Jordan Peterson questioned about Jews and Holodomor, his response will BlOw YoUr MiNd

In front of a live audience someone dared to question the Judeo cuck Peterson on the book, which he gave a copy to Peterson, 200 years together about the Jews in Russia.

The picture begins working at 50 seconds in but audio is fine all the way through.

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kike free first post

Why would someone willingly give Peterson attention?

Starts with: "Good and evil fight inside the kokoro of each man.

> some kikes in the USSR had racial hatred towards Ukrainians
> this led to (((holodomor)))
> some Anglos in the US had racial hatred toward Hispanics
> this led to (((deportations)))

He knows he's trapped. The JQ will not be avoided much longer, but he at heart still believes that no ethnic amount will define an individual so much he can classify them instantly. Maybe it's one of the last boomer bluepills that hold their optimistic but flawed worldview.

this tbh. and he triggers the fuck out of leftys

> this led to (((deportations)))

What? Whats wrong with deporting spics?

It's so great that a jew (he claims) brought this up. Peterson couldn't just label him a nazi and move on, and he couldn't say the jews are mass murderers either (not if he wants to keep his job, anyway).

Or maybe he just knows that if he acts as a kosher gatekeeper and misdirects his devotes, the jews will promote him and give a him a platform to farm patreon shekels from redditors, and jewish publishing houses will publish his self-help books?

So did Ben Shapiro and Milo. You should never support someone just because followers of the other jew-party don't like them.


He knows something we don't and doesn't wanna say anything.

Clean your room.

Webm, 360p.

This kind of stuff needs to happen more often. If any of you are in the same room as someone with a platform - especially if it's being filmed - you need to bring up the jews. Call into Molyneux's show with a personal issue you want to resolve, and just find a place to fit jews in. Pretend to be a jew, just as jews pretend to be us.

Nailed it. The man's a bloody charlatan, who steadfastly refuses to engage in debate with ethno nationalists because he knows there is nothing for him to gain from the experience, and the possibility of losing face - having been exposed as a vapid narcissist.

Not everybody needs to play the short game, bucko.

His entire purpose is to shore people up in the short game.

Whilst you could be right, you could also be wrong. For a long time we had a huge thing about "not revealing your power level". Peterson has got himself into a very good position, and his whole message at the moment is to not focus on the problems of the wider world until you have got your own affairs in order. He is likely right - now I realise that many of us veteran Holla Forumsacks are /fit/, rugged survivalists with weapons, ammunition and food stockpiles. We are strong of mind and body and have come to terms with the horrors that await us in the near future. The average white man however has not done this, and so Peterson might be well be correct in getting people to sort themselves out before taking on the jew.

He might also be what you accuse him of. Regardless though, he is currently pretty useful for our side. At the moment he is being the entry-level red-pill that leads people to us; a position previously taken by Alex Jones. Alex Jones did out himself for a true charlatan, and now tries his utmost to disavow 'us' - but he was a part of what got me on the track that led here, and I'm sure he did the same for others too. Until Jordan Peterson tries to lead people away from us - we should not make an enemy of him. He is a boon at the moment.

… Just remember to view these people as tools for the cause of righteousness. Once they outlast their usefulness be ready to dispose of them - and the same goes for Trump, Orban, Varg and everyone else. We are Men - we are not followers. Use the talents of other men to further our agendas - and when they become an obstacle, destroy them.

Is he under Jewish mind control, or just a weak cuck?

Even that race mixer Gavin talked about how the holocaust museum was brainwashing and called out the kikes for the holodomor.

His main goal seems to be the prevention of young male suicide, and getting them in order. Let me ask you this: is it easier to fix our societies with ghetto whiggers who smoke pot every day - most of whom hate "the bourgeois", or with a functioning family-based population that wants the best for their kids?

I've been on /lit/ too much, it seems.

I think he knows. He just can't admit it, maybe even to himself.

He has way too much real passion to be a total fake. I think maybe he's going through a slow redpill transition.

Even if he doesn't call out the kikes (yet), I view Petersen as a positive force. He is doing tremendous things for our young men. I say just keep the pressure on him, exactly like it was done in this video; politely, by offering him reputable source material to read. He will be forced to address the issue of jewish power sooner or later. It can't be avoided. Our memes are saturating the minds of the right so thoroughly, that within a year or two we will have reached critical mass; no-one on the right will be able to ignore the JQ whilst still remaining intellectually honest. Because we speak the truth. The future belongs to us, anons.

After he reads the book, he can't escape the JQ.

Where can I get a copy of 200 Years Together, anyways?

watch me

Here >>>/pdfs/5363

Cheers, user. Thanks.

And what said.

You know, I found it interesting that he hasn't talked about the mentor archetype. The one that prepares the hero for the journey.

So set up a time-frame for when you think he'll start reading it, and how long it'll take him, then when that's over, and he still isn't naming the jew, you can finally admit to yourself that he was just a kosher conman all along.

For now he is helping us a lot. He knows about the JQ, he is just avoiding answering it. He constantly refers to soviet Russia a text book example of communism at its worst. it doesn't take much research to discover the heavy involvement of Jews in bolshevik revolution and their disproportionate representation in its power structures.

He's no charlatan, he sends a lot of people in our general direction. Its up to us (not him) to ask and answer the JQ.

You lose your status entirely if you mention their involvement in public and he also doesn't want his listeners relentlessly targeted by kikes. He can handle the flak, but others can't.

Saving young men from suicide is not kosher at all, nor is it a con. Unless you believe in Demiurge.

Nothing. What he was trying to point out is that the kike is saying deportations are as atrocious as starving millions of people to death.

I can't help but feel he's another false opposition (like Trump), designed to bind normies to a new non-ideology of inertia, which allows the corrosive effects of liberalism to continue unabated. He was on channel 4 ffs. It doesn't get any more establishment than that.

Did you watch the interview? It was a hitjob start to finish. They didn't have him there because they liked him.

No he isn't, he gave an answer (mp4).

There are two possibilities: he's completely jew-owned or he's a coward, either way he's charlatan who's misleading his followers.

Oh, so he's lying about the jews to protect his followers. What a great guy.

When you're that invested in someone, and credit them with you very existence, of course you'll never be able to look at them objectively and see what's obvious.

He didn't stop me. Try again.

Sure he didn't, I you just brought it up multiple times for no reason. This is an anonymous board, you don't have to be embarrassed.

Have you seen what they did to people in Charlottesville? They doxed them, fired them from their jobs, and closed their bank accounts. Under kikes, you have no human rights as your entire status hinges on believing in the bullshit they give to you.

There's a dedicated anti-Peterson shitposter that jumps all over threads like these and contributes nothing. Just filter him.

Because it is the most relevant thing of his in relation to our society and politics, especially the politically incorrect.
It's the single biggest killer on young men in the West. Soldiers are young men. How will you win your war? With Internet memes read by spics?

Peterson isn't worth your time unless you need a fucking therapist.

We're going to continue to live under kikes as long as traitors like Peterzion protect them.

Interesting. What do you make of it?

Putting aside the issue of calling out kikes for a moment, do you think Peterson's message is having a net positive or a net negative effect on white males in particular?

Not who you're asking, but I've personally seen an extremely strong positive effect. I've got multiple friends and family members who grew up in dysfunctional households getting their shit together and becoming men worth being proud of. He's got a distinct 'dad you wish you had' effect.

You people are bloody deluded. He's the based extreme voice they have on to prove they entertain all views. He and his ilk are being set up as a fake opposition to the forces of disintegration. They are people who do absolutely nothing for the betterment of white people - quite the opposite in fact. He preaches that white people completely disavow collective identity, just like everyone else. The man's a mental midget, who likely has his books published by a jew.

you do realize he threw out the standard canards of ashnkenazi IQ being the reason for jewish success. he also stated the jews were resented for their success and that anti semitism was reprehensible if taken as an 'a priori' stance.

canards we can easily disprove which then changes his whole argument.

so if we take what we know, no special Jewish IQ, so no *legitimate* reason for their success, there must be a strong in group preference for it. Petersen does state that in group preference is normal in that speech. therefore antisemitism 'posteriori' after realizing they are cheating to get and maintain privilege in societies alien to them would be a legitimate reason to be antisemitic. In a lefty academic world he is surrounded by jews, he is just using their sneaky double talk against them.

Hes useful to us , leave him alone, hes no Aldolf but useful.

Didn't blow my mind at all, I was expecting such a reaction.

That's a whole lot of logical leaps and projection there.

I think it's a false positive - ie. he's sending them down a slightly different path, but one that leads to the same destination (the absolute destruction of everything they hold dear). He, like sargoy et al, is little more than a based 1990's liberal who wants to pretend that nothing moved on from that decade. His role is to say 'SHUSH' to the most vocal noise-makers, so that the liberal project can continue, and he can continue patting himself on the back for being an atomised smuggo. He acts like minorities are still only a fraction of the population ffs. He also acts like any of these other racial groups are EVER going to give up their collective identities and activism. This will never happen. The best he can do is provide new language (which isn't even new, anyway - it's actually the language of the '90's) for the endeavour of deracinating white people, and white people alone. (((Powerful people))) can see that the writing is on the wall for the most extreme manifestations of leftism, so they push forward people like Peterson as a new Hitler, and hope the goyim will be stupid enough to flock to him as a renegade figure.

There's a bloody good reason he won't debate ethno nationalists. It's because his personal project - which is based entirely around shekel-making and self aggrandisement - would be exposed as the utterly illogical outpouring of selectively applied and completely autistic faux principles it is.

He had a premonition that he would be tasked with awakening the cosmic masculine force into the world. I think his individualism serves this purpose as well. So rather than starting a movement, there is a spiritual awakening. It won't be happy with feminism, it won't be happy with lies and it won't be happy with democracy - as much as he praises this debt collecting scheme. As such it won't be happy with Jews.
So I think that he is a premonition of things to come, similarly as Kek was a sign of the times ahead.

His theology and spirituality is interesting, though. There are better ones for it, though, like Jonathan Pageau.

Jordan will never publicly turn on the Jewish people because he is an Anglo and knows in his utmost depths that his people are of the same branch, by spirit if not by blood.

If anyone had any doubts whatsoever that D&C kikes descend all over threads like this, let this post set your worry at ease. The answer is yes.

There are lots self-help authors who have positive effects on White men without brainwashing them with individualism and and kosher politics.

Not in the eyes of his cult that views him as their infallible father figure.

tbh I am myself an Anglo, and you have to wonder if my behaviour is a reflection of this.

A life improvement guru wouldn't give advice that would enable others ruin their lives. He also doesn't want his ideas as a whole discredited.

You're arguing with the "Peterzion" shill. He uses the same tired bruteforced attempts at memeing in every thread.

He's just throwing the bullshit buzzwords (in a liberal/multicultural context) at white people that everyone else does. These are principles that only white people adopt. He denies this obvious fact. The world is far too cold, and the state of civilisation is far too parlous for yet more empty platitudes of vapid idealism to be any answer at all. White people need to organise and to acknowledge that such organisation is common to all other groups. No longer can we continue playing by rules which can only ever apply in jew-free, racially homogenous European societies. He actively opposes such ideas (although never directly, because, as I stated above, he avoids debating 'evil nazis') - and given that he's now positioned himself (/been positioned) as a revolutionary thinker, he's actually more dangerous to our cause than obviously mental liberals.

People like Peterson are about making white people play nice, just as they are beginning to realise that they are surrounded by jackals. I take no comfort from his words - and that his fans do is dispiriting, because it means they are STILL avoiding obvious realities, and the necessary strategies to combat them.

This is the Crux, use their 'as a white person' right back at them, but obviously he's been influenced by Holla Forums in these matters since he merely mentions NKVD, these groups and organisations changed faces as the decades passed intentionally to hide their genocidal plans, the hole goes much deeper and can be traced back to the Tsars before the Bolshevik revolt who were blackmailed into giving Jews the Russian riches.

So he's saying that Peterzion protects jews because he cares so much about his followers and doesn't want the jews to hurt them, but I'm the shill?


Yeah, you're the shill, because you're such an obnoxious one-note cunt that you can be singled out across multiple threads and never argue anything in good faith. You just show up, shit the thread up, and act like you did everyone a favor for it. You're a distraction at best, better only in terms of brevity than the "FISH BOL" spammer.

Everyone knows what Peterson says. You aren't enlightening anyone. But he's having a positive impact in a major way and is gutting popular perception of Marxism while preaching personal strength and responsibility to young men.

Do you think he's right about Jordan's traitorous behavior really being out of love for his fans who the jews might hurt if he told them truth?

Who fucking knows. He's expressed concern on repeated occasions for people that might end up dogpiled for agreeing with him. He's in Canadian academia; your life is over if anyone so much as smells Schokolade in your pockets. Which may not even be the kikes, but their pets. The rabid Tumblr types.



Exactly; these niggers are pretty much saying that everyone that doesn't fit their standard of ideological purity is a kike, which is fine if they want their opposition of the jew to consist of about 10 or 11 larping faggots. good luck with that.

He preaches a lot of personal responsibility and shit that should be common sense but isn't thanks to boomers and marxists. Why are these faggots against a psychologically strong and responsible volk?

Der kostbarste Besitz auf dieser Welt, aber - ist das eigene Volk.

Yeah, he is still naive like all old people. Bought into the whole democracy narrative hook line and sinker.
Jews don't go around raping and pillaging in public. Niggers do. Which group is in power? It's not about 'playing nice', it's about self mastery. It's not about being a wimp either, it's about fixing your own shit first.
Context is key. I'll use army as an institution that can help us break this issue with you. Armies are divided into many different institutions within themselves. Hence their rather chaotic nature - despite the rigid enforcement of order and hierarchy. For example, military hospitals do not have the same strictness as artillery regiments, in the field there are things that the soldiers can be a bit more lax than in the barracks etc. Oh, and even soldiers from the front lines get vacations.

He's hiding his power level, user. It's called (a) good strategy and (b) having a fucking family to feed and take care of.


If he was just silent when he it came to issues like jews and Israel, that might be one possible explanation, but he isn't. Why is it so hard to accept that an open philosemite and zionist isn't really "/ourguy/"?


I think it's a lack of realistic perspective on what causes cultural shift combined with an overall lack of patience. Cultures don't go 14/88 overnight. Not even the entire media machine pushing jingoism got the US population riled up that far over 9/11, and that was with 4 digits of murders, the obliteration of a planetary landmark, and billions in damage as a starting point.

You can't wait for Hitler. You have to take a stream of Mini-Hitlers. Not even Hitler was full "wait for Hitler" Hitler until he had already been in office.

You take the opportunities you have to push culture the way it needs to go, and at some point you will look backwards and realize which of your Mini Hitlers became the real one. People here always want to look forward to find history, totally oblivious to the perspective trick.


Because he's against the very idea of a 'volk'. This decadent and complacent squeamishness is the nucleus that all of the forces of disintegration coalesce around. Libertarianism/classical liberalism will be the last refuge for the kikes. You (and others like you) may be correct to think that, unwittingly, Peterson will have a positive effect on society, by sending them on the path towards us. I fear that this may not be the case - and that the majority of his supporters will remain as he would have them - helpless and alone, atomised and confused - and afraid of their own shadows. We really don't have long left tbh, so I simply cannot help but detest boomers like him who continue to preach things which are so obviously ill-conceived and lazily idealistic (actually self-affirming).


As I keep saying - I can envisage the normies remaining Peterson/Sargoy-tier universalists, as their society continues to crumble around them. I worry that this will be (fake) rebellion enough.


thats fair I suppose; I'm not sure what it'll take to bring more under the fold, but I'm afraid that going full 14/88 will make most people recoil and run to the far left, so I'd rather have people like him around to be babbys first step toward manhood.


The jackals I was speaking of were the jews, really. I meant that people are realising what a load of shit liberalism is. Peterson is a false opposition to liberalism. He's basically just a less impolite, less overt liberal. The outcome of his beliefs is the same.

So what if he is not 100% /ourguy/, the question is is he or is he not an asset in shifting the overton window. He doesn't need to be /ourguy/ to be useful.


I don't propose Hitler worship btw. The way I see it - that movement is dead. It lived in a particular time, in a particular country - but now it's gone. I'm only saying this in the case that by 'going full 14/88' you meant rebuilding German style National Socialism, rather than simply adopting ethno nationalism.

I quite possibly am being a bit pessimistic to think that people like him won't ultimately prove to be a gateway. I will still continue to dislike him for his inertia and his myopia. I will also continue to find it vexing that people on here are so enamoured with him because he 'totally triggered a leftist jewess'.



That has been my observation as well, user.

I understand your concern. Basically, you're saying that Petersen is a convincing speaker, and potential recruits will get caught in his orbit and never reach us. I don't really share this concern, though, because in my experience, friends with whom a conversation has gravitated towards something Petersen said or did, where they have agreed with his position, tend to be open to further redpilling. They are open minds willing to be opened further. Petersen doesn't have to be a hardcore GTKRWN advocate to be of use to us; we have the responsibility to push our message, and in my experience Petersen makes people more open to redpilling rather than less.

I believe that our race's (re)awakening to the jew is a spiritual shift already in motion. There will be a moment when the consciousness of our people will shift en masse, and shift radically, once people to feel safe enough to drop the pretense of "not knowing".

He's white, it's in his nature to be compassionate of others. We don't know about his intention, but he's knows what they'll do to his followers the moment he gives credibility.

This too. It seems that newer generations are spoiled by instagram videos and videogames. They want the immediate result and they don't think about the long term. It's actually on a progressive scale.

There's a reason why the press accuses anyone to the right of internationalist communists as being Nazi or alt-right, and it's because those bloggers are aware that those folks are very close to knowing the truth. The only thing that holds those people back is their status and image. If they lose those, then they will acknowledge the truth in public. William Pierce had that theme in the Turner Diaries.

Yes, but the reference to "playing nice" is something I answered. Jews are an odd group, because the exception is to not be a jackal, whereas with every other group you have a distinct cut of people who are and who aren't.
I don't think he is offering a political solution to anything, or that he can. He is against ideological blindness.
This is true, but many decide to go for socialism instead. Nothing will change so long as materialism and state is kept as the solution to everything.
Peterson is a classical liberal, even in his own words.
Hardly, since he believes in holy things, like duty and consciousness.

Ah, is Pete after the less committed right boys?
Could he encourage misogynist that they can still be lib & sraight boy?

checked and agreed; I'm still kind of new to the eceleb thing. I rarely go on jewtube but it's more recently caught my attention just for interesting jew conspiracy vids (if you know any hook me up). Anyways, a lot of these youtube celebs seem either to be too docile (peterson), mostly theatre (Jones), or controlled opposition (Spencer), but one can hope that it helps bring normies further to the right.


Asians have also been awakened, as have the Middle-Easterners. I've seen some hints of Africans awakening to the JQ as well. We need to redpill India and South America, and the Jew will have no place to go.
Yes, and it will be global - a karmic retribution for their globalist ways. A revolution will always eat its children.



this post should be quints

All I know is that after he thoroughly BTFO'd that cunt on British TV I had normalfag friends approaching me to talk about it. One of them came to me afterwards and said that he thought about what I said about how much privilege and special treatment they actually receive and said I was totally right. He realized how much women's ideas were pushed in his workplace even if they were bad and saw for the first time how easily men deferred to them for fear of reprisal.
Guys just like Peterson were the stepping stones that led a lot of us here. If you gave me a copy of Mein Kampf 15 years ago I would have tossed it in a fireplace and never thought about at it again, just like any NPC who can't think past muh dick and "hurr I can't wait for the next Star Wars" would do today.
But guys like him sort of undo the liberal brainwash little bits at a time by appealing to those under sway of it's ideology and planting seeds of doubt. Yeah he's not NatSoc. Obviously. That's only a problem if you have NatSocs abandoning ship for his brand. They're not. It's the opposite. And if even a fraction of the people listening to him are intellectually honest and curious like we were, they will eventually move past his lukewarm appeal and end up here. And if they don't, well fuck them. They obviously didn't have the fortitude to admit to and own truths about themselves and others that is contrary to what they've been told their whole lives. But for the handful that do, it's a win overall imo. We can pick up where he leaves off.

So the outcome of his beliefs isn't a deracinated and atomised group surrounded by racially conscious enemies?

And I meant he's a false opposition to the forces of disintegration that he is very much a part of. Classical liberalism is as destructive as its modern American variant was my point.

There is a hierarchy to his beliefs, and most viewers can see that. Obsolete memes don't spread. They are dead.
Take a good, long look at the effects you are seeing. Good or bad?

I do not disagree. However, his liberalism isn't spreading. His esoteric, spiritual and self-improvement memes are.
These live, these spread.
This won't spread. The archetypes will guide us directly towards monarchy, nobility - as will the racial division, which can only be solved by a sovereign ruler. A king is an individual.

I would advise against calling in pretending to be a jew. Their psychology is so perverse that in order to be convincing you will have to do real mental damage to yourself to be convincing.

I think a better idea is to just unashamedly tell the truth about them. Blood "libel" is spread so far across both space and time that it verges on absolute Bayesian certainty.

Add to that the fact that the Jews are descended from the Phoenicians who were also the Carthaginians, both of whom are people who were historically known to have practiced child sacrifice, and it gets even MORE obvious.


I think it all comes back to the Mesopotamians (Assyrians etc). Do you have some reading material for the Phoenician heritage thing?

I'm not a fan of circumcised, genocidal and warmongering Americans, nor the privateering and opportunistic British. However, I would tell you to avoid insulting yourself and the surrounding people with that comparison.

Don't forget Babylonians, where they got their spirituality (phariseanism) from.

Nigga that wasn't a jew, its obvious that he lied to get that question through. I mean that was OUR project to translate that book, I'm sure he's a Holla Forumsack.

I saw this a while ago and its still so fuckin shocking to me that he came that far. I genuinely believe antisemitism is going mainstream. My normal friends are starting to question jews.

You know, this was bound to happen eventually. Blaming the very nations that waged war against Hitler's Germany for what Hitler's Germany did. It worked on the broken and torn generations, the war had its toll on their psyche.

Jews cause mental damage whatever. Its not like you're pretending to be a fellow jew (unless you're calling CNN).

Think of it this way, he's building up Whites(and others) in a way that thwarts jew agenda without addressing jews jewing. End result is stronger Whites, jews having a harder go of jewing. I don't believe this goes far enough in order to defeat jews jewing but it helps.

You're am imbecile. You call yourself a jew in the intro because it allows people to listen to what you have to say without putting their 'racism guards' up.

As proof of this, look to the based negro phenomenon. I'm sure you must have seen videos on youtube where a black conservative comes in and starts saying something that a billion white men have said before; but when he says it, everyone listens. The interviewer gives him endless praise and opportunity to talk about things that he would cut a white man off for saying. The comment section will be full of whites saying how great it is that this black man exists, that he is absolutely right, that they had never thought about it in such a way before. You will see the EXACT same thing with women who talk about men's rights. Normalfags are bloody idiots and once you realise this, you can stop treating them as equals and start utilising little tricks to break their conditioning. Referring to yourself as part of what you are criticising is the perfect way to do it.

It is dishonest but a strong tactic, this is literally how jews did this shit to us in the first place.

It works, proof is jews having been doing it for thousands of years.


Double edged sword to publicly admit you are a jew for the sake of the culture war though. You'll likely wind up in the sights of a nationalist faction.

There could be a much simpler reason. Ever heard of the expression "don't shit where you eat?"

What's the smarter thing to do: reveal your power level in kike central, or act as an ambassador to /pol where normies can make up their own minds?

Maybe a problem in the future but jews have been living risk free in this regard for a long time now.

Only for call-in type things. Never lie or be dishonest about the actual content of what you are saying; do not call yourself a jew and talk about how you have been waging a subversive war against the goys or anything of that nature. It's just as a pre-face to a question because it makes people lower their mental guards. If the world wasn't such a messed up place I would be against even that measure of dishonesty; but our people have been brainwashed since their first breath, they not only block out anything that seems 'racist' but they will actively attempt to suppress it. This is unconscious on their part, so we use methods to force their guards down so that they can hear the truth.

No one should actually take on a jewish persona or lie about anything. You only use it as a way to preface your argument, and its only really going to work online or over the phone (or when you're an anonymous individual in a large crowd). I'll emphasise that we are not seeking to deceive anyone or lie about anything - we are trying to make people see and accept the truth.

Yeah I get it. Just needs to be played carefully. I bet someone in the ADL is watching this conversation and shitting themselves.

Peterson is a faggot

Very insightful. Did you post that shitpost
for free?


Very nice memetic work!

this. this. this.

When Jordan Peterson is being shilled here this hard in the past two weeks you know this place is fucking done. It's literally turned into fucking Reddit.

Do you keep this in the same folder as your trumptouchesthewall.mp4?



Isn't he from Cunuckistan? He has no choice.

The true purpose of this moment is to redpill even 1 person in the audience, or seeing this youtube video.

Could listen two minutes. I hate the sarcasm. This guys a dick.

I had to watch it twice but at no point were deportations ever mentioned….

We need to get his groupies to read the actual most important books of all time, Mein Kampf and The Myth of the Twentieth Century. If a subsection of his cultists start handing out pdf-laden thumbdrives at events, the game goes to the next stage.

Neither. You need hardcore killers with not thing to lose. Family men are not going to save us.

He talks about getting your life in order, yet he is a feminist cuckold henpecked by his wife with a whore daughter.

The only thing you can do is box these so-called "intellectuals" in so that even if they don't answer the question they'll expose the answer to everyone around them and lose credibility at the same time.

Like ironically pointing out the U.S. had the strictest racial policy (one drop rule) compared to NATSOC Germany. England developing the idea of the "Concentration Camp" during the Boer War. How it's common sense to imprison or confine possible enemies within your borders when you're going to war with them. That one is largely in reference to make Germans or Americans feel bad for imprisoning people during WW2, but England did the exact same thing as did the other major powers.

There are so many cohencidences and so much degeneracy being pushed.
And every fucking time anyone questions it, oy vey muh holohoax is used to silence it.
Immigration? Fucking jews in the way of that being fixed
It's become VERY easy to talk about the JQ in public now.

2018 will be the year of the JQ
2019, we will purge

Literally who.

With just two words he told everyone whose even remotely aware of the truth more than any long-winded 10min response could. And certainly sparked the fires of curiosity in thousands of people who follow him. No wonder all the shills are here. The fire rises.

We point out 109 countries,359 times and say - If someone was fired from 109 jobs 359 times who's to blame for that?
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

May is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

This is your mind on kike.
Another example
>people are angry with (((you))) being 1% of population, but somehow almost 40% of soviet secret police torturing people to death and the main oppressor, reaches peak anger so rest of the government, your shabbos goyim gives you israeli passport and says "you should leave"
Same as
>Soviets invading your home, telling you to get the fuck out now to other part of Poland, or you if you don't like it, you can go to a luxurious place where time seems to stop a gulag in Siberia

Newman: Okay, so rather than denying that the pay gap exists, which is what you did at the beginning of this conversation, shouldn’t you say to women, rather than being agreeable and not asking for a pay raise, go ask for a pay raise. Make yourself disagreeable with your boss.

Peterson: But I didn’t deny it existed, I denied that it existed because of gender.

See, because I’m very, very, very careful with my words.

Newman: So the pay gap exists. You accept that. I mean the pay gap between men and women exists—but you’re saying it’s not because of gender, it’s because women are too agreeable to ask for pay raises.

Peterson: That’s one of the reasons.

Newman: Okay, so why not get them to ask for a pay raise? Wouldn’t that be fairer?

Peterson: I’ve done that many, many, many times in my career. So one of the things you do as a clinical psychologist is assertiveness training.


There are millions of lost men in this world and they are seeking direction. Clearly Peterson is registering with a substantially sized group of young white men. This only becomes a problem when Peterson acknowledges them as followers implicitly making himself a Guru. This type of relationship is detrimental to both the follower and the Guru. It gives pleasure to all involved and the actions of the Guru and the followers are prejudiced in favor of maintaining this relationship. And like any relationship based on pleasure You become dependent upon it like any other addiction.

Peterson should reject any inkling that he is a Guru and he should deride anyone who considers himself a follower. If he doesn’t and accepts the mantel of Guru he can no longer speak only on his own behalf. So Peterson self-censors to protect his accolades.

Most of mankind seem desperate to give themselves over to an authority whether that authority is a god, man or ideology it is an act of submission.

You can see in this thread there is a desperate need for a savior. On this board that savior is the reincarnation of a self-idealized version of Hitler. Ones own personal Hitler that you can always hold onto like a security blanket.

This is the only user in this entire thread who actually understands the nature of jewish subversion.

Blown the fuck out, save the video before it gets shoahd thoroughly.

Peterson has been around really since 1999. So almost 20 years. And with pretty much the same mindset. Only the last few years has be gained any sort of following after calling out trannys. That's all it takes to get low tier faggot's attentions. Little sound bites that conform to a few of their opinions, all whilst ignoring the vast majority of his work which is actually counter narrative to NatSoc.

His brain threw an error. The JQ made him bluescreen. Answering the questions really would have made him lose his job though, so you can't blame him. he's slowly going to get redpilled like stephan molyneux. Just give it time.

Peterson: There’s this idea that hierarchical structures are a sociological construct of the Western patriarchy. And that is so untrue that it’s almost unbelievable. I use the lobster as an example: We diverged from lobsters evolutionarily history about 350 million years ago. And lobsters exist in hierarchies. They have a nervous system attuned to the hierarchy. And that nervous system runs on serotonin just like ours. The nervous system of the lobster and the human being is so similar that anti-depressants work on lobsters. And it’s part of my attempt to demonstrate that the idea of hierarchy has absolutely nothing to do with sociocultural construction, which it doesn’t.

Newman: Let me get this straight. You’re saying that we should organize our societies along the lines of the lobsters?

Atema’s recent work reveals even more complexity in what he calls the “underwater odor world.” The whole social structure of lobsters is held together by chemical recognition of dominance, sex differences, and molting state, he explains. “It’s remarkable that what humans consider a higher-animal behavior is found in what’s known as a lower animal.” Male lobsters fight to establish dominance, and the losing male, in subsequent encounters, will back down to avoid another fight with a previous victor. The animals identify each other individually by “smelling” odors in urine released during the fight.

On what platform? In what venue? In what way to sway the minds of his followers? I love this attitude of "oh we can redpill them in the future with no problem xdddd:)", doubtless you'd have said the same thing during the neoconservative and evangelical movements in the 1980's, and I bet you dollars to donuts that pro-whites at the time thought all that was just fuckin' dandy, that the inevtiable progression would lead to mass awakenings for whites all across America and Britain. Did it? No fucking way. Because YOU don't control the narrative here, the people on TV and the people with 1000000 followers on jewtube control the narrative. And most people, which is all you need to steer society wherever the fuck you want it to go, follow the narrative.

No amount of money will make truth false or falsehood truthful.
He knows that. He sees the world around him and knows he will have to face the JQ once more. He wants to believe it isn't true, but that is just desire.



Talk about integrating the inner shadow!

Holy shit you're right
He is trying so hard to fight it, it's beautiful


Wasn't there a thread on redpilling Peterson? Maybe this was a Holla Forumsack larping as a jew to get him to open up.

You take the opportunities you have to push culture the way it needs to go, and at some point you will look backwards and realize which of your Mini Hitlers became the real one. People here always want to look forward to find history, totally oblivious to the perspective trick.
What the fuck are you babbling about? You clearly have no knowledge of German history, or the slightest clue as to how Hitler came into power. You, like too many other anons, entertain the notion that the Weimar republic was a hegemonic force of pure kike degeneracy and against all odds, Hitler came to save the day. This is false. Germany was insanely destabilized from the Kiel mutiny onwards, and Hitler's ascent to power was preceded not only by the ongoing assasinations of leftist figures (Mathias Erzburger, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht), but by military actions by literal far-right deathsquads who were EMPLOYED BY THE GOVERNMENT to clean up leftist trash in Berlin after the kidnapping of Otto Wels. Hitler only suceeded because literally the entire state of Bavaria was turned into a decade-long incubator nationalists when the Soviet Republic of Bavaria was brutally dispatched by Ehrhardt. Bavarian nationalism was the reason Hitler himself only got like 6 months in prison for the Putsch. In short, we are so fucking far from anything resembling a Natsoc state that talks of "gradual cultural shift" are utterly meaningless. What we need is quick and fast organization.

Lmao fuck that.

If after "I can't do it" he had added: "and you know why" would essentially tell the audience member "yes, jews have so much influence that I cannot answer that question without being destroyed by that influence" but he'd have plausible deniability against any kosher cucks who ask him about it later by simply claiming he meant something else.

For someone who is supposedly smart and chooses their words so deliberately he could have answered that question by inference yet wasn't clever enough to do so.

Off-topic, but this is an extremely powerful meme. Spread it far and wide, user. It goes a long way toward answering the "why?" part normalfaggots never figure out on their own.

Like in Vietnam, eh, Chaim?
Families will save us.

What is happing to this board? Since when does Holla Forums defend e-celebs?

I didn't catch the "recruitment" posts you speak of so if you'll kindly point them out.

"Cult" is the most common shill accusation. It pops up all the time in the comments of his videos, usually with a plaintive introduction that casts the speaker as 'sympathetic but not a fan because just wow'. And then if you click on their account, it's totally empty of everything but botscraped subscriptions.

If you accept 4chan as a cult, which it is. Then you have to accept that peterson has a cult too.

Seems you see everything as a cult.

"Cult" is up there with 'scary words for things I disapprove of' right alongside "regime", "screed", and the usual list of -ists.

Another good one is if you concentrate and spend a lot of time on something it's labeled addiction. Everything put in bad connotation.

An interesting question however is why cults given the current environment spawn that easily.

Well the "jews" operate in a similar way that aristocrats operate, i think the main point here is the misunderstanding of different positions.
The jewish faith (gods choosen etc.) is also similar to calvinism, that means gods blessing is measured in wealth, which is to say the wealthier you get the more god likes you.
From a psychological or spiritual position it "mainstreams" human perception on what and what not do, it also cancles out doubt and streamlines ethics etc. which also leads to certain other forms of human behaviour, that means that the less fortunate (aka the goyim) are to be treated as cattle.

So that very same arrogance leads to georgy boys that put their money (even if well intended) into bullshit that most people reject because it is against their very own interests, which of course will not be seen that way by the georgy boys.

Just gas yourself shill.

I guess since peterson is a psyduck and follows the hippocratic oath, it isnt his fault the jews promote his ideas, because it is actually good business.

I don't know that much about him, but he is quite obviously a charismatic leader.


Peterson reminds me of Oprah.


Yes he is, but i dont like the clean shaven face, i resembles too much sterility, it also is much more susceptible to criticism.

Moneyjew is never going to be redpilled, he's a subversive kike who dupes retards like you. In that respect, he has a lot in common with Juden Peterson.

Peterson actually pretty much says its all right here in a bit of a Freudian slip. If jews in upper echelons of society have a high IQs and a very nepotistic and a "jewish path to success" as pic related talks about then one could figure they'd be in high positions despite being an extreme minority. But then you have a whole sort of diseases like schizophrenia found in large proportions among jews. But then jews in power or jewish intellectualism is linked to the marxist and communist deconstruction of traditional thought, thought that is constructive for the peoples of the world and actually builds something instead of slowly rotting it. Thought that doesn't make communist governments. So yes, the jews came into power of a mix of our tolerance and their own volition, but they have time and time again abused that power cause that's just what they do

It isn't killing them. They should be slaughtered, not deported. They're only going to keep trying to come back. Queue story about Kate Stinely's murderer having been deported over 10 times.

Molyneux is Jewish, through his mother

And even with all my points on that, it's all assuming that high jewish IQ really means what we assume it means, or that this infograph isn't truthful is it?

Anglo's and Jews are bad news.

I would assume julian assange is really interesting to analyize.

Either tell us what he said or kill yourself.

Why didn't you post this in the other Peterson thread you fags were getting BTFO in?

So buttblasted you had to make a thread as some sort of counter attack
Pathetic and predictable

Using Peterson's cult techniques?

He is about 10% (don't let degenerates force pronouns on you) our guy, 30% (sort yourself out) reasonable and 60% reinforcing everything the kikes want to be enforced.
I don't think that somebody who is on the edge will become more redpilled after watching Peterson going on about how Hitler is even more evil³-erer than he thought and how we should be grateful that the intellectually superior uber-jews are ruling over us.

You're might just like all the other retards who see a father-figure you've never had in him - which is the reaction he's trying to cultivate in young men, of course.

Give me some examples of said cult techniques.
A cult is something more than simple believes and motivation, it is pretty well defined.

Why would I care? He's clearly an idiot.

I m pretty sure you are trying to bait me you fucking shitshill.
Now why is peterson an idiot, i would like to have an answer for that question, i rather assume he takes a reasonable position, now wether or not this is idiotic is more or less subject to your own involvement.
But isnt that exactly what a psyduck would do?


It's troublesome that he won't answer the JQ. Is Peterson a step along the red pilled path? Or is he a controlled opposition valve to release white rage to keep them under control? Make up your own mind. Personally, anyone unwilling to name the Jew as enemy isn't my ally in current year + 3.

I've been listening to some of his videos for some months now. I don't know about his older work, but i didn't come across any of that "subversion" you are talking about.
Sure, he is a bit naive in some cases, but he is one of the very few with a large following that talks about race and IQ. And i cannot remember anything that would be a red flag for me. No one listening to him will become more leftist. That puts him at least on neutral ground. He avoids the topic of the need for ethno-national societies, but i cannot blame him not wanting to be reduced to an Alex Jones.
Of course i would change my mind if you could provide any "subversive" statements he made in the last year.

I gave you an example: that tweet. You don't think le argument man really believes that, do you?

I give you an example about that there isnt any clear "red pilled path" because the redpill in itself is always subject to ones own personality, values etc. It is mainly a battle about pragmatism and idealism.
So once i met some physicists (because me best friend is one), one guy was highly idealistic and one guy was highly pragmatic.
So we got all drunk and the idealistic physicist would come buy a left alone tv screen pick it up and smash it and felt really happy about that, and the pragmatic physicist (i want money etc. going into algorithms etc.) became more like a dog to put it a provocative manner.

So you can take similar people grown up in a similar enivornment and they would take on different paths given the same intelligence and education.

So for the pragmatic, jordan peterson is a leader and for the idealistic he is something to be destroyed.

even his kike tranny pal Camille Paglia says openly on one of his videos that jewish people were behind communism in newyork in the beginning

Okay let me lay this to rest once and for all, the project has come far enough that he cant go around goose stepping on stage shouting about tearing down the jewish elite.
A) its more complicated than that.
B) it will have him memory holed down the gulag of cuckcanuckistan
C) his entire base of lessons he's teaching have a very strong root in the same base as aestheticism,
D) if you actually follow him and listen through his entire lecture series you will soon find hes doing a better job than any of you at solving this issue, he has direct connection with wealthy elite academic demographic and he is basically pushing for traditionalist families and presenting bold face clean information about differences in cultural identities that are embedded in genetic and biological traits.

To elaborate on your point
Deportation is not Justice.
If someone breaks a man's leg, a team makes damage assessment of the leg's value that he need to pay back.
If someone steals guy's phone, he is forced to give it back, pay damages, & spend time in Jail.
If someone unlawfully takes another human's life, his life needs to be taken as well.

Let's say I've been jumped on the street, and an urban youth™ is attempting to strangle me
he is actively carrying out a murder, but unfortunately for him, i pull out a switchblade and stab him in the neck, ending his life in rightful self-defense.
Death penalty is an assurance of justice to the victim and ensuring the perpetrator will never hurt anyone again.
Also, Belarus is having an execution of two murderers responsible for murdering a young couple soon, (((EU))) is asshurt about it already.

Don't know the context for that tweet or why he felt the need to make it, but i doubt he has any insider information on that topic. Probably covering his arse.
Also, i don't use twatter. I only listen to some of his videos, and based on that, he seems ok. He is mainstream, i don't expect much of him. Just think he dosn't deserve all the hate he is getting on here. Maybe in the past, but not now.
And to be honest, i could argue with you all day about all the shit that Trump says on a daily basis, even if its all just chess and giggles.


Depends on who enforces justice, given the government enforces justice it is always subject to certain mechanisms that define the rules of engagment, after all you sit there with a batch and a bunch of faggots that support said decisions which also allows abstraction.

But given we enact the rule of mob and the SJW are on one side of the fence, it will enact natural law and the SJWs and betas are certainly not on the winning side.

He claimed that the attempted jewish coup in Iran was organic because of a non-existent media blackout. He's a lying kike.

Every leader is subject to his own ideas and rhetoric which means a certain extrapolation of said rhetoric they will emotionally explore said ideas given a certain position. Which will mean that libertarian leaders are much more subject to their own words so they do not (n)eat them, because they are emotionally loaded.

I have a strong suspicion that Peterson is hiding his power level. Being as well read as he is and having interest in psychology and marxism he couldn't have missed MacDonald's Culture of critique.
Here's a Joe Rogan podcast where he slips and almost reveals his powerlevel (watch it from the time stamp 2:24:35 ). He almost made the argument why kikes want to flood the west with niggers and destroy us.

I don't think it's too crazy to claim that the media would have a far bigger push/better coordination if this was one of their usual regime-change "protests".
They were barely saying anything, especially in the first couple of days.
Could it be that you're just in an autistic fit because there were a couple of small mentions here an there and in your mind if something isn't 100% ignored it's 100% pushed? Is that the same mindset that funny liberals have when they say that the MSM is always spinning everything in the republicans favor?

What else is he reinforcing besides the jews are good nazis are bad nonsense? How the hell do you get to 60%?


well i assume that "autistic fit" would be nothing compared to the outrage once we find out that they have been complicit of datamining or intrusion of privacy.

If a public official doesnt reveal their power level on stage and immediatelly and call for jews to be gassed, they are cucks and all their fans should kill themselves.

t. moshe yephraim


Its pathetic watching people try to support this weak cuckservative boomer as of any value whatsoever.

He's perpetuating the holohoax with his stories about evil concentration camp guards.
He's shilling against white identity.
He's promoting individualism, which makes whites unable to fight back against jews working as a collective.
How much proof does a fanboy need to get off e-celeb's dick?

kys fam


The holocaust is the one thing I mentioned you retard. He is not promoting individualism, go listen to his 12 points of conservatism. He clearly says you have to give up individualism to be part of society. The fact that every response you shills make is "omg ur fanboy" makes your fear way too obvious. Try toning it down and responding to what people say.

The attempted Iranian coup was obviously a jewish plot, just like the Arab Spring. Moneyjew definitely knows this, but regime change in Iran would be good for his co-racialists.

Must watch.
His best speech imo.

No, you're right. Peterson is tottaly /ourshabbosgoy/
He's actually redpilled on the JQ, but deep undercover as a zionist shill and a liberal professor.
We must keep the shekel donation flow alive to spread his ideas, which are revolutionary. Have you heard about cleaning your room and sorting yourself out?

You mentioned holohoax? Maybe in your delirious dreams, you dumb nigger, try separating reality from delusions. Unless you posted under different ID, eceleb shill-kun.

*Citation needed
It's like you've never even read Mein Kampf. What a bad little shill you are.

See shills hate Peterson.
Shills lives are based on lies, and not truth.
His message really hits home with their pathological lifestyle.

That's the only thing that makes nazis bad you retard. And again with the same shillbot bs. Answer the question you dumb faggot, where is 60% there? It is literally a single issue: kikes. Pretending nazis are bad and pretending the holocaust happened are part of that one issue: kikes.

What's the one issue that only really matters, the one where all major problems stem from? kikes.

If he's wrong about jews, which you admit, then he's our enemy.

Are you saying Trump is the enemy too?
You're rhetoric is retarded. And it's ment to be. You don't have any real opinions or constructive criticism. You are a pathetic shillbot employed to disrupt discussion.

No, the one issue that everything else stems from is us. We need to fix ourselves. The jews are simply an enemy, not the source of the problem. We let the jews destroy our nations. The jew simply does what is in his nature.

You won't defeat the jews by trying to screech "nazis are good" at the public. You will defeat them by teaching people to live by the principles of national socialism, as Peterson does. Once they value the principles, then you can tell them that what they love is national socialism. This is why the primary tactic for dealing with him is posting his quotes and the original Hitler quotes he is paraphrasing side by side for his students to see.

You didn't mention holocaust, illiterate faggot.

White race isn't real? Ethnic pride is horrible?

You really are like a dog, you won't understand until your nose is shoved into piss. Even alt-kike is calling him out

By all means, keep shilling boomer ecelebs.

You just repeating the same post, for the third time. Quit trying to deflect and answer the question.

You need to improve your weeb-fu, scrub.
It means heart.

We aren't going to stop these kikes by cleaning our rooms and following basic self-help principles.

Individualism, race denial, and philosemitism are incompatible with National Socialism.

Okay, right, I'll just stop calling out you for being a retard, while you shill your eceleb. Admitting your mistakes is hard, user. But you have to man up.


Holy shit

So what do you suggest we do, ol knowledgeable one?
All you shills do is just critique with no actual solution.
You sound like your true leftist self.
If we should not change our self for the best so we can be the strongest to fight, what steps should we take? Who's advice do you follow?

Tradition, culture, the joys of hardwork and responsibility, critique of the educational system
Some of this lectures sound straight out of the pages of Mein Kampf.


And the first two are not involved. Just because you keep repeating them doesn't put them into his mouth. He literally explains to students how the holocaust story is absurd and nonsensical. He constantly paraphrases Hitler. Jesus his first two points in his 12 principles of conservatism are literally a straight up Hitler quote. Having to avoid the jewish question for now doesn't undo everything else. You need people at each step of the path guiding people on to the next step. Stop bitching that everyone isn't already out in the sun. And stop projecting so much you kike.

Just another cuckold gatekeeper for people who think they're so "red pilled"

Vid related: =="How Hitler Was Even More Evil Than You Think"== (no need to actually watch the video, I'm just making sure Holla Forums users know this guy is trash)

Newfag shills exposes himself.
Almost as retarded as these double poster breeds

JIDF really is working overtime sending their |\|())()|3$

You still have the chutzpah to say that after his anti-white tweets, huh? That's some next level chutzpah right here.

Epic leetspeek, are you 13?



While youre posting on Holla Forums jewboy, Tyrone is fucking your fiance.

Welp. guess you didn't!

Did you even see the video above, which op posted? He mumbles and then says he can't even answer a simple question.


What a christfucked idiot.

Finally figured out that you can respond to two posters in one post huh.
I might be 13 but at least I'm not Jewish like you ^.^

Do you even into ID's?



Look at how he recoils, how he shrinks at being named, "I have been found out!" the jew screams an scurries to a place of safety.

Please tell your rabbi/handler/boss/owner that, roughly speaking here; stating someone is a gatekeeper w/o showing proof or creating reasonable doubt is perceived as a lazy ad hominem attack on these boards. So please step up your game at get paid more or at least move on to another vocation which your good at and have a shot at becoming top lobster.

^ cult member


Because they're not faggots they're shills.

This is the weirdest fucking cult I've ever discovered.

Does anyone have the link to 200 years together?

I forgot to save that

We can start by identifying the enemy.

Read the thread retard

Na you are just really interesting.

Oy Vey! Jews are the humble victim every time, stupid goy.

What an absolute fucking mess of a thread.

It's looking more and more like JP and e-celebs like him will increasingly be unable to avoid the JQ. I think this will be the final test of their mettle—either they bite the hands that feed them, or they continue driving towards the middle, perpetually going in circles.

What do Assyrians have to do with it? Can you elaborate?

Cant call shit conspiracy anymore so you call it a cult?

Your retarded talmudic demon worship is a cult, moishe.

This times infinity, you have to be the change you want to see, you know like planting trees who's shade you'll never enjoy, fuck all these retarded ass shills in here.

No, 'we' didn't do anything, you subversive piece f shit. The problem is that whites are naturally altruistic, so when they hear of the SIX GORILLION, they naturally want to help jews. They're taking advantage of our natural predisposition.

If they go back to the middle you are in for a correction, just like a tree that loses leafs to save energy. So i really like to see your frail goldy locks inbreed jews to get a haircut.

What are you trying to say faggot?

Means your jewish peacock will get a haircut.
And i m really looking forward to that you spastic.

Are you some sort of Google AI? You're not making sense at all to me.

lurk forever

I would put the goldy locks in military service before they can pozz their host nation with their shit, would make a lot of sense to me.

Shhh, it's ok, you're filtered now. Take your meds, and hopefully you won't be this obnoxiously retarded tomorrow.

Peterson is what he is, stop proscribing your own desires onto what he chooses to do or not do. Where his interests align with ours, it is beneficial, where they do not, it is not his problem it's ours. Maligning the man for having his own opinions does nothing for anybody. Even unwittingly he is helpful.

That's what I said you retard. We are the problem. The jews are simply an enemy exploiting our current weakness. In our current weak state, any enemy would be a problem. In our natural state, the jew is easily defeated. Whites have fought for thousands of years. We are not weak by nature, we have become weak because we stopped fighting. When we regain our strength, the jew will cease to be a problem. You are being a pathetic whiny baby playing victim just like the leftist faggots and kikes. Hmm, what a cohencidence. If you are actually white and not just the world's shittiest kike shill, then grow a pair of balls and start fixing shit instead of crying that Peterson is only teaching kids the same things as Hitler taught instead of gassing jews.

No, Moshe. Our enemy would have us buy into stupid false dichotomies.

I can't wait to see your eyes bulge out as you're asphyxiated, kike.

I m pretty sure the "analmouse" collective will realize pretty soon that their rat shit isnt really welcome.

If you're explicit for kikes (which Juden is), then you're against us. That isn't a false dichotomy, it's reality.

I think he just doesn't want to comment out of pure ignorance of the rest of the text since he admits he has never read it. The volatility of the question only amplify that.

Do you think he just somehow missed the jewishness of communism?

sorry but your insistance to reduce this mans work down to the JQ is absurd. Not only is he Canadian, but also no matter how good you are you will fall from grace at the drop of a hat if the jewish cabal can pin you on something. You willingness to have him tar as ze evil NAZHI expose you for what you are far more than anythign else.

You have here a decent men, promoting durable marriages, counseling on how to better yourself and become an actual men instead of a soy faggot, instructing on the necessity of taking responsabilities in life, and that your rights or hapiness comes second to the bettering of yourself and society. He expose the neo-marxist ideology constantly and far more efficiently than most people out there, He is already exposing every faced of the jewish problem and ideology non-stop, why specifically name the jew when you can undermine their ideology instead and this without giving them an overture to stick something on ya. leave the darn tree alone user and maybe ya might see the forest ya trying to burn down.

This goes beyond that single book, you 80 IQ piece of meat. He doesn't need to know the contents of this book to understand the JQ.


Yes. That's what being a man is, taking responsibility for the outcome of your actions. When you lose a fight, you can either cry like a faggot about how unfair it is that the big bad meany won, or you can become a better fighter.

Bro, you're defending this philosemtic faggot.
You're the posterboy for cuckchan.

No. That 'fault' was and is a great strength so long as we're not subjected to these virulent outsiders, one group in particular.

Christ, faggot, what you're saying with this is insane, given that many many many many virtuous traits can be used against those who espouse those traits by those who are not virtuous, and thus you're basically saying "Well you see goy, you need to be less virtuous because otherwise we unvirtuous kikes are going to try to exploit your virtuous traits, which is entirely your fault!", and if you honestly believe that, I can come to no conclusion other than that you are a shitposting kike.

Latin americans helped hiding Germans from (((deportation))) squads after WW2. Many on Holla Forums wouldn't help them hide, but would definitely turn a blind eye from the same fate.

Except being a man is being forthright in everything you do. If you're deceitful in your dealings, you're a kike, and you shouldn't be dealt with. This is the crux of the problem.

>Latin americans helped hiding Germans from (((deportation))) squads after WW2.
Deportation from where? South/Central America?
Why the fuck would I care if Germans were deported from South/Central America?
You're fucking ridiculous and I'm reporting you for it.

Oh, and stop cross-thread shilling for spics, you worthless faggot.


Yeah because that makes so much sense from a general point of view, it is the same idiocy that allows this retarded shit to breed. Not that he is wrong on some kind of level it is the same double bind bullshit, and which i assume he has an awefull lot, that is the main motivation of a unrestricted libertarian point of view.

You're trying to conflate two things: refusing to call out kikes and fighting explicitly for the benefit of kikes are not the same. There are numerous reasons for the former, not least of which is the fact that Petersen is a fucking leaf; and I've seen no evidence to convince me of the latter. Presenting this situation as 'either for us or against us' disregards all nuance, is a false dichotomy, and classic D&C. I refuse to buy into it.

Altruism is not the fault you retarded little pinko faggot. Germans were still altruistic in the 30s and early 40s. That didn't stop them from dealing with the jews. The problem is that we've become weak and effeminate like you, not that we're altruistic.

Uh huh? I didn't suggest we needed to become deceitful to defeat the jew.

How fucking new are you? Did you just crawl out of cuckchan this morning?

according to you, there was no reason germans fled Germany after WW2 (reported btw)

He probably knows that if he uses his platform to answer the JQ, the best he can hope for is to have his career ruined. If not having his throat slit.

Peterson speaks out in defense jews, and even shared the stage with turbokike Ezra Levant at an event to commemorate the Balfour Declaration. He's on the side of jewry, which means he's against us.

no matter how hard you fight back against the jewish agenda, how utterly you discredit their ideologies and how steadfast you are in batling their political encroaching of our culture and breakign the conditioning, you can never satisfy these (((concerned anons))) because to them ya can't fight the jew without naming them. The fact that doing so would ruin years of effort in the curent climate is but a detail.

the reason the left is eating itself and pushed so many people in our general direction is based mostly on their dogmatic pearl-clutching ideological purity and how they screech at anyone remotely to the right of them. and now ya got shills all over the pplace advocating us to punch left anything that isn't Hitler incarnate.

How new are you? We are the far right and serve the role of extremists.

This is a battle won with discussion and the Overton window is everything. It's worked awful well for us so far. Come back in two years.


Why are so many autists this dedicated to defending a smarmy, race-denying, philosemitic self-help author, on a National Socialist imageboard of all places?



you know there a lot of people on here who just complain via keyboard. Go on, complain about Pederson and everything else and do nothing.

Some of you might remember about a year ago there were several threads about dropping USB sticks jammed with red pill content. Oh there was so much debate this or that should/shouldn't be on it. complaining and bitching went on for weeks, the whole idea seemed to just die on infighting. And what do you know just this week reports have come back about someone who got of his ass and dropped all the red pill USB sticks and is now changing the narrative. Who else in that thread changed the narrative like that?

Just maybe he followed Pederson's advice and cleaned his room and sorted him self out realized it was better to do something that do nothing and bitch.

Anyone moving the overton window in our direction is doing a good thing.
Anyone helping men awaken from their depression and slumber is doing a good thing.
Anyone making people look at them selves in the mirror is doing a good thing.
Anyone encouraging people to have an unpopular reasoned opinion is doing a good thing.
Anyone fighting communism and feminism is doing a good thing.

If you are waiting for Hitler you'll be disappointed. Pederson certainly isn't it, maybe no will be up to your standards, but if you hack down anyone right of center there will be no change.

Remember Hitler himself didnn't think he was good enough to be (leader) Hitler, so he just made speeches hoping a better party leader would emerge.

But please don't be dispirited, maybe the Hitler we are waiting for is you.

Yup that's Reddit for you.

You know if this was a real card the first option would be objectively better right? You're shit at making memes kid.

Do you think it's possible to be both pro-White and pro-jewish?

one of these faggots is not from here, one of these faggots doesn’t belong.

haha oh boy… you aren't very sharp are you? The guy has been talking the same shit, for TWENTY YEARS. Nobody knew him from a fucking hole in the wall, until he refused to call a man in a dress, a woman. He's an actor as all the stuff he says that little boys and girls like you on youtube like, ARE THE WORK OF OTHER PEOPLE. Next we have his Bible interpretations that are fucking pleb tier. The guy is a carney. Go see his, 'gosh, geesh' act over the shekels he's getting. He says he doesn't know what he'd do with them… Anything? Like, how he doesn't know how to live? Yet when he said that he was writing a book, telling YOU, HOW TO LIVE. He's a piece of shit liar and coward.

In one of his latest interviews towards the end when he was talking to the parent he advocated National Socialism in a subtle way. Do you really think a professor who spouts redpills to the youth as a job is going to go on stage & say "the 6 million Never happened"?
We're not at the point where you can keep your job by saying that yet, though it's very Close at Hand.
I go to him for life lessons & Redpills on human thought processes, not Jq redpills, that's what I come here for.
Besides you can tell he's lying his ass off to save face in the video, he's bound to have read the book, he know's who's causing the postmodernist cancer plaguing the West, to say he's not red-billed on the Jq just because he doesn't go on stage & shout "GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW!" Is like saying Mel Gibson is truly regretful about passing off the kike's & doesn't' like Trump because he said so in an interview.

Underrated post.

There is no one redpill. It's a course of redpills that you take, like a course of antibiotics.
Redpills have to be taken in order, from least to most potent. Otherwise, you'll OD. You need to built up an immunity.

If you try to start someone off with something like racial IQ differences, crypto-jew globalist cabals, occult symbolism, or elite pedophile rings, they'll reject it immediately, and swear off redpills forever.

(Or they'll freak the fuck out an kill themselves because they can't handle so much horrifying truth at once. Almost happened to me.)

Anyway, people have to start small.

Then, AFTER baby's first redpill, they can progressively work their way up.

Jordan Peterson, Molymeme, Shapiro, etc., they're baby's first redpill. These guys dispense the easier-to-swallow stuff.

You don't want them to start scaring people away by dishing out heavy shit like the JQ.

We can tell the hardest truths. The kind of shit that makes people hate you for saying. But, we can afford to be reviled. We can take it.

And eventually, AFTER JP and friends have initiated the normalfags, they'll come to us. Only then are they ready for our redpills… Only after they have slowly built up an immunity to horror.

Here's how I think of it:

They can come to us when they've outgrown baby food.

baby food is sweet and soft, easy to swallow.

I'm not a fan of Peterson, generally speaking, however this is the kind of answer I would give if I were an academic ascendant woke on the JQ who wanted to retain my ability to appear on television.

If you were looking to hire a baby sitter, would you go with a pedophile who would groom your child for a lifetime of abuse because maybe, after a strict diet of rape, it might be able to eat steak? The people you named aren't babby first redpills, they're obstacles to redpilling. The fact that you named Ben Shapiro, a neocon orthodox jew who constantly kvetches about the evils of antisemitism and our need to stand with Israel shows just how out of touch with reality you are.

Fuck no, there's no shades, layers or steps towards the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD. You're either an agent trying subvert and make your shekels or going to redpill the masses there's no longer any room for impostors. RIP THEM ALL DOWN.

come to think of it its probably the same answer I'd give if I were a kike plant pretending to be an academic ascendant woke on the JQ who wanted to retain my ability to appear on television.

fuck off

Observe the kike shill with a large NS folder finally give up and become so buttblasted all he can think of doing is sage the thread and write fuck off directed to nobody.
The absolute state of the JIDF.

Kill yourself nigger.

No. He is a LIAR.

This is the perfect angle. Specifically throw in how not stopping the bad Jewish leadership is going to lead to annuda shoah (because that is actually true). It's all about creating a double bind in these fucking cucks.

That is a fair point. As a teenager, I used to listen to Jonestein whilst searching for the truth.

Maybe we need to destroy (((status))) then.

The real delusion there is thinking that a group of White people are like kike (protip: they're not). It's like some people haven't dealt with kikes before.

Checked dubs with based images.

Just as the Fuehrer said, we need ZEALOTS and those ready to REBEL and fight the enemy.

Hitler got there by preaching the grievances of the Volk. That is why Trump is Literally Hitler to Commie scum.

I don't like the pseudo-messiah image that has grown around him but he is a great figure to learn about and to inspire. I was once a homeless punk rocker with a fondness for art and a distaste for this hollow modernity. I initially researched him to discredit his followers and found that, while the skinheads I sought to combat were simple degenerates, he was right and very clear-headed. I also found a kindred spirit with him, not as a messiah like many think, but as a hero to inspire. Too kind to pull the trigger.

Are you me user? Funny thing is, maybe we ran with each other in the past. Imagine that.

I doubt it, I met nothing but vapid idiots who couldn't even conceptualize intellectual honesty in the scene. I would imagine there are many who made a similar journey, like those in Wiemar Germany who abandoned their state-sanctioned degeneracy. I remember there was a dirty beatnik that Rockwell turned into a fervent NatSoc, but I don't have the story saved.

Interesting thing I found out the other day, Peterson is on a cocktail of antidepressant meds, even to this day.

I have no doubt that this is part of the reason his brain refuses to make the connections between ethnic tribalism and the JQ.

Also I bought his 12 Rules book like a good goy and the foreword is written by some kike doctor who says his grandma is a holohoax survivor and stood eye to eye with Mengele and barely survived by sneaking into the lines of people who weren't being sent off to be gassed. Made me sick.

Go ahead and post a timestamp with a copy of the book, and I will take your comment seriously.

Care to elaborate or have scientific data of why you think such a thing would occur?

the value of the card as a board wipe is relative to deck composition of both players, the actual card its based on wipes out all nondragons or dragons.

Also no one plays mass calcify, even in EDH. Hour of reckoning is better for mass creatures in that color

Will try to remember to do later today. I am in no way exaggerating.

Because antidepressants screw with your brain and most people on them tend to be liberal NPCs, so it's possible the neural connections needed to address things like the JQ simply can't form in his brain. Who knows.

Stay mad kike!

A screenshot can be fake (and, you can easily impersonate someone by copying their name and avatar). Archive?

You're right, but it would be great not to shill for Peterson. Let him go his way, shilling the normies to be partially in our favor, but don't try to build him up to what he is not.

This thread is filled with cuckchan eceleb cock suckers.

Once peterson stops engaging in his "saviour complex" (like some frog said it) and let things run their course he wont have that depression anymore. I personally like to think that antidepressants are for people that have a fucked up brain chemistry and not for treating the ills and symptoms of society at large.
If some people want to lead and others want to follow, just let them.

I remember when red pill referred to waking up to the international jewish banking cabal that ran the world. Now it's just unpopular opinions.

That's almost what it means. What you said is where it leads, but what it is is a rejection of the artificial propaganda world around you. Hence the parallel from unplugging from the Matrix, which in our case is Hollywood, our two-party sham, kosher-approved public and private education, etc.

The reason why this is an unpopular opinion is your stupid as fuck emotionally loaded analmouse shit purity spiraling bullshit (((you))) (((you))) like fucking children.

I have no idea what you're trying to say.

Retarded shills are all over the site at the moment. They're even hitting /tg/, saying we should have voted Hillary and that the Bush family is preferable to Trump, and then claiming in the meta thread that it's Holla Forumsacks saying so.

Either that or he actually took a few redpills only to find that they were too much for him and decided to flee from that using multicoloured pills.

What i m trying to say is that there is a reason for the unpopularity of mentioning the banking cartel. Now despite the efforts and joy of hunting liberal faggots there is another reason why there isnt any discussion of the general framework. And in my opinion it is the retarded analmouse purity spiraling that stops people from point that out.


w-why would anyone listen to a self-help guru who's on antidepressants? Peterson cultists are even more pathetic than I thought.

Alright pal, you asked for it

It's fun to believe that Peterson is capable of truly making the connections and understanding where the forces of evil are coming from in this world, but when he has people like this writing forewords to his books, I'm not holding out much hope.


Every single time. How many jews have claimed to meet this man and somehow still be alive if he's so goddamn evil?

Never understood how the people at the pinnacle of efficiency and industrialism chose such an insufficient and drawn out way of doing things. If you read a handful of accounts of lolocaust survivors you would think the germans were running a cross country commercial railroad not trying to eradicate a pest.

He's spent longer than any of us doing research on it. He knows, but wants to continue to use his position to influence young men to be better individuals. Ties in with what he himself preaches as well, about doing the most good he can. He believes that he's helping society more by making men to be stronger individuals so that they are better equipped to deal with jews when the time comes.

Or he's just a sellout with a lack of conviction. Can't really tell at this point.

Jesus fuck I know that wasn't that long ago but it feels like a lifetime ago. Funny how that used to be taken as gospel.

Neck yourselves, faggots. Get this thread off the front page, actual things that matter are probably happening somewhere.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

It's not that he wouldn't call the freak whatever fucked up thing it wants to be, his issue is with is being law.


It's an honest answer.

Jordan Peterson can't talk about it. He can't even talk about why he can't talk about it.
Everyone in the crowd knows this, the real toxicity of the Jewish Question, and thus Peterson doesn't need to explain that discussing sly Jewish manipulation is soooo taboo that it ends careers, organizations, legacies, and can even result in jail time.

It may be an honest answer but it exposes to being an intellectual coward.

Reminder that this is the slide thread to the real thread

… You're an idiot.

CIA agent.

I don't think so. He's very popular right now. Julian Assange has tweeted about one of his books.

Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

Literal CIA:

I ment to clarify
Thread is a slide thread

This is an excellent way to bring up the JQ without setting off the PC alarm in everyone's head.

Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

Jordan Peterson is a jew

full text of uncensored Two Hundred Years Together

Nice find, OP.
Here's Peterson on Christ as a non-religious role model. Not everyone can be like him of course. He did call them out.

damn… he was extremely close to saying something he would have regretted, and pulled back at the last moment. that is my reading of it anyway.

this basically

I don't understand how people can take him seriously as an intellectual - especially in light of moments like this. I'm not saying he's a mean or bad, or evil guy - but he's clearly in way over his head and is probably too out of touch with the modern political scene to offer anything of value in a geopolitical sense. He couldn't even say - "Look I'll have to read the book." He just panicked, and threw his hands in the air because he had no idea what the Jewish mafia media machine wanted back as a response.


source on this?



It's incredible how quickly it's happening too. I am convinced the prime reason is that Holla Forums managed to ditch the libertarian individualist bent it had and started memeing Natsoc stuff unironically. Before someone bitches, yes I think for most of us it did start out ironic. The other major factor in my opinion is Gamergate, which was the first real blow struck in the current culture war and drew massive contingents of Holla Forums into Holla Forums.

I wonder where we'd be if instead of persistently naming the Jew we had instead spent years pushing for ancap stuff. I firmly believe the knowledge of the kikes that is leaking into the mainstream would still be relegated to fringe isolated groups were it not for our involvement.

Nobody was suggesting that, though there was a thread here a while back where Holla Forumsacks were relating times they had managed to successfully trick yids into thinking they were of the tribe, managing to get jobs and deals by playing on their nepotism. Didn't require any debasement or anything, just a bit of LARPing and matching what they knew about kikes and the way the talk, their sense of humour etc. Done correctly you don't actually say you're Jewish, just let them come to that conclusion on their own.

We're actually better at infiltrating their groups than they are at infiltrating Holla Forums.

kek, JIDF are sending their absolute worst.

JPeterson should be discarded.

I acknowledge that this will not be trivial, due to circumstances of his most recent rise. His Toronto battlements with The Gay concerning free speech law gave him his recent outside-the-university monies and fame, in which seemed honest and appropriate enough. Evaluation, and subsequent evaluation, has shown that he is likely a jew by any other name. His teaches history, yet knows no history; He does not acknowledge nuance, yet requires everyone else to acknowledge nuance; His lectures are poor and static, yet he sells his exo-university persona as feels of rich and current-year currency; He claims to advocate code and diction appropriated and mastered better, yet cares not for attaining such substance in actual. Central to these masks is the mask that is his literal face: his facial expressions are generally an act or of limited dynamic range that, due to their limitations, are part of his lie : his expressions are either of a "limited instruction set" or are simply not genuine.

Was he willing to take on the public works of the State and manage global sliding into entropy as based in 2016? Or was he doing the same thing he's always done, is doing now, and likely shows not only no signs of improving but also of going more follow-the-signal-frivolously for money and fame/attention?

I don't begrudge people for earning a living; I do hold the event of his arrival and subsequent stark lack of anything of value as a mimicry-shunt of pseudo economics – a misappropriation of rank, a false pairing of associations, and the absence of virtue. His claims of persecution are The Strange themselves: They do not compute, given the monies and attentions of the current bestowed upon him, nor given his extensive resources and payment of centrally disbursed currencies of university salarymanship. Stated another way, his is not poor nor wanting of account logic nor network logic, thus account nor network logic cannot be used to lay claims of poverty nor persecutions, yet these are central to his free speech angles. His facetiousness means he might as well be just a freech jew, and nothing more.

Discard the Peterson.

Actually he teaches psychology.


Stopped reading right there. Confirmed psued. This writes like an leftist essay.

If he's taken the line of Jewish intellectual supremacy (racial supremacy), then surely he's aware of the intellectual inferiority of other races.

A point of influence: He acknowledges Jewish over-representation, he would probably also acknowledge in-group preference. So from there, it's obvious that Jews use their positions of power to push for Jewish causes and ideas.

Are they hiring buzzfeed writers to shill now?

This is true, he mentioned that specifically of Harvard professors IIRC.


It is an accounting essay.

It rules that, since the account was opened, it has been found in error. By circumstance, by association, and by calculated weighing of opportunity at the time, a notary for limited credit was initially extended. However, by account current, and by more extensive underwriting of priors, it is clear that credit should not have been extended under any. In fact, it is clear apparent: The Peterson account is the worst of all traitors: a runaway serial ponzi at its biggest inflationary boom. All that remains now, is to rescind the notary. Let all net works know and cooperate to obtain distribution of update: Discard the Peterson, demote his name back to oblivion, rank all first posts and OPs who cite him as reported and spam, and deny his international platform hopping.

I say again, let all cooperate to obtain: Discard the Peterson. And discard him with might and right. I have witnessed this event sequence before; Let this memory be remembered; Discard the Peterson, and close account under all.

You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.
Stop LARPing and sort yourself out nigger

Target better.

What the fuck? I knew Camille was a tranny but I thought she was just really bad at trying to be a dude. I’ve never seen anything about her (him?) that indicates it was born male, I always thought it was female and LARPed as a guy

I think that as the overton shifts more, in any direction or axis, Peterson will be revealed precisely as you state. The wind in his sails is entirely not his own, and his ship and sails themselves are borrowed.

This guy comes into contact with a LOT of normies. Speaking on the "big question" at all would have completely undermined whatever he was there to talk about. The length of his pause seems like a genuine moment of weighing his options.
Even if he could read a collective's hivemind and red-pill that audience exactly the way our sharpest minds would, his reputation would be ruined for nothing more than praise from a few small corners of the internet. That said, he may not agree with Holla Forums on anything concrete, but he does promote self-sustainability and critical thinking, and the people that choose to eat it up aren't getting it anywhere else. Keep in mind we're talking about an audience so mentally shallow they think Joe Rogan has value because he romanticizes his idealistic imagination and is a "charismatic" pseudo-intellectual. "I can't believe this guy owns kettlebells AND books!! What a visionary!!"
It will take a long time to undo the mind games the Jewish system has planted in our young. Being only a few years separated from America's educational system, I still find myself holding onto moral fallacies, and it is genuinely difficult to change such core, basic principles. Those that indoctrinated me would carelessly shoehorn complex ideas like "morality" and "justice" onto the smallest things to try and scare us away from the sort of critical thinking that quickly discredits them.
I'll use a very poorly formed analogy, but I think it still reads as English.
Imagine your child playing with a very small dog, and you happened to know it bites like a fully grown German Shepard. Though its entire frame is very weak in appearance, this is all smoke and mirrors, the dog nearly needs the motivation and the correct timing to attack. If you warn the child that the dog is a danger before it's even shown its teeth, the child coddles and fawns over it in an act of petty defiance and unchecked hubris.
You should always keep your child safe, but they may learn faster after a drop of their blood is spilled. It's a rather pesky situation that requires you to act bravely and swiftly, but I know the most veteran of us are more than ready.

Lel'd. Keep thinking that, while your race dies out. Would you say that slaves in any situation shouldn't revolt because they are owned slaves? We fight for truth, it often takes courage and conviction and sacrifice to fight for truth. If you have none of these characteristics, then why are you here?

Not everybody is American. Europe has lots of countries that are in the process of saving themselves. The others can't, mainly because of US military presence and EU.
Thinking in realpolitik terms, the loss of USA as a powerhouse is the salvation of Europe.

So, how are you sticking your neck out to save the white race faggot?


Will comply if provided more ultrarare HR Reich images as compensation.


yeah he was afraid he'd say something he couldnt take back. But he literally, shut it down

Really undercuts his self control arguments.

In a time when we are facing an actual possibility of genocide by the kikes, i refuse to consider one who refuse to talk about our enemies to be part of our side.

You're either with us or against us. There's no middle-ground because it what caused this situation and will lead to our and the human's race death.

Why do you newfags double and even more stupidly TRIPLE post?

So I supposed you red pilled all your co-workers then and everyone you meet right? What do you do user other than shitpost?

Could you be projecting there, user?

I don't think you know what that word means.

Dude is not even racist, I can't even tell for sure he isn't jewish himself. Here is him and (((Ezra Levant))) talking about jews.

Thanks for admitting he’s right.

This is a slide thread to the original thread

And you goons are itt to help with the slide.

Hugo Jaeger
LIFE archive, Restored Photos
Unknown specific restoration fund raiser, Circa 2009-FEB-16



this is a good post

Wonderful, so many gems in that last link. Thanks a gorillion, and hope you have a fantastic holocaust celebration today

according to the left, deportations are literally hitler

Can you please explain why want to recruit more cancerous lolbergs who are dumb enough to listen to a self-help guru who's on SSRIs?

I really appreciate your post.
The video is mind-blowing and a huge Red Pill for the normies.
I will repost it each time I have a chance.

Good riddance.
Real thread here

Do you have one without that fucking music? It's annoying to hear the damn music blare while I'm trying to listen to the speaker.

It's first step outside of mainstream politics, and a rather easy one to take. Normal people can't just read Pat Buchanan's Death of the West right away, let alone Evola or Carlyle.
Think how halfchan Holla Forums supported Ron Paul back in the day. Think how (((Milo))) mentioned it occasionally. Any of these steps can become a containment, of course, but you need to go through them. Evaluate your path and lead others the same way and not too fast, user, and listen to this guy:


So I just told a Christian about this. He suggested the man who asked the question was an agent provocateur trying to get Peterson to appear as a Jew hater. He implied that if he responded to the question of could that thing in the book happen again, he would be a Jew hater, for simply accepting that history can repeat itself. For saying it could happen again. He said of course it could happen again, but absolved Peterson for not answering it. This is why some people say Christcucks, jesus fuck thats pathetic.
I pointed out Peterson is Jewish, and he denied that too. Denied you can tell what people are by looking at them. Referenced a blonde Italian from fucking Tyrol in Austria as an example of not being able to know where people are from. Suggested you cant tell a Norwegian from an Italian.
Good on you if youre not as brainwashed as that retard, but thats what Christianity does to the vast majority of people. He even accepts Jews are cancer, but still suggests its just Jew hate to suggest what happened in 200 years together, could happen again. Shabbos.