(((Facebook))), (((Google))) lobbyists push for (((diversity))) in response to Congress

>Silicon valley has a (((diversity))) problem. (((Sexism))) and (((racism))) are everywhere in the technology sector, and it's time to put an end to it. The (((Internet Association))), a lobbying group for some of the biggest names in tech (think (((Amazon))), (((Airbnb))), (((Uber))) , (((Facebook))),(((Google))) and (((Twitter))) ) has promised to hire a new person to focus on these issues. According to Recode, the new push comes in response to the threat of regulation from the Congressional Black Caucus.

>The (((Internet Association's))) leader Michael Beckerman responded to this missive with a letter of his own (it was obtained by Recode) on January 23rd. "It is important that the diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints among internet users is represented in the industry generally and our policy engagement specifically," he wrote. Beckerman also promised a commitment to revealing more accurate data on who's employed by its member companies.

Congressman Cleaver said that he was cautiously optimistic about the new hiring announcement. "(((The Internet Association))) has responded in a very serious and proactive manner to our concerns that there was no one guarding the guardians when it comes to the internet and its potentially negative effects on (((racial and gender bias)))," he told Recode. "It is critical that this position be given a high level of authority and respect such that any perceived racial and gender (((biases))) can be immediately identified and addressed."

https ://web.archive.org/web/20180125014853/engadget.com/2018/01/24/facebook-google-lobbyists-diversity-congress/

Document in question: web.archive.org/web/20180125015306/https://cleaver.house.gov/sites/cleaver.house.gov/files/Internet Association Final 3 11_20_2017.pdf

From wikipedia:

the 2 page document mentions ((("The Unite the Right rally of 2017))), (((their))) favorite theatrical play.

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Imagine being Google or Facebook. You need a large labor force. You originated in California. There is no way to move to NYC. Those are the opposed sides even withing the same political ideology. There is no other state with such a large labor force. You end up submitting to the local political establishment. Just the idea of running a business, in the leftist kingdom that Kali is, is horrifying. On top of that, other groups, namely Hollywood and Banks are lobbying Congress to regulate you. You end up doing whatever they tell you, trying to survive as an business entity, till new industries emerge in different places, learning from these mistakes and you will slowly transform to whatever they want you to be. Take an example, I can guarantee to anyone, mark me, that the space industry will be far far away from California, and much closer to the DC, where the rules are always set.

If you had used different company names, this would apply. Google and Facebook ARE the political establishment and are the sources of the illegal push.

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Sacramento makes the rules. Not the tech founders and executives. They do have tremendous power will all that money, but every single industry and company in the US operates by the same set of rules. You give money to local government with taxes, jobs, etc. and hard cash to the Congress, with lobbying and funding their campaigns. Arguing that because, they provide this wealth, they are the establishment, is foolish. People in DC don't care who sends the check, but how much. Believing that the company owns the system, and not politicians kys. You pay the rent to your landlord, so tell me how are you in any position of power.

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As a white recent grad who's sent HUNDREDS of applications, affirmative action is a ball and chain. I hate it. Checking white male, knowing you wont get a response, rarely, if at all.

Have an interview on tuesday though, wish me luck anons.

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How is Airbnb a tech company? I thought it was just a site for booking vacation rentals.

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Could be a problem if you're going into STEM though.

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Gender equality in roofing and air conditioner repair when?

One field I have never in all my life seen a female worker is garbage pickup.

I have a lot of respect for these men. They are paid well, but they truly do a job no one wants to do, driving a cumbersome vehicle around town and lifting hundreds of heavy, stinky trash bins every day.

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