Possible DACA Shenanigans

Not aiming to make a blog post but I noticed something Holla Forums might want to be aware of. Taking college classes and something odd is happening which hasn't in the previous semesters: at the end of the add/drop week ALL of my classes went from about 50% full to 100% full, where the additional 50% are clearly Mexicans and Africans (not the "raised in America" variety of either, many in their late 20's or 30's.) It seems they might be trying to fluff up the "dreamer" numbers as leverage.

They’re just trying to make a buck. No reason for any class to have an empty seat when the government is paying illegals to attend. They’re not necessarily “dreamers”, any illegal will do.

Opposite side of the country.

Additionally, 5 of them fell asleep within the first hour. Someone is clearly directing them to show up.

I don't want to say fake and gay OP but you're going to need to provide a little proof. It shouldn't be hard to walk in on large lectures that aren't your class and indiscreetly film the room. Also for this to have any significance other universities would have to be running the same playbook.

Though if you want to be bombastic about it and yell out "who let all you fucking illegal welfare parasites in" that's cool too

I'm just passing along my anecdote, not a chance in Hell I'm posting anything I film to Holla Forums because basic opsec.

if you are posting here without a VPN its already too late. You can remove metadata from pictures. Put more effort into your bullshit or prove it.

Low quality D&C.

The college will probably give them 10/10 grades just for showing up, so the shitskins join the class at the last second and sleep through it until they graduate with maximum honors.

It's so well within the realm of what to expect from commie scum that I require zero evidence to believe that every last word of the op is truthful.

But, OP, you need to record this in some manner. Or print out some ICE pamphlets in spanish on how what to expect after being reported to immigration agents.

hes not wrong, if you aren't posting behind 9 condoms your ass is exposed. But.. who gives a shit. I've never used a proxy except to ban evade back during 4cuck days and there were plenty of threads and irc channels back in the day that were well within the grey area of v&able

Either they never had the alacrity to use the capabilities we were lead to believe they had or someone has been shielding us from such attacks.

Have another sleep deprived rambling bump

Sage. And. Report.

No proof required, only a retard would doubt it.

whoops, too late.
dreams over.

It's an interesting occurrence but difficult to say based on this narrative what's really going on. I mean the students themselves probably could tell you, I would just ask around casually, show as much or as little powerlevel as you feel comfortable with, or just feign being a concerned anti-Drumpf liberal. Most of them will be one of three or four classifications at most, they would've had to show some proof of status to enroll. A few might have actual student visas or green cards but the majority will be DACA or TPS. If they're DACA then try to find out if that's related to why they enrolled during Add/Drop, etc.

Being in school is one way to avoid being deported, along with being employed or being married to an American.

If OP turns up with a burning cross and a camera crew with everyone in hoods, will you even be satisfied that it was indiscrete enough?


What makes me laugh is how foreigners can't suck up their pride enough to just be nice enough toward an American so as to get their green card. This is so amazingly hilarious. Talk about the ultimate IQ test.

what is this a sunday afternoon church gathering? it's like you're not even trying