DOJ has started recovering missing FBI texts, DOJ sources say

Is it time? Has the shitstorm finally arrived?


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why do i feel like this is all theater and they've had the texts for quite sometime. Comey has gone full nutbar and quoted himself from his June 8th Senate hearing testimony.

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Well they are trying really hard to get us to fight with russia. The kikes are gassing women and kids again in syria.


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And? Rules on a federal level can be evaluated and changed once we handle the degenerate population.

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They needed time to review and scrub all the texts of incriminating stuff. Now they will "find" them.

I mean, I don't think these people are honestly that smart. We all know they're absolutely that fucking corrupt, but if they're already tripping over their own lies, then how long is it going to be before we catch them red-handed in such a way that it's literally impossible to hide?

I seriously consider myself a patient person, but I know that nothing the government willingly opens to the public will ever contain anything incriminating. The MKULTRA "leaks" were planted bullshit, 33,000 of Clinton's private server emails and 5 months of Strzok/Page texts are simply (((missing))), statements from previous administrations have been outright lies and used obfuscated information.

It's just a matter of time, now. The instant transmission of information completely destroys the old ways of doing business for these people. They are stuck in their old ways, so if people work quickly, it won't be hard to catch them with their pants down.

If I had a dollar for every time I've seen this phrase since coming here shortly after the exodus, I'd be rich enough to buy all of bitcoin.

Kek, this is hilarious. The surveillance state bites secret society of Praetorian guards in ass.

If you were here before the exodus you'd know that Holla Forums is always right, but we can never quite pull off the timing of events. Actually I think that may be a part of our meme magic, too. By calling it out and giving it a date we effectively guarantee that it won't happen. We should use this to our advantage.


I'll call it a somewhat bullshit. Because it's about the FBI, there's a chance that thy deleted the original and now will provide the "safe version" of the text. They are known for dumping false materials in order to create a scene.

You might not want to talk about "before the exodus" (there was more than 1 exodus, btw) while at the same time using 4chan Holla Forums memes from before Holla Forums existed.

GG brought over the only people of value.

Except officials who have seen it have already called it a nightmare so if anything is missing they will likely say something even if they can't say specifically what was removed.

No one gives a fuck about the assholes (((migrating))) after we closed our borders to you cock-suckers for not listening the first time around. After the exodus is was an invasion.
No exceptions.

Found em.

Not surprising that they found some of them already; text messages are like emails, so one text would definitely be kept in several places and should be very easy to recover if nobody's been trying to (((delete the evidence))). Even if someone has, however, it wouldn't be impossible to recover that information.

It's only a matter of time. We don't know when, it could be months or years, but it will happen. People will get so fed up with government corruption that everything will turn upside down.

Based on this pic of Lisa Page is say its about to happen quite soon.

We don't fucking HAVE years. 2020 is the cutoff. After that, a democrat gets into office and the country is lost forever.

I do not believe a democrat is going anywhere near the oval office for a while.

There was only one exodus. Everything after that was newfaggots of increasingly diminished quality. You not knowing what memes are or how they work shows that you are of the latter.

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All I need to see. These fuckers are never good actors and that is a genuine as fuck 'even if I escape charges I'm as good as dead' face if I ever saw one.

Big if true.

Why do we need to risk having seasonal migrants overstay their visa when automation will put them out of job, and according to the liberals due to automation we need to give everyone welfare??

Hillary will not go to jail on July 5th.
Obama will rejoin politics on September 8th.
The Jews will win on October 13th.

Just wait and see.



he's gone now, this means we're all newfags by your logic

this ain't shit, wait until they start releasing the "deleted" texts

wait, did they actually told hillary to log in on her email from her home computer?


They were all editing a document without sending it as a way to share it and avoid email collection requirements, like Petraeus and his mistress were doing.

Ironically, it was Colin Powell who advised Hillary to set up her own home server too, they current DNC learned all its tradecraft from neocons.

What kind of dunning-kruger shit are you up to, user?

who could have foreseen this