Dreamers on Suicide Watch

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Forgot my sauce.

I can't wait for the salt.

That's a man with fond memories of his school days right there.

This, let it rain.

Check twitter and start harvesting guys

or what? national parks close? big deal.

Look at the top of his head!


Any excuse to post this.


Great year to be honest

Our memes are no longer dreams. They're going back and we're keeping the families together.


Tired of winning yet?


I like James Townsend. He does pretty decent 18th century cooking.

where are the anti-trump shills as of late? every time they get BTFO it creates a vacuum, not that I mind, kinda comfy. But they usually only go lick their wounds for an hour or two, not days.

It's give a loaded gun a blowjob day at shareblue's offices and it's mandatory.

Where that webem of trump during the debate and the guy ask him a question, Trump reply I will let you know, it will be a surprise or something like that. Then it cut into a bunch of soldiers with guns doing raid on illegals with some cool music. At the end a black helicopter that said trump landing. Anyone?


Oh they're dreaming alright, of suicide.

I can't wait for the bean-outs. It's going to hilarious.

Time to wake up


Comfy thread? Comfy thread.




I'm sure they're fine leaping out of their office building.

Sometimes, it's the little things anons

For those curious about what song he's playing.

It's (((Green Day))).

Reporting this for sticky


Im really enjoying how the momentum has ramped up since the 1 year mark. Dem's shutting down the government to me marks the end of season 1. Season 2 is already so good.


Year one Season Finale confirmed. Reality is better than anime in this regard because we don't have to wait two years for the sequel.

Yeah, we need another one of those, don’t we.

You realize there’s a reason for this, right?
Trump Touts Citizenship for Illegal Aliens

A lot of series in the past couple of years have been following the 2-cour format, reality is just catching up.

Archive, nigga. I ain't giving Kikebart shekels.

lol fag

The audio won’t work on the archive.

Made in Abyss better get more than two seasons.

He did nothing wrong.

Cheers lad, if I had alcohol right now I'd be raising a glass.
Next season: Wall begins construction.

This is nice, but we can't lose sight of the larger goal. This is simply a small stepping stone.
We still have things to be worried about.

The audio isn't working for me.

Don't let your dreams be dreams.

Huh, they removed Rampage from Amazon. I'm sure it's all one big coincidence.

Last week:


Personally, if it's like all the other "bones" he's thrown at those kikes and their spics it won't amount to much. That faggot John Binder wants Bannon's dick so hard he would post anything. Even if it amounts to the Spics having to jump through a fuck load of loops for the next twelve years. Their not going to get what they want. Watch the Actions.

It would be hilarious if one of the requirements would be for them to kneel before Trump in order to be eligible for the program.

Are you talking about this Rampage?
If so, then it's still there.

That and if they'd have to shout "I hate beaners!".

I hope you're right, although I suppose we have 7 more years to get things done, should be plenty of time.


Mandatory forehead and sterilizations anybody?

*forehead tattoos

For who the House rats or the beans?

Heil'd user, goddamn.

30 million divided by 7 years equals 4,285,714 illegals per year MUST be deported. And we’re nowhere near that with the first one.

That line with the last pic, I laughed good and hard at that, I read it in trumps voice and kek'd. I needed that, thank you user

Well shit may as well give up. Fuck it. Let's pay mexico reparations for the wall that will no longer be built. How's that work for you? That good?

Well no shit, mass deportations come after the wall.

Deportation trebuchets.

You need to commit suicide before we get our hands on you.

Nothing stopping you from handling it yourself.

Make them sturdy. We will need them to be nice a sturdy. Three spics per beaner trebuchet

Now all he has to do is pic related

Why aren't I seeing this story anywhere else? Everywhere else is the same old shit about DACA. Just looked at Yahoo News and the front page says Trump lays out path to citizenship for Dreamers. Says he's giving them full citizenship in 10 years. I have no fucking clue what to believe anymore

Don't trust the lugenpress.

Holla Forums is the only place on Earth where you will find the truth.

Going to just check those truth trips

dubs of truth

But really who the fuck knows, the kikes have no obligation to report truth.

Without the Chain Migration, it's pointless, and with how vague he says it, they migh as well leave. Hey says it terms of "working on something hard" Which is something few spics really do. Don't Trust the press or Kikebart. Wait and see what he does.

But user, Trump doesn't write the laws, he can't put them on any path except the one home as permitted by law.

That's right…..
I'm fucking retarded. He's not a legislator (which make laws) he's the chief executive (Which enforce laws).





a few moments later



Your numbers aren't wrong but are a bit short sighted as well. Deportations don't matter as much if more flood in. First we need a wall and increased border security. Then we need to remove gibs, jobs and other incentives, along with ending chain migration and birthright citizenship being granted to children of illegals. Not saying this all has to be one at a time, just what the priority of effectiveness is.

Finally the raw deportations come into play, however self deportation will also kick in once we reach the right threshold, leaving just a remnant to be removed. Let's say about 5 million deportations to kick it off and another 5 on the back end to get the remnant.

In 2016 ICE deported like 100,000. When we see those numbers reach five to ten times as much, we'll know we are on track.

What's the law regarding privatized deportation groups?

They're an invading army torpedo , you know that
Remove the invaders by any means necessary. They have no rights as they're non-citizens

No one was curious.

Checked for truth.

Sure, and he'll be giving them free icecream and pony rides too

Please, continue using your Psychic powers in the future for the sake of the White race.

That's technically not correct. There are ways to exceed that. Carry on.

There are not. Fuck the hell off.

You can just kill them and burn the corpses in the woods, and that’s what you SHOULD be doing anyway.

Deportations do matter, because WE ARE A FUCKING LOST NATION, EVEN WITH THE WALL, IF WE DON’T KICK OUT BOTH THE ILLEGALS AND MANY OF THE LEGALS. You don’t seem to know much about our situation.

race traitors will hang first on the day of the rope, and she gets the first go

I'm not counting coups, user. But the point is, he's making a "promise" to do something he doesn't have the power to do as POTUS, and he's promising to do it after he no longer even is POTUS.

Dreamer scum can keep dreaming.

WTF is going on here?

I tried his asparagus bread boat, 10/10 would make again

Good. Trump should make an example out of those arseholes by deporting every single one.

Well looks like another total Trump victory, let the salt flow.

There are so. You fuck the hell off.

I wonder (((who))) could be behind this.
It's Miller. And sure, we'll have immigration and they'll find their pathway via the raise act.


Winning :)


You're retarded.

But for real kill yourself.

No, that was stopped with the 22nd. War powers allows him to keep going if he so chooses.


I'm guessing you aren't american…

You can exceed it if you were someone's vice president, they died, you served out the remainder of their term (you must have served less than half their 4 year term, so 1 year 364 days max), then go on to win 2 elections of your own, giving you a total of just 1 day short of 10 years of being president.

Amnesty Don confirmed.

Did trump threaten them with jail time?

Woke up to this, feels good.
Suppose that dems know that they're fucked if they attempt to shut down again

I come to laugh at democrats, I stay for the Salt Documentaries.



A bunch of beaners tried to lynch Cryin' Chuck last night, at his house.



a faggot after my own heart.

Note the hideous gore photos cunts like to spring on us from time to time. The human carcass is just a fucking shitshow once the outer shell is compromised.

I can think of a gorillion reasons why one might want to dispatch large numbers of kvetchers and cliff-top catapults are the method I'd use.

I consider myself a fair man, some catapults would be large enough to accommodate entire families and because you'd be getting flung from on high and a fucking long way out into the sea I'd give anyone who survived the flinging a second chance. This would be televised and betting would be allowed. Best of all, no fucking mess, apart from all the tears and snot.

Oy gotta get those clicks!

how can he keep getting away with it

so the two-term thing was always an unwritten rule until then? I thought it was always a rule and he just got to break it cuz muh nazi threat

That's actually pretty weird; you'd think corruption would just immediately ignore something like that


Soon we will get spic riots too
I hope you burgers have your caches of guns and ammo

Put the dreamers on the wall.

The Horchatacaust

The A-Guac-Alypse

The Trail of Beans

Operation Dream-Catcher

It was a precedent set by President Washington. Until Teddy Roosevelt, no man had attempted to run for more than two terms.

Dont forget new mexican holiday
In honor of all souls who got expelled
Vaya con dios

Día de los deportados


I like this name

This margarita's to you Jose

I have an awful lot of comment threads on Kikebook to revisit from last week.


It's a negotiating tactic. Call your opponents' bluff and fuck his eye socket when he completely folds. Then, before he's regained his footing, make an offer that he can't refuse in exchange for something he'd normally never agree to, like full wall funding and maybe formation of federal deportation squads?

My guess is Trump will position himself as the benefactor who blessed those dreamy spics with citizenship, and in exchange he gets a 31-foot wall and human sacrifice for sanctuary city/state politicians.

I don't think white genocide is on his radar, but he has to know the tacos hate his guts, and that the lily-white America he grew up in is threatened.

Jesus, it's as if none of you have read The Art of the Deal.

Now that DACA is kill. Isn't Holla Forums responsible for daily ICE thread?
A deportation a day keeps the spic away

Holy shit, I know columbine is a longstanding meme from Holla Forums days, but I completely forgot that it was on 4/20.

This is a job for waste management.

DACA may be dropped but the new budget deal has mandatory genetic IDing. Check mate atheists. Seriously doesn't china already do this and interest groups already have a lot of our DNA just from us getting blood tests done at our doctor? Agencies just have to compile it.

they take dna samples at birth in every hospital

Fuck that defeatist attitude

Old age gets to us all.

Yes, and?

It's a fingerprint scan homie, not a DNA test.


Service members won't get paid either

This one is a very big double edged sword. I think everyone should try to get everyone, shitlord or shitlib to protest this one. It's going to fuck whoever loses and that could be us. Silver lining it can be used to hunt Jews if we get lucky.

Service members typically live in government housing, eat government meals, brush with government tooth brushes, and are guaranteed back pay. They'll be fine.

With the way every large corporation has been anti-white every chance they can get, and with how corporations own the government yet the people have no say I believe it will turn out badly for us and good for jews and their darkie servants. Remember what they want: Facebook telling mullatos what to think and buy with jews ruling over it all and uber jews over them.

Oh fuck off.

:^) You will all be dealt with harshly. When it happens remember that you were warned.

And the only ones who wont be directing their anger towards the communists are the communist infested pog mos's

not really. a lot of enlisted do, but my family only lived on base for the first 2 years I was alive.

holy fuckin digits, user


that's the title for fags in senate positions, there's the "majority whip" and minority whip, whip isn't his name. it's just what they call the head dude who whips everybody into line. the fucking taskmaster or whatever.

Look at this triggered spic

That's true user, but vid related.

Wew lad this thread must really bother them, they're bringing out the big guns.

You know you're on the right path when they start dumping "teen porn".

I'm a little surprised, they skipped the gore posting entirely. It smacks of desperation.

Yep the desperation is in the air

Ever seen Ironclad?

Gore has never bothered Holla Forums.

it should, I just worry the mangaka wont be able to finish enough for a third season/cour by the time the animu catches up

Honestly, I don't know what someone would be doing here if they didn't already have a gore folder.


I know, that's why it's weird when the shills deploy it.

kek. youtube-dl'd

The law was changed after FDR. Read a book, nigger.

Let's think up just like normies! It worked out great for them!


They want to manufacture the impression that Holla Forums posters are fixated on gratuitous violence. Projection again, because they are sick blood-draining freaks themselves.

List them, kike.


This, and I think they use bots to do it too. Same with the people with exhortations to violence, they drop in for a (1) post, they glow in the dark.

>user mentions the danger presented by the reality of (((corporate america))) and their lackeys in government

In all honesty, how low are your IQ's? Mid 80's, bordering on 90?


Build the wall, deport them all.

South of the Panama Canal.
In between.


Don't do that shit if you want to fit in.

maximum of two elected terms, maximum of 10 years served as president under the current laws.
Why specifically ten I don't know. You think there'd be a little more lee-way should the VP take over then want to run two times.

I suggest you to brush up your reading comprehension and understand the context, endkike.

Isn't it different in here where if you argue with a mod you're banned? We use to be able to talk about all kinds of shit, now we have to follow CIA guidelines.

That works too.

No thanks, I am not into poorly veiled shilling.

Killing DACA was easier than I expected. I wonder what democucks are going to focus on from now.

Fuck off cuckchan.

Man this guy knows how to shitpost. I miss the campaign shitposting and the rallies, those were the best times.

God damn it.

that girl in the first comic is just like seth rich
a whistleblower

I think you guys are getting a bit ahead of yourself. There's no universe in which they drop DACA - it's literally the only bargaining chip they have. It's the only issue their party has even talked about since the election. And they know that if they can get their illegal aliens - they'll have destroyed any chance of there ever being a fair election in the US again. They're not going to let that super weapon fall by the wayside - they're far too arrogant to assume championing illegals above citizens will cause a divide among their constituents.

Not in the universe user, in the memeverse that we create.
If the plane crashes with no survivors there is no one to hold a bargaining chip.

I was thinking the same thing, well played.

Let the salt flow!

Wall tax

The Raise act grandfathers every single subhuman related to a anchor baby and naturalizes them as a American. This is the same thing they did in western europe where they issued a blanket general pardons to naturalize the parent(s) of a child in some cases not even a day old, while others had been in the country for over a decade, told to leave as their application for asylum was denied, still became citizens due to shitting out children. MUH CHILDREN!!!!!! The left and their emotional garbage know no boundaries.

On Monday the White House is going to release a legislative framework for a migration Deal on the 29th of January. Don't really give a shit what Trump tells some reporters on the lawn of the WH, i'm curious what legislation he is going to support. It's weird though since in October 2017 Trump said he would NOT be open to a path to citizenship.

Naturally this shit all comes when he moves to DAVOS economic forum, which means he's trying to create a media distraction?


Sounds a bit fishy tbh. They might as well create an even cuckier proposal, or a seemingly more moderate one with a lot cuckier (((fine print))) that will be easier to pass.

Stay alert for what the future will bring fams.

Deep throating guns.

As erotic as that sounds I don't think any of the democucks would have the balls to actually pull the trigger.
Instead I think they'll just try to shrink into obscurity and infamy, torn as they all are between virtue signalling and wanting to be forgotten.


Greetings from /k/.


I think it may be possible you're misinterpreting things in the hype user. Libshits care far, far less than conservatives about children. Remember where abortion originates.

They are simply rabidly dedicated to the destruction of the Western ideals and mores, want to eliminate all national sovereignty at any cost, and to all bow together and suck the cock of the one world government.

Breddy sure "Children be damned, full speed ahead!" is much closer to their motto heh.

FFS spoiler that shit user.


Better Version

No, in fact I think it's about high time we got a few more gore posters to further fuck with all the newfaggots and shills. We are getting flooded and it's getting on my nerves, fuck these faggots.


meh. have at it for all i care. that cunt's visage just turns my stomach and i was eating. at least try to keep it political or exposing the evil of mudshits, for example, ok?

How do you do, fellow nazi?

I get your point at least my first and second pic are somewhat politcal. First one shows opruh as having FAS and the other the needless cruelty of spics.
But I'll keep it in mind next time a thread gets swarmed with plebbit users.

The third one is just for keks.

His niece is a shitty comedian and he's a shitty negotiator. Schumer = Shit.

There were a shitload of "you don't change nothing goy, give up" defeatism and blackpilling recently, so i guess they changed tactics for the time being. They're evolving.


But user, you don't know where you are?
You're in the timeline where all we do is win, win, win, no matter what.


There's dreams and fantasies, and then there's will and reality.
This is what they live by:

They are the dreamers. We are the memers.

Meme sculpting in progress…
Spread OC like butter on bread

I'm sitting on some good ones but the magic has to hit me just right before I make them so they're fully potent.

This is correct.

Same here, but I'll let rip with these for now..

Actually, there were a few who wanted to, but were denied the nod by their party, iirc.

Those are dubs, nigger.

That's okay. It demonstrates they have no idea what kind of people post here and never will.

You can honestly just erase the top line. Just leave the 'undocumented stuff' together with the correct pic.
The point of the meme is to insinuate the madness of calling it 'undocumented immigration' no need to be too on the nose about it. Otherwise good job, user.

Keeping what I posted in mind, can you give us 'undocumented adoption', user?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who watches his stuff on this board. The lemon cream recipe he covered is excellent, and I also made the beef pudding once. I made the "batter" too thick but the beef turned out pretty decent.

Professional shills/advertisers are usually paid to spread their "message" for a certain amount of time. After which they move on to the next assignment which may or may not be related to the previous.

There's one on the catalog right now. Why not give him a friendly hello?

Believe it or not our country was not always infested with a terminal case of Jewndice.

Why do you think California is a anti-gun state. D*mocrats don't want anyone not in their voting bloc the ability to defend themselves during the inevitable chimp out.

I understand your point, though in this case it is for clarity of contrast, leaving no room to wriggle.
If you leave it open to interpretation in my experience the message gets twisted - which is why I prefer to lock it down.
For example, if I left out the first line in the carjacking meme, an undocumented nightmare wouldn't associate the word "illegal" with it. They would think it says "all beaners steal their cars."

In the past 5 years on Holla Forums I have seen myriad unspeakable things. Things that would shatter the psyche of most men. This was the worst.

I was providing evidence that Miller was the whole reason DACA is fucking dead. I couldn't find the source I had read about him being behind the path to citizenship talking point tho. My point was that Miller is single handedly bending these marxists over a fucking barrel when it comes to immigration.
Yeah >(1) I know but I'm not at my personal pc right now.

fug I work tomorrow though Monday and take the train home


Not sure I comprehend. What would that be in normal speak?
i.e. "Illegal…"

(There's enough height on the images to crop the top line if you're still that concerned before spreading it.)

the demographic damage is already done if the only people getting deported are dreamers and dems know this

I'm worried public transport won't work I might have to take a uber home.


Ah, my mistake.

Implying I care about spics killing communists.

I think he means kidnapping. Shoplifting is likewise an undocumented purchase, murder is undocumented euthanasia, etc. Good work too, it's a funny and punchy meme.

just stating the truth

LE 56% WILL SOON BE 100%

where did I say that?

But we are not attacking beaners, user, not with these. What we are attacking is the dems notion that they are just mislabeled people and that 'one' should feel pity for them.
The memes must point out the madness behind the label that the (((media))) have coined. That is what we should combat so that people realize the idiocy of calling this border crossing crime 'undocumented' and go back to calling spics illegal alines.
Don't forget that only the left must explain their memes, if a few idiots change it or don't get then so fucking be it mate, trust in Kek and he shall guide your pen.

Ya know I have questions about the genetic makeup of Hispanics, I mean European Spaniards are people I would consider white. I also assume they are a Caucasoid phenotype. So with Mexicans what the hell happened, Spaniards colonized there. Are dark skinned Mexicans just the result of miscegenation with the mongoloid phenotype natives? Serious Question.

This user is correct.

Fuck off retard, you think dreamers are the only ones being deported and their is no recourse for white America. Just put your head through a loop and jump off a chair you listless waste of fucking carbon.

What user is saying is you don't have to include the "illegal" in quotes, because normalfags aren't so dumb that they'll miss the parallels you're demonstrating between the given crime and the crime of illegal immigration.
It's less clunky if you put the actual title of the crime in quotes.
You've come up with a powerful meme concept here that can be used for so many things. Let's just cut the fat and tweak it to max potency before bombing the public with it.

This is an excellent meme. The government starts to freak out when people are widescale questioning the law.

It's a bit different for other South American countries.

It's also kinda complicated. Some hispanics have more European ancestry than others. Many of the more white ones pass as white and aren't counted as Hispanics on statistics. "Non-white hispanics" is a racial category in the US that has less European DNA than average, and I don't remember the exact amount.

This one might be better labeled 'undocumented marriage consumption'.
That will connect it more to the word rape and adds the idea of spics permanently ruining a woman.

Normal fags would understand, but I want the inital two to brain burn commie fags too.

As requested. I like the way the words balance on the Kate Steinle RIP one.


I've heard that the actually civilized Aztecs were being seiged by what people would consider today to be your average Latin American untermensch and the Spaniards took advantage of this to fill in the inevitable power vacuum that would follow. Supposedly the same didn't happen to the Incas which is why there actually are a handful of decent pureblood South Americans.

Hot damn user these are much better, especially the first, really hits home the horrificness of the crime and the casual manner in which (((someone))) tries to banalize it. This is exactly what we need to use against normies as well as leftyfags.

Thank you for the information, I will have to read up on this further. I reside in the southern mid-west, and while I may get shit for this do not find their company anywhere near as offensive as niggers and jews as long as they speak english, are legal citizens, and are not welfare parasites.

Literally yes.
Mexicans are just native mudpeople, mixed with other mudtribes, mixed with varying degrees of Spaniard/other European conqueror blood.

So technically the "Le 56% face" is actually just what mexicans are, ahhhh the memes.

I re-made the set with advice from user in

You mean consummation?
I'm willing to tweak it, but I think consummation not only takes up too much space, but it is too big a word for much of the population.
These memes must communicate to old and young, educated and beaner alike.

Why not simply "undocumented sex" or "undocumented loving"?

They seem a little too obvious but that is probably just my 'tism acting up.
Otherwise very good although a few still have the imgflip mark, dunno if that is on purpose or not. Either way this is great ammo for the next stage in the great meme war in the year of the Earth Dog.

Try undocumented consent?

You realise that we want to remind people of the spics rapecrimes, right?

Yes I do, I got it mixed up in my eagerness to offer new ideas to the memesmith.

I am afraid sweden already beat you to that idea.

Perhaps, though as long as "undocumented" is auto translated when people hear it, then it removes the cover illegals have been using to hide behind.

I was presuming it would have "rape" above it, as user mentioned previously

Yeah I'm not sure Rape works too well with this meme. At the very least it needs to be workshopped further.

I really like it user but I can't help but feel there's something missing for full humorous/clear communication effect.
Just spitballing and typing as I think,
Maybe a standardized 3-frame format where you show the picture with the first caption in quotes, then a middle picture (gotta find an original one dank enough to use for all of them) conveying that it is not OK to call it that, or showing a liberal tinkerbell waving the wand, and then a third picture that shows the situation in a cleaned up way with, for example, in the carjacking one, a smiling woman waving at a man driving away and it says

Maybe. It started sounding complicated as I typed it, but I do think there's something to be improved.

I was thinking along those lines at first but
So basically
So it would just be redundant.

I suppose it makes sense to almost spam the ones with the word 'undocumented' in them so that the loses any value or meaning as originally intended by the dems.

Why contain it?
Do both?

The word "illegal" is written on the paper. Dems turn over the paper and write "undocumented". This turns the paper into a Möbius strip. ;^)



Ok so Anons asking about shills.
Their "radio silence"
It is not very elaborate or misterious in any way:
For the past year we have been attacked in every imaginable vector possible and tried to our fullest. Main culprits of this are in my opinion not abchicken soups (the popular JIDF/RIDF/[insert first letter of country]IDFat least not in any considerable extent but
Open Society Foundations.
They pay a range of people through NGO's across the world to shill their degeneracy and advocate one world order in their respective country's largest media.

For America, this happens to be David Brock's MediamattersforAmerica,
Americanbridge21, former Correct The Record _ now Shareblue.

What happened here is next:
For the past year they have been trying as per mission statement cut most hardcore and powerful support away from him. If they would succeed in this, the rest would be incredibly easy.

You have observed in the past their every vector of attack to try and cut us away from him.
But I have as I'm sure some Anons too, studied it, and after learning more and more (like ai) for the past six months started deploying our own countermeasures. These worked to great extent people against us aren't very intelligent or creative and have plethora of weaknesess we can exploit.

We slowly grinded them down, rendered them completely impotent to a point where they know they have no power to influence anything anymore.

Then came Trump and timed to precision with COMPLICIT ad deployed a tactical nuke as coup de grace

The rest is history which we're now creating

I think something like this might hit home with some people.

What if the meme format itself hits multiple birds with one stone so it can be as relevant as possible, communicate clearly, and get grudging chuckles out of even liberal-leaning folk?
What if-
Frame 1
Frame 2
Frame 3
Frame 4

That format can hit on ideas of free speech, censorship, inane PC newspeak, and get-these-spics-out-of-my-country all at the same time.
Might not be what we're looking for.
What do you think? How to best water your seed? Go simpler?

I saw that second one on this board before user, if it's your OC, good job.

What Trump did with COMPLICIT is he launched a nuclear attack.

And targets got hit with deadly precision

On 'roomate' pic hashtags, #NoWalls #NoBorders, or #OpenBordersForAll?

I think its great but perhaps the insertion of the "call it" would have the text flow better for a normalfag.

Nice user!
That is a brilliant concept - not just for this "undocumented" meme, but EVERYTHING!

Template attached.

Or a "Not" as the first word of the first line.


Ooh, I like that a lot. It's a two-for, as well; it puts in a bad light the kikes' implication that premarital sex is acceptable.

Yeah I was thinking along the lines of how to best get the kikebook and yidder populations to adopt the format themselves and spread it all around as a normalfag meme.
Pic related is a smaller version for frame 2 so the meme isn't unnecessarily large.

don't forget undocumented pharmaceutical sales

You are doing Keks holy work, user. Keep it up.


Is this the template for our new meme folks?

Thank you all anons for input.
Made relevant changes. Hopefully it now has that missing element.

Breddy gud :DDD

I think we got a winner for the template. Though it has to be a spic or sandnigger in the last car imho.

Keep it short and sweet user. Telling people what to think and how to feel is what commies do. Pic related, had to dig through a pile of rancid shit to find it.

top fuggen kek, user, that one got me right in the sides.

Advice was taken for these. See latest set for examples.

checking for keks



Perhaps this format overcomplicates your idea.
I will sit on it

No kek

It's times like these you know you're posting in legendary bread.

Extra side plate meme attached.

He wasn't a Whip in school, user.
They don't start the grooming and funding until college age.


Kek. Almost.
Idea 10/10
Minor editing with cropping (or scaling) images to remove (or cover) the gray areas.

If you repurposed this into that nigger with an orange jacket giving the ok symbol meme, don't know his name, then It could potentially spread farther.

..and it was so.

Trail of Tacos

The mediafaggots will never know what hit them.

That Twitter suspended idea has vast potential.
It really activates the almonds.
(off-topic) example

Wild Bean Harvest
Dream Bean Harvest

Dreamer Awakening
Dreamer Great Awakening
(pun on the #GreatAwakening, but for 'dreamers')

Bean Recalled

Total Recall
(lots of meme potential here "I'll be go back!" etc.)

(based on Trump to Jim Acosta)

It is similar in its "disapprove/approve" structure, but I want to use the Twitter template to exploit free speech themes.
I won't use it for the other user's "undocumented" concept, because those do convey the point without the unnecessary pictures, it gets too convoluted.
This sort of thing is way too basic and doesn't really say anything besides "one position on partisan issue is seen as good, one is seen as bad"
That angle has no memetic potential and it doesn't really have any humorous zest to it.
I'll keep tinkering with it until I find a clever way to make a point with it.


I agree it has potential. I'm not gonna force it though. After I get a couple nights of sleep I should receive a revelation from Kek on how to utilize it for max power.


I agree, we shouldn't tell the normies that social media will ban them for wrongthink. Normies will see a fun meme and spread it around organically and when the bluehair brigade screeches RAYCISS at them normies will see that libshits are lame. Remember to resist the temptation to tell normies the truth, just nudge them onto the right path and the rest will happen naturally.

Mien niger

I disagree. See truth quads

I think the previous post to yours was a happening for (you)

The digits confirm, this is a good one.

Best potential which I should have thought of immediately is showing the discrepancy and double standards but using actual tweets from people who got banned (such as pic related) and then contrasting it with tweets from verified accounts spewing hateful things.
Simple and obvious really. 5 day insomnia streak, my brain is not drinking at full drive rn

it was meant to be

Would that work on normies tho? "some guy got banned for posting racist shit about jews". "uh, ok". Is how I imagine they would react.

That's it! There has been lots of discussion about Twitter bias, but little of it presented via memetics.

this, subliminals help a ton.

That would be their reaction if there weren't a strategic and directly related selection for the unbanned tweet in the third frame.

Great potential here!

Great news but…
When the fuck did this place become r/The_Donald?

I keep trying to tell you guys: normies do NOT think about anything outside of their comfort zone. This trait is the buttery essence of normie-hood. Being told that there is a group of (((people))) with infinite money who would love nothing more than to enslave/kill/rape them all is pretty fucking far away from their comfort zone. You have to act like a kike and manipulate their emotions to get them to do what is necessary. The truth should be reserved for those who have the will to seek it on their own.

sage for off-topic

This. The left is almost entirely based on tugging heartstrings. Pictures of dying children created support for refugees. We need to do better.

The only way I can envision this working is using Schumerchant's face, and also to drive a wedge between bootlips and beaners. The top portion can read something like "Providing welfare/security for citizens", and the bottom be something pro illegal/beaner/etc.

The only 4D chess thing I could say if I wanted to defend it is using DACA as a wedge to divide the Dems from the rest of their base.

The more he pushes towards the center on this issue, the worse it makes the Democrats look; they can't work with "Orange Hitler" for any reason because they spent the better part of two years portraying him as evil incarnate and virtue signalling how they would never work with him and actively block every action he took. They have to abandon any hope of stopping a border wall if they want DACA, and Trump is the one openly promoting protection for the '800,000' more like 3 million DREAMers as long as he gets his border protection deal to keep everyone else out.

Personally, I hope the Dems keep pushing it until DACA protections run out. Then he makes the wall happen anyway, and sanctuary city officials go to prison.



Yall are making culturally charged gaijin 4komas. Learn meme history first. Both simple versions are effective and frame by frame comparison with Twitter tos is clever but propagate both equally. Don't pigeon hole this idea, but I'll give it to you fucks it is pretty clever.

Oh (You).


The Democrats won't compromise. They're still hoping for a coup. This is the value of Mueller: He prevents a deal, which would result in millions of illegals becoming Americans.

Dying children huh? Spics kill white children daily. We should find a pic of some spic criminal looking smug and put it next to a pic of the child or qt he killed/raped and the crime. Splat it all over Kikebook and Instagram with sockpuppet accounts. Harvest some tasty salt as spics desperately try to cover for their feral cousins.

They won't attempt to do that, they'll just shriek "RACIST" over and over again. I will check your dubs though.

Even better. All of that shrieking will make normies see that spics are actively hostile towards them. Be a real shame if that hostility was directed towards someone (((white))) amirite? :^)

Dreamers never commit suicide, only murder.


that's why it's important to create the meme discussed above specifically with pictures of spics, even though they don't register it consciously, their subconscious will pick up on the pattern and they'll slowly grow hate and suspicion against spics.

is this genocide going to start or what. let's get this thing going already

It's just too bad the return of cardboard box Gundam guy wasn't as graceful.


patience is a virtue my friend, once most of the people that we can still affect that haven't become irrideemable have joined our side (they will in time, the fire rises) they will make a first move to fight us, that's when the race war starts.
remember that kikes go first on day of the rope, then race traitors and then other subhumans.

Who says all of them HAVE to be deported? Gotta make sure those gas pods are running efficiently now.

You’re right; they’re not being deported. They’re becoming citizens.

It's over goys…


On the contrary, dear boy.
We're just getting started

How stupid and desperate do you have to be? No deal is strongly likely, as many anons have already known for months, because the President is asking for things that would cripple Democrat election (((strategies))) for possibly decades to come. And that's before the rest of the finer points of Trump's 70 Point Immigration Plan. Making it look like he wants Dreamers more than Democrats is for making the Democrats look terrible to their voters when the Dreamers have to go back.

What a misleading url.

Deporting people from the United States. What a sad picture. A nation of immigrants punishing people for doing what makes America the greatest place on earth. Having a wall on the southern border and strong border checks in order to secure the illegal flow of people is the key. The Congress, overlooking this issue for over 50 years, not building any wall, meanwhile there is the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, for a natural barrier. This is all a failure made in Washington, for not being the leaders they promise to be and the very reason why American people distrust this establishment. Until there is a wall, we can be deporting people for the next decade in circles. Thank, the Dems for fucking up everything that requires governing and the GOP for fucking up the 1930 crisis and the rise of the left in the 1960 from the fear of domestic communism. The GOP showed, in the last century, that they intentions are to be conservative force, yet they failed to preserve anything American in this nation.

That’s a fake quote, sorry. Don’t repeat it.

So is the biggest grievance here at the moment that some think even half of the illegals under DACA could go 10 years withought breaking the law and succesfully get citizenship?
Or that the so called DREAMERs won't be deported even when they break the law?


Undocumented consent would be better phrasing.


Undocumented consent makes it sound like documenting consent is the go-to good option. Meme responsibly, user.

Something like "It wasn't rape, it was entrepreneurial sexual congress".

Your getting desperate huh?

damn right

The goal is to associate kike weasel words (undocumented as opposed to illegal) with more obvious cases of crime to show how bullshit they are. "Entrepreneurial sexual congress" doesn't evoke any attachment to the words used to hide the fact that illegal immigrants are literal invaders. The goal is to twist their own words back on them.

Don't follow the rabbit hole farther than it needs to go. An "undocumented resident" possesses no documentation because they are not a legal resident. The word "undocumented" is used to make it seem like they actually have a legitimate reason to be here, but, gosh darn it, we forgot the paperwork. They try to push the idea that the only difference between a citizen of one country and another is words on paper.

So we turn it back on them with one of their pet causes. Hence, "It's not rape, her consent was just undocumented." It contains the exact verbal association to "Undocumented migrant" that we're trying to evoke. Most people are not conversant enough in Holla Forums tier circle jerking to immediately jump into "The kikes are trying to sexuality into a legal hedgemaze where it is impossible to consent and everyone is being raped at all times."

Marriage = typically documented deal.
Consent for sex - not typically documented deal.
People have sexual intercourse with undocumented consent literally every time they fugg :DD

I understand the goal, the idea was that sometimes immigrants are touted as having an entrepreneurial spirit. Clearly it missed the mark, but I'm just floating ideas. I think you're right about the association with the push to formalize consent being irrelevant, since the point of this is subliminal.

I think it was less anons fighting back and more problems at their end. I'd expect to see shills again but when is a mystery.

They're probably broke.

How fitting that a Senator from the most bankrupt state in the union is in charge of advocating for illegals.

The other thread is burning down with shills spouting this exact thing.

First of all, user, they are already illegal: they aren't supposed to be here and they should legally be sent back. This isn't happening because liberals, Jeuden, etc. etc. have infiltrated ever sector of government they can get their hands on and are in open defiance of the law. You really think that even if Carlos does break the law, he will actually get sent back? Trumps plan sounds great on paper, but it will never be enforced because:

Secondly, Republicans have tried exchanging shit for amnesty dozens of times now, and it only ever proves to be them cucking out to the left. This has been the case for decades. Republicans give shit up for a "deal" and never receive payment in return.

Trump cucked. Why he did it is a damn mystery as he had his enemy lubed up, gagged, and bent over a barrel, but he went and did it anyway. Our only hope now is that the House won't let this deal through.

Sometime after the election he featured a recipe called "Orange Fool". He made another video begging people to be apolitical and saying it was just a coincidence, but I have a hard time believing he wasn't aware of the left's "orange meming"; he either agreed with it or it was stealth virtue signaling and didn't think he would get called on it. He's like Ian MacCollum at ForgottenWeapons, a good host, but a cuck. Life's short,I don't have time for him anymore.

Fucking colloquial cuckolds;
Thank you for the information.

fuck off (1) shill


In that order.

DACA Bring in only the best…

daily reminder that spics are going to be indoctrinated into the holocaust narrative in our own continent

You're right, we're going to need a bounty system to save time and money. How about we offer the general public fifty grand a head for information leading to the deportation of any illegal aliens, with a multiplier bonus if they bust an employer harboring more than three?

How's that you faggot butt fucker?

I'm ready for this.

We already know where the deportation zone will be.

What do the dems have after DACA?

Many completely baseless legal obstructions until the 9th Circuit gets impeached.

It will probably be 500$ a group.

All you redditors need to get the fuck out. You don’t seem to understand that your feelings do not matter. “Oh no, I read something that is true which goes against my impressions of a guy I like! This must be a shill! Somehow! Even though it’s true!” Fucking kill yourselves. You act like women.

ask me how i know you're jewish

There's definitely a cultural divide. You're spot on.

oh you mean like how national reciprocity is a completely different "path" than background checks and more gun control?


I always make his bread pudding for family events, it's always a big hit.

Reported for ban evasion and shilling for jews. Prove that what I said is not fact.

No, the kike isn’t correct.

Sorry, they're all going back after we collect their fingerprints and retinal scans.

saved, nice one!


Jesus, it's as if none of you have read The Art of the Deal.
I haven't but it's on the shelf and I think I'll take it on vacation next week.

I guess the Dems think they can use the Dreamers as sacrifices to guilt whitey some more in the coming years. Maybe write a bunch of articles once the dreamers are back, then the whole 11 million die or are treated badly like the shoah all over again. Perhaps by then whitey will have had enough and finally not care about non-whites, I can only hope.

Saved this gem. So good.