Horrifying quote from Israeli Rabbi

I'm sorry to say this quote seems to be accurate. I didnt want to believe but here it is, the Jews really do want to murder Christians for their blood.

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1. No shit. What do you think the “blood libel” was?
2. Citation for the quote. We deal in fact here, only.

I think the citation is in the photo itself.

Yeah, it's terrifying. I always though blood libel was fiction.


Do you have this in pdf?

Can we get this in video?


Seems like the surest way to prevent the completion of that ritual is to ensure that there are no Christians for them to sacrifice. It's about time that Europeans abandoned that false, foreign religion anyway. Remember, suppression of Christianity in preparation for the establishment of an Aryan exclusive religion with Mein Kampf in place of the bible was the official policy of the National Socialists, Kirchenkampf.

I can think of another way.

Obviously fake quote, but jewish ritual murder is very real.

Nigger get your shit together. Although I wouldn't doubt for a second that's what they think, I just have a hard time believing they'd be stupid enough to say it out loud.

Except that during the process of extermination, there might come a point where "all" Jews would have partaken of blood-soaked matzo due to the precipitous drop in their numbers. You'd have to be careful to make sure to leave one unfulfilled kike to be the last into the ovens.

Plus we aren't going to be able to begin to extermination until our cultures have been freed from the Semitic influence that is Christianity.

Or we could just kill them all and not worry about it. The only power kikes have over us is the power we give them.

Piss off with the brother wars. We will gas each and every last kike and then Pagan, Christian and non-religious whites will have no trouble coexisting in peace.

Like Christianity, which was the entire point of my post. I don't really give a shit about their inane prophecies, though you shouldn't discount the potential of the dark magic they're willing to use (it isn't theirs, anyone can gain power from torturing and eating others).

That's not what the National Socialists thought, nor what they experienced as the Catholic and Protestant churches worked to undermine their rebellion against the Semitic world order which had been established under Christian tyranny.

Christians are slaves to the Semitic race corrupted through their communion with a Semitic idol and their adherence to a religion specifically shaped by the kike Saul for the purpose of subverting Rome. If you disagree, you're just another race traitor serving the enemy.

Kill yourself.

Nice argument fagtron


Already saw it coming. weu.

Would you tell Rosenberg to kill himself?

Wrong way around. If you support white infighting, a tactic kikes have been using against us for centuries, over the the destruction of kikes and unification of all whites, you're a race traitor.

You're right about the churches though. They have been fully subverted by kikes. Just like all the other major institutions in white countries have been.

(((Organized religion)))

Fake and gay.

Christianity is not a European religion. It is a religion from a Semitic tradition centered on the worship of a Semitic idol for the purposes of promoting Semitic values. Christians are race traitors who will never fight for their folk, thus eliminating the possibility of "in-fighting" because they are automatically on the opposing side. Supporting Christianity is supporting infighting.

For all the christians I have to ask. What feels more natural, communing with your god of choice directly, running naked and wild with him, and kind of how even the kikes told the story in the beginning, or being told how to do it and where to do it and how much it costs you to do it by other fuckups?


Matthew 18:20

That requires organization in a building that you pay for, for eternity?

No, exactly the opposite. You don't need any of that shit you were talking about to be with God, and anyone who tells you you do is contradicting the words of Christ Himself. Institutions are a nice thing to have when they're not corrupted, but they are not necessary to be a Christian.

This. The "church" is simply any given assembly of believers. The idea that you need a fancy building and somebody in the nicest suit to hold your leash and tell you to give money is a complete fabrication that goes against Christ's actual teachings.

So you have no citation. Got it.


Precisely, only in the past few hundred years have we associated "church" with a building instead of a gathering of people anywhere. We can hold church in the catacombs, a field, in someone's home. As the first churches did and as some are still doing today. We don't need the blessing of some institution or priestly order or government to do it.

I haven't seen this in a while, so I'm betting they think we forgot.

Practically all intra-White D&C is just the Rachposter.

Christians are just as moronic as Jews.

Kill yourself, intlgoon.


The National Socialists are intl? They're the ones who suppressed Christian churches in Germany under the campaign of Kirchenkampf because Rosenberg recognized it as a foreign religion responsible for the decline of Europe. Had the Christian armies of the world not marched to defend the Rothschild banking cabal, all crosses would have been replaced with swastikas and all bibles would have been replaced with Mein Kampf. Rosenberg only stopped short of condemning Yeshua himself because there was no evidence in his time to confirm that the figure was Semitic. With the deciphering of the Dead Sea materials, we have that evidence in the form of the Essene sect writing about a martyred son of Yahweh in 300 BC and including a sermon later attributed to the Yeshua character.

Christians need to be confined to their containment board. There is no reason to tolerate their treasonous ideology here.

>hey guys this Jew said Christianity needed to be suppressed because it's at fault for everything and (((definitely not the Jews)))

You guys still get paid?

Ah a semantic game. Gotcha.


How was that semantic? You asked about financial obligations, he answered that there are none aside from general charity to people who need it, which is a far cry from paying your pastor's mortgage.

Yawn. Reported.

Shills eternally BTFO

Because I asked a question to the christians that still go to church and do that bullshit. The point I was making was that you shouldn't be doing that bullshit and should worship whoever the hell you want however you want.
And if you want to trot out that heretic crap we can get into the canon including the canon removed by christians and the jews when they both had a hand in making the tale.
He wanted to be a smart ass when he was just reaffirming the point I was making.
Don't push it boy.

You addressed Christians, and then insinuated that you had to go listen to a dude in a fancy dress and give him money in order to be a Christian. I gave you the Bible verse proving you don't, and posted that image because any Christian who tells you you do is a heretic.

Nigger we're on an Anonymous imageboard at 3 in the morning on a Thursday. You're going to try to intimidate?

The only reason to worship anything is if you believe it. Otherwise it's literally a LARP. If religion isn't the pursuit of truth, it isn't anything. Want doesn't factor into it, or at least shouldn't.

And you wanted to play semantics with church because you got defensive. SEMANTICS.

Sorry is the nigger yammering?

That area of the world was full of whites back in the day. Also, it's European because europeans embraced it and made it their own.

Now go kill yourself you D&C faggot. Filtered.

It was never filled with Europeans. Small numbers of them made up the upper castes of the Egyptian, Sumerian, and Persian civilizations, but they were largely mixed into oblivion or killed by rebellion from the natives by the time of the emergence of Yahwehism. The Abrahamic tradition is a direct reaction against the culture of the Aryans originating with the Canaanite mongrels. Even Rosenberg wasn't sure on the Egyptians because they didn't have the DNA tests proving the rulers were Europoids in his day.

That's not how the National Socialists saw it, as they attempted to suppress the entirety of Pauline(Sauline) Christianity, which constitutes the entirety of the Christian tradition in Europe as well as all sects which hold up the bible as truth.

You are arguing against the National Socialist beliefs. Rosenberg was appointed by Hitler to lead the Kirchenkampf to wean the German people off of Christianity and replace it with a new religious tradition based in volkische spirituality (something which would have been anti-dogmatic, rather being focused around community rituals revived from pre-Christian times).

Get the fuck off this board you treasonous filth.

Cite some scripture that establishes Paul as an apostle. Hard mode: you can't use the Pauline letters (i.e., Paul's self-proclamation).


Reported. Interesting operation. Feeding us what we want to hear "oh, finally the kikes tell the truth in fucking English", with the purpose of having WN accept the lie, which can provide triple purpose:
1. See, goy here is an idiot
2. See, goy here is antisemitic oy vey!
3. See, goy here is spreading obvious lies

Of course, the fact the quote is fake doesn't mean the sentence is fake - quotes are fake when they are falsely attributed, not when their statements are false. Many quotes are quite non-fake, but are utterly untrue (translations of Mein Kapf come to mind).

After watching this video and it's part two, it has gotten me very interested in learning more about this concept of "Dharma" which rooted not just the ancient Hindus, but also the pagan traditions. He was mentioning some about the whole "Abrahamic" tradition that was the original turn away from the Dharma that was the foundation of most civilizations.


blood libel is fiction, that's the term they invented to counter the widespread knowledge of their blood rituals, which were and are fact. If you say it you are committing "blood libel", the same way if you notice that there are a disproportionate number of jews in positions of power you are an anti-semite.
They have an agreed method for countering anything anyone notices jews doing.

That quote is as fake as it gets. Try harder next time. "Holy" is a Christian word. It does not exist in Judaism.

Where the fuck have you been, op? Exposing this has been the purpose of dozens of Pizzagate threads, hundreds of unrevised history threads, and thousands of JQ threads. Why are you only believing just now?

Seems about right.

I have also always considered this one to be obviously fake. Nonetheless it's good to keep it in the back of our minds. We will know in 20-30 years wether perhaps it wasn't fake. Because you know, if it was real, we'd read everywhere about how it's fake.

Also let me remind you that turbomasonic gigakike Henry Kissinger said in 2012: 'Israel won't exist in 10 years time'.

Who knows who knows… if we consider the possibility that chabadnik jews aren't quite at the very top of the pyramid, but rather Jesuits and Rome… then maybe whitey isn't under attack due to a jewish plot to genocide Amalek. But rather because the pot is being brought to a boil until it explodes, and then it will be DOTR for niggers, marxists, globalist traitors and scheming kikes. And under the guidance of Rome from the ashes of this 'final cataclysm' will emerge an all powerful englightened white-lead new world order.

Really makes ya think. I don't think jews are all powerful. They're too stupid to be all powerful. The white ashkanzi jews are overwhelmingly agents of Rome and masons. Not pawns of pedo hasidic Rabbis.

We already know for sure that it's fake because the text of the supposed "letter" is really a passage from William Guy Carr's kosher conspiritard classic Pawns in the Game.

I cannot believe how conniving the Jews are.
Check this out!

Shlomo starts foaming out of his mouth: 'This is a horrendous antisemitic fabrication! The Talmud clearly states that each jew will be given 2800 slaves when the moshiach arrives, see it says so right here in this passage! Fabrication! Fabrication! Hatecrime hatecrime!'

and that's how you expose le juif.

What do you think “white male” is all about but repeated murder of Jesus Christ? White male lamb…