute change she has any deeper thoughts than your average vapid cunt, the
is nothing short of justice that comes from you don't know what you have till it's gone. Although, by the feel of it you were the emotional support (something which does have value to a woman, but only after the fact. In the moment, she never thinks of it. After all, orbiters + others will always be there to provide it).


Cuckoldry is fetishized cultural destruction and always has been. Couples get off at the thought of another man entering their relationship and savagely fucking the woman, sometimes breeding her, and fucking off.
In more extreme cases, the man identifying as a cuckold willfully cuts himself off from sex/intimacy and his wife enables his illness. Yet, despite that, it's "progressive" to be in an open relationship. The only progress here is progress towards widespread decline.

Pretty much all of them. Single parents were rare.

This. I'm still old enough to be from a time when divorced parents elicited pity and empathy from other kids.

Well, that's reddit for ya I guess.


Spoiler that shit, bro.

In the 90s, divorced parents where a rare but growing phenomenon among white families. It was most prevalent among the suburban upper middle class, hence all the whiny emo music in the early 00s. Only 1 kid's parents in my entire grade school class got divorced, and it was viewed as a massively traumatic experience by all the other kids and teachers.

Julie Borowski's faceberg page


Personally i think women are there for my amusement, women will sense weakness or routine.

He got the right idea.

Surprisingly honest for a 3D


how does cnn still exist?

Yeah. Amen to that, brother.

Cuckoldry is letting your women be raped.

I haven't purchased the soda jew for a decade now.

Are you willing to die for national socialism? Have you not succeeded already once you have had white children? There comes a point for every white man when he decides he is ready to die for what he believes in, a cause greater than himself, a cause for the future of himself. DOTR is soon. There will be no survival of the white race without white terrorists. When I say terrorist, smile, hero. We do not care about being called racist. We do not care what (((they))) say. We will organize and kill for the land of a new white ethnostate. Brothers, the time is here for us to learn, organize, train, to withdraw from our current country and form new borders much like the Founding Fathers of the USA. Scratch off your bucket lists and forget all the media, the electric Jewry. Heroes die for daring causes. It is in our nature to fight to the death. To become part of the Earth's soil, it is in our nature. Blood and soil.


Most people don't want to (((die))) or get (((deported))) from the US for an ideology.

Soylent is a reference to soylent green not soy. It didn't start using soy until after he went nuts and started pretending to be a girl. It used to use rice protein. The rampant faggot/tranny problem is not caused by beans, it is caused by xenoestrogens in plastics. People have thousands of times more exposure to those than they do to soy.

7up isn't a company, it is a brand. You need to stop buying everything the entire company sells. That's a ton of shit.

Maybe I could have been more clear. I meant the only problems of this kind you might have, is your girl offering her friends up. I specifically wrote

I would take it as a big red flag about the gf's suitability as a good partner.

Kill yourself shitskin.

Assmunch, a kike stole the fucking name and used it for a soy based product. Jesus fuck you are a retarded cunt.

Anger impairs comprehension, user. I just clarified my point. Don't kys.

Well I bet I could do without most all their shit. I barely buy any precessed food junks anyway. But it was a specific brand manager or what have you who chose this ad, and he or she will need to report slumping sales to the higher ups if everyone did alike.

Learn to read moron. We're both talking about that product. Which was made with rice protein until 2016 like I just said. Your boyfriend had already started pretending to be a girl before then.

Strange Soylent ad during Thanksgiving.
They were also pushing the stuff hard before the election, with green prominently used in the ad.
If anyone's not aware the name came from or was popularized by a movie by the same name.
Spoilered for semi-off topic



Its a jewess, but a jewess with standards.

I almost can't believe this shit is real, but then I remember just how pathetically emasculated some of the men that're out there, especially the liberal progressive soybois, and I have to remind myself that, no, no, this is real.

These people are failures and we need to make sure they get removed progressively.

Didn't it was a jewess. They don't understand standards. Still, told the truth regardless.

They're also using algae for Soylent 2.0 now. Kikes think they're playing an RPG and are RPing like an autist with their in-references and allusions

Does anyone have that Microsoft emotion analysis app?
I'd love to see if there's any interesting patterns in the faces of cucks.

Vanity is a big weakness generally, sure user. But the greatest thing about having muscles is NOT that you get to beat the shit out of people, but that you avoid trouble skinny-you otherwise might have found. That's utility. Confidence is probably a bigger factor however. This is why even modest muscles and fitness bring massive upsides. You start to move differently, you act differently, mind not clouded by the same thoughts. You feel different. You go places and do think you otherwise would have shied from before. Nearly everything is better, less challenging. As you work out, you are virtually BTFOing numerous problems with every pump or pushup.

imagine being mentally conquered by the "BBC" and still fancying yourself a savior of western civilization

When the kikes say cuck they usually mean Tyrone cucking someone.

Well i have confidence that i can roll into any place i choose to.

Tyrone cannot "cuck" you assuming you're not gay and dating him. You cuck yourself, or *allow your girl to cuck you. It could happen for various reasons. Some might be sexually desensitized and need that 'new thing'. Some are curious and reckless. But often the idea comes about from a lack of confidence or self-respect, which eventually can infect your partner as well. Probably a realistic lack of it, if you're a liberal, ass-kissing soyim.

Well a reasonable modus of operandi should be that the man should infect the woman with a certain need, before she does it.
You should probably watch the dynamics of cunts fighting for a man, something that is really enjoyable.

I've seen fitness make men, calmer, more collected, more easy going, less mean, let alone more capable of taking care of business if necessary. But it's nearly never necessary now. Because you did the 'fighting' in private, or in a gym. There are more than a few cases of ED or other seriously consequential health problems magically disappearing.

You may be the odd person who has no need or benefit from physical exorcize. But these are general truths for those who might could use 'um.

I ve been working out for 5 years, with a benchmax round about 320lbs, it makes you calmer and more collected. But my problem isnt advice in working out or handling people because i know how to do that. My problem is when i assume some people are trying to take away something from me that they have no business in the first place.

This Redditard's problem is that he has a massively overinflated concept of his own handsomeness.
In the case of a man who IS approached regularly by much younger women, then "opening up" the marriage CAN work in his benefit.
I'm not saying it's right or that it isn't fucking vile, but for those who are either sociopathic or extreme liberal in their inclinations, they could personally gain from it, sometimes even scaring the wife when she realizes that he doesn't need her (read about this happening more than once.)
Almost certainly his wife leveraged his ego, as all women are want to do, told him things like "you're so buffed for your age, you'll get even more interest than me!" and convinced him of this.

Nah. The greatest thing about having muscles was being able to kick the shit out of a nigger that was trying to mug a vet in a wheelchair.

Watch what you're doing if you work solo. Once you pass 220lbs you're into death-on-failure territory.

Any level of fitness and strength a man has should be as a result of training to survive any situation. All else is vanity.


If you failure on a rep you can always roll it off somehow. Not saying working out without a spotter is a smart idea.

Pretty far stretch from equating not being a cuck to sociopathy or extreme liberalism. But i guess rather take the save route, which means the wife decides the "course of action" just to be save from sin.

Not really making that comparison, just assuming that the number of conservative men who would agree to "opening" is much lower than cases where liberalism is involved.

Yeah that's what I did, had to wait with the bar partially on my neck to get the strength back to do it though. Not a nice experience. You can also press without the collars attached, then just tip the bar to one side.

You've never done hard manual labour.

Was your hard manual labour not for the benefit of survival?

What in the ungodly fuck

Not really, in Western countries you don't need to work to survive. You work to have luxuries. But that's not my point. Strength vastly over and above what's needed to survive in the wild accrues when you work in certain jobs, purely as a result of carrying out the actions associated with your position. e.g manipulating and carrying mechanical components weighing 250lb by hand, working with gigantic oversized hand tools pipe wrenches 6 feet in length and as thick as your arm etc.
Point is, not every large guy is that way due to vanity. The weights might not sound like much but actual work for hours a day, every day is a much more holistic workout than lifting on one axis and has incredible effects.

Well then you have a really fucked up technique which will never get you to a decent number of plates since you do not benchpress on the level of your neck.

To your "conservative men", well usually conservatives have a certain set of beliefs, which is usually predefined by society and conservatives really fit into that. But once you figure your wife is bored, id rather take the admiration of "younger women" than my wife fucking a nigger.

Every large construction worker that has a good build has the same "vanity" as someone that worked in a gym for that, i would also guess they have that vanity more than a gym rat because it is part of their life.


Where did I say you press on the level of your neck? It passes over your neck when you're rehooking it. If your last reserves fail at that point it's coming down on your neck. This is how people die doing the press solo.
That's a fair point.

Construction workers flaunt themselves to women on the street. Oilfield techs deep in the bowels of a maintenance facility or hundreds of miles offshore don't have that opportunity. I certainly didn't have such vanity, even when I was accused of "using roids" due to the enormous size of my forearms.
you will never beat the forearms of someone who actually works heavy with their hands

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In other words

You stupid faggot, the world is not going to get better if there aren't consequences for people's actions. Adulterers get the rope.

Alright, all I see is two LARPers derailing the thread.
As someone who has been in the field of demolitions and removal for 8 1/2 years I can say both of you are completely unknowledgeable and pretending. Primarily demo guys are the most physically fit and we don't call ourselves "construction workers". I work with construction workers and most aren't that big, obviously because they aren't the ones swinging big tools tearing shit down and hauling debris away.
Second, as a demo guy that works 12 hour days 6 days a week for months at a time I can tell you that we aren't faggot body builder steroid big.
So not sure why both of you are pretending to be Bane in a cuck thread, but let's cut pretend time short.

That's why you unload a dumptruck of these images at once if you're going to unload them at all.

Well maybe the counterreaction of burgerland males (which will be the first to exhibit) might be a dominant cultural vector. Given that europeans have stronger roots their weakness is their lack of adaption to cultural change. So if the murican males (and you can hear it in their voices with that roughness) are on the frontier.

Honestly this is all just a plan by the pharmaceutical companies to get more and more people pozzed with the aids virus. Pushing cuckoldry = women has sex with nigger, then passes it to her husband OR husband has forced sex with a man. Either way the AIDS virus has entered the straight white sexual community.

Adam looks like a blob with orange pubes glued to his face.

Great screenshot!

Did you know when i was 2 years old i had stronger shoulders than a jew and also better goldy locks.
I really like your peacock goldy locks.

There should be an expression, a jew curl, it grows on a pile of shit. Or the jewish barber, the opposite of straightening things out, could be a legal expression.

"hey jane your argument looks really shakey." "well i m going to the jewish barber."

i told u fuckers to meme responsibly

I always wondered where the word muggles came from, probably from people that hold up a mug so a drop of magic touches their vessles.

Pedo Jews are the worst kind.

Just like a raven that takes a stone per year, so a steady lobster will dominate a mountain over a million years.

Military wives are fucking disgusting. Even when they're physically beautiful, like that one. Just think of the mindset of a woman who pursues a military man in today's military.
Be VERY skeptical of women (and people) in general, but don't trust a woman who seems particularly turned on by a man in a government uniform.

Without solid data I perceive it as no more than a meme and I would suspect it is something that afflicts spics and niggers more than whites.

Telling Holla Forums to be sceptical about people and women in particular is like saying your mother had sex. You have to imagine that your mother in heat got a dick in her cunt, i want you to imagine that.

Given it is blatant propaganda i would assume that there would be an increase in "military men swag", due to volatile environments.

Why would you ignore the obvious dynamics at play there? Being a military man is like being a rich man, in that you don't know if the women who like you like you for you or the resources you have access to, unless you are very perceptive/have self knowledge (at which point I ask you're in the military). I for one, am smart enough to not need hard data to decide what kind of women to avoid.

Generally avoid women that have too much motivationals in their instagram history unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing.

So, why don't you just say " I would never join the army"? I really do have reservations about how much you know about women. Even if a military wife was a complete whore the whole subject of infidelity in the military is an incredibly taboo subject. A woman caught being unfaithful to her military husband would be ostracised and if the man was a soldier he can kiss promotions goodbye and might face having rank stripped or a dishonourable discharge. I know most people are susceptible to being memed but if you're going to stare into the abyss every day you better have a solid grasp on logic.

It's a meme.

If i would stare into the abyss every day, i would do what everybody else does with the exception that i would be a bit distracted while being focused.

Sadistic revenge is another jew idea. Try to deprogramme yourself. Read what General Patton had to say about semitic revenge.
It isn't any healthier than the degeneracy in op's post.

Sometimes a bloodbath is required in order to make a point.

It's racist to use the term cuck in their eyes because the term negatively implicates the fact that most of these scenarios include a nigger and a cuck in the "relationship".

Hardly the only risk, and not even at the top of what I was warning against. You want a fat gibsaddict for a wife/mother of your children?
I'm gonna need the hard data on that; I'm sure you're good for it since it's the standard you set in this conversation. In the world I'm looking at there's a severe lack of ostracism. You don't end up in a socialist, multicultural hellscape when "right" leaning people practice ostracism.
Funny coming from Mr. "Incentives mean nothing till I see the data". Women, like men, look to get something nothing (or the next best deal). That's not debatable, that's the nature of every living thing. Military men are easy targets, no matter their race.

That video shows a man indulging in torture privately. What's the point he's trying to make? You think he's engaged in an argument with the fat fuck on the table? Looks like dismemberment to me, which is not an argument

You don't have to do it in front of everyone, you can just leave the body behind.

Hate is an unreasoning emotion. What you need to do is recognize the facts, such as that women are necessary for your children and the future of your nature and civilization. You also need to recognize the facts of their existence; you need to be aware of their nature. Now, do you hate the mosquito for stinging you? The bear for biting you? The cat for scratching you?

Your emotions regarding something aren't particularly important. What's important is your actions, and if you take actions based on a flawed understanding of women (or perhaps let your emotions, positive or negative, get the best of you) then you may not take the correct course of action. It is the same with everything.

Whether it is worth mourning that reality is as it is (that women do not live up to our expectations, that we do not live forever, that we fail, for examples) is a question for artists to answer, but in terms of actions just keep my words in mind.

They should be shaved, publicly paraded naked after being kicked out of the home, then exiled from the town (if not the country).

Because progressivism is a suicide cult on all scales, personal to racial (even special).

When whores turn on one of their own and ostracise her they will call her a whore while acting high and mighty themselves. In "respectable" society the woman would be ostracised with greater severity. In the US military adultery is an offense dealt with by court martial. The least that would happen to a soldier caught fucking another soldier's wife in any western military would be loss of rank and barred from all promotion. They may even spend time in military prison doing hard labour. I can put forward numerous articles detailing this process but you won't be able to put forward one piece of evidence that reliably states military wives cheat in greater numbers than other wives. Like most things about women on Holla Forums it's just a meme.

Some normal people are beginning to notice, because the arrogant jews think they can do what they like now.

What can help destroy their agenda campaigns is by alerting as many people as possible well in ADVANCE. It is like knowing about a raid beforehand, not many people care if they know it will happen and who is doing it and what they are trying to do.
It loses its effectiveness.
We've seen them pushing this agenda for years, and now it has become absolutely in the open, them stating directly in a mainstream newspaper.
If we have a website "what is being advertised" or "how not to be brainwashed" or something less obvious, "in the know", something that doesn't put off general people from sounding too conpiratory or far fetched, then these things and smaller things can be announced well in advance of the direct public release stage.

Evidence is accumulated and presented in a magazine style website, pictures and a common link.
Mark a list of which media companies are doing it, a brief note about "theme" or "purpose".
No need to mention jews, or population control, just announce what it is in bare facts.

Have a bunch of polls, "what do you think it is for?", and submission box so people can add further evidence pictures that will be stored as secondary. People like interaction.
Make it as normal and current as possible.
Have "share on kikebook" etc buttons so it spreads by lazy people.
The content can have flags for countries, or if it is EU or worldwide.
No mention or real tilt on it, a really normal site design.

Kind of impressive to be wrong straight from the first sentence. Respectable journalism.


They are trying to derail our terms and use them against us.
It must mean they fear us and see us as a resistance, in that we are a progenitor of popular ideas.
It also means they themselves can be manipulated by us to some extent.

Checked for think of women like dogs.
And the Jew has systematically created the context in which these dogs are kept out of what used to exist, such that these dogs misbehave and do all sorts of retarded shit. Because they're dogs. And dogs are fucking retarded.
Lovely creatures - but fucking retarded. Because they're dogs.

Except they're actually twats.
And if you let the kikes take control of your society, start telling you how to train your twats, don't be surprised if your twats misbehave. Because they're retarded. Because they're twats.

Yes, yes, and yes, with possible exception in the last case if its my cat.
Those creatures are competition.
I used to think like you, "Oh man, you can't blame a mountain lion for eating your daughter if you went and built a home in the Rockies! He was there first!"… But fuck that shit.
Kill the fucking mountain lion. Crush the mosquito, shoot the bear, slap the aggressive feline - they live on our world, and though we are compassionate, anything that makes itself your enemy… Well, hatred of ones enemies is rarely unreasoned.

Not exactly. The bloke cheated on his wife, so he felt bad and basically let one of his mates join in for a threesome. He was an alcoholic, lazy, filthy degenerate. But I feel bad for the kids.

>(((Justin Lehmiller)))
>(((Dan Savage)))
Oy vey?

Link to leftypol for the salt.

You don't often see mothers prostituting their prepubescent daughters in broad daylight now, do you?

>devoted to (((democracy)))
Get bent, faggot.


Wasn't soylent green supposed to be human corpse fed algae in the movie too?

Shitposting online isnt going to oust the kikes you idiot, its going to have to be good old violence

>(((Esther Perel)))
>is a Belgian (((psychotherapist))) notable for exploring the tension between the need for security (love, belonging and closeness) and the need for freedom (erotic desire, adventure and distance) in human relationships
On select discussion topics as listed on her wiki:


Goy you sound like a grade A nigger with that last post there

Jesus christ, kill yourself and get out of here with your degenerate (((porn))) induced fantasies

Back to half-chan with you Magapede™.

Is this finally the killing blow to CNN? Is this the end for them? Will normalfags finally start seeing the light and stop trusting the MSM?

Anyone wanna raid his wikipedo page?

Are the Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, RawStory and communities the most pozzed and corrupt bunch on the internet right now?

What the fuck did I just read man.

Another dude is fucking the wife of another dude there is nothing to be proud of when you're in a dysfunctional cheating relationship. What kind of retard drew this and thought it to be okay? You have to be really retarded to think this is somehow an okay situation. Also for a fetish that's based on humiliation having the dumbest retard fucking your wife would be extra humiliating so I guess that's why cuckshit always involves niggers since they're retarded.


Was your post meant for ? Then I have only this to say, its a comic called Oh Joy Sexy Toy, the author of that comic is one of the most outspoken degenerates out there who uses every one of "her" comics to shill its perverted ways onto viewers. It even got a guest strip on Penny Arcade (the biggest webcomic) and it used it to preach about how "its okay" to be a deviant towards kids and that kids should be taught about anal sex of all things. Bitch is a fucking sicko yet it gets away with it because it's gay and a pseudo-tranny.

I agree with you user, I feel the same way about fitness. It give you a feeling of independence. Confidence will change your life so fucking good. Will literally turn it around. Enjoying the fruit of your labor isn't the same as vanity. Vanity implies narcissism. Confidence and narcissism should not be confused.

At least that garbage is exploitable

I'd completely agree to an open relationship if my gf wanted it. As in an "open the door and get the fuck out of my house" relationship.

He raped and murdered his daughter and wife in front of him, then got off with virtually a slap on the wrist. Some people don't deserve a good clean kill, user. You should check out the movie sometime.

You almost got me there. 7/10

I'm not much of a meme-smith, but I hope some of you can make use of this.


I recommend the death penalty for adultery and hypergamy.


I agree, you mustn't separate hate as a separate part of being like the other user implied. The only flaw in his analogy was that yes, white women are needed for the continued health and progeny of our people but these other women who cheat, slander, lie and burn coal are not part of that future.

And I really don't like that false dichotomy where the only blame falls on the victim.
Sure, a country has the jews it deserves but I'll be damned if I don't hate the vermin who infested it anyway.

You use to be allowed to kill your wife if she cheated on you, now it's said to be healthy to watch. Describes the modern world well.

It is actually not cheating, they became so sterile that they cannot defile even if they wanted to.

Her womb is so

I wonder if the NSA has a well developed cuck fetish, guess a nickname for the NSA should be fat shadies.

These fuckers really don't know shit, do they?

You need a DX refresher at least. Gary Savage was the leader of X-51 and turned out to be one of the most important opponents of MJ12 and it's front group UNATCO.

Underrated post, kek

From death, life. Behold the Holy Grail of comic fusions.

What study? All I read were politically motivated anecdotes.

So put forth the articles then. I'm also curious sbout this topic

This is so meta I don't think anyone outside of Holla Forums would understand it beyond the second pannel.

Quite large. The only ones that ever stick with each other have some shared fetish that either is rare, or very hard to find someone atrractive into it, so most just settle for someone they like that has the gear and the interests. I've met full-time Rubberpuppies and their handlers, I've met masters and slaves, I've met serious freaks like this couple (pics are of him, and his kike husband) and they all seem to be immune to the divorce problem.

At least on my dad's side going back 4 generations the wife and husband have always fought, sometimes with weapons. Only with my mother and father were the cops ever called by our nosy neighbor. There has never been any divorce in my father's line as far as he knows, not even remarriage but always conflict. With all the laws now I must be even more threatening and willing to draw blood then before, because its really all about the children after all.

These two web pages were unable to be archived:

I know kike memes are powerful but the far majority of people in the west still find adultery utterly reprehensible with cuckolding and other perversions being entirely degenerate. This is why they meme so hard with this bullshit and why (((journalism))) needs to be heavily regulated due to people getting paid to shill filth. If it's illegal for children to view somehting like cuckold porn then how can kikes be allowed to get away with shilling it on mainstream news networks under the guise of "journalistic research" and (((sexual health))). Every victim of their memes equates to multiple lives ruined.

How does one meet people like this? I once saw a degenerate leading his whore down the local mall by a dog collar and leash and I started on him for being degenerate in front of children. How does one meet a "Rubberpuppies" and not succumb to violent impulses?


Just fuck our future up.

This is the most beautiful thing I've seen all month.

Thank heaven. There is hope after all.

But why and how did you meet people like this irl?


yeah then you hit 130+ and all those people realize women need to be in the fucking kitchen

If you found that funny you really arent taking this seriously enough. Im physically disgusted, my stomach turned the moment I read that. I fill sick. I might actually throw up, the number of white children they effectively just killed by running that article, thousands no doubt.

Meetups. Or "Pup Moshes" as they are called.

fuck my wifes shit up, jamal

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Okay, easy enough to deduce but why? Why are you meeting these people irl?

morbid curiosity

He's a former dungeon-master/furry who found Holla Forums, realized that this shit was fucked in the head, and began exposing it to us.

I've had a shotgun stuck under my nose faced a couple of knives, some bats and sticks and had numerous fist fights in a country full of samoans and maori. But these freaks terrify me. They make my skin crawl and toes curl. I would have them all thrown into a pit full of crocodiles without even hearing them speak. I couldn't eat or drink anything near them and I would be afraid that they knew where I lived and where I traveled on a daily basis. Every time I see photos of them walking around "pride" marches and having photos taken with police or children my stomach churns and my mind boggles as to why they are not being forcefully interrogated and then kicked to death.

No, more like desperately lonely autistic that turned faggot for human touch and only recently realized that all these material desires are masks for deeply suppressed instincts. And I was a sub, not a top. Besides, these types all end up old and thrown away like spoiled milk, no longer fresh with nothing but a closet of leather gear to keep them company.


crap pressed enter too early.
Anyway, these fucks are engaged with a pressure valve fetish, it vents stress from their wageslave lives by acting like a beast free of the pains of man, but unfortunately, it allows them to tolerate the system's abuses and leads to further new wrinkles in the kinks in adaption to further abuses.
He's an interview with one, try and spot the meth addiction symptoms and the injuries from "rough trade" A friend of mine that grew up in a doctor's family said he had a reconstructed eye socket and ligature marks from being noosed, as well as possible dental damage. Also he has no eyebrows or eyelashes.

The only people who take CNN seriously are hardcore leftists. They're not going to make cuckoldry "cool", and the absolute best this article can hope for is that it will make leftists look like even bigger idiots.

This kind of shit will always confuse and disgust me. Fuck, the thought of letting another guy put his fork on my plate to swipe some food is borderline enough to make me want to stab someone. This mindset is just so alien and disturbing to me.

Words cannot describe how much I hate these kikes for all the damage that they've done to society. Just pure visceral hatred.

Why is CNN only promoting cuckolding and not cuckqueaning?

He took the fall when Polanski had Sharon Tate killed.

If a man lets a woman cuckold him she will grow do despise him as weak. Woman like the idea of instant hypergamy but women ultimately want a man who will stay with them and gets jealous. Women want a reaction of a strong man.

I'm so far removed from normalfag consciousness that every panel made perfect sense to me without a single thought. I've gotten good enough at masquerading as a lemming so well that sometimes I forget I'm actually the farthest thing from it imaginable. I'm not sure how to process this feel.

Fuckin beautiful

I love that knife. Got the same model but it's a replica, so not actually useful for combat. Still amazingly sexy.


they came for the extended family first. Nuclear family is jewish bullshit

Yet you and the rest of Holla Forums willingly pick up and run with the "kill all boomers" meme?
The purpose of that meme is to foster alienation between the generations. Next it will be "Gen X has to die, look at all the nice stuff they have which you, at 20 years of age and without having slogged your guts out for 20-30 years, totally deserve to own RIGHT NOW! Take back what is yours comrade, eh, I mean fellow natsoc!"
Look where it started, with the Rebel Media e-celebs (fake independents).
It's probably already too fucking late. Video related, yes, that's London.


i still cant believe this article is real

You fucking cuck retard, the boomer's idiotic voting record, kiked sophism and god fucking awful parenting skills have already fostered alienation between the generations. This has nothing to do with an age gap. They are the worst generation in modern history and no amount of mental gymnastics will make them worthy of respect.

Sure, pic related.


"Amazing rewards" indeed :^)

I'm struggling to find a reaction image for these posts.

I gotchu

I'd say cuck, but…

It's as if human nature is not infinitely malleable after all. Do you suppose we're born with certain in-built instincts and stimulus responses, and that going against those causes lasting harm? But my sociology professor told me we're all free as birds and society unjustly forces us into monogamy and gender roles. Maybe it will be okay if we just educate children at younger ages.

That's because if two or more extended families live close by each other and get along, they automatically become a clan. Three or four clans make a tribe. Let that tribe fill the space available to it, and there's your ethnostate. And the first order of business for every ethnostate is to drive out the Jews.

Always thinking ahead, those crafty devils.

Sometimes I wish I had the power to just force an idea into someone's head. For

it'd be: You stupid fucking faggot
No, you fucking cuck. You're just a provider (like a father who has to take care of his child), it isn't due to love (as if a woman was capable of some of the deep kinds of love, i.e. the merging of philia and storge. Really, when a man means love, he means all forms of love [defined in greek], with eros occassionally coming into play).
tl;dr she's just using you.
The saddest part is, the faggot (supposedly) wasn't a cuck before, he even says, it wasn't even a fetish. But low and behold, the misinterpretation of the above let the sick and twisted perversity get a foothold into his relationship. He should've just ended it.

user, liberals aren't white.

On some level I have to agree with this, there are definitely parts of libcuck society that are lost forever and should be considered a different race alltogether.

Anyone who would make a major life choice based off a lazy CNN clickbait article is already walking collateral damage anyway. Worry about the people you can actually save.

My grandparents were of the greatest generation and I have nothing but respect for them. The boomers pissed away our country. Not saying we should kill them for it, but to hold them acountable is not wrong.


You'd think that the kikes would be smart enough to get someone who is attractive to be their mouthpiece for degeneracy. At least get someone who doesn't immediately set off the "creepy motherfucker" alarm in most normalfags brains. I guess the cultural divide between kikes and non-kikes is so wide that they don't think a greasy middle-aged man with an obvious boner talking about introducing BDSM to third-graders is strange.

I remember one study that suggested 96% of open marriages end in divorces. These cucks are probably nearly 100%.

Fuck, you were talking about literal gays.

We're hitting the bottom of the valley right now, but the bright side is that the other side - the uphill climb - is upon us and that ascent will be glorious.


Soon we'll see celebrities with cuck relationships and senators bringing their bulls to the White House.

As an interesting parallel to society, I recommend this biological article involving lizards of the same species with different breeding strategy. Most posters here would be like blue throats, society appears full of orange throats and yellow throats. If we can correlate reptile behavior to human behavior via understanding of human brain having a reptile core, then it can be assumed that the following may also apply:

The strategy also shows that behavior of courtship is also instinctive. Men who set bonds will almost always be bond setters and etc. As human numbers continue to rise, part of the job of courtship will be to include the above in their pursuit of monogamy. That, or we selectively mate only with women with higher than normal levels of Oxytocin.

I don't have a proper reaction image for that shitshow


What about cucking your wife?
Cucking at least used to be a two way strert. In the 80s it was more than common to have your man cheat on you, he'll even Shakespeare would make light of it.
It's an American thing for Tyrone to come and fuck your wife.
We should meme American vs classic cucking, get the kikes to have to say

Fuck this phone

Our neurological evolution hasn't seen our minds change, so much as nature just stacks new applications on top of the original OS. In tl'dr terms we have all of the following different "brains" operating simultaneously, in order from oldest, crudest and most powerful to newest, most intricate and subtlest.
>Hyperborean :^)

Incidentally, when some half-redpilled /fringe/tard goes on about the (((Lizard People))) he's actually not altogether wrong.

the second leftard will probably manage to find the right path and swallow the redpill

aka: We hate Trump and Trump supporters. Meh. I wish there was an event that wiped out 95% of the pop. And people like me and Holla Forums survives.

The second leftard is most likely a deep cover Holla Forumslack tbh

This is agonizing.

Cucking is not a two way street. There's no such thing as your wife being cuckolded. The entire concept has its roots in men that were raising another man's child unwittingly. Women always have the benefit of knowing their children are their biological offspring. The modern porn version of the term requires the husband to be a submissive retard who allows this degenerate shit to happen in front of him. Women should always be submissive in the bedroom even if they are a little bossy and assertive elsewhere in their lives. It's the natural balance.

"Okay honey, we'll get those drapes and tiles and yes maybe your floor plan does have its benefits but you know when I'm done making you cum tonight I'm going to fuck you like a caveman until you can't walk properly, oh and this is the car we're buying because I'm not a fucking soccer mum, I'm just fucking one."

I can't tell if what you said was parody and forgive me for taking this seriously but I would suggest that the "American thing" is to hang Tyrone from a tree for looking sideways at a white woman, not to let him fuck her.


I never knew it was a thing, I thought it a creation of modern times. Only someone without morality could engender, engage in or promote this degeneracy. I've been suspect on Shakespeare for a long time with his receding hairline, buggy eyes and sparse beard.

>my wife has broken up with him and will be visiting him one last time to tell him never to contact us
what an incorrigible beta, holy fucking shit

Secure the borders, then it's all about ending this kind of degeneracy.

If that was me I would lop the faggots head off.

Dang man, banging the dude who just buttraped your ATM machine husband seems evil even by today's excruciatingly degenerate standards. These people are so far gone that execution wouldn't even seem punitive, it would be a mercy.

we don't actually know what he looks like

I wonder (((why)))?

cuckquean is the term

At first I thought this pasta was funny but then it sounded pretty real, holy shit someone should write a slasher film based on this.

(((Anneli Rufus))) Every fucking time…

And lesbian to boot.

perhaps but you still end up with white babies

At this point I really don't see how those who have been indoctrinated to these things can be fixed. It really is at the level of the board must be cleared if the future is to survive in regards to the degenerates and how they have infiltrated/caused issues in very single facet of society. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't Hitler say this very thing would happen?

You know that sharp stinging pain above the stomach? Well now my whole abdomen aches

This is a deceptively powerful point. Most men want to attain a hard-to-get woman whom they lust after. That she give herself over to them after much trying and crying. This is pure selfishness. A generous person would make themselves something desirable, and then give them self over to a deserving person. That she may have what she needs and desires. But more importantly, what is good for her, and good for the the world.

No woman truly wants a man who worships her. For a man who worships her, is below her.

Every single fucking thing about that makes me want to scorch the earth

I feel much better now tbh

You're not getting my point. I'm not saying you should feel one thing or another, but emotional "reasoning" is nothing of the sort. If you act based on emotion you are more than likely going to take the wrong course of action. Leftists act based on emotion. For them it's indistinguishable. If they feel a certain way they must act that way (see: homosexuals).

Don't be like them. Act based on reason. Hate cats or mosquitos or bears or women all you want, but don't take actions based on that hatred. Take actions based on their nature — based on the facts. Don't kill the mountain lion because you hate it — kill it because it's a threat to you and your family. Don't slap the cat because you hate it — slap it so it will learn correct behavior. Don't shoot the bear because you hate it — shoot it because it is dangerous.

Don't take actions based on your hatred of women. Take them based on the nature of women.

I can only say it so much. Acting based on emotion will lead you down incorrect paths. Don't shut yourself off from emotion but don't let it control you either.

You kill the kike to ensure the possibility of him destroying everything you value is 0%, not because you hate him.

Emotions will lead you astray. Surely we all should know this.


It's nearly impossible to catch HIV from lesbian sex. By far the most common vector is receptive anal sex.

>Having sex Watching TV with one person just isn't natural

He's right you know.
On a genetic, species level, your job is to be impregnating as many females as possible to ensure your seed and child becomes the dominant offspring, and that is your legacy to life. Traditional family values are a good thing to have, but unfortunately make it difficult when Jamal and jews keep pushing for race mixing

Deku Link counts right?

Oh fuck wrong board, please delete this post


Nice job outing yourself, degenerate.

This is why the church pushed alcohol for so long. Ethanol (and certain other depressants/dissociatives) progressively shut down the layers of your mind, starting with the most recent.
Take just the right dose of alcohol, just shy of comatose, but not enough to prevent you moving around, and you're essentially a reptile.